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‘Upskirt’ pervert foiled as shoe camera explodes before he can take video in Wisconsin

'Upskirt' pervert foiled as shoe camera explodes before he can take video in Wisconsin
  (Cassio_Henrique/Getty Images/iStockphoto)
How and why he walked free (act was not carried out) – such dispicable intention…

A Wisconsin man’s perverted plan to shoot videos up women’s skirts went awry when the battery in his shoe camera exploded, Madison Police said.

He was testing the camera at home when it flared up, preventing him from obtaining any illicit footage.

He injured his foot and suffered minor burns, the Wisconsin State Journal reported.

The man, 32, decided to turn himself into police after conferring with his mentor, a clergyman, about what had happened.

He wasn’t arrested because he hadn’t taken any videos, according to police.

“He said he had purchased a shoe camera that he intended to use to take upskirt videos of females, but the camera battery exploded prior to obtaining any video,” police chief Mike Koval wrote in his daily report.

“The subject was counseled on his actions and released, as no illicit video had been taken,” Koval said.

He was allowed to walk away despite a 2015 Wisconsin law banning people from knowingly installing devices to record under other people’s clothing without their consent.

The offense carries a sentence of up to 3 1/2 years of combined prison time and extended supervision and a fine of $10,000.

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Loans Available For Marijuana Production In The Caribbean

St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): June  25, 2018 – With Canada recently legalizing marijuana for recreational use and a number of Caribbean countries contemplating taking that step, Invest Caribbean Now, a global private sector investment agency of the Caribbean, has announced it plans to make millions of dollars available to the region for marijuana production.

According to the investment company, it will help facilitate loans from US 1 Million up to $50 Million.

The loans, however, cater to funding the growing of marijuana for medical purposes.

Invest Caribbean Now says “As Caribbean nations continue to focus on legalizing medical marijuana in the region, financing for loans to grow and funding for commercial buildings has become a top priority. To cater to this need, Invest Caribbean Now, the global private sector investment agency of the Caribbean is now offering the option of loans on land deals and commercial real estate properties to qualified medical marijuana entrepreneurs in countries where the herb is legal.”

The loans would come from ICN’s private funding network and will be determined on a case by case basis, based largely on 55 percent of the appraised value of the collateral and the strength of the borrower. 

Invest Caribbean Now says whether the borrower is looking to fund a grow operation or a dispensary, there are lending and financing options now available to Caribbean nationals as well.

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CCJ strikes down mandatory death penalty in Barbados

CCJ strikes down mandatory death penalty in Barbados

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Jun. 27, CMC – The Trinidad and Tobago based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has ruled that the mandatory death penalty in Barbados is unconstitutional.

The CCJ, which is the highest court for Barbados, made the ruling based on two unrelated death penalty cases from Barbados.

The cases, Jabari Sensimania Nervais v The Queen and Dwayne Omar Severin v The Queen, were consolidated because both appeals challenged the murder convictions of each of the men and the constitutionality of the mandatory death sentence for murder in Barbados.

The Court stated that a section of the Offences Against the Person Act was unconstitutional because it provided for a mandatory sentence of death.

In addition, both men had their appeals against their convictions dismissed.

Before examining the issues raised by the appeal, the regional court considered the state of the mandatory death penalty in Barbados for murder and found that it was indisputable that the nation, through its actions, had acknowledged that it had an obligation to remove such mandatory sentence under section 2 of the Offences against the Person Act.

The court also noted that Barbados had also given undertakings to the CCJ and the Inter American Court of Human Rights to rectify the mandatory sentence which was reflected in the Barbados Privy Council’s consistent commutation of the mandatory death penalty.

The CCJ held that section 11 of the Constitution, which gives the right to protection of the law, was enforceable.

The CCJ also found that the mandatory death penalty breached that right as it deprived a court of the opportunity to exercise the quintessential judicial function of tailoring the punishment to fit the crime.

The CCJ ordered that the appellants be expeditiously brought before the Supreme Court for resentencing.

As it relates to the cases  – Nervais was convicted of the murder of Jason Barton and the mandatory sentence of death by hanging was imposed on him.

It’s reported that Barton was selling from a booth when an alarm was raised that caused him, and the people gathered around, to run away. Gunshots were fired by a group of men and  . Barton was struck by a bullet and died.

Nervais was  later arrested and charged with Barton’s murder after he made oral statements and a written confession to a police officer.

The Court of Appeal in Barbados dismissed his appeal against conviction and affirmed his sentence.

In the other case,   Severin was convicted before a judge and jury for the murder of  Virgil Barton in the parish of St. Phillip.

The prosecution relied heavily on the evidence of  Barton’s nephew,  who testified that he saw two men shoot at the deceased.

During investigations,  the police conducted a search of   Severin’s residence and found a Taurus semi-automatic gun along with thirty-one 9mm rounds in his bedroom.

In his appeal to the CCJ,   Severin challenged the reliability of  his nephew’s evidence, the fairness of the informal identification parade, and the instructions given by the judge to the jury at the trial.

The appeals were heard together on January 25 by the Bench of the CCJ comprising the  CCJ President Sir Dennis Byron.

These are the last judgments that the Byron will deliver as CCJ President as he will demit office on July 4.

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Guyana President declares national day of mourning

Guyana President declares national day of mourning

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Jun. 24, CMC –  President David Granger has proclaimed Monday as a national day of mourning for the victims of the massacre of Guyanese fishermen off the Coast of Suriname between April 27 and May 3.

The proclamation which is in keeping with Article 99 (1) of the constitution of Guyana, calls on “all authorities, Boards, Commissions, Corporations, Public Agencies, Ministries and citizens to fly the National Flag of Guyana at half-staff to demonstrate solidarity with the families of those killed in these grisly and gruesome acts and to accord due homage, respect and reverence to the memory of the victims.”

The piracy attack which took place on April 27, left 16 fishermen missing and feared dead.

According to survivors, they were assaulted with machetes and forced to jump into the sea by the assailants who are suspected to be of Guyanese heritage.

Some of the survivors also recounted that several victims had batteries tied to their legs.

Granger, speaking on the sidelines of the opening ceremony for Caribbean Financial Action Task Force’s (CFATF) workshop for judges and prosecutors had described the attack, as a grave one.

“We are deeply grieved by the tragedy. Clearly, some Guyanese have been victims and we are in touch with the Surinamese government, also the Surinamese police authorities. Our police in the East Berbice, Corentyne division are in touch with their families and we plan to observe formal mourning. It is a great massacre, a great tragedy,” the president said.

In addition, The Head of State had extended sympathy to the bereaved families and said the recent attack is a setback to successes achieved in the fight against piracy over the past three years.

Following the attack, Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan and a team of security personnel visited the neighbouring country and met with relatives of the deceased. The Minister said the visit was timely and yielded important information.

“The very first morning of our arrival I met with about 25 relatives of the victims and we had a meeting at the Guyana Embassy in Paramaribo, myself along with Ambassador George. A number of issues were raised and the ways in which we could assist were also discussed.” Minister Ramjattan added, “we then had a meeting on Monday morning with the Minister of Justice, Minister of Defence, Minister of Agriculture, the Police Commissioner and the chief detective who was the person in charge of the investigations. From that meeting, we received a better understanding as to how far the investigations had gone,” Ramjattan explained.

According to The Minister of Public Security a formal request was made to the Surinamese government, to have an estimated seven persons who may have information on the recent piracy attacks on Guyanese fishermen, provide same to the local police.

“Recently, a team of Surinamese detectives working on the case indicated that they are going to help us in relation to getting more evidence because we had asked them for more evidence in relation to people who we suspected in Guyana,” the Minister said during a media briefing.

In the aftermath of the attack,  the government declared moves to heighten counter-piracy efforts.

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon said that government will be intensifying its counter-piracy activities in Guyana and has assured local fisherfolk of the government’s commitment to ensuring that they continue to ply their trade and earn their livelihood in an environment of safety and security.

The Surinamese authorities have also agreed to the implementation of a number of regulatory measures aimed at ensuring the safety of fisher folks and their vessels.

Nakool Manohar called “Fyah”, 39, the alleged mastermind of the massacre of Guyanese fishermen in Suriname, was on charged on May 30, with the murder of one of the men.

Manohar appeared at the Springlands Magistrate’s Court b  to answer to charges of piracy on the high seas however, he was instead slapped with the murder charge.

The charge stated that between April 26th and May 3rd, while in Guyana’s territorial waters, he murdered Tilacknauth Mohabir called ‘Caiman’.

Another man  – Premnauth Persaud, also known as ‘Sinbad,’ who is said to be the ringleader of the April 27 piracy attack off of Suriname, was jointly charged  with the murder of two fishermen.

Persaud, 43, the third accused, was jointly charged with Nakool Manohar, also known as “Fyah”, 39, with the murders of Tilaknauth Mohabir, also known as “Kai” or “Kaiman,” and Mahesh Sarjoo. The charge read that the two men, between April 27 and May 3, murdered Mohabir and Sarjoo during the course of a robbery in Corentyne waters.

The second accused Alexander DenHart, called “Shame Face”, earlier this month and was not required to answer to the charge.

The bodies of Tilacknauth Mohabir and Mahesh Sarjoo were the only two that were positively identified by relatives in Suriname after the   attack .

One other body that was found in Surinamese waters is still to be identified via DNA testing while the body of Gowkaran Outar called Gavin was found on a beach and was positively identified by a tattoo on his chest by relatives.

Five persons survived the ordeal while 11 are still missing and feared dead.

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Police investigating murder of woman who came to St. Vincent to bury her mother

Police investigating murder of woman who came to St. Vincent to bury her mother

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, Jun 16, CMC – St. Vincent and the Grenadines police are investigating the death of the 69-year-old sister of social commentator Renwick Rose, whose body was found bound and hanging at the home of another brother.

Police said that the New York based Antonia “Toni” Rose had arrived here to attend the funeral of her mother, Germaine “Granny” Rose, who was buried on May 26.

Her body was found Friday at the home her brother, Dexter Rose and his wife, Lotier. The murdered woman’s body was found by her sister-in-law when she returned to the house, where Antonia has been home alone on Friday.

Police say they are working on the theory that she was robbed then murdered.

Meanwhile, police have also launched an investigation into the death of a 15-year-old student, whose body was discovered on Saturday.

Police said that the female student died at hospital after she was found hanging.

The death of the student comes less than two weeks after a Mesopotamia man was found dead in similar circumstances.

On June 5, the mother of the 20-year-old resident of Glenside, Mesopotamia, found his body hanging at their home, police said.

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times caribbean

St.Lucia Police investigate 16th homicide for 2018


St. Lucia – June 14, 2018

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Anna Cecilia Mitchell of Flambouyant Crescent, Cap Estate, Gros Islet.

Officers attached to the Gros Islet Police Station were summoned to a residence at Cap Estate, about 4:10 p.m. on Tuesday, June 12, 2018. On arrival the body of Anna Mitchell was discovered along her driveway and appeared to be lifeless.

Medical assistance was sought and she was pronounced dead on the scene by a medical practitioner.

A post mortem examination is scheduled for a subsequent date. This is the sixteenth recorded homicide for the year 2018.

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Counterfeit EC Notes

Counterfeit EC Notes

Final EC Bank Notes Security Features (2017)

In a public service announcement, the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) is advising the public to be on the lookout for counterfeit notes.

This comes after the Financial Crime and Analysis Unit of the Royal Montserrat Police Service has confirmed that a sum of counterfeit EC notes has been confiscated in Montserrat.   

As a result, “The ECCB wishes to remind the public that counterfeit notes have no value, and that it is a criminal offence to use or be in possession of counterfeit notes.”

Further, “The ECCB urges the public to note the security features of genuine EC notes which include:

  1. A security thread with text reading “ECCB” which incorporated into the paper. The thread can be seen clearly through the paper.
  2. A serial number printed vertically on the left hand side and horizontally on the right hand side of the notes. No two notes of the same denomination bear the same serial number. 
  3. On the front left hand side, a watermark of Queen Elizabeth II can be seen when the note is held up to light. A watermark highlight, which reads “ECCB” can also be seen clearly when the note is held up to light.
  4. An image of several fishes, printed with special ink, which glows is at the centre of the back of the note.
  5. Genuine bank notes are printed on special paper which gives them a unique feel.”

Further information suggests that the notes of specific interest would be the higher denominations of $100.00 and $50.00, but of course not ignoring the others.

The authorities are requesting, on account of the information provided: “Persons who think they may be in possession of EC counterfeit notes, should report the matter to the Royal Montserrat Police Service. Telephone Numbers: 664-491-2555/6 and 999.

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People embrace outside the Alamo Gym where students and parents wait to reunite following a shooting at Santa Fe High School today.

At least eight dead in Texas high school shooting

Jamaica Observer

Friday, May 18, 2018

People embrace outside the Alamo Gym where students and parents wait to reunite following a shooting at Santa Fe High School today.

CHICAGO, United States (AFP) — At least eight people were killed when a male student opened fire at a Texas high school on Friday, a local sheriff said, as President Donald Trump expressed his “heartbreak” over the “horrific” shooting.

The incident took place at Santa Fe High School in the city of the same name, located about 30 miles (50 kilometers) southeast of Houston.

“There are multiple fatalities,” the sheriff of Harris County, Ed Gonzalez, told a news briefing. “There could be anywhere between eight to 10, the majority being students.”

The male teen suspect in custody was not immediately identified. A second possible person of interest was being questioned, Gonzalez told reporters.

A somber Trump, who was speaking at an event on prison reform at the White House, expressed “sadness and heartbreak” over the deadly shooting spree.

“This has been going on too long in our country,” Trump said. “We’re with you in this tragic hour.”

The shooting was the latest in what has become an all-too-familiar situation in American schools, where gun violence has become a part of everyday life.

Earlier this year, 17 students and staff were killed in a shooting at a Florida high school — a massacre that prompted survivors to launch a grassroots campaign against gun violence.

The US president, who has previously shied away from gun control measures in favor of arming teachers, said his administration was “determined to do everything in our power to protect our students, secure our schools, and to keep weapons out of the hands of those who pose a threat to themselves, and to others.”

– Multiple shots –
The shooting erupted before 8:00 am, as the school day was beginning.

“There was someone that walked in with a shotgun and started shooting, and this girl got shot in the leg,” an eyewitness identified as Nikki told local television station KTRK.

She said students fled the school in a panic, and several other students told local media they heard multiple gunshots.

The school district, which quickly imposed a lockdown, cleared the students from the campus, with television footage showing them leaving in a single file. No other schools had been affected.

Some students were evacuated to a nearby auto shop, where parents were picking up their children, according to CBS affiliate KHOU-TV.

Parent Richard Allen told KTRK he arrived at the school soon after the shooting and reported seeing a number of victims being taken away in ambulances.

“My son said someone went into the art room and started shooting a lot of the kids,” Allen said.

Student Paige Curry told local media that she heard gunshots and then a fire alarm, after which students were taken out by teachers to a nearby gas station.

“I saw some girl — she had, you know, she got shot in the kneecap, I guess. So she had a bandage around it. She was limping and then the firemen came and got her,” another student, who gave his first name as Tyler, told CBS.

A large contingent of police as well as agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were responding to the incident.

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Suspended Cop and Mother Charged in Antigua in Connection with Passport Forgery

Suspended Assistant Superintendent of Police Ray John and his mother, Yvonne Nickie leaving court yesterday. (Screen grab from ABS News)

ST JOHN’S, Antigua, Tuesday May 15, 2018 – A suspended senior police officer and his mother have been charged with fraud related to an alleged racket involving forging Antigua and Barbuda passports.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Ray John, 47, who was suspended last month pending an investigation; and his mother, 63-year-old Yvonne Nickie, were each granted EC$50,000 bail (US$18,523) yesterday when they appeared in court on several charges stemming from offences allegedly committed between January and March this year.

As part of their bail conditions, they had to surrender their travel documents and have to report to the police station daily.

In addition to facing five counts of conspiracy to forge Antigua and Barbuda passports jointly with his Vincentian-born mother, John is also accused of two counts of larceny of 54 multi-layered infilling sheets and one multi-layered infilling patch, valued EC$21,700, (US$8,039) the property of the Antigua and Barbuda Passport Office.

He is further accused of receiving four multi-layered infilling sheets and one multi-layered infilling patch valued at EC$1,300 (US$482), also property of the Antigua and Barbuda Passport Office, knowing same to have been stolen.

Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh ordered the mother and son to return to court on July 11.

The charges they were slapped with stem from an investigation that began in early April, into the discovery of bio pages of Antigua and Barbuda passports in the possession of a man in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

John was subsequently suspended after his home was searched and several items confiscated. His mother was visiting him at the time, but a few days later, as she boarded a flight back home at the V.C. Bird International Airport, she was held by police.

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Wendell Robinson

Police Commission given green light to challenge suspension

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua, May 12, CMC – Police Commissioner, Wendel Robinson, who in April had been suspended with immediate effect amid allegations that he made sexual advances towards three junior policemen, has been granted leave to challenging the actions of the Police Service Commission (PSC).

Wendell Robinson
Wendel Robinson (File Photo)

High Court judge Rosalyn Wilkinson earlier this week granted Robinson leave to file for judicial review.

The matter is scheduled to be heard on June 6 and Robinson has been given until May 18 to formally file the application for judicial review.

The High Court has also granted him his request for the matter to be treated as urgent and has already named the Police Service Commission as the first respondent and the Attorney General as the second.

Robinson’s suspension came five days after Attorney General Steadroy Benjamin wrote to him, requesting that he respond to the allegations made by the officers that he asked at least one of them for sex and offered to pay.

Robinson, who has been in the post since 2015, was suspended on April 5.

In its letter informing him of the suspension, the PSC also indicated that he would receive 50 per cent of his salary until the outcome of a probe.

Robinson has argued that the actions of the PSC were unlawful and on April 13, and had written to the Commission threatening legal action if the suspension was not lifted on or before April 20.

But the PSC rejected the ultimatum.

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