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Howard Fergus

Two new books launched by Montserratian author Sir Howard Fergus















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Blood Pressure and Diabetes Screening

Dr. Fergus-Rowe – second medical mission to Montserrat

Cardiologist Dr. Icilma Fergus-Rowe

Just under a year ago Cardiologist Dr. Icilma Fergus-Rowe, Montserratian by birth brought a medical team to Montserrat, which she said would be the beginning of other and similar missions. She said then, this was out of a commitment, “towards improving the health and wellness and mortality and mobility of people of an African Diaspora, African-Americans, who live in the United States, the Caribbean and also Africans on the Continent.”

Dr. Fergus-Rowe, the Director of the Mount Sinai Heart Centre for Cardiovascular Disparities (MSHCCD), followed up this year as promised and as planned, visiting with a team of medical professionals from July 28 – August 5, 2012. The team this year comprised: Icilma Fergus-Rowe, MD, FACC; Gilda Capulo-Hansen, MBA; Nancy Thomas, BS, CCRP, CCRC, CIP; Janice Scobie, MD.; and Dr. John Somner.

Dr.Gilda Capulo-Hansen, Dr. Janice Scobie & PS. Elijah Silcott

The N Y Mount Sinai Heart Centre director noted during her work in Montserrat, which was conducted under the theme, “Montserrat Heart 2012”, that last year on her first visit “I was struck last year with the prevalence of blood pressure and diabetes on island…I did not expect it because generally when you compare people of color in the United states and the Caribbean they tend to be healthier in the Caribbean but I’m seeing that there’s a higher prevalence of blood pressure and diabetes.”

She reasoned: “”…the fresh fruits, vegetables you know people are generally very physically active, people don’t really smoke on the island, and there is not a lot of fast food places…” she said.

Dr. Fergus-Rowe pointed out the main focus of the visit: “…that’s one of the things I really want to concentrate on, how we can intervene to improve on outcomes for hypertension and diabetes.”

The team held follow-up, blood pressure and other screenings and held clinics at the hospital, bars rum shops, and other clinics around the island, hampered somewhat at the Government Headquarters location because of unfavourable weather. A fair was held at the Montserrat Cultural Centre where the public availed themselves of blood pressure checks. In an indoor session in the auditorium, several persons were the beneficiaries of 30 blood pressure cuffs. Also in the auditorium, the team took turn speaking in the specialty fields with video aids on hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, followed by questions and answers, and a success story by a resident Montserratian. A leaflet handout explained Cardio Metabolic risk factors, explained the work of the MSHCCD, and noted the “cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the western and the developing world.”

Blood Pressure and Diabetes Screening

Permanent Secretary Elijah Silcott introduced the program noting his thanks and government’s appreciation to the Moun Sinai team. He explained how the medical mission was part of a government initiative.

“This team is here as part of the Ministry of Health visiting specialist program. We recognize there are a number of medical areas that we are able to provide service for and what we have done is to develop a system where you have persons who would come to Montserrat and share their expertise. We’re getting closer to developing what we call  calendar of events. That’s the way we’re trying to go rather than continuing in the havoc mode in which we have been doing, but we are getting better at it,” he said happily.

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DFID Budget Press Conference- January 19, 2012

DFID reports on 2012/13 budget talks with Montserrat in press briefing – January 19, 2012

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Governor’s monthly press conference — January 25 2012

H.E. Governor Davis monthly meeting with the press – January 25, 2012. His guest is Dr. Kato Kimbugwe, DFID’s private sector expert and representative on Montserrat; along with the Governor’s office head, Marc Turner.

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Christmas at the Hospital (11)

Christmas at the hospital – photos & video



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Montserrat Festival Queen Show 2011 photos & videos

2011 Festival  – Queen Show staged by Tropical Productions





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Traffic lights adorn major road project-video story



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