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IDB launches call for proposals from startups in the Caribbean

IDB launches call for proposals from startups in the Caribbean


WASHINGTON, Jun. 20,   CMC – The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has launched a call for proposals that will reward the most disruptive ventures in Latin America and the Caribbean that are using innovation to improve lives.

The Washington-based financial institution said the selected startups will participate in Demand Solutions Chile, which will take place on November 21 in Santiago, Chile.

Demand Solutions is the IDB’s flagship innovation event that brings together “the world’s most forward-thinking minds to share creative solutions to the development challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean,” the statement said.

In this edition, the IDB said startups can participate in two thematic areas.

In the first, they must provide solutions in four categories related to the cultural and creative industries: Design with social sense: sustainable fashion, smart fashion, urban art, wearable technology; and multimedia that improves lives: videogames, digital content, audiovisual content.

The other categories are: New technologies: 3D printing, blockchain, internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics; and export of services to global markets: production and commercialization of cultural content, export of goods and creative services.

The IDB said the 10 most innovative startups in the creative industries will be selected to participate in Demand Solutions Chile with all expenses paid for one representative per startup.

The first place will receive financial support to continue with its development, the IDB said.

Additionally, the IDB said this edition of Demand Solutions will also reward five startups that provide solutions to water and sanitation challenges in the region.

Since 2009, the IDB said along with Fundación FEMSA it was awarded the Water and Sanitation Prize for Latin America and the Caribbean “to recognize and stimulate the most innovative solutions in the water, sanitation and solid waste sectors.”

The startups interested in participating in Demand Solutions must present a solution proposal to a development challenge before July 15, the IDB said.

It said the representatives must be over 18 years old.

Winners will be notified by mail in early September 2018.

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Contestants at Ethel Fashion Show April 12

Eight Caribbean beauties in NY beauty pageant




According to Yvonne Peters, the Vincentian-born president and founder of the Brooklyn-based organizing group, Caribbean American Cultural Group, Inc., the contestants hail from Belize, Guyana, Jamaica, Haiti, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The contestants are: Reality Dopwell (Miss Belize); Breana Maxwell (Miss Jamaica); Shanah Forbes (Miss Jamaica); Jamela (Miss Guyana); Maya Grant (Miss Kingstown, St. Vincent); Kaiia Krysta Phillips (Miss Greggs, St. Vincent); Makeda Peters (Miss St Vincent & the Grenadines); and Kimberly Thomas (Miss Haiti).

Peters said the contestants will be judged on swim wear, talent, evening wear and interview.

She said the contestants’ platforms include awareness of sexual assaults on college campuses and Title IX; awareness of rape culture among high school youths; depression and suicide; combating poverty; and building self-esteem in children and youths.

Contestants at Ethel Fashion Show April 12

“Over a period of approximately four months, these young ladies are transformed into pageant contestants through various workshops, such as building a foundation for success, modeling, swimwear show case, talent show case, interviews, communication training, pageantry and dance rehearsals,” she said.

Peters said she founded the pageant in 2010 because she “always wanted to help the young people, in particular young women, in my community and give them a sense of purpose, community involvement and empowerment.

“So, the idea of a cultural pageant materialized; and, years later, we are still going strong, empowering young women to be confident in themselves and become leaders in their communities,” she said. Peters said the venue has a capacity of 1,200.

“So, we looking forward to a well-attended event for family-fun evening,” the pageant coordinator said. “We invite everyone to come out and support this community-building event, support the young people of our community and have some fun.”

Doors open at 5:00 p.m.; showtime: 6:00 p.m. sharp.

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Awards ceremony celebrate Early Childhood practitioners

Once again, Early Childhood practitioners on Montserrat, some for the first, second or many times since 2008 gathered on the evening of Tuesday, June 26, 2017 at the Goodlife Night Club in Little Bay, where the deserving received special awards for their work and dedication to the care and education of the very young.

The award ceremony was a highlighting activity for the month-long celebrations, organised in their honour where in the presence of the practitioners, young and old with parents, male and female listened to congratulatory greetings from new Permanent Secretary and the new Director of Dr. Gregory Julius who lauded the efforts of these teachers. The Director was reminded after he singled out a pioneer of the Early Childhood education by the MC, that Mrs. Henrietta Lindsey known to many as “Miss. Sissie” had already been awarded last year, for her initiative for starting Early Childhood services in 1970 – 1973.

During June, Early Childhood Month, where each centre chooses a day to showcase the activities the staff and children participate in under a theme of their choice. On this eventful day the other centres visit and engage themselves in the activities put on by the particular centre. The month begins with a church service and this year the staff, parents and children worshipped at the St. John’s Anglican Church.

This year, the Early Childhood Sector celebrated its 11th Awards Ceremony on Monday June 4, 2018, under the theme: Explore! Discover! Grow! Enrich! This was held at the Good Life Night Club at 6:30p.m. with Mrs. Inez Thompson, Education Officer, Early Childhood, as the Master of Ceremonies delivered welcome and opening remarks.

 After a prayer by Mrs. Marcia James and singing of the National Song by Mrs. Albertha Dyett and Mrs. Veronica Lynch-Morgan; Mr. Colin Fergus, Permanent Secretary, Education and Dr. Gregory Julius, Director of Education Designate delivered congratulatory remarks.

Six workers of the year, from each centre, were awarded during the ceremony, namely, Arietta Buffonge – Salem Nursery School; Lornarene Cabey – Salem Day Care; Tassia Queeley – St. John’s Day Care; Ida Gerald – Brades Nursery School; Josette Greenaway – Look Out Day Care; and Schenai Kelly – Look Out Nursery School.

The six public centres, along with Aunt Madge Child Care, and  Sweet Angels Valley Day Care & Preschool, presented tokens of appreciation to some parents and persons from the community. They were: –

Centre Parent of the Year Community Award
Salem Day Care Miss. Tama Nurse Mrs. Mary Dorsett
Salem Nursery School Mr. Reuben Meade Mr. Clifford Ryan
St. John’s Day Care Mr. Deighton Greenaway & Miss. Lyandra Hobson Mr. Ralston White
Look Out Day Care Miss. Ulina Allen
Look Out Nursery Miss. Claris Yearwood & Miss. Janelle White Mr. Clifford Ryan
Brades Nursery School Miss. Lavern Ryner, Mr. Kelvin Ponde & Mr. Everson Farrell Mr. Basil Morgan
Aunt Madge Childcare Miss. Monique Spencer Mr. John E. Wyke
Sweet Angels Valley Day Care & Preschool Mrs. Naseeka Rogers

Special awards were given to the following persons:

Mrs. Kathleen Bramble – 26 years of service: – 1984 – 2010

Mrs. Ione Yearwood – 20 years of service: – 1987 – 2007

Mrs. Doris Williams & Miss. Ethlyn Lewis – 17 years of caring for children from 3 months – 3 years at their homes.

Mrs. Albertha Dyett received a fruit basket for her dedication to the Early Childhood Sector for 37 years ‘service. She was previously awarded two years aback for 35 years’ service. She retires at the end of the academic year.

Miss. Yasmin White, described as a beautiful lady and friend of the Early Childhood Sector, received special recognition for her continued support and advice to the Early Childhood workers. Each centre contributed a brief synopsis of how she is viewed.

See attached Fackbook Link to more pictures:

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Monterrat Still nice

Montserrat: still here, still home, still nice !

An OECS release has revealed that this year, the much-anticipated OECS Council of Ministers of Environment Sustainability (COMES 5) will be held in the lovely island of Montserrat.

The 5th Meeting of the Council of Ministers of Environmental Sustainability (COMES) of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) will take place in Montserrat from July 10 to 11, under the theme “Building Resilience on the Frontlines of Climate Change”.

The COMES 5 comes at a critical juncture, given the severe economic and social impacts of the hurricanes of 2017 and  will provide the forum for ministers to engage with senior technocrats and development partners and to make decisions that will advance the climate and overall environmental resilience of the region.

Last year, COMES 4 was held in Grenada under the chairmanship of the Hon. Sen. Simon Stiell, Minister of State responsible for Human Resource Development & The Environment of Grenada under the theme “Accelerating Sustainable Development: Addressing Challenges and Creating Opportunities.” This year, the high-level meeting will be chaired by Hon. David Osborne, Minister of Agriculture, Trade, Lands, Housing and the Environment of Montserrat.

Montserrat is strategically placed to host such a major event. The Emerald Isle of the Caribbean has been able to build resilience despite the eruption of the Soufrière hills volcano that buried the southern part of the country. Today, Montserrat remains attractive and still keep secrets awaiting to be revealed by visitors such as those highlighted in this video. 

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In the News

Follow the links as you wish in this brief of news :

Spain stepped up and offered to take in a rescue ship carrying more than 600 migrants after Italy and Malta refused.

Pancake chain IHOP teased a name change to “IHOb,” finally revealing that the new “b” stood for “burgers.”

The repeal of “net neutrality” has taken effect, six months after the FCC voted to undo Obama-era rules which had barred broadband and cellphone companies from favoring their own services and discriminating against rivals such as Netflix.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has reversed a landmark 2014 decision by the Board of Immigration Appeals to rule that fleeing from domestic abuse and gang-related violence should not be considered a basis for being granted asylum in the United States, except in rare cases.

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same sex

Ban on same-sex weddings comes into effect

HAMILTON, Bermuda, Jun 1, CMC – A controversial new law which bans same-sex marriage in Bermuda but gives gay and straight couples the chance to enter into civil unions has come into effect.

The Domestic Partnership Act 2018 (DPA) became law Friday as marriage-equality campaigners await a ruling from the Supreme Court on their attempt to have part of the legislation struck out on constitutional grounds.

same sexThe DPA was approved by this British Overseas Territory’s parliament last December, sparking criticism from human rights activists and UK MPs, including Prime Minister Theresa May, who said she was “seriously disappointed”.

Opposition British Labour Party MP Chris Bryant, a former Overseas Territories Minister who forced a debate on the bill in the House of Commons in London, said the law reversal would make Britain a “laughing stock in the human rights field”.

Governor John Rankin gave the legislation royal assent on February 7 but Home Affairs Minister Walton Brown, who tabled the legislation, deferred its implementation until June 1 to give gay couples who had already made wedding plans extra time to tie the knot.

The DPA reversed a Supreme Court ruling in May last year — two months before the ruling One Bermuda Alliance lost the general election to the Progressive Labour Party — that paved the way for gay couples to get married in Bermuda and on ships registered in the island.

The Supreme Court decision came in a judgment by Justice Charles-Etta Simmons after Bermudian Winston Godwin and Greg DeRoche, his Canadian partner, litigated against the Registrar-General for refusing to post their wedding banns.

Despite their landmark victory, Godwin and DeRoche chose to marry in Canada, but there were 10 same-sex marriages on the island up to the middle of February, plus four at sea on Bermuda-flagged ships.

Banns were also posted for two more maritime marriages.

The latest civil proceedings in Supreme Court were brought against Attorney- General Kathy Lynn Simmons by gay Bermudians Rod Ferguson and Maryellen Jackson and the charity OutBermuda.

The plaintiffs claimed the part of the DPA that reaffirmed that a marriage is void unless the parties are male and female was unconstitutional.

Chief Justice Ian Kawaley reserved judgment in the case until a later date.

Bermuda is the only country in the world to reverse its position on marriage equality. The Netherlands was the first country to legalise same-sex marriage in 2001.

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Rescue teams at scene of accident (Photo courtesy Tribune Newspaper)

Four killed, several others injured, as truck slams into Labour Day parade

NASSAU, Bahamas, Jun 1, CMC – At least four people were killed and 24 others injured after a truck slammed into people celebrating Labour Day activities here on Friday, police said.

Eyewitnesses said the unoccupied truck rolled down the street, hitting several people as it picked up speed. It later crashed into another vehicle, pinning an individual between the two vehicles.

Rescue teams at scene of accident (Photo courtesy Tribune Newspaper)

Video pictures of the accident show people screaming for someone to move the truck.

Police said two women died on the scene and two others died in hospital.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Kendal Strachan said the vehicle rolled on after the driver, who is assisting in the investigations came out of the vehicle.

“ … it went forward colliding first with a child along the side of the street, then descending the hill, continuing north running into several persons who were participating in the Labour Day parade along the eastern side of East Street, coming to rest against a Nissan Micra and the building just at that intersection,” he said.

Labour Minister Dion Foulkes told a news conference that “this is a difficult thing.

“A parade of that nature is normally stop and go at not more than five mph (for vehicles). Constantly on these parades you would find police officers asking persons who are on the vehicles to be properly seated within the vehicles. Yes there are large trucks on the parade where persons are standing but we don’t want to see persons hanging off the side of the vehicle,” he added.

He said the incident sent shockwaves throughout the country but also showcased quick and effective work from health professionals who worked to prevent a rise in the death toll.

“Today is an extremely sad day for the Commonwealth of the Bahamas,” said Health Minister Dr Duane Sands.

“Having endured such a tragic incident, the one thing I can say is from the time of the incident doctors, nurses responded even in their grief to care for the victims. The EMS staff, nursing staff, physicians at PMH made their country proud today and they provided care with a level of professionalism.”

The parade was cancelled following the incident.

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Sisters for Progress: A Committee Organising an Event for International Women’s Day 2018

On March 10, 2018, noting March 17, 2018 would mark the 250th anniversary of the massacre in Montserrat of enslaved Africans who had allegedly plotted to rise up against their enslavers to secure their freedom and more specifically, “There is historical evidence suggesting that it was a drunken woman who informed of the plot”; a committee of inspired group of women, led a gathering of women at the Arts and Education Centre in Brades, in an event captioned, “SISTERS GATHERING FOR PROGRESS”.

They noted further that International Women’s Day where the call, “let’s all be tenacious in accelerating gender parity. Collectively, let’s all Press for Progress..”,  coincided with the period. The result, “this year a small group of women have come together under the theme of International Women’s Day-“Pressing for Progress”. The aim of this event also marking International Women’s Day was to facilitate a gathering of women in Montserrat, to voice their concerns about living in the emerging society and how they could “Press for Progress”.

The women gathered and held a five-hour program from 9:30 am-2:30 pm with a 4o minute break for lunch, which actually took place at the end because of the eventual intensity of the event. It opened with – A Moment of Praise! Led by Miss Sonja Smith followed by Opening Remarks by Chair- Dr. Vernie Clarice Barnes and Welcome and Remarks by the  Honourable (Deputy Premiere) Minister of Education, Health, Social Services, Gender and Ecclesiastical Affairs.

Mrs. Pornpun Pearce, wife of His Excellency the Governor led off with brief remarks, then followed Remarks by Head of DFID Mrs. Moira Marshall which was to be followed by a Keynote Address and Discussion by Professor Opal Palmer Adisa-Award winning Writer and Director of the Institute of Gender and Development  Studies, Mona, University of the West Indies.  Unfortunately, there developed a hitch in the program occasioned by the late arrival of the speaker which was due to the transport difficulties of travel into Montserrat at that period. That item forced a change in the program which brought forward some inspiring ten-minute presentations chaired by Mrs Roslyn Cassell Sealey, by several women, all under the theme of sisters “pressing for progress”;, that included, Mrs. Teresina Fergus, progressing in spirit; Miss Denise Silcotte – Young Women Pressing for Progress; Dominican (Dominican Republic) Women Pressing for Progress – Mrs Carmen Farrell; Pressing for Progress in Women’s Health and Community Wellbeing – Miss Violet Browne; Visually Impaired Women Pressing for Progress – Mrs Harjinder Jutle; Montserrat Diaspora Women Pressing For Progress – Mrs. Sandra Charles Harper; Haitian Women Pressing for Progress; Pressing for Political Progress – Hon Shirley Osborne; Women Pressing for Progress in Higher Education-Miss Gracelyn Cassell. These were followed by other women in the gathering sharing their own experiences and inspirations on the theme.

By the end of that session, the keynote speaker arrived and gave an impressive interactive presentation.

A follow-up report on the event ably covers the proceeding to include the professor’s presentation.

“International Women’s Day 2018 is long gone but echoes of the voices of seventy or more women on Montserrat who gathered to celebrate under the international theme “Pressing for Progress” are still being heard. Women of all nations, classes, denominations, ages, and abilities and disabilities raised their voices on issues that affect them. Voices resounded with respect to spirituality, health and community well-being, politics, education, disability, youth, Hispanic, Haitian and disabled women.

“Keynote Speaker Professor Opal Palmer Adisa, University Director of the Institute of Gender and Development Studies brought energy and clarity to the gathering highlighting, key figures and struggles of the Caribbean Women’s Movement. She urged women on Montserrat to identify with those struggles yet be determined to define their activism according to the realities of life on Montserrat.

This sentiment was expressed earlier by Dr Clarice Barnes who chaired the gathering: ‘We have gathered in the context of a long history of women struggling for equality. We have gathered with our unique stories from our experiences of that struggle.  We are gathered here to raise our voices on the issues that affect us as women living on Montserrat…We gather inclusively, signifying our understanding that our unified voices are important for the progress of Montserrat. Today I choose to honour the memory of Mrs Ellen Peters a woman who was in the vanguard of the struggle for Adult Suffrage in Montserrat and the Labour Movement   Hers is a history that needs to be written in more detail…She is a woman deserving to be a National Hero’.”

A note followed about the ‘distinguished’ guests who sat at the head table, who are mentioned earlier here, to include the Honourable Deputy Premier and Minister of Gender Affairs, Mrs Delmaude Ryan who in her address informed of the Social Service’s work on Gender and Development.  Ms Moira Marshall gave a similar presentation on the gender work of DFID.   

“The gathering ended with a call for national machinery and structures to be established in line with those that are in place elsewhere in the Region and internationally in order that the issues affecting women might be addressed systematically.”

The Sisters for Progress gathering was sponsored by Delta Petroleum and through the self- help efforts of the committee Sisters for Progress.

Since then, a very well attended Gender Based Violence Forum was facilitated by Sisters for Progress in collaboration with the Honourable Speaker of the House on May 7, 2018.   The voices of men and women were heard on this issue. 

Other fora are planned for the future.  Look out for the next one which will be “Gender Issues in Disaster”.

From Jamaica to Montserrat: Another Caribbean Home”

Presented here in her own words, Professor Opal Palmer Adisa, captures the essence of her presentation. She titled her presentation “From Jamaica to Montserrat: Another Caribbean Home” By Opal Palmer Adisa, Ph. D., University Director of the Institute for Gender and Development Studies, University of the West Indies, Mona

The magic and mystery of life is that we can never predict the various turns and paths our life will take. As I sit here in Montserrat on the day of my departure, looking at the rolling mountains, peering into the verdant valley, trying to imagine the lives of those persons whose colorful houses are perched on the hillside, and feeling at peace, I cannot fathom the immense trauma that resulted from the devastating  Soufrière Hills volcanic eruption that has diminished the population to less that half, just under five thousand, and rendered more than half the island inhabitable.

Simultaneous with this trauma is bravery, a sort of defiance on the part of those Montserratians who insist on staying, who have forged ahead and each day is working assiduously to rebuild and develop the society. I am humbled in the face of such valor and such generosity of spirit and robust welcoming.  The last time I visited Montserrat was in 2012 with my mother, who recently died, February 21, at the age of 89, so I bring her spirit with me on this trip, and know like the Montserratian who have so warmly welcomed me home, that I will return again to these shores.

My trip this time was enabled by the Sisters for Progress, a women’s forum, that invited me to give the keynote in celebration of International Women’s Day on the theme # Push for Progress.  As a gender justice advocate, University Director for the Institute for Gender and Development Studies at the University of the West Indies, Mona, and a writer who for the last thirty years have written about the plight and resilience of women, I pay acute attention of the progress women throughout the Caribbean region have made in the last thirty years and areas where there are still  much work to be done.  I am gratified that we have progressed from the women in development model was essential twenty odd years ago, but now know we have to create a new paradigm, and have moved to a gender and development model, which engages women and men equally if we are to create  a society where all benefit and social justice and equity rule.

Five days is but a short time, but careful planning can allow one to accomplish a great deal, make inroads, but for me connect and speak to and with a wide variety of women and a few men. In all of this, literature is important so I have shared and donated two copies of my latest books, Love’s Promise, a short story collection, and Look! A Moko Jumbie, a children’s picture book, to the library because I didn’t just want to come and leave, without leaving a presence. I also enjoyed working with the early childhood education students at the Open Campus and sharing with them why gender sensitivity, diversity awareness and inclusion are so important for teachers who are given the important task of nurturing and guiding the minds of the next generation. I really enjoyed reading from my poetry collection, I Name Me Name, and the above mentioned short story collection, to the group who gathered at the invitation of Dr. Clarice Barnes at her Ginger Rock home, and I was especially stimulated by the conversation and sharing that followed the reading. Then there was the interview that Dr. Barnes conducted for “Under the Tamarind Tree,” so reminiscent of a life that is past, but still exist. And all the activities, some of which I was able to attend surrounding the two-week St Patrick’s activities in which Irishness, ironically, is celebrated though the Africaness which is undeniable in Montserratians.

Like the rest of the Caribbean, Montserratians are a resourceful people, kind and gentle, braver than smouldering rocks, more hopeful and optimistic than a brand-new day, endearing and pushing forward to leave a legacy of their existence.  I applaud each and every one of you, and thank you for welcoming me to another Caribbean home.

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national awards (2)

Six awarded in the 2018 National Awards

As announced earlier, on Friday evening, March 16, 2018, at the Montserrat Cultural Centre six individuals who stood out as having had a significant and a positive impact on Montserrat were recognized in the 2018 national honours and awards ceremony.

Mr. William Fred White Bodkin, Reverend Dr Beatrice Allen and to Mr. Cecil Cepekee Lake received the Order of Merit for meritorious contributions to national development.

Rev. Allen, recognized for a contribution and a longstanding work in the areas of religion and community service she accepted the award with grace and humility. “I did not know in my wildest dreams see this coming. Neither from a distance nor closeup. This has taken me completely by surprise, she said. I thank God for giving me the opportunity, strength and desire to serve my community over these years, thanking her family for their support and guidance all the way.

“I look back with humble joy and personal satisfaction at my early days in the classroom and in the Library service and in the ministry of the church. It has all been a rewarding journey that has given purpose and meaning to all my efforts; and so I say hitherto hath the Lord helped me.”

Cecil Cepekee Lake who for his contribution to the Arts and culture specifically for his numerous contributions to the Calypso art form, accept his award. Lake who was then recovering from a serious illness shared an emotional response. “Now on occasions like this, you would want to prepare your laundry list but I don’t think time would allow me to go through all the names but let me first give God thanks because I think you know what happened to me. He deserves all the thanks and all the praise. And you could probably just say a little prayer, three lines. For me, to live is Christ. For I know He will never leave me. For you are my God, Amen,” he said with some emotion.

Meanwhile, the order of distinction was bestowed upon retired teacher Miss Menelva Greenaway, for her distinguished and outstanding service in the areas of education, religion and community service, “I enjoyed working with children because I just loved them and fortunately I worked with head teachers who taught to me to teach, and staff teachers who when I became a head teacher were very supportive, and we were therefore able to accomplish quite a number of feats in the primary schools. In the village of Corkhill, the Only Corkhill, the best a village in Montserrat, my neighbours, they were very supportive and I appreciated it, I learned a lot from them.

Mrs. Margaret Mary Dyer-Howe and Dr. Lowell Lewis accepted the Order of excellence for their extraordinary and nonwavering commitment and distinguished service to the development of Montserrat. Mrs. Dyer-Howe’s husband Robert received the award in her absence for her service in the socio-economic development of Montserrat.

Meanwhile Dr. Lewis upon receiving his award for his service in the practice of medicine, politics, the public and community, as he paid tribute to the nurses, doctors and health care professionals who have been instrumental in his career to date, had this to say: “…I have to mention the fact that without my health colleagues here I would not have been able to do anything, and I would hope that this honor is part of the honor bestowed upon them. We’ve worked miracles. In particular, I’m going to talk about 400 operations a year. It is a lot of work but what is most important is that of the probably three/four thousand surgeries I did, I never lost any patients from anesthetic deaths, so, I have to give credit to Dr. Perkins,” he said.

Not finished he continued: “I need to go back a little bit to hurricane period and the things that we did at the old school room where we still are, (St. John’s school) where patients were lying on the floor; and nurses I cannot say in enough words of the respect I have for all those nurses, who allowed us to continue serving to the people of Montserrat for next to nothing

“During that time I was a lecturing surgery University of West Indies in Barbados and I came back every two weeks or so to do surgery and look after patients. Occasionally I would say to my Registrar, hold on for me today I’ve got a man in Montserrat who needs an operation and I would fly down, do the operation and go back. So, it was a privilege to serve.”

Of the other recipient Excellence Award recipient, Mrs. Margaret (Annie) Dyer-Howe, he said:

“When she really became Minister of Health in 1983 and she heard I was coming home to be the island’s surgeon, through Dr. Wooding – I got a message saying ‘can he do public health as well?’ I quit my surgical training and took the year in public health so I got a diploma in public health, and so we had a surgeon and Chief Medical Officer in one stroke.

“And just before I came back they also said you better do some obstetrics and gynecology as well you know. So, while I was doing the public health I had three months with an obstetrics unit – and I became an expert at that as well.

Thus he concluded, “Mrs. Annie Dyer-Howe, I thank her very much for being an instrument in my career.”

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Nerissa Golden Launches Return to Love Book Series

BRADES – Author and entrepreneur Nerissa Golden launched her Return to Love book series February 21, 2018, in the presence of colleagues and friends at the Montserrat Public Library.

There are currently two books in the series, with Golden aiming to add two more. Love’s Sweet Joy is book one and tells the story of Monique Sinclair, a single mother who returns to Montserrat after she inherits a small pastry shop and is struggling to get her business together. Callen Saunders has Montserrat roots and is hired to coach a local basketball team after he is injured but he is extremely bitter.

Local business consultant and teacher, Angela Greenaway said she enjoyed the first novel and has been anxiously awaiting the second book.

Hon. Minister of Education Delmaude Ryan who was read both novels, congratulated Golden on the series.

Golden said she took a different path with book two, In Plain Sight. It is a romantic suspense and centres around a Dutch police officer who is hired to train the local police team. However, his job becomes more difficult as trouble washes up on local beaches.

The author said her vision was to create stories which showed possibilities for love and job creation on Montserrat.  “I’ve had women tell me they recognize their story in the book or it feels like therapy. That makes me feel good as sometimes we just need a bit of encouragement and hope to keep going. Montserrat is a character in the book as well because there are so many beautiful locations to feature and stories waiting to be told.

Both books are available online and locally from the author.

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