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Good communication is lacking – is it ignorance or dishonesty? - II

Good communication is lacking – is it ignorance or dishonesty? – II

April 21, 2017

Last week we began noting, not for the first time that good communication is lacking and asked whether this was because ignorance or dishonesty!

Surprised, we were to find that while there was no disagreement on the matter, but that we were probably too general as sometimes we are likely to be, finding no need to point directly as indeed there is enough to go around the circle.

The problem is that far too many, really many people do not understand that learning how to effectively communicate with others while choosing the right words can literally make or break growth. The question does remain however, who is interested in growth? A politician, a would-be politician, a priest, a teacher, student, parent, a manager… and everyone and anyone.

A business owner, having the ability to communicate is a vital key for long-term success. If An employee, knowing how to become a more skilled communicator will increase your value to the company and marketplace. Just being a good communicator, makes a good listener, knows when the politician is well intended or just crooked, or just as bad, in between.

So, when one side fails to exercise the skills of providing good communication, isn’t it time for the other to sharpen their skills?

One thing is sure that when truth guides the communicator, communication is easier. It is poor communication when the Human Resources (HR) department does not know or understand that they first must know how to communicate a vacancy, requiring firstly the need to make that vacancy information available to everyone.

One politician once said, “I cannot tell or inform everything, so it’s on ‘the’ website, not realising that the website is merely one tool one uses to communicate and that it requires someone with special expertise to make it work successfully. That’s knowing exactly how to effectively communicate the message or plan to the world.

Then the other thing, it requires knowledge about the message which you hopefully, want to truthfully share. Listen to the messages that come out on some of the talk programs around us that gets so mixed up. Their problem, is the difficulty of speaking without facts or intentionally misleading and or ignorantly choking with scarce truths; that they should know better.

Reference the fact that up to 2014 budgets for some years prior were made by March 31, but on figures that were allowed but not yet approved in some cases. See our recent editorials. Analysis that are skewed which must leave the listeners if any very misinformed. There was one case where the analysis contradicted itself, doing more damage to themselves.

Of course, knowing what, when and how to say anything especially when providing information for everyone to follow, is vitally important.  It lacks sense to misinform when the main idea should be to educate, so that as the matter gets clearer, simpler, you easily become a winner.

Two matters financial matters arose recently for the Government involving UK government’s budget approval and the cessation of funding from the Caribbean Development BNTF program. Much has been coming from those who could not show that they have anything to show that either of these are disastrous enough to put Montserrat in a worse position than it is economically.

Lack of knowledge in our view by these critics who are looking rather to bring down than provide ideas that would make a setback, if there is one, a success. Unfortunately lack of good communication by government does encourage the poverished behaviour, and when all put together, Montserrat loses.

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US cloud provider explores taking service to Trinidad


(Fibre optic cable due for so long – would Montserrat be able to contend for this…?)

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Apr, 19, CMC – The number one cloud provider in the world, Amazon Web Services (AWS), that is a subsidiary of, has expressed an interest in taking its services to the twin island republic.

This was disclosed during a recent meeting between Communications Minister Maxie Cuffie , representatives from AWS and Trade Minister Paula Gopee-Scoon.

imagesThe meeting was held to present the benefits Government stands to gain from using Amazon’s public cloud services.
“Their visit here is very timely because the Government is in the process of developing a cloud policy. The Government is also going to the market for a solution for data processing and the evolution of the Gov Net platform,” said Cuffie in a release issued following the meeting at his ministry .
According to Cuffie, with AWS having only one data centre located in the Latin America/Caribbean region, among its 16 locations, the company could consider Trinidad and Tobago as an ideal location to expand its services to the region.

The AWS team that was on a three-day visit also expressed interest in providing cloud services to various educational institutions and the establishment of reseller and partner relationships with businesses and service providers in the country.


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MPs vote to approve Theresa May’s plans for snap general election


The United Kingdom will now go to the polls to elect a new government on June 8

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Theresa May to ‘give 16 and 17-year-olds election vote’

Theresa May has won the backing of Parliament for her plan to hold a snap general election on June 8.

The vote was required by law, but her motion to hold the election was carried with broad support from across the House of Commons.

Both Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and top Liberal Democrat Tim Farron backed the move, while Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP abstained.

Jeremy Corbyn throws down the gauntlet to Theresa May on TV debates


MPs backed the motion by 522 votes to 13. This comfortably gives the PM her two-thirds majority, which is required to call an election under the Fixed Term Parliament Act.

Opening the Commons debate on the election motion the Prime Minister told MPs it was time to “put our fate in the hands of the people and let the people decide” and that her party would provide “strong and stable leadership in the national interest”.

But Mr Corbyn said the Prime Minister’s U-turn showed she could not be trusted to run the country.

“The Prime Minister talks about a strong economy, but the truth is most people are worse off then they were when the Conservatives came to power seven years ago. The election gives the British people the chance to change direction,” he said.

“This election is about her Government’s failure to rebuild the economy and living standards for the majority.”

The few MPs who voted against a general election were mostly Labour rebels, including Clive Lewis, Liz McInnes, and Dennis Skinner. Two former SNP independents, Natalie McGarry and Michelle Thompson also voted against, as did SDLP MP Dr Alasdair McDonnell.

Aside from the main parties, those who voted in favour also included the eight Democratic Unionist Party MPs, three Plaid Cymru, two Ulster Unionist Party, Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas and independent former Labour MP Simon Danczuk, who represents Rochdale.

The Prime Minister told the Commons: “We are determined to bring stability to the United Kingdom for the long term and that’s what this election will be about – leadership and stability.

“The decision facing the country will be clear. I will be campaigning for strong and stable leadership in the national interest with me as Prime Minister and I will be asking for the public’s support to continue to deliver my plan for a stronger Britain, to lead the country for the next five years and to give the certainty and stability that we need.”

MPs appeared to take great pleasure in interrupting the Prime Minister during the debate. One Labour member, Paul Farrelly, intervented to ask Ms May to “explain why she has such a loose and complicated relationship with telling the truth”. He was slapped down by the Speaker John Bercow and asked to “reformulate” his question, after which he accused the PM of having “such a complicated and loose relationship with giving the country a clear indication of her intentions”.

Ms May said she had given a clear indication of her intentions “yesterday”.

Some MPs raised the question of the CPS and police investigation into Conservative election expenses. The SNP’s Stewart Malcolm McDonald said the PM had “some brass neck to call a general election when you are facing allegations of buying the last one”. Ms May replied that the question was “not worthy of the honourable gentleman”.


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dynamic airlines

US Department of Transportation penalizes Dynamic International Airways

NORTH CAROLINA, Apr. 15, CMC – The United States Department of Transportation (DOT), has ordered Dynamic International Airways to pay penalties of US$120,000 following an incident last year in which several passengers were stranded here and New York .

The DOT says the airline cancelled several flights and failed to notify passengers in a timely manner and refund them.

dynamic airlinesDemerara Waves Online reports that Dynamic has provided several reasons for each of those problems that plagued passengers during September, October and November, 2016.

“Failure to comply with this cease and desist provision may subject Dynamic International Airways, LLC and its successors and assignees to further enforcement action,” said the DOT in a warning to the airline on Friday.

While the destinations were not named by the DOT, the authority said the complaints received were from passengers who used the airline to and from destinations outside the US.

Earlier this year, the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) summoned Dynamic Airways to discuss the adverse impact the cancellations had on passengers.

Assistant General Counsel for Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings at DOT, Blane A. Workie warned DOT said a probe was triggered after its Department’s Aviation Consumer Protection Division received a  “significant increase” in the  number of complaints. “In many instances, Dynamic failed to provide refunds in a timely manner to passengers affected by cancelled flights, as required….  In numerous cases, consumers had to wait for months to receive a refund.

The US agency said those violations prohibit unfair and deceptive practices and unfair methods of competition and also violate a cease and desist provision of an order issued on March 3, 2016.

Dynamic Airways, according to order, has since put systems in place to adequately notify passengers of flight cancellations.  “To address the cancellation notices issue, Dynamic advises that it now requires travel agents that book passengers on Dynamic flights to provide Dynamic with passenger’s contact information. Dynamic states that it also revised its procedures to provide for timely issuance of cancellation notices to travel agents in the first instance following a flight cancellation,” the carrier was reported to have told the proceedings.

Dynamic International Airways is a charter airline that operates out of Greensboro, North Carolina in the United States and offers service from New York to the Caribbean and South America.

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French nationals detained for illegal fishing in Antigua and Barbuda waters


ST. JOHN’S, Antigua, Apr 11, CMC – Five French nationals are likely to face charges and appear in court later this week after they were detained following a joint patrol involving Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force (ABDF) and US Coast Guard.

vesselsAn ABDF statement said that an estimated 1763.7 pounds of conch and 100 pounds of fish were confiscated during the joint patrol south of Antigua between April 8 and 9 when the two French fishing vessels were apprehended in Antiguan and Barbudan waters for illegal fishing and transshipping of conch, respectively.

“This has been an ongoing issue where we have come across a number of foreign vessels mainly from the French territory of Guadeloupe that have been fishing in Antigua & Barbuda waters, and the Coast Guard, over the years, has made a number of interceptions,” according to the Acting Head of the Coast Guard, Lieutenant Commander Elroy Skerritt.

“What happened here is that the ABDF Coast Guard had this opportunity to engage the US Coast Guard with a joint patrol where we had a number of persons on board one of their vessels,” he added.

The cases are being jointly investigated by the ABDF Coast Guard, Customs, Immigration and Fisheries departments.

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Allen Chastanet

PM defends position on Citizenship by Investment Programme

CASTRIES, St. Lucia, Apr 11, CMC – Prime Minister Allen Chastanet says he was “uncomfortable” with the wording of an opposition motion to debate an opposition motion regarding the controversial Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP).

The opposition legislators last week stormed out of the Parliament after the decision of the Speaker, Leonne Theodore-John, not to allow for the debate explaining that the motion would be deferred for a subsequent sitting of the Parliament.

Allen Chastanet
Prime Minister Allen Chastanet

But she told legislators that that she had written to the Member of Parliament for the Castries South constituency, Dr. Ernest Hilaire on the issue.

But an infuriated Hilaire complained that he only learnt of the change ‎when he arrived at the Parliament building last Tuesday and it was improper for a motion which was circulated to members to be altered at short notice.

Speaking at a news conference here on Monday, Prime Minister Chastanet told reporters with regards to the incident in the House last week, the “Speaker was very clear.

“At the right time the motion will come back before the House for debate, but from my perspective I don’t know how you debate a motion which is based on something that is not factual.

“The wording of the motion in my mind was uncomfortable, it didn’t feel going into the debate. Now those are things they want to bring up in the debate, they are free to bring it up in the debate but they cant be written in a motion. The motion says whereas which suggests it is the fact.

“There is no fact that suggests because we lower the price that the programme has jeopardised the reputation or undermined the security of this country,” Chastanet said.

Chastanet told reporters that he would like to hear the positions of former prime ministers Dr. Kenny Anthony and Professor Vaughan Lewis as to whether or not they support the position adopted by the opposition party on the CIP.

Chastant said that he was surprised at the position adopted by the opposition St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) on the CIP when the programme was started under its administration.

“The Labour Party is attempting to suggest that because we lowered the prices that somehow this is going to make the country less secure. None of the regulations as it pertains to background checks has been changed.

“In fact if anything they have been strengthened by new relationships we have gained through the regional security forces. So I want to assure everybody that’s the case. So I don’t understand the arguments they are making,” he told reporters.

Last week, following the walkout Opposition Leader Phillip J. Pierre told reporters that “we believe that the government simply does not wish any debate on the Citizenship by Investment Programme and has refused to provide any information on the CIP as required by law.

“The SLP believes that this latest move by the government is testimony to the vindictiveness and undemocratic nature of the UWP (United Workers Party) government and its desire to stifle free speech,” Pierre said.

“We intend to continue to show the people of St. Lucia that this government is vindictive, is dictatorial, it abuses power. If it can do that after less than one year in office, we can imagine what can happen when they are in power for a longer period,” Pierre said.

St. Lucia is among several Caribbean countries that have introduced a CIP aimed at luring foreign investors to the region. Under the programme, the foreign investor is granted citizenship if he or she makes a substantial investment to the socio-economic development of the island.

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ELECTIONS-PM announces date for general election

NASSAU, Bahamas, Apr 11, CMC – Bahamians go to the p9olls on May 10 to elect a new government in a general election that Prime Minister Perry Christie said he is confident would be “free, fair and peaceful”.

In a broadcast soon after Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade read proclamations from Governor General Marguerite Pindling, dissolving Parliament, Prime Minister Christie said voters will now have the opportunity of deciding on which political party will conduct the affairs of this Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country for the next five years.

The new Parliament will be convened on May 24.

ball“It is now left to you, the citizenry of our beloved nation to decide who will fill those seats in the next House of assembly,” said Christie, who led the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) to victory in the 2012 general election defeating the then ruling Free National Movement (FNM) for control of the 41 seat Parliament.

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) also contested the poll, but failed to win a seat.

Christie, who did not in his broadcast, give a date for Nomination Day, said that in voting, the population will “make that momentous decision in what I am confident will be free and fair elections following a spirited but peaceful campaign

“Let us contest the forth coming elections with all the vigour at our command. Let us do so however, with respect for the human dignity of our opponents and with respect for the traditions that we all hold dear.

We are one of the oldest democracies in the hemisphere. Our Parliament traces its history back hundreds of years.

“Let us by our conduct in the general election campaign continue to prove ourselves worthy of the great democratic traditions of free, fair and peaceful elections that have made our country the marvel of nations around the world. I have confidence that we shall,” he added.

On Monday, the Parliamentary Registration Department extended by a few hours, the period for registration for the election.

In the 2012 poll, 172,130 persons were eligible to vote.

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Linton L

Opposition Leader prevented from entering Parliament building

ROSEAU, Dominica, Apr 11, CMC – Opposition Leader Lennox Linton Tuesday said he had been prevented from entering the compound of the Parliament building and called for the removal of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit from office.

In a posting on his Facebook site, Linton, the leader of the main opposition United Workers Party (UWP) was seen at first to be in a verbal confrontation with police officers dressed in military fatigue.

Linton L
Lennox Linton (File Photo)

“That is what we are being reduced to today in Dominica…You understand why Skerrit must go. Skerrit must absolutely go because of this nonsensical behaviour in a democracy.

“You have people standing up in the Parliament building, in the compound telling the Leader of the Opposition he has no right in the compound of the Parliament, he must leave.” An agitated Linton said.

He said he had gone to the compound in an attempt to enter the building to retrieve documents he needed for a meeting with the Electoral Commission consultants from the Commonwealth Secretariat who are visiting Dominica.

“They are denying me access to my office. I cannot go to my office in the Parliament building. They tell me to get off the compound” he said

Linton said the action by the police was as a result of a “few patriots” – the words used to describe opposition supporters – had gathered near the state-owned DBS radio, which is a stone throw from the Parliament building.

“Police have taken over the Parliament, police have taken over DBS radio, what a country, all because a few patriots have come together and they are here with placards,” Linton said, showing pictures of a few supporters armed with placards outside the radio station.

Linton has been leading the opposition efforts to get Skerrit out of office claiming that the government has been engaged in corrupt activities linked to the controversial Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) through which foreign nationals are provided with citizenship of the island in return for making a substantial investment in the country.

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OECS flagss

OECS leaders to meet in St. Vincent on Wednesday

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, Apr 11, CMC – Leaders from the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) will meet here on Wednesday.

The meeting will be chaired by St. Kitts-Nevis Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris and the leaders from the sub-region are to conclude discussions on health insurance; strategic options for diplomatic representation; greater participation of non-independent member states in the grouping, such as Montserrat whose Premier Donaldson Romeo left the Island today enroute to the meeting.

OECS flagssThe summit here is the continuation of the 64th Meeting of the OECS Authority that began on St. Kitts on March 3 and the leaders are expected to further discuss agriculture and support services; the so-called Blue Economy; climate change and sustainable land management.

Meanwhile, Harris will also attend a Consultative and Legislative Drafting Workshop that will address proposed amendments to the Banking Act 2015 in the sub-region.

The workshop, hosted by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), seeks to forge agreement on the proposed amendments to the Banking Act 2015; conduct a technical review and finalize the drafting of the amendments; and develop a targeted approach to the efficient enactment of the amendments.

According to the ECCB, the Banking Act 2015, addresses the need for effective, risk focused supervision of financial institutions to ensure the safety and soundness of the sub-region’s financial system.

The OECS groups the islands of Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Kitts-Nevis, Montserrat, Anguilla and the British Virgin Islands.

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Green Card

US settles discrimination claim against Caribbean green card holders

MIAMI, Apr. 9, , CMC – The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) says it has reached an agreement with a Miami-based company over claims that the company discriminated against work-authorized Caribbean and other immigrants when verifying their work authorization.

Green CardThe DOJ said the agreement was reached with Brickell Financial Services Motor Club, Inc., otherwise known as Road America Motor Club, Inc. (Road America), resolving the department’s investigation into whether the company violated the US Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

The department concluded, based on its investigation, that Road America routinely requested that lawful Caribbean and other permanent residents show their Permanent Resident Cards to prove their work authorization but did not request specific documents from US citizens.

Lawful permanent residents often have the same work authorization documents available to them as US citizens, and may choose acceptable documents other than a Permanent Resident Card to prove they are authorized to work, the DOJ said.

It said the investigation further revealed that Road America required lawful permanent resident employees to re-establish their work authorization when their Permanent Resident Cards expired, even though US federal rules prohibit this practice.

The antidiscrimination provision of the INA prohibits employers from subjecting employees to unnecessary documentary demands based on the employees’ citizenship or national origin, the DOJ said.

“When verifying the work authorization of employees, employers may not erect unnecessary barriers based on employees’ citizenship or national origin,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Tom Wheeler of the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division.

“Employers must ensure they are aware of their legal obligations to avoid discrimination, and we applaud Road America for committing itself to do so through this settlement,” he added.

Under the settlement, the DOJ said Road America will pay a civil penalty of US$34,200 and pay US$1,044 to compensate an unidentified worker who lost wages due to its unfair documentary practices.

The DOJ said Road America has also agreed to post notices informing workers about their rights under the INA’s antidiscrimination provision, train their human resources personnel, and be subject to departmental monitoring and reporting requirements.

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