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Regional and international telecom executives meet in Dominican Republic

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Dec 16, CMC – The proposed multi-billion dollar merger between the British telecommunications company, Cable and Wireless (CWC) and Columbus International will be among issues discussed in the Dominican Republic in February next year.

Capacity Caribbean 2015 will be held in Punta Cana, February 10-11 and the organisers said that it will provide for an in depth discussion on the Caribbean telecoms market which “is going through a transformative phase, spurring significant growth opportunities for the regional and international communities”.

The organisers said that despite fierce competition, high mobile penetration and many telecoms markets being a duopoly, operators are focussing on the Caribbean as the region’s promising telecoms market continues to evolve.

They said that more than 200 telecom executives will attend the “Capacity Caribbean 2015” that will also feature research-led speaker presentations, panel discussions and dedicated networking sessions.

CWC chief executive, Phil Bentley, has given a commitment to Caribbean governments and regulators that if the company’s three billion US dollar acquisition of Columbus International is approved, the enlarged CWC will not negatively impact competition in the cable and broadband markets.

“In the Caribbean countries in which CWC and Columbus overlap—Jamaica, Barbados, St Lucia, St Vincent and Grenada—we know that we have to work closely with governments and regulators to ensure that our customers benefit and competition is not compromised,” he said.

Digicel, CWC’s biggest competitor in the Caribbean, has repeatedly stressed that approval of the transaction will provide CWC with market dominance in fixed broadband and in cable.

The organisers said that delegates “will discuss how operators can leverage the geographical position of the Caribbean and continue the telecom growth of the market.

“ The highlight of Capacity Caribbean 2015 will be the announcement of the results of an exclusive Caribbean telecoms survey. Completed by key players in the Caribbean, the survey will look into the region’s confidence with the current regulatory, competitive and investment frameworks. The results of the survey will be revealed for the first time at the conference and will be debated by local telecom operators.”


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 Lime gives Montserrat a Christmas UPGRADE as it launches first Mobile 4G on Island

 Lime gives Montserrat a Christmas UPGRADE as it launches first Mobile 4G on Island

Sweeneys, Montserrat

Mobile data speeds never before experienced in Montserrat have now become a reality nationwide for the first time, as LIME launches its brand-new, superfast 4G mobile network.

LIME customers in Montserrat will now automatically have access to the same superfast mobile data speeds, as is now available in global nations such as the USA, UK, and Canada, as long as they have a data enabled device. This also places Monserrat on par with surrounding Caribbean countries already enjoying the latest in superior network technology. Customers now have the opportunity to connect and interact with the latest devices in a 4G powered environment transforming how the live, work and play.

LIME’s 4G network, which uses HSPA+ technology, means that mobile customers will enjoy faster data speeds with quicker access to the Internet. Customers can now watch videos at blazing speeds, simultaneously browse the web while making a call, send e-mails, download photos, apps and music at superfast speeds. They will also have the ability to conduct video conferences on their mobile device, plus much more. Since HSPA+ is compatible with the other mobile technologies already in use on the network, LIME mobile customers with 2G and EDGE compatible devices will be able to continue browsing and using data applications seamlessly.

Manager Ron Lewis

LIME Montserrat’s General Manager, Randolph Lewis said, “LIME has been working tirelessly to bring Montserratians a world-class network and this is now a reality. Our customers have been telling us they want a fast and reliable network that is comparable to the very best in the world. We have responded and have rebuilt our mobile data network with our promised $2.5 million dollar Upgrade Investment plan and rolled out a brand-new 4G mobile network, which will delight our many data and speed hungry customers just in time for the holidays.”

Minister of Communications, Works, Energy and Labour Hon. Paul Lewis said, “I’m extremely pleased with the nationwide availability of the new LIME 4G mobile network. The new network will be a catalyst in supporting the government’s initiatives to allow for wider broadband access, greater productivity and improved training in technology for all Montserratians.

As a responsible corporate partner, LIME has consistently demonstrated its support for the government’s vision in all areas, including the crucial area of information technology.”

LIME’s launch of nationwide 4G is another major milestone for the company and for Montserrat.  The island is expected to have a second Mobile provider shortly and the telecommunications space will become a competitive one for the first time.  General Manager, Randolph Lewis, said, “LIME welcomes competition. We believe it will ultimately benefit our current and new customers on the island.  We have already engaged the team of the other provider.  The public can be assured that we will be working closely with them to ensure that any action required from LIME to enable the delivery of their services to local Montserratians, is executed with speed and excellence.”

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DIGICEL announces – ‘COMING SOON’ to Montserrat


On Wednesday, December 10, 2014, telecommunications company DIGICEL, in a press release announced its countdown of its arrival to Montserrat, according to it,  “The anticipation of the imminent arrival of telecommunications company, Digicel.”

The company says this follows, “buildup as Montserratians are gearing up to welcome the bigger, better operator in just a few weeks.”

The release continues: “Today is the beginning of the count down to the official launch of Digicel as several billboards with the “Coming Soon” message will be installed across the island.

In preparation for the big launch, Digicel is giving new customers the opportunity to reserve their desired numbers in advance of the launch day. To do so, customers can simply visit the Digicel store at # 7 Farara Plaza in Brades and secure their desired number so they will have it when the network goes live.

Victor Corcoran, Digicel Chief Executive Officer – North Eastern Caribbean, promises that it is exciting, “for those customers who are set to experience faster speeds, greater reliability, and the only 4G network on the island.

“Customers can expect lots of exciting promotions where they will get the best rates, 24/7 customer service and a better retail experience with longer opening hours, lowest entry smartphone price point, and a bigger, better, more reliable 4G network that will deliver on all of their telecommunications needs.” He also said that with Digicel entering the market, the consumers will harvest the benefit of competition, better value, better rates, and the first and only 4G network to Montserrat.”

The Digicel release concludes: “The roadshows will bring families together with lots of activities for the children and of course, some of the most exciting offers to hit Montserrat.”

The telecommunications company reminds, that for the latest information on the official launch of Digicel Montserrat, “tune in to the radio, check out the newspaper, go online using Facebook, twitter or Instagram.”

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