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Montserrat Basketball Village League Ends with Back to Back winners (VIDEO)

The Montserrat Basketball Association Village Basketball League came to an end on early Sunday morning when defending Champions Salem Jammers held on to their title by winning Lookout Shooters two in the best of three games series. The finals began on Friday night with Cudjoehead vs St. Peters and Lookout vs Salem. Both St. Peters and Salem walk away with the first game. Salem Jammers 69 points against there opponent Lookout Shooters who gained 57 points.

Game two took place on Saturday night going in to early Sunday morning the St. Peters defeated their opponent Cudjoehead 63 to 51 points and taking third place in the tournament. Then the climax was the big game where the two top teams of the league battle to end the series or have one more game. It ended with Salem Jammers the defending champions proving they got what it takes and walking away with the championship for a second time back to back scoring 80 point to Lookout Shooter 70 points.

Watch snippets of the game:

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Governor's Monthly Press Conference July 2016 (VIDEO)

Governor’s Monthly Press Conference July 2016 (VIDEO)

Governor’s Monthly Press Conference held in July 2016


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UWI’s Brexit symposium

On Wednesday, June 29, 2016 the Office of the Vice-Chancellor in collaboration with the Department of Economics at The University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona Campus hosted a one-day symposium titled, Brexit Implication for the Caribbean.

 Following is a video of the Symposium. 

UWI Brexit Symposium:

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Premier Meade and DFID-MNI press conference- Video

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Premier Meade and DFID-MNI press conference

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MSS Nadia Browne receives 1st place prize in ECCU contest

ECCB-MSS-(2)The Head of the Local Eastern Caribbean Central Bank  Agency Office, Mrs. Claudette Weeks visited  the Montserrat Secondary School (MSS) at the school’s morning assembly on Monday, April 22, 2013. The occasion was to present a winning prize and certificate to Miss Nadia Browne and a certificate and commendable prize to Miss Sharese Allen. see: ECCB winner story

In addressing the students  she encouraged residents and in particular students to participate in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union’s (ECCU) activities to enhance their professional skills.

At the awards ceremony, before she delivered the  certificate and prize to the first place winner of the (ECCU) Business Essay Contest, she told the school gathering and media: “Having great appreciation for innovative ideas is one way for you as young people and nation builders to foster development and growth. Therefore, I encourage you to take on opportunities that will challenge your creativity and develop your skills and talents. In addition to this initiative, the Bank hosts other activities aimed at educating the ECCU public on economic and financial matters and building technical capacity.”

Mrs. Weekes added that the ECCU hosts several competitions and activities throughout the year to educate the public in member states on economic and financial matters and other important issues. (MSS ECCB Presentation by Mrs. Weekes)

Nadia in response after receiving the award spoke to her fellow students.I’d like to thank the ECCU and Central Bank for allowing me the opportunity to enter this competition and I’d like to encourage all of you top participate in the future.”

She thanked Ms. Riley and Mrs. Wilson, “and everybody else who helped me in the competition in any way and congratulation to Sharese, again.”

Mean Sharese who also received a certificate and a small cash prize, said, “Firstly I’ll like to thank the almighty God for giving me this business idea; my parents ….my father Mr. David Gerald for their generous support, the ECCB for giving  me this opportunity to enter into this competition,” adding her own encouragement, “and I’m encouraging everyone to enter when you have these competition cause you never know you might just be the winner.”

She too had special thanks for Ms. Cheslyn Riley and Ms. Nickeza Wilson.ECCB-MSS-(4)

Meanwhile, the MSS Principal Cherlyn Hogan spoke as she implored the students to seize every opportunity that comes their way. “We’re so very proud of Nadia and Sharese for actually taking the opportunity, taking the time, setting the challenge to do their business initiatives and they were  successful. We know that all of the students at MSS can participate and do well so in every opportunity that comes our way,” she said

“Students,” she continued, “we will participate! You never know, there may be $3000.00 waiting for you.”

$3,000 was the first place cash prize.

The students body representatives provided a short skit, interrupted by a brief shower of rain, while they led the students in song after brief prayers and scripture reading at the beginning of the assembly.

See more pics on our facebook page.

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Tribute – the professional life of Howell R. Bramble

Howell-Bramble2Long before he became ill, and his passing on April 13, 2013, Howell Bramble had been an outspoken advocate for public causes in a distinguished Montserrat tradition—the writing, editing and publishing of newspapers.

Howell returned from England, where he studied Journalism, in the early 1960s. He soon became editor of the Montserrat Mirror, news and sportscaster at Radio Montserrat, sportscaster at Radio Antilles, and stringer for several international news organizations.

Eventually, he would start his own newspaper, The Montserrat Times. He remained the dean of Montserrat Journalism for most of the rest of the 20th Century, helping to shape both public thinking and public policy.

Howell was the son of Montserrat’s first and perhaps greatest Chief Minister, Willie Bramble, and the brother of the second Chief Minister, Austin Bramble. He married Ruby Wade, scion of one of the iconic families of Montserrat. She represented The Northern Constituency and became a member of Montserrat’s parliament. Howell’s legislative connections added to his journalistic energy and his political passion gave him a powerful voice that has helped influence Montserrat and the Leeward Islands’ character and culture.

After the volcanic eruptions in Montserrat, he moved to St. Kitts/Nevis, where his wife already owned several properties. He published his newspaper there and treated his new home with some of his aggressive journalism.

For most of this career he had strong connections within governments but no party could ever take him for granted. He was always speaking up for political morality and ready to challenge injustice wherever he saw it.

According to our very own historian Dr. Howard Fergus, Montserrat’s first known indigenous newspaper was the Jack Spaniard, published by Richard Piper in the latter part of the 19th Century. It was reputed to be a ‘stinging’ paper, fearlessly reporting on the issues of the day, championing the causes of the common person.

The Montserrat Herald, published by James T. Allen (the legendary Budduh Allen) and James R. Peters, followed the Jack Spaniard in the 1890s. Though considered to be less radical than the Jack Spaniard, the Herald likewise held forth on the issues of the day and championed the advancement of workers.

Howell is the descendent of Budduh Allen, one of the Herald’s editors/publishers. He was destined to be a voice of the people for the people. When the time came in the middle of the 20th Century, Howell picked up the newspaper/journalism mantle, held it high and carried it proudly.

The three signatories of this brief tribute to a distinguished brother, Jeddy Fenton and David Edgecombe and Bennette Roach have all editors of the Montserrat Reporter, which followed the Montserrat Times in 1984. Fenton went on to publish and edit the Montserrat News. I, Bennette am still the editor/publisher of The Reporter, while Edgecombe taught journalism and continues to teach playwriting and public speaking at the University of the Virgin Islands.

We are all proud to have worked with and, at times, fought with Howell Bramble. He was a worthy adversary. More importantly, we recognize and applaud the huge contribution he made to the long tradition of Montserrat newspapers and journalism. He kept alive and advanced the idea that the Montserrat people must have a fearless voice on issues of national import. For this we must always remember him fondly.

By Bennette Roach

Mr. Bennette Roach

For myself I wish to add that I’ve been reminded that I was young when at the time I thought little of my connection to Howell and his work. Although I later contributed to his work, and even having done some studies in the discipline, never saw this as something I would do full time in the future, as much as this was prophesied to me while I was attending school.

Much changed, Howell stopped publishing got into the commercial printing, a field he had some understanding as this comes natural if you are a publisher. Fast forward, he continued his journalism through his publication Leeward Times out of St. Kitts/Nevis,  Prime Minister Douglas gives testament to that. He then constantly contributed also to writing about Montserrat and to the people of Montserrat especially on matters of political morality, wanting Montserrat to always strive for independence. It was then also I found myself in the very midst of it all. I had to study who he was and what he stood for. Like others will say today and for very long time, I too recognized his writing as being as good as or better than many.

It is difficult today to listen or read any bit of journalism and not sense some form of partiality. Howell’s partialism was to Montserrat and if I were ever to be compared, it is for that I would like to be. Much will be said in other tributes to which I concur, but I will eternalise them by publishing them.

He called for Montserratians to remain together: Indeed, the special circumstances of Montserrat call for inclusiveness, which for electoral purposes would include the diaspora, or some of them. “The revolution in communications technology has shrunken our planet  giving persons residing in the United Kingdom, North America and several other parts of the world unbroken connections with their homeland,” he wrote, in what was to be his unexpected last contribution to TMR.

Thus his last public call, ‘Rally to the cause, push the consultation, join the national conversation.”

“Good journalists” are a special breed of people. As I make this tribute, I believe the legacy Howell Bramble leaves, is a call to people, politicians, leaders, to heed more what they (journalists) write and say, however they say it. Because when they do, like Howell did, while it is their heart and passion they also reflect the passion and feelings of many, often the majority.

May his memory and good works live with us and may he rest in eternal peace.

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Easter Music Workshop (8)

Another Easter music workshop for children, a success

Easter Music Workshop (1)As one reporter puts it the sounds of various musical instruments filled the room at the old Salem primary school on Thursday as children in the Easter Music workshop showcased their new found abilities. Nearly twice last year’s number, 38 children took part in the musical workshop organized by the division of culture in conjunction with the Small Beginnings music programs with funding provided by the Montserrat Tourist Board.

Some of the children had attended previous workshops while others from long before and now form part of the Small Beginnings band assisted in conducting the workshop. Among them Lorrian, Delbert, Ethylene, Clarabell, along with Rebecca Chalmers the MSS music teacher, who supports the music programs throughout the primary schools as well. The children spent two weeks learning to play a variety of musical instruments to include the flute, saxophone, guitar, piano, violin, trumpet and trombone.Easter Music Workshop (4)

Parliamentary Secretary with responsibilities for youth and culture, the Hon. Jermaine Wade speaking at a closing ceremony said he is heartened by the tremendous work that was put in by all concerned, He said that if the development process were to continue by 2016 Montserrat we would then have one of the best bands in the region. “I am delighted that we are now at a stage that when we look at events such as the junior calypso competition – we have our very own youngsters who started within the Small Beginnings program.”

Coordinator of culture and local musician, director of the program, Herman ‘Cupid’ Francis giving a brief overview, says he pleased with the accomplishments of the students explaining that the workshop was conducted in such a way to facilitate the students learning more than just playing an instrument.

“There are two things we wanted to accomplish in this workshop,” he said. “First of all learning to read the score, which I think that most of them can read simple score, the music sheet, and the other thing is each of them had to learn to play an instrument and I think it’s just a beginning…”

He spoke to the parents and guardians pointing out that they try to teach everybody general basic stuff about music and then go into different groups where, “…we teach them about the instrument, the key of the instrument.” He noted the children learn the importance of practice, teamwork and playing together; and the importance of responsibility, time management and appreciation for others privacy and tolerance, because they can be very disturbing when practicing. “…disturbing when you’re practicing and distracting somebody else; so all that we try to inculcate apart from teaching them the instrument itself,” he said.

Mr. Herman Francis

Mr. Herman Francis

Francis said that they started in some workshop or some activity and now they are playing in churches, playing in bans and so on. “I’m very proud of them,” he said, adding expression of thanks and much appreciation to all the assistants Mr. Silas Carty, Rebecca who was away and came back during the last week, as well as earlier students some mentioned above.

The students gave brief renditions on each the instruments, after which  received certificates of attendance and appreciation. At the end together, they performed the tune, which Cupid said was one of his favourite pieces, Amazing Grace. This, to the applause and call of encore from parents and well-wishers who packed the old school hall.

Some of the children expressed their delight in the workshop.

“It was awesome meeting other instruments all of us played well…

“I played the trombone the trombone have a …and a bell…

“I learn to play the keyboard, it was amazing, and I would like to come back next year…Easter Music Workshop (8)

“It was exciting because I was learning some basic rules on the piano but then I learnt more about the piano, I could play more cords, I know most of the notes and so on, the sharps, the flats…

“I played the trumpet it was fun learning how to play instruments and seeing the different kind of instruments.

A repeat student who was noted for her recent sporting feats at the age of 12, “The experience was very good, I enjoyed the workshop because I was playing a new instrument. The first time I was playing clarinet and now I’m playing the trumpet.”

“It was really enjoyable playing the flute and teaching others how to play it.

“I learned flute but now I’m playing the violin, when you’re playing the violin you have to use the bow to cross the strings, you have to use your finders also to press on the strings…

“It was amazing, it was fantastic and fun, and I enjoyed it very well.”

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Don Romeo, mastermind of the gallery

Art Gallery opens at Carrs Bay

Carrs Bay Gallery

Carrs Bay Gallery

Carrs Bay and its environs gear up to be a hub of activity in the not too distant future as plans for the new town centre, the Little Bay development and port development, creep on. Located in the area is the newly opened Art Gallery in the Romeo Wayside Store compound.

The Carrs Bay Art Gallery, which opened its doors on Sunday, March 11, is already attracting large numbers of visitors and residents. Earlier this week one expert said that over 200 persons have so far turned up at the gallery to view the forty exhibits on display.

Norman Roth

Norman Roth

“Well the idea was Donald Romeo’s,” said Norman Roth, resident artist, who also told The Montserrat Reporter that the idea was born some time ago.

“Donald called me and asked me if I could come down here and help him get this off the ground and get it organized, find the artists and really make it go…,” he said, admitting that for a long while in keeping the deadline they had set, “I didn’t think we were going to pull it off.”

He confirmed what the Legislative Assembly member and Hon opposition Leader has been saying for some time, “…thought it would be a great asset to the island for artists to have a venue where they could display their artwork.”

Roth reported that there was great response from the opening hour on Sunday when they first opened and that everybody has been very pleased with it. He said that first evening, “was a big success even the Premier showed up…”

He said there were more art pieces and were very fortunate to have find some pieces on the island. He reported what they were still getting were, “absolutely beautiful and just this morning I located another person who does sculpting and his sculptures are absolutely beautiful too,” adding,“I know the people here have talent, it’s a matter of getting them to come out and display.”

Reiterating that “Donald’s the primary mover behind this,” he said they hope to expand, “and hopefully we’ll be able to turn this into a clients room, eventually where people can come and learn how to paint or carve, making it cooperative gallery of artist working with each other and helping to finance each other and teach each other…”

“They’ll have a nice look and kids can come here and learn how to paint, draw, carve, sculpt, build, whatever it is theyre  doing, that’s the plan,” he concluded.

Don Romeo, mastermind of the gallery

Don Romeo, mastermind of the gallery

He revealed how he met Donald. “Donald and I, we’ve known each other form years ago he’s been up to my place in New York and I came down to Montserrat once before to locate artists which we did. They were doing these interesting carvings …a whole pile of them, couple of dozen sculptures and we put on a show in New York and it was very successful.”

The Carrs Bay Gallery opens weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The bigger plans for the Gallery is to get a steering committee together who can oversee the operation at the gallery and get the artists input. The two artists concur, “to see what the artists want to do, see how they want to display their work and start getting more active involvement in the community, so hopefully by the time tourism starts here this will be an established venue where people can start selling their goods and their work and what have you.”

Here is a video

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Women on Montserrat observe International Women’s Day, 2013

RBC-Interenational-Women's-Day-Round-Table-discussion-(17)International Women’s Day (Friday, March 8, 2013, was not lost this year in Montserrat as several events took place marking its observation. The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) local branch joined its other branches globally in celebrating women all over the world, observing International Women’s day, as they have for several years.

This year RBC hosted a one hour round table event for women. The event explored the topic: “Women in Business, are we seen as equals”. Personal Financial Services Record accounts officer at the Royal Bank local branch Carol White facilitated the discussion which was held at its conference room in Brades.

The women there over one hour, discussed a wide range of issues relating to women, suggesting that women in Montserrat though not quite “there yet”, do enjoy a certain front position in many aspects of life in Montserrat.

Miss White gave her perspective on the discussion to TMR. She said  the round table discussion was in observance of International Women’s Day and Royal Bank of Canada one of its core values is diversity and we are committed to respecting people and encouraging people whether they be male, female, in respect of religion, creed, sexual orientation and age.

“Every year we celebrate IWD day,” she said, concluding, “Well, there needs to be more discussion on women in business, and we need to take it out to the wider community, in youth groups, church organization and so on,” expressing the general outcome of the discussions.

Meanwhile, to observe International Women’s Day the Ministry of Health and Social Services organised a movie and discussion for women on island Friday evening at the Montserrat Cultural Centre. The theme for the event was “Women Gaining Momentum”. Over 50 women turned out to watch the Tyler Perry Movie “For Colored Girls”RBC-Interenational-Women's-Day-Round-Table-discussion-(5)

According to ZJB radio, Mrs. Teresina Fergus from Social Services says this movie was selected as it highlights a lot of issues which have a profound impact on women such as domestic violence, child protection, and HIV, as well as issues related to trust.

Following the movie there was a spirited discussion around the issues which were underlined in the movie.

Dr. Clarice Barnes also speaking to ZJB radio on the observance said: “We are looking at issues of equality. Equality should not be seen just in terms of women’s equality because women’s equality cannot happen unless there is an equality to do with racial equality and you know social and economic equality. We can’t look at equality for women unless we are looking at equality for youth. We are looking at forms of discrimination being rolled away and until we do that then we can’t expect that equality of women will happen.”

She shares her ultimate wish. “I would say my ultimate wish for women and girls in Montserrat is for us all to reach to the point where we have true knowledge of who we are individually, who we are as a nation and that we can contribute to our personal and community and national development in a manner which suggest that we understand that we should at all times be fighting, not for ourselves individually but for social justice and for the ending of all oppression that violates any attempt that we are making at developing as a just society,” she said.

see pictures on our facebook page

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Basil Morgan ends 52 years in cricket

Basil-Honoured--(11)On January 5, 2010 International cricket umpire, Basil Morgan wrote to Chief Minister, the honourable Reuben T Meade and advised of his record as a crickter, and his continuous involvement in the sport.

In that letter he informed¸” At the age of twelve (12) years and eight (8) months, I began appreciating the game of cricket and spent some four (4) years as the local league scorer, as well as Primary School Cricket Umpire.”

Two years later, on January 12, 2012, Basil wrote officially, under caption: 52 YEARS AS LOCAL CRICKET UMPIRE, “I wish to inform you that I am retiring as local Cricket Umpire after serving 52 years in the Sport,” from 1960 to 2012.

The letter stated: The time has come now for me to say goodbye. That notwithstanding, in the spirit of the game, I would like to say that I am down but not out; and will continue to assist our aspiring umpires and youngsters with the knowledge of the game.

It has been a pleasure serving my country and it delighted me to see the youth grasping for and reaching toward positive objectives where the game is concerned.

I can only hope that those who are currently involved will uphold the standards of Cricket and continue to pursue the game as a lifetime career, making themselves and Montserrat proud.

In this letter addressed to The Editor Basil expressed thanks, “for your personal encouragement and support. Thank you again for being a part of my years as an Umpire,” as throughout the year and on every sport program he would include me as one of those persons he names as his mentor and/or supporter in his long career.

Basil was announcing the end of a long and distinguished career in the cricket sport, and while having played the game he is highlighted as a cricket scorer-statistician and primarily as an umpire who ascended to international level.

  • In addition to local and Leeward Islands level umpiring he has officiated in fifteen (15) One Day Internationals (ODI);
  • ninety (90) First Class Matches,
  • seventy-seven (77) Leeward Islands Three day and One Day Matches,
  • seventy-eight (78) One Day International under the sponsorship of the WICB
  • four (4) Television Replay Umpire in ODI; 268 matches locally, regionally and internationally.[vsw id=”qqy1JByL4XE” source=”youtube” width=”320″ height=”240″ autoplay=”no”]

On September 27, 2012 the retiring umpire/cricketer (not done yet) as he noted his continued involvement with the development of cricket, as a curator, trainer, team management and more, was honoured by the Ministry of Education, Youth affairs and Sports at the Cultural Centre. There in the presence of friends, well wishers, supporters and sporting officials, he said he was heartened by and acknowledged the accolades bestowed on him by the speakers.

Among those paying tribute, were former Montserrat cricket captain Frank Edwards, former president of the Montserrat cricket association David Brandt, sports officer Winston Scotland, his sister Reverend Rosalyn, an ardent cricket fan. Minister of sports the Honorable Colin Riley also paid tribute to the prominent umpire and statistician.

Ag. Permanent Secretary Education Ministry, Glenn Francis presented an award to Morgan for having reached the prestigious 50-yr milestone.

Morgan recalled that among his other achievements, becoming a member of the world body of cricket statisticians and vice president of the Leeward Islands Cricket umpire association. He said at the end, that he is satisfied that through his involvement, the game has developed particularly in Montserrat over the past 50 years.

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