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Montserrat Under23 Netball team prepares for OECS tournament


Under 23 Montserrat netball sqad

Netball coach Miss Valerie Samuels has announced that the Under 23 netball sqad continues in training for the upcoming 25th annual ECCB/OECS Under 23 Netball Tournamen to be held in St. Kitts.

The Team is due to leave on Friday July 17, 2015 to return home the following Thursday 23rd July.

Coach Samuels said: “This is our 4th year of competition after being out for 16 years due to the volcanic crisis.

The Montserrat team comprises:

Valencia Allen (captain)

Amika Osborne

Tiffanny Skerritt

Zenique Leonard

Juana Osborne

Tezinia Woodley

Stevika Rodney

Davika Crichlow

Robyn Yearwood

Beanka Chambers

Kenisha Trotman

Shantial Campbell

Valerie Samuel (coach)

Mrs Sheryl White (manager)

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Edgar Nkosi White

Reality Reaches Rio

By Edgar Nkosi White

Edgar Nkosi White

Edgar Nkosi White

Fact: Brazil’s football team is not that good. What the team has are some good players and as long as they’re not overly tested they can endure. Unfortunately for them they were severely tested by Germany and minus both their captain and there chief goal scorer and poster boy, Neymar, they were found very wanting.

I’m glad that they were not eliminated early on in the contest because it would have made for a very bloody series since the host country has been experiencing some major civil strife of late and I didn’t want the news to be more about blood in the streets than football. Being awakened from a dream isn’t nice but the bread and circuses period is officially over now and so before they start to audit what exactly was the cost, I’d like to take some time to focus on why the majority of the faces we saw in the stadiums were mostly white. The simple answer is that the majority of Brazil’s black population (which is 60% by the way) is piss-poor. They live mostly in the favelas and are definitely invisible when it comes to the media. Needless to say, there is no political representation and not even the pretence of a black middleclass.

You would be hard put to find a Black Brazilian in either commercial bill boards or television. This nonexistence on television is especially interesting given the enormous popularity of soap opera, which is, after football, Brazil’s greatest obsession. Blacks are nowhere present. Interesting too is the fact that even when it comes to football you find far more dark skinned players on other South American teams than Brazil, a country known to have the largest concentration of blacks outside the African continent. Where are the other Pelés? As a matter of fact, why is it that you never hear Pelé himself mention that subject? He is definitely apolitical and this may be a clue as to why he has lasted so long in the minefield which is Brazilian society. It was Henry Kissinger by the way, who pulled certain strings to make certain that Pelé was able to get permission to leave Brazil and bring his soccer magic to New York City and the Cosmos. In a society rampant with racism he has pretty much achieved the status of honorary white. Neymar, for example, is very clear on the fact that he himself is not black, certainly not with that blonde dyed hair.

For some peculiar reason there is a very colourful myth which tries to present Brazil as a rainbow garden wherein everyone blends so well. The fact is that a favourite phrase in Brazil is: “Hey, you black monkey!” It is not unusual for a child to address a black school teacher that way, with impunity. Who suffer most are the recently arrived black professionals who have come to Brazil in search of the dream, having heard of Brazil’s booming economy only to encounter bitter disappointment. However, before we get totally carried away with the Brazilian situation we have to compare it with the rest of South America.

Note well that Argentina has no black faces running around on its team; it could be described as an Aryan nation (which made it a very handy hiding place for Nazis to hide after the war along with both Brazil and Uruguay). We need to remember that Argentina is famous for the Tango and that the Tango itself came from Africa. The most famous Tango dancers of the 1920s were all black. Question: what happened to the black population of Argentina? The answer is genocide, much like the systematic purging of the Dominican Republic under Trujillo. The first cowboys of Argentina (the Gauchos) who were black were systematically eliminated. There was a very conscious whitening-up process of importing Europeans to the country to save the race. Brazil did the same thing. However, the resistance and the sheer numbers were just too enormous. Besides, Brazil needed its blacks to work those coffee plantations and was in fact the very last to free its slaves (1888). One might argue that Brazil never really did quite free its black population; it merely imprisoned them in favelas. Human trafficking by means of sex has replaced whips and chains.

The truth is that the only thing available to blacks for escape in Brazil is Carnival and football. Both Carnival and football began as amusement for the white elite. Football came to Brazil in the 1890s by the English expatriate community. It was not long before it was absorbed and transformed by the black population because of the dance-like quality of its movement. It was however a long time before the game itself was integrated.

It was one thing to have blacks playing against each other for the amusement of white businessmen and quite another to have them play against whites. Sports, however, have always been a good distraction from revolution.

Now as to the other glorious distraction, Carnival, the entire year is spent in preparation for its celebration. Carnival is much more than costumes and pageantry. The entire structure of society is forgotten for one brief moment and the king (Momus) is raised high and the roles reversed. The favela is exchanged for the kingdom. From the mass emerges an individual. Suddenly you have a face and are what you fail to be for the rest of the year, a person, an identity. Given the brutality of Brazilian society it is easy to understand why the desire is so overwhelming to both lose and find yourself in the collective madness which is Carnival.

When we look at the everyday reality of the average Brazilian you begin to understand why soccer and Carnival are so important. In Brazil murder and violence is a constant. It is very easy to be disappeared if you’re poor and black and a considered nuisance. The police and military periodically have slum clearance campaigns which consist of early morning raids on the homeless. Children are especially vulnerable targets. The former president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, (or Lula as he was popularly known) did much to stop the practice of “rat-hunting” which was what this sport was called whereby children were shot on sight. Bodies were seldom recovered from dumping grounds. It was Lula who introduced affirmative action in schools and universities whereby half of the openings must go to blacks. This was a major shift for Brazil in 2012.

The current president, Dilma Rousseff, on the other hand, believes that racism no longer exists in Brazil and that the street protests which Brazil has been experiencing lately has more to do with misinformation than design. She says the government really cares about all its people and of course, loves all equally. Reality however is about to reach not only the streets of Rio but the presidential palace as well. What maybe could be forgiven had Brazil won the world cup will certainly not be now, given the humiliating defeat. It was not just the loss; it was the manner of the loss. This is against a backdrop of an 11 billion dollar outlay which can’t possibly be excused given the fact that homes were raised to the ground to make car-park facilities for tourists, glaring expenditure that went way over budget.

Food, shelter and sanitation are the three things that this government is unable to deal with. Still the people searched to see themselves reflected in the arena and they didn’t. What they saw from outside the stadium where they were forced to stay and watch “the beautiful game” on giant screens, they didn’t like the version of themself they saw. It looked like defeat written large.

I predict that three things will happen now: Firstly, the collapse of the government. Secondly a search for another Pelé, which is to say the opening for a dark skinned superstar which thus far there has been no serious effort or attempt to find. And thirdly, a change also in the television media, which is to say a sudden appearance of a more representative face of Brazil. At present on television blacks don’t exist. If you don’t exist on television you don’t exist. This reality is about to change.

There is at present only one black Supreme Court judge, the first in history: Judge Joaquim Barbosa (he too was appointed by Lula while in office). He has a nasty habit of convicting corruption. I am sure he will have a few questions as to where exactly all that 11 billion dollars went and why. For the first time in a long time, Brazil will take a very long look at itself as a society. I think that it will improve the game because the society itself isthe game. The football field is itself merely a mirror of all that is good and bad in the society. For example, of the 23 players available for the Brazil team, only 4 even play in Brazil. Everyone else plays in Europe or like Hulk, in Russia. The local teams don’t pay and so players are sold off in a new form of modern slavery to raise the coffers of local sides. In other words, born and raised for export, just like Brazil nuts. Is it any wonder then why the national team looks good on paper and yet is so weak in reality?

All of this is about to be dealt with for the first time, and why? Because it will be done under the glaring lens of the camera and the reason is that the world is not quite through watching Brazil. There is another little event about to take place in just two years: the Olympics which will also be hosted by Brazil. One can dance just so much Samba. And so reality will reach Rio too.

Pic etc. Edgar Nkosi White is a Montserrat-born playwright and novelist. His novel, The Rising, is available on Amazon.


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Guyana march towards title with third straight win

Jamaica, CMC – Guyana reeled off their third straight win to remain unbeaten, and install themselves as favourites to win the Regional Under-15 Championship here Friday.

Playing at Mona, they restricted Trinidad and Tobago to 171 for nine from their 50 overs and then chased down their target to win by four wickets with 26 balls remaining. Sent in, T&T’s batsmen all got starts but failed to convert. Brandon Singh top-scored with 28, Cephas Cooper added 27, Nathaniel McDavid got 26, Leonardo Julien was not out on 23, Kirstan Kallicharran hit 22 and opener Navin Bedaisee gathered 21.

Ashmead Nedd was the pick of the Guyana bowlers with two for 15 from his ten overs.

In reply, Guyana got 42 from Joshua Persaud and 35 from Steve Deonarine, to lay the foundation for victory. Persaud and Alphius Bookie, who scored 25, put on 65 for the second wicket before Deonarine and Kevin Sinclair (19) added another 53 for the fifth wicket to formalize the result.

At Kensington Park, Dominic Samuels and Kirk McKenzie both stroked hundreds as Jamaica trounced Leeward Islands by 163 runs. Samuels continued his rich vein of form with an unbeaten 111 off 90 balls that included 14 fours and one six while the left-handed McKenzie hit the same score with 10 boundaries from 167 balls, as Jamaica, choosing to bat, amassed 307 for two from their 50 overs.

Zawandi White struck twice in quick succession to leave the Jamaicans 72 for two but Samuels and McKenzie put on 235 in an unbroken third wicket stand to rally the innings.

Leewards then struggled to 144 all out off 41.1 overs, with Uri Smith top-scoring with 44. Raewin Senior grabbed three for 18. At Elletson Road, opener Nico Reifer narrowly missed out on a hundred as Barbados secured a 16-run win over Windward Islands.

Reifer struck nine fours and one six in an unbeaten 95 from 143 balls to lift Barbados to 235 for six from their 50 overs, after they opted to bat first.

In reply, the Windwards finished on 219 for eight with Johnnel Eugene stroking an enterprising 60 off 67 balls that included four fours and four sixes.


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Chris Gayle ‘sexist’ comment draws ire of Antigua women’s group



ST JOHN’S, Antigua, CMC – A women’s rights group in Antigua has condemned as “sexist”, remarks made by Jamaica Tallawahs captain Chris Gayle to a female journalist, at a media conference here Wednesday.

And the group, Women Against Rape (WAR) headed by gender equity advocate Alexandrina Wong, has also criticised the response by the Caribbean Premier League to the incident.

Gayle, a former West Indies Test skipper, was asked by the journalist: “How does the pitch feel so far in terms of the training (and) the weather?”, ahead of Thursday’s Caribbean Premier League clash here between Tallawahs and Antigua Hawksbills.

The 34-year-old Gayle responded: “Well I haven’t touched yours yet so I don’t know how it feels”, before adding “I like your smile; that’s nice.”

However, the CPL downplayed the incident, saying that Gayle was just sharing a light moment with the female journalist.

“Chris is excited for the tournament and was having a laugh with a journalist, who had a laugh back; there was no malice intended,” the Antigua Observer quoted a CPL spokesman as saying.

“The lady in question had a jovial goodbye chat with him and we don’t believe this was the action of someone who was offended.”

Wong slammed Gayle’s statement and also called on the CPL to elicit an apology from the Twenty20 star.

“What it’s implying is one person’s power over another in the use of the language and so we can either say it’s sexist and hegemonic,” Wong said, adding that the response from the reporter “indicates that she obviously doesn’t know her right to autonomy.”

“She obviously doesn’t know her right when it comes to agency of body so that she can identify certain types of language, how they allude to her biology and what its saying about her as a person,” Wong continued.

“CPL should demand [an apology] from him because as senior officials they ought to know and to behave better when it comes to gender equality.”


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Bonaire foils Montserrat’s ascendency in CFU football


Bonaire team


Montserrat team

When the controversies go against you it is always so sweet when you go on to win. Only that going on to win eluded Montserrat as the least favourite or least known Bonaire prevailed to deny Montserrat a win it expected in the finale on June 3, 2014.

Caribbean Football Union football had come to Montserrat for the first time and the FIFA sponsored MFA (Montserrat football Assoc) Blakes football complex lit up to the ecstasy of the Montserrat bumper crowd which filled the stands on the nights Montserrat played, in the three-night competition.

1463968_10152193216775852_581697534629541779_nIn the end it was sour for the Montserrat fans which by far outweighed the rest, when Montserrat to their dismay was left goalless against the Bonaire team which never looked like a match for the Montserrat team, but used their planned strategy aided by what was commonly accepted and even acknowledged as a poor showing by the officials.

The tournament kicked of here on Friday 31 with teams from the USVI, Bonaire and the host Montserrat competing in group one of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) qualifiers. Montserrat was for the first time hosting an international football tournament and both the Premier Reuben T. Meade and CFU President Gordon Banks-Derrick have been full of praise for the local effort.

One spin off is expected to be more sporting contact among Montserrat and the neighboring islands. During the opening game between Montserrat and the US Virgin Islands (USVI) Premier Meade announced that there would be confessions to make this proposed initiative a reality.

“This is why the government has taken the decision, not only in football but in all of the other sports and including school sports; that you must be in a position to bring other teams here. The other thing which we have done with cricket and we’re hoping to do it in football is that we’re looking at Montserrat p984117_10152193256125852_3006341348712530162_nlaying in the Antigua cricket league”

In the game proper Montserrat beat the USVI by one goal to nil to start the tournament on an impressive note for the host. Meantime on Sunday Bonaire beat the USVI by two goals to one in the second match at the Blake’s Football Complex.

This meant that the USVI had lost both of its games. Montserrat was hoping to keep its winning formula when they encountered Bonaire by at least one goal in the grand finale as it had turned out to be.

One miss after the other, mishaps and a disallowed goal which no one could figure out what the Montserrat infringement was that caused the disallowance. The match – nil, nil and Bonaire went through from the bottom having scored two goals in the competition.

As the Montserrat fans so too the footballers who looked fit and strong, but in end seemed to lack the finesse in their finish to actually put balls at the back of the goal.


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CFU football comes to Montserrat

FIFA---children-festival-(10)The Caribbean Football Union’s (CFU) flagship tournament is set to kick off this weekend on Montserrat. The Men’s Caribbean Cup will run from 30th May to 3rd June at the Montserrat Football Complex in Brades.

The sporting event, which is being hosted by the Montserrat Football Association will feature three teams, the USVI, Bonaire and the Montserrat National Football team.

For the first time in the history of the tournament, one of the competing teams will get the chance to play in the COPA America Centenario in 2016, as well as provide an additional 5th Caribbean football team to qualify for the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Montserrat will open up the weekend tournament on the 30th of May when they take on the team from the USVI. The second night will see The USVI will play against Bonaire on the 1st of June.

The qualifying games will climax on the 3rd of June 2014 with Montserrat competing against Bonaire. All games kick off from 7pm.

The CFU has already named match officials including referees and match commissioners.

The flagship CFU Men’s Caribbean Cup forms part of the sole objective of the organization and its Executive Committee is to ensure that football remains on the minds, in the thoughts and on the lips of every Caribbean person in 2014 and beyond.

Pics of the stadium grounds

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Under-15 cricket team - LI champs

L I Champions, Under-15 Cricket team return to Montserrat

Under-15 cricket team - LI champs

Under-15 cricket team – LI champs

The 2014 Under-15 Leeward Islands cricket championship was just completed in St. Kitts-Nevis. The Montserrat players returned home today by Ferry at mi-day.

The Montserrat Under-15 cricket team lost to Nevis and won Antigua, St. Kitts and Anguilla in good fashion.

They returned to a big welcome by parents and fans. The team travelled with Ben Greenaway, coach and Vickie Locker Asst. they both managed the players and reported they were most disciplined.

See photos of the team and welcome back as victors.

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Angelica Morrone and Gary di de Silvestri of Dominica


Jamaican athletes

Jamaican athletes

A number of athletes representing the tropical Caribbean region will participate in the 22nd Winter Olympic Games in the Black Sea city of Sochi in South-Eastern Russia from February 7-23.

Among the featured athletes from the Caribbean are a five-member Bobsleigh delegation from Jamaica, a husband and wife team from Dominica and athletes from the US Virgin Islands (USVI), the Cayman Islands and Tortola in the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

Peter-Adam-Crook of the British virgin islands

of the British virgin islands

CEO of CANOC Broadcasting Inc. (CBI), Larry Romany said it’s another moment of pride for the Caribbean to have athletes representing their national countries at the Winter Olympics and vying for medals.
“Our Caribbean athletes have demonstrated that they have an unconquerable spirit and it is this undeniable perseverance and grit determination that has put them at the top of their field and also for many individuals, to achieve personal excellence.
Angelica Morrone and Gary di de Silvestri of Dominica

Angelica Morrone and Gary di de Silvestri of Dominica

“We know our Caribbean athletes in Sochi will make us proud and it will be another unifying period for our region to support these exceptional athletes who spent countless hours working hard to qualify for the Winter Olympics,” said Romany.

Jamaica’s five-member delegation to the games are pilot Winston Watts, brake-man Marvin Dixon, crew members Wayne Blackwood, alternate crew; Thomas Samuel, coach, and Nelson Christian Stokes, Chef de Mission.
The Jamaican Bobsleigh team gained international fame during their debut in the 1988 Winter Olympic Games in Calgary, Alberta as underdogs among the professional and was the inspiration for the major motion picture, Cool Runnings.
jamaican_bobsled_teaUnited States-based Gary di Silvestri and his Italian-born wife Angelica Morrone di Silvestri who have Dominican citizenship will represent the island at the Games. Di Silvestri will take part in the men’s 15-kilometre classical race and his wife in the women’s 10-kilometre classical race.
Jasmine Campbell, representing the USVI, Dow Travers, the Cayman Islands and Peter Adam Crook, the BVI said they were all looking forward to the Winter Olympic s and doing their personal best to represent their countries.
“I will be going to the Olympics trying to ski my personal fastest, my personal strongest, my personal best. That is all I can really hope to do. The Olympics are also about bringing the world together in a community of sport and human excellence. It’s a time to transcend beyond differences and divisiveness. I will consider my time at the Olympics a success by doing my own personal best, while connecting with this very special community of athletes,” said Campbell who feels honoured to represent the Virgin Islands.

Jasmine-Campbell of the US Virgin Islands

Jasmine-Campbell of the US Virgin Islands

Born and raised in the Grand Cayman, Travers, 26, competed for the island in the 2009 Val D’Isere Alpine World Championships and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. The eldest of three talented athletic brothers, Travers who lives and works full time in the Cayman after graduating from Brown University with a degree in Geology-Biology said he’s fully prepared for the Winter Games.
“I believe I am prepared and as ready as I’ll ever be,” said Travers who has been training in Aspen with his brother Dean under Coach, former Olympic skier, Jake Zamansky and the Aspen Valley Ski Club
Travers who will be competing in the Giant Slalom said he has been training during the week and racing as much as possible followed by strength training in the gym.
Crook who lives in Utah said he is “excited and a little nervous” about his first Winter Olympics and representing the small mountainous island of Tortola.
“When people hear I’m representing Tortola, they always ask me if I ski there! Is there snow there! And then I have to explain it all over again,” said Crook who started competing professionally four years ago.
“It’s a small island and the support for me from the people there is unreal. My biggest goal at the Olympic is to make it through the final round. You never know what can happen. I’d just like to make everyone proud,” he added.
CANOC Broadcasting Inc. (CBI) is a company that has been formed by the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and Commonwealth Games Associations (CGAs) across the Caribbean to purchase, monetise and manage the broadcast rights for the Olympic Games and other sporting properties. CBI’s mission is to develop extensive Olympic broadcast coverage that maximises the public’s awareness of National Olympic Committees, Commonwealth Games Associations, Caribbean Athletes and the Olympic Movement, and create long‐term sustainable sources of funding for Caribbean NOCs and CGAs through the acquisition and sale of broadcast rights for sporting events.
For further information, please contact:
The CBI Media Relations Team: Donna Ramsammy and Linda Hutchinson
Tel: +1868 686 645 0368 or +1 868 472 4777
Email: Linda at or
Or contact VYTT/Virtual Editors at
January 30, 2014

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Costa Rica is the first stop that the official FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca- Cola plane will be used. It will now carry football’s most coveted trophy and the global trophy tour team all over the world.

The FIFA World Cup Trophy jets off in style on the Caribbean leg

Costa Rica is the first stop that the official FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca- Cola plane will be used. It will now carry football’s most coveted trophy and the global trophy tour team all over the world.

Costa Rica is the first stop that the official FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca- Cola plane will be used. It will now carry football’s most coveted trophy and the global trophy tour team all over the world.

Jamaica Observer (By – After a successful launch at the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a bird’s-eye view of the iconic Estádio do Maracanã, the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola jetted off to start its international tour by visiting Tahiti, Fiji and Vanuatu.

With three of 89 countries having already welcomed the trophy, it was now time to set off on the Caribbean leg of the tour.

In true superstar fashion, the most sought-after symbol of football had at its disposal its very own branded plane. This plane has started to carry world football’s most coveted trophy and the global trophy tour team all over the world, with the final destination set to be back in the FIFA World Cup host country to start its domestic tour.

The plane was first spotted when it landed in Costa Rica last Friday, where the trophy spent three days before heading off to an unprecedented 34 member associations from the Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF).

Joining the tour in five of the upcoming stops is former Aston Villa, Manchester United and Trinidad & Tobago forward Dwight Yorke, a man who has great experience winning trophies, with UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, and FA Cup titles to his name. Yorke was also captain of the Trinidad and Tobago squad during the 2006 FIFA World Cup campaign. He will be accompanying the trophy in Haiti on the 25th to the 27th of October, Grenada on the 28th, Suriname on the 29th, Guyana on the 30th, and finally in his home country Trinidad and Tobago on the 31st of October.

“Having won almost every trophy there is in my career, this is still the one that got away,” joked Yorke. “It’s just as surreal for me to have the opportunity to be so close to the trophy as I’m sure it will be for all the people that get the chance to see it on this worldwide tour. It really is the ultimate prize for any football fan or player. It’s a great opportunity and a joy to have it brought over to a part of the world that doesn’t often get these opportunities. I can’t wait to join the tour,” added Yorke.

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Curtly Ambrose feels the need for a drastic structural improvement in the way cricket is played in Antigua © Getty Images

Curtly Ambrose suggests strong measures to improve cricket in Antigua

By Indo-Asian News Service
St John’s (Antigua):

Curtly Ambrose feels the need for a drastic structural improvement in the way cricket is played in Antigua © Getty Images

Curtly Ambrose feels the need for a drastic structural improvement in the way cricket is played in Antigua © Getty Images

Former West Indies pacer Curtly Ambrose believes that an overhaul of the entire structure of Caribbean cricket is needed for the game to improve.

Ambrose said more attention should be paid to development of talent at the grassroots level, reports CMC.

Ambrose bemoaned the lack of Antiguans on territorial teams citing demise of quality in the island’s cricketers.

“I mean, when you look at Antigua national team, Leeward Islands and even the West Indies team, we don’t have any Antiguans really on the West Indies team and that to me is sad because when West Indies were at their strongest they had Antiguans on that particular team and I am proud to say that,” said Ambrose.

“I think we need to look after our cricket here in Antigua a bit better and a little more so that we could get a few more international cricketers,” he said

Ambrose said the structure at school-level must be changed first.

“I believe that the whole structure needs to change from schools level and come right up because you can’t change the top level and the bottom isn’t good. You have to start from the grassroots level.

“I believe sometimes there are too many teams and you got some teams that are just not ready and I believe we should not just have 12 teams so we have numbers. If it means taking six teams so that you can get quality, then so be it,” said Ambrose, who turns 50 next Saturday.

Ambrose, who played his last Test for the West Indies against England at The Oval in 2000, took 405 Test wickets and 225 in the ODIs. In all, he played 98 Tests and 176 ODIs.

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