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Covid-19 - seeming fearful, but hope...

Covid-19 – seeming fearful, but hope…

– BA 2 Omicron surge:

Dr. John Campbell – Think the UK trust his analysis? Looks like he gets it right

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Former Ukrainian president: This is the absolute strategy for peace

Today’s Ukraine – invaded by Russia

Follow the links; the misinformation or disinformation, stay abreast. Supposedly the rest of the world will feel its share but not as the severe impact that Russia will endure! Former Ukrainian president: This is the absolute strategy for peace

Resilience for freedom…youtube.comFormer Ukrainian president: This is the absolute strategy for peace

This is how China is already supporting Russia in Ukraine: ExpertAsia expert Gordon Chang joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss how the Biden administration should approach China and possible sanctions targeting Beijin…

Confusing or simply softy…?youtube.comThis is how China is already supporting Russia in Ukraine: ExpertAsia expert Gordon Chang joined ‘Fox &

Ukraine President Zelensky to virtually address Israeli lawmakers amid the ongoing Russian invasion
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Consultancy to Develop a Three (3)- Year Operational Plan and Deliver Training in Governance and Cooperative Management for the St. Lucia Honey- Bee City Cluster

Consultancy to Develop a Three (3)- Year Operational Plan and Deliver Training in Governance and Cooperative Management for the St. Lucia Honey- Bee City Cluster


Selection Method: Individual Consultant-Simplified Competitive Process

Country: St. Lucia
Sector: IFD/CTI-Competitiveness, Technology and Innovation Division
Funding – TC #: ATN/CO-17772-RG
Project #: RG-T3519
TC name: Experiential Learning of Cluster Development Best Practices in Small and Vulnerable Countries

Click here to review TC document

Description of Services:

Consultancy to Develop a Three (3)- Year Operational Plan and Deliver Training in Governance and Cooperative Management for the St. Lucia Honey- Bee City Cluster

The overall objective of this consultancy is toward the development a three-year strategic plan for the operations of beekeeper groups of the Bee City Honey Cluster through training and institutional strengthening of the established co-operative and other Apiary and Beekeeper groups.

Through its Regional Cluster Capacity Building Program for Business Support Organisations (BSOs), CCPF is providing support to cluster initiatives that can help Caribbean firms grow, generate employment and export to new markets. In consultation with private firms and supporting institutions, Export Saint Lucia – the BSO in Saint Lucia – has prepared and is implementing a comprehensive Cluster Development Plan (CDP) for the honey sector. The CDP outlines a common vision for and agreed priorities to support the growth of the sector.

Currently the majority (90%) of Saint Lucia’s honey is purchased domestically, by supermarkets, hotels and health shops. The main purpose of the CDP is to improve the quality of Saint Lucian honey and position it competitively in overseas niche markets for health-conscious consumers. The plan therefore focuses on achieving the following objectives:

• Product Development: The creation of a profile for high-quality Saint Lucian Honey, that is distinctive and competitive in the target market, and that can be used to augment the existing national standard to be adopted by producers;
• Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building: For cluster stakeholders to produce a competitive honey product in accordance with best practices;

Domestic and International Market Development: To successfully penetrate the identified niche market and reach the target customers, which would entail the development of a domestic and international marketing plan. The CDP is the basis of implementation for the cluster project and will provide the Consultants hired with details and guidance on specific activities.

The Compete Caribbean Partnership Facility (CCPF) is executing the above-mentioned operation. For this operation, the IDB intends to contract consulting services described in this Request for Expressions of Interest.
Expressions of interest must be delivered to Ms. Liana Welch at by: April 6, 2022, 5:00 P.M. (Atlantic Standard Time).

The consulting services (“the Services”) include the development of a 3-year strategic operational and sustainability plan for a group defined by the Project Steering Committee which will be a fair representation or sample of the beekeeper population. This also includes the preparation of training materials; and training of the defined group in Governance and Co-operative Management.

Key Activities:
I. Develop a more in-depth understanding of the business environment by liaising with Cluster Manager, the Project Steering Committee and Compete Caribbean; studying background documents (Cluster Development Plan, Market Research, Marketing and Branding Plan), executing necessary stakeholder consultations; and liaising with other key stakeholders.
II. Conduct stakeholder validation workshops and engage with cluster members and stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of the CDP and the consultancy, and then develop a detailed workplan describing activities to be completed, timeline, outputs, people responsible, etc.
III. Prepare a comprehensive, results-focused 3- year strategic plan inclusive of a roadmap for growth of key players in the industry and the best practices for the strategy of firms in cluster. The plan should include critical components like HR/labour, Marketing, Sales, Business and production Processes/Operations and Export Planning. Effective tools like KPIs and milestones chart should be defined, and an implementation plan should be included. The strategic plan should take into consideration the findings from the Marketing Research and Penetration Plans completed for the Cluster.
IV. The three (3) year strategic plan will be presented through a Power Point presentation and detailed PDF document.
V. Revise the strategy based on changes agreed to by the cluster manager, the project steering committee, and Compete Caribbean.
VI. Identify and recruit representatives from the main beekeeper groups for the capacity building component.
VII. Develop training materials on Governance and Cooperative Management and design and execute two (2) capacity building workshops on this area. The consulting firm will coordinate the activities related to virtual/hybrid training including assessing the training requirements for the bee keeping groups, developing the curriculum and evaluating the training. The consulting firm will liaise with Compete Caribbean, the Cluster Manager and the Project Steering Committee to develop the training programmes that are consistent with the bee keeping training needs assessment.
VIII. Collect and analyse data and update the report to include data on the results achieved in accordance with Compete Caribbeans M&E requirements.
IX. Prepare a Final Report summarizing the scope of work implemented; evaluation of results achieved; lessons learned; and recommendations for development, which may be needed to support achievement of the planned results of the cluster.

Eligible persons will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the Inter-American Development Bank: Policies for the Selection and Contracting of Consultants Financed by the IDB (GN-2350-9).

CCPF now invites eligible persons to indicate their interest in providing the services described above in the draft summary of the intended Terms of Reference for the assignment. Interested persons must provide information establishing that they are qualified to perform the Services (description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among staff, etc.).

Interested persons may obtain further information during office hours, 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM, (Atlantic Standard Time) by sending an email to:

Compete Caribbean Partnership Facility
Maxwell Main Road
Christ Church
Attn: Liana Welch
Tel: +1 246-627-8548
Web site:


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The Ukraine Invasion – updates shambles: Russian forces flattened as footage shows military column wiped outRUSSIAN forces appear to have taken a heavy beating in eastern Ukraine, a newly surfaced video suggests.

Ukraine: Russia demands return of Alaska and Californian fort in fury at US sanctionsRUSSIA has demanded reparations from the US over the economic sanctions placed on the Kremlin by the West.

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Giving injection the wrong way!

One more gone – (CC), young! Could this kind of negligence be the underlying cause? We have hinted at this before. An honest (would probably have to be independent) investigation is needed. Should this not take place, there may be tens, even hundreds of the early group of takers, who can be suspects. The problem can surface several months later, according to the experts. Due diligence, responsibility, care, and indeed honest management are in question.

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Bowel Regularity: A Barometer of Health

Bowel Regularity: A Barometer of Health

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Your Colon: The Toxic Waste Disposal Unit Of Your Body

Bowel regularity may not be a topic typically talked about at the dinner table or a cocktail party, but most people are actually somewhat obsessed with it. And with good reason: The state of your gastro-intestinal tract (as well as the quality and quantity of its output) is a great barometer of the health of your body. 

“The GI tract is a processing unit that metabolizes all of the nutrients you take in and eliminates all of the body’s waste, explains Dr. Amy Foxx-Orenstein, president of the American College of Gastroenterology. “What comes through it is reflective of how well or how ill the body is.”

What Constitutes Irregular Bowel Movements?
“Normal” is on average one bowel movement a day, usually in the morning, according to Andrew Rubman, ND, medical editor of Daily Health News. However, everyone is different, and two or three bowel movements per day is also normal.

Consistency is the real test of normalcy. If day-to-day you have roughly the same number of bowel movements, no discomfort, and the size, texture, and color of the stool are consistent, then you’re likely fine. If, on the other hand, you are not consistent on a regular basis, then there is a potential problem.

• Step 1 Drink plenty of water. Most people who suffer from constipation are dehydrated.
• Step 2 Eat a high-fiber diet. Fiber is an important element in promoting healthy digestion.
• Step 3 Avoid dehydrating liquids such as soda and alcohol.
• Step 4 Start an exercise program. Studies show that regular exercise can prevent constipation.
• Step 5 Consider a Probiotic supplement to regulate the digestive tract. Lack of friendly bacteria promotes a state of constipation.

When You Need Extra Help, Try “NEXT TO NATURE”
Sometimes aging, prescription drugs, medical conditions or travel cause irregularity. When extra help is needed to stay regular, a natural laxative can be a godsend. Next To Nature is an effective aid to regularity made from enzyme-active Aloe Vera. It is a completely natural product, not a drug. Next To Nature is a doctor-recommended product that is safe and gentle to use.

Blood Sugar Regulation – Another Key To Optimum Health
Keeping blood sugar in the normal range pays many health dividends. The benefits include: more energy, less fatigue, more even moods, healthy immune function, and better concentration. When blood sugar is either too high or too low we can’t function at an optimal level. Glucobetic is a cutting-edge product that incorporates the latest research in its formulation and development to regulate and retain normal blood sugar levels. Glucobetic has a customer satisfaction rate of 98.2%. At Flourish, we’re committed to making the highest quality products without compromise. We use only the purest ingredients, stringent quality control, and a manufacturing process that’s second-to-none. Flourish Wellness delivers responsible supplementation you trust, backed by our guarantee.

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Russia after Ukraine? Involving who!

The Montserrat Reporter

Published by YouTube


Well! If nerves were getting frayed and World War III was a concern, this might change that worry. We’ll see!youtube.comKim Iversen: Ukraine Tells Biden To STOP With Russia Invasion RhetoricBecome a member of my LOCALS community here: https://kimiversen.locals.comYou will gain access to exclusive content, behind-the-scenes videos, valuable infor…

· This might help to get the picture, but see if this corroborates the previous post. Useful, but not quite the same!And then another or additional view – So it comes down to “Be Prepared”. First US reinforcement troops for EU arrive in Germany | Ukraine Conflict | World English NewsFor several months now since November, the leaders of the west, Russia, and indeed the United States have been engaged in an escalating war of words. The pol…

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Notice – Letters of Administration

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Probate Notice

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Vacancy at Delta Petroleum

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