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A ‘Montserrat’ wonder in the making!

Jovelle1Jovélle McLean Meade at 13 years-of-age is the son of Silvonnie McLean and Veronica Meade, grandson of Jean McLean and Cecil Cassell loved running from a very early age. Before he was a year old Jovélle would have plenty bouts of running – random strangers would always remark that we should put him into sprinting.

Even at the park when it would be time to go home Jovélle would ask to run around one more time, despite playing for hours and running around he would always want one more run around.

Forward a few years to the 2012 Olympics Jovélle became obsessed with sprinting. Watching Usain Bolt and all the other runners, he wanted to be like them.

He pestered his dad Veronis Meade aka Joe, to take him running. At this time Tchai Codrington Joes nephew was running for a club Orion Harriers Junior so Joe took Jovélle along.

The coaches were immediately impressed with Jovélle and asked to take him to Woodford Green to an open meeting where Jovélle would get his official time.

On Jovélle’s first race on August 21, 2012 as an under-11 athlete, Jovélle ran 10.57s in the 75m and 21.13s in the 150m. He broke the record that stood at Orion Harriers at that time and to date has these two records at the club in the under-11 age group.Jovelle

His second race was in the 100m and he did it in 14.29s. He was immediately signed to that club and have represented them at various locations including Linford Christie Stadium, Basildon, Walthamstow, Brighton, Hendon, Chelmsford and Ashford to name a few.

After these races Jovélle represented his Primary School St. Pauls and Al Hallows in a cross-country Event where he ran with boys from year 6&7 and came 19th overall.

As Jovélle’s time improved in his preferred events of 200m and 100m he started running with not his peers, but with different athletes of a higher age group. Despite being only 13, Jovélle would find himself competing with athletes older than him. Boys who are in the U15, U17, U23 and above-age group.  This never deterred him and made his confidence grow. Often he would place first against these more experienced and older and advanced athletes.

Injury and loss of determination at one point discouraged Jovélle from running. Despite several encouragements even by his uncle Hartford Codrington who was a part of the Easter Monday Road Runners Relay Team 1990-1995 in Montserrat, he wanted to stop running.

February 2016, Jovélle went to a different club, Enfield and Haringey and the team spirit support and encouragement from his peers was the driving force backing-up his passion.

Jovélle most recent performance was on June 11, 2016 at the Hillingdon Stadium in Uxbridge where he competed with other athletes from various schools in the Inter School Championship.

Jovélle, with his mum and granddad in the crowd, ran the 200m in 23s which saw him break the previous record that stood since 1991. He then ranked 2nd fastest in England despite having a chest infection and not running to form.

The first ranked athlete did 22.9s.

As Jovélle won his last race in the 200m at this event he has been selected to represent the Borough of Middlesex in the 200m and will possibly be also selected to do the relay at the Gateshead International Stadium in Newcastle on July 8 and 9, 2016.

This is an ESAA National Championship competition and is the 4th largest Athletics event in the world.

He has also been selected to represent Haringey Schools at Crystal Palace the July 3 in the London School Championships.

Jovélle does 100m, 200m Long Jump and 4×100 relay where he is the anchor. Jovélle can represent Montserrat or the UK via his Montserrat parentage.

UK rankings stands:

60m -19th

60i – 20th

100m – 28th

200m – 2nd

200i – 13th

(i = indoors)

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Muhammad Ali, boxing legend, cultural icon dies at 74

Fox News Sports

Muhammad Ali, the three-time heavyweight champion boxer whose electrifying prowess in the ring and controversial outspokenness outside of it made him one of the world’s most recognizable personalities of the 20th Century, died Friday after a battle with a respiratory illness. He was 74.

Ali, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s syndrome in 1984, died at a Phoenix hospital.

Ali family spokesperson Bob Gunnell said in a statement that Ali’s funeral will take place in his hometown of Louisville, Ky.

“The Ali family would like to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and support and asks for privacy at this time.”

Reaction to Ali’s death immediately poured in on Twitter early Saturday from former boxing champions to celebrities and politicians.

See more at ESPN:

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Rising Stars v Lookout

Basket ballers excite in league openers

Davy Hill v St Peters (3)DAVY HILL—Look Out Shooters, St. Peters Hilltop, Cudjoe Head Renegades and Salem Jammers emerged victorious over the weekend as they thrilled fans with their basketball prowess in five games played over three days on May 13, 14 and 15 in the Montserrat Amateur Basketball Association 2016 league. In Game one on Friday, May 13, the Lookout Shooters proved that they were unintimidated by the date’s legend of being ‘unlucky’ as they dominated their rivals the Rising Stars to score 86 points to the Rising Stars 66, securing victory.

The winning team’s top scorers were Kwasi Ryan with 21 points, six rebounds, five assists and four steals and George Green with 21 points, 13 rebounds, two assists and one block. Top Scorers for Rising Stars were Shane Caesar who secured 21 of his team’s 66 points, 20 rebounds and four steals. His team mate Stephan Browne contributed 19 points, three rebounds and one steal.

In game two St Peters Hilltop schooled the Davy Hill Ras Valley Lions with a whopping 93 points to Davy Hill Ras Valley Lion’s 41 points. Seon Evelyn and T.O Shotte were the top scorers for St. Peters with 41 points six rebounds four assists, four steals and 16 points, 16 rebounds, two assists and six steals respectively.Davy Hill v St Peters (5)

The top scorers for Davy Hill in that game were Chrisselton Jules with 13 points, three rebounds, two assists and three steals and his team mate Vaughn Fenton with 10 points, 16 rebounds, one assist and five steals.

The basketball action continued on Saturday night with the first match of the night between Cudjoe Head Renegades– who scored 99 points– and MSS Warriors. MSS Warriors lost the game by 28 points, with a score of 71 points. Top Scorers for Cudjoe Head were Encousie Wilson with an impressive 51 points, 14 rebounds, nine assists and eight steals and Wendell Allen with 22 points, 10 rebounds, nine assists, nine steals and one block. For the MSS Warriors the top scorers were Davion Smith 13 points, 22 rebounds, five assists and two steals and Dave Williams with 12 points.

Game two of the night saw the Salem Jammers battle the Rising Stars and scoring 84 points to the Rising Stars 51 points. Nichon Weekes was again his team’s top scorer, securing 29 of the Salem Jammers 84 points. He also contributed 10 rebounds, five assists and one steal. Jordan Lambert scored 16 points for the Jammers and contributed 11 rebounds, two assists and one steal.

Rising Stars v LookoutOn Sunday, May 15, basketball fans were still eager for more action and MABA players did not disappoint. MSS Warriors duked it out with St Peter’s Hilltop losing that game when they scored 62 points to Hilltop’s 67 points. Top Scorers for MSS Warriors were Davion Smith with 15 points, six rebounds, two assists, four steals and one block and Clevan Skerritt with nine points, four rebounds, three assists and four steals. Top Scorers for St Peters were T.O. Shotte with 17 points, nine rebounds, two assists, one steal and one block and Holren Bobb with 13 points, eight rebounds, seven assists, eight steals and one block.

The 2016 Montserrat Basket Ball Association league kicked off on April 30 with back to back games played to an almost full house at the auditorium. Game one of that night featured the Davy Hill Ras Valley Lions in an action packed, fast pace battle against the MSS Warriors. The MSS warriors lived up to their name, winning the game with 67 points compared to Davy Hill Ras Valley Lions 59 points.Davy Hill v St Peters (4)

The top Scorers for Davy Hill on that night were Chrisselton Jules with 18 points, seven rebounds, one assist and three steals, and Vaughn Fenton with 14 points, 15 rebounds, 10 steals and one block. Dave Williams was the top scorer for the Davy Hill Ras Valley Lions with 18 points, two2 rebounds, six assists and four steals. His team mate Davion Smith also gave an impressive showing with 15 points, nine rebounds, three assists, five steals and one block.

Game two saw the St. Peters Hilltop battle the Salem Jammers, in a nail biting, intense game, that went to the Salem Jammers within the last five minutes. Salem Jammers scored 69 points to St. Peters Hilltop’s 63 points. Salem’s Nichon Weekes was the top scorer for his team and of both games that night with 26 points, 12 rebounds, four assists, three steals and one block. Jordan Lambert was Salem’s other top scorer that night with 16 points, 11 rebounds, one assist and one steal. For the St. Peters’ team the top scorers were Holren Bobb with 18 points and13 rebounds and T.O. Shotte with eight8 points, eight rebounds, one steal one block. For the Rising Stars the top scorers were Chaquille Sam with 15 points, five rebounds, two assists and four steals and Shane Caesar with 12 points, 13 rebounds and two steals.

The following week Cudjoe Head Renegades proved they are a basketball force to be reckoned with as they dominated the Rising Stars in the Friday night game to emerge with a 44 points victory margin. Cudjoe Head Renegades scored 93 points to the Rising Stars 49 points, with 22 of those 93 points being scored by Encousie Wilson, the top scorer of that game. Outside of his 22 points contribution, Wilson also had 16 rebounds, seven assists and five steals. His team mate Wendell Allen was their team’s second top scorer of that game with 19 points, 11 rebounds, seven assists, seven steals and two blocks. The Top Scorers for Rising Stars were Chaquille Sam with 14 points eight rebounds foursteals and one block and Luis Morales with 14 points, three rebounds, one assist and one steal.

Game two on that same night featured St. Peters Hilltop against the Look Out Shooters and boasted a nail biting finish with the Look Out Shooters winning the game by one point. The Look Out Shooters scored 74 points while St. Peters Hilltop scored 73 points. Top Scorers for St Peters that night were Holren Bobb with 23 points, 11 rebounds and one assist and Neil Isaacs contributing 12 points, five rebounds, four assists and four steals. Look Out Shooters top scorers were Kwasi Ryan with 22 points, two assists and four steals and Vachel Murrain 18 points, 16 rebounds, four assists and five steals.

Basketball fans were treated to two more games over that same weekend when the MSS Warriors battled Rising Stars on the Saturday night in Game 1 and the Cudjoe Head Renegades battled the Salem Jammers for basketball glory. The MSS Warriors lost to the Rising Stars by two points scoring 70 points while the Rising Stars scored 72 points.  Top Scorers for MSS were Dave Williams with 21 points, five assists and four steals and Maldrick Weekes with 11 points, nine rebounds, one assist and one steal.

Top Scorers for Rising Stars were Chaquille Sam with 24 points, four rebounds, two assists and four steals and Christon Layne scoring nine points, 10 rebounds, three assists two steals and one block.

In game two between the Salem Jammers and the Cudjoe Head Renegades Nichon Weekes proved his worth scoring 45 of his teams’ 80 points. That was not enough to win the game for the Salem Jammers who lost to their rival by two points. Cudjoe Head Renegades won the game with 82 points. Top Scorers for Cudjoe Head were Wendell Allen with 24 points, eight rebounds, six assists two steals and two blocks and Crenston Buffonge with 22 points, 10 rebounds and four assists. Top Scorers for Salem were Nichon Weekes with 45 points, 10 rebounds, four assists and four steals and Jordan Lambert with 10 points, 15 rebounds, five assists two steals and one block.

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MUL leads in organizing cricket matches for charity

DSC_2793Charity Cricket Matches is the name given to a series of T20 cricket matches organised by the Montserrat Utilities Limited (MUL). In the beginning the MUL cricket team intended to continue the series of Charity Matches against firstly local celebrities and secondly returning Montserratians during the of St. Patrick’s Week of Activities.

Financial Controller, Duleep Cheddie of Montserrat Utilities Ltd. (MUL) is the organizer of the matches while Mr. David Thompson, Managing Director of MUL, like several others participating in the matches and leading the various teams, explained the purpose of the fun matches.DSC_2807

The Montserrat Reporter on advice that the matches had already begun to take place visited the Little Bay playing field on Sunday, January 31 and witnessed two teams, the Premier’s XI play against the MUL team.

Our young trainee reporter spoke to Manager David Thompson: “…cricket is a great game – that’s the starting point,” he explains. “It’s a bit of team building, a bit of moral help, and support for the team members of MUL,” he said.

DSC_2872He pointed out that the particular game being played against the Premier’s eleven, saying, “we’re raising money for the Premier’s choice this time around, that’s Golden Years home.”

He hoped that people are watching, enjoying the match, buying a bit of food “enjoying themselves and give a contribution which we will gather together and give to the Golden Years home.”DSC_2870

Thompson continued by saying that the season has finished and they are arranging a series of non-league matches – friendly matches against a range of opposition and, “we’re allowing the opposition to choose which charity they would like to donate too.”

DSC_2857Premier Romeo who played in the match told us that he played cricket while at MSS before he gave it up for basketball. He said this was not his first match as he and Leader of the Opposition Reuben T Meade played. “That was the Opposition Leader’s team with myself,” he said. “We played together, actually both of us opened bat against MUL, but MUL beat us badly. That time we raised several thousand dollars.”DSC_2832

This time in the absence of Meade he was represented on the Premier’s XI by Derrick Lee who confirmed, “I’m representing the Premier Office in the place of Reuben T. Meade; he would have been playing on this side. Because he’s unavailable he asked me to take his place.”

An elated MUL’s Jack Ryan also noted that his team is playing the Premier’s team, which was selected by him. His team narrowly edged out the Premier’s team. He said: “The whole experience was very good,” pointing out, “this whole thing is played with a view to raise for a charity which is Meals on Wheels.” Ryan noted that, “…meals are transported to vulnerable persons who can’t afford proper meals so to speak.”

DSC_2833Star of the day was Access Coordinator David ‘Trixie’ Duberry, playing for the Premier’s team scoring 76 which was just not good enough to overhaul the MUL’s score of 154 in 20 overs.

Duberry looked outstanding at the crease, hitting several boundaries which he cleared several times, scoring 6s. He admitted, “I’ve been playing for quite a while. This is my second game in about two years so it’s good to be back,” explaining, “I played for Montserrat and I played some cricket in England as well so I’ve played good level cricket before.”DSC_2827

He acknowledged the efforts of “the planning done by Mr. (Duleep) Cheddie – he organizes it and I think between them they decide which organization they could consider as a charity.”

Chief organiserDuleep Cheddie confirmed that each of the competing teams which vary: Hon Reuben Meade, Leader of the Opposition XI, Hon Paul Lewis (Minister of Coms and Works) XI, Basil Chambers All Starts XI and Hon. Premier’s XI, compete on select Sundays at Little Bay Playing Field in matches beginning at 2.00 p.m.

DSC_2839The matches have been organised with support from the Montserrat Cricket Association regarding the grounds and other aspects of the game; They are to also assist as follows: Donate $1.00 from the proceeds of sale of each beverage for charity; and $1.00 from the proceeds of sale of each serving of food for charityDSC_2840

After this month two matches will be played during the of St. Patrick’s Week of Activities, against a team comprising of returning Montserratians, captained by the Hon. Claude Hogan (Minister of Agriculture.

Premier Romeo hints to our trainee Reporter: “Prime Minister of Antigua has already agreed to come play in a match here, probably on Easter Monday.”

The following is a tentative schedule of matches. The named team is gets to name the charity of their choice.

Sunday 31st January 2016 –

Hon. Premier’s X1;

Sunday 7th February 2016

Hon. Leader of the Opposition X1

Sunday 21st February 2016

Hon. Paul Lewis’ Invitational XI

Sunday 28th February 2016

Basil Chambers All Stars X1

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FIFA president now under criminal investigation over deal with Jack Warner


FIFA president Sepp Blatter

Switzerland, Friday Sept 25, 2015 – As the extradition process for former FIFA vice president and corruption accused Jack Warner remains in limbo, the head of football’s world governing body is under criminal investigation in connection with a TV rights deal that he signed with the Trinidad and Tobago football executive 10 years ago.

FIFA headquarters was raided, the office of President Sepp Blatter searched and data seized today.

And the attorney general subsequently announced that his office had opened criminal proceedings into Blatter, is due to step down from FIFA’s leadership next February, on suspicion of criminal mismanagement or, alternatively, misappropriation.

It is alleged that on September 12, 2005, Blatter signed a contract with the Caribbean Football Union, headed by Warner, which was “unfavorable for FIFA”.

“There is a suspicion that, in the implementation of this agreement, Blatter also violated his fiduciary duties and acted against the interest of FIFA and/or FIFA Marketing & TV AG,” a statement issued by the office of the Swiss attorney general said.

Additionally, Blatter is suspected of a “disloyal payment” of two million Swiss francs (US$2 million) to President of Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Michel Platini, at the expense of FIFA, which was allegedly made for work performed between January 1999 and June 2002. The payment was made in February 2011.

Blatter, 79, was interrogated today, following a meeting of the FIFA Executive Committee.

The attorney general’s statement said Platini was also heard “as a person asked to provide information”.

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Jeffrey Webb

Former FIFA Vice President pleads not guilty – under house arrest

Jeffrey Webb

Jeffrey Webb

NEW YORK, Jul. 19, CMC – Jeffrey Webb, the former head of CONCACAF, the region’s governing body for football, was granted bail amounting to US$10 million and placed under house arrest when he appeared in court here on Saturday.

Webb, also a former FIFA Vice President is accused of accepting bribes worth millions of dollars in connecting with the sale of marketing rights.

He was detained in Switzerland in May, along with six football officials before begin extradited to the US last week.

The New York judge who ordered to remain at home in a 20 mile radius of the court, also told the court that Webb’s movements will be monitored via and electronic tag.

He was also required to hand over his three passports.

According to court documents, the prosecutors allege that among the bribes Webb allegedly received was a US$ 1.1 million to award the marketing rights to a Miami based company for the 2012 CONCACAF Gold Cup and Champions league tournament.

Webb, 50, was banned by FIFA after he was indicted in May in the United States.

He entered a plea of not guilty to charges of money laundering, wire fraud and racketeering.


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Montserrat Under-23 Netball team - 2015

Six teams to vie for 25th OECS/ECCB Under-23 Netball Tournament Title

netball banner

This year, six teams will vie for the championship title in the 25th OECS/ECCB Under-23 Netball Tournament, which will be hosted from tomorrow by the St Kitts Netball Association in St. Kitts at the Pamela Tyson Netball Complex, Basseterre.

The tournament which runs from Saturday, July 18 to Thursday, July 23, 2015 is sponsored by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) official sponsor of the tournament since 1991, in collaboration with the OECS Commission.

Montserrat Under-23 Netball team - 2015

Montserrat Under-23 Netball team with their Coach – 2015

The Montserrat netball girls team which left here on Friday morning by ferry to Antigua with an onward flight to St. Kitts, will compete and mingle with teams from The Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, and St Vincent and the Grenadines.


Collaborating with the OECS Commission to stage this regional competition, the ECCB says in a release that its “continued sponsorship of the tournament demonstrates the Bank’s vision of fostering regional integration and its commitment to the overall development of the region’s young women through sports.

President of the St Kitts Netball Association, Mrs Juliet Hanley-Liburd, says the tournament will begin with an opening ceremony and a parade of the teams, while she encourages persons to come out to witness the games and be treated to talent, fun and excitement.

The ECCB release on the tournament also informs that “In keeping with its commitment to the overall development of the region’s young netballers, the ECCB incorporates a development session into the tournament. This year, Adviser in the Corporate Relations Department, Sybil Welsh, will engage the netballers in discussion on the topic: ‘Effective Communication’.”


Download (PDF, Unknown)

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Montserrat Under23 Netball team prepares for OECS tournament


Under 23 Montserrat netball sqad

Netball coach Miss Valerie Samuels has announced that the Under 23 netball sqad continues in training for the upcoming 25th annual ECCB/OECS Under 23 Netball Tournamen to be held in St. Kitts.

The Team is due to leave on Friday July 17, 2015 to return home the following Thursday 23rd July.

Coach Samuels said: “This is our 4th year of competition after being out for 16 years due to the volcanic crisis.

The Montserrat team comprises:

Valencia Allen (captain)

Amika Osborne

Tiffanny Skerritt

Zenique Leonard

Juana Osborne

Tezinia Woodley

Stevika Rodney

Davika Crichlow

Robyn Yearwood

Beanka Chambers

Kenisha Trotman

Shantial Campbell

Valerie Samuel (coach)

Mrs Sheryl White (manager)

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Bonaire foils Montserrat’s ascendency in CFU football


Bonaire team


Montserrat team

When the controversies go against you it is always so sweet when you go on to win. Only that going on to win eluded Montserrat as the least favourite or least known Bonaire prevailed to deny Montserrat a win it expected in the finale on June 3, 2014.

Caribbean Football Union football had come to Montserrat for the first time and the FIFA sponsored MFA (Montserrat football Assoc) Blakes football complex lit up to the ecstasy of the Montserrat bumper crowd which filled the stands on the nights Montserrat played, in the three-night competition.

1463968_10152193216775852_581697534629541779_nIn the end it was sour for the Montserrat fans which by far outweighed the rest, when Montserrat to their dismay was left goalless against the Bonaire team which never looked like a match for the Montserrat team, but used their planned strategy aided by what was commonly accepted and even acknowledged as a poor showing by the officials.

The tournament kicked of here on Friday 31 with teams from the USVI, Bonaire and the host Montserrat competing in group one of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) qualifiers. Montserrat was for the first time hosting an international football tournament and both the Premier Reuben T. Meade and CFU President Gordon Banks-Derrick have been full of praise for the local effort.

One spin off is expected to be more sporting contact among Montserrat and the neighboring islands. During the opening game between Montserrat and the US Virgin Islands (USVI) Premier Meade announced that there would be confessions to make this proposed initiative a reality.

“This is why the government has taken the decision, not only in football but in all of the other sports and including school sports; that you must be in a position to bring other teams here. The other thing which we have done with cricket and we’re hoping to do it in football is that we’re looking at Montserrat p984117_10152193256125852_3006341348712530162_nlaying in the Antigua cricket league”

In the game proper Montserrat beat the USVI by one goal to nil to start the tournament on an impressive note for the host. Meantime on Sunday Bonaire beat the USVI by two goals to one in the second match at the Blake’s Football Complex.

This meant that the USVI had lost both of its games. Montserrat was hoping to keep its winning formula when they encountered Bonaire by at least one goal in the grand finale as it had turned out to be.

One miss after the other, mishaps and a disallowed goal which no one could figure out what the Montserrat infringement was that caused the disallowance. The match – nil, nil and Bonaire went through from the bottom having scored two goals in the competition.

As the Montserrat fans so too the footballers who looked fit and strong, but in end seemed to lack the finesse in their finish to actually put balls at the back of the goal.


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CFU football comes to Montserrat

FIFA---children-festival-(10)The Caribbean Football Union’s (CFU) flagship tournament is set to kick off this weekend on Montserrat. The Men’s Caribbean Cup will run from 30th May to 3rd June at the Montserrat Football Complex in Brades.

The sporting event, which is being hosted by the Montserrat Football Association will feature three teams, the USVI, Bonaire and the Montserrat National Football team.

For the first time in the history of the tournament, one of the competing teams will get the chance to play in the COPA America Centenario in 2016, as well as provide an additional 5th Caribbean football team to qualify for the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Montserrat will open up the weekend tournament on the 30th of May when they take on the team from the USVI. The second night will see The USVI will play against Bonaire on the 1st of June.

The qualifying games will climax on the 3rd of June 2014 with Montserrat competing against Bonaire. All games kick off from 7pm.

The CFU has already named match officials including referees and match commissioners.

The flagship CFU Men’s Caribbean Cup forms part of the sole objective of the organization and its Executive Committee is to ensure that football remains on the minds, in the thoughts and on the lips of every Caribbean person in 2014 and beyond.

Pics of the stadium grounds

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