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Teenager commits suicide after mother takes away cell phone

Teenager commits suicide after mother takes away cell phone

by staff writer 

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Feb 4, CMC – A 16-year-old girl is reported to have committed suicide after her mother took away her mobile phone after finding out that she had been posting revealing photographs on social media, the Trinidad Express newspaper reported Monday.

It said that the incident occurred on Saturday when the teenager drank a poisonous statement at her home in Wallerfield in East Trinidad.

The paper reported that a container with “a green liquid” was found in the bedroom.

The mother told police that she had taken away her daughter’s cellphone after relatives discovered she had been posting revealing photographs on social media.

The child was rushed to the Arima Health Facility, where she was pronounced dead


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Hands holding smartphones

Smartphones in school: Ban, restrict or allow?

BBC News

Hands holding smartphones

Love them or hate them, smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. But should they be left outside the classroom?

Nick Gibb, the minister for school standards in England, told the BBC he believes schools should ban their pupils from bringing in smartphones.

Opinions are certainly divided, with many people saying that pupils should be taught how to use their phones responsibly.

Preparation for life after school

Peter Freeth, whose daughters are aged 13 and 18 years old, says schools should do more to integrate phones into the learning experience.

Peter Freeth with his two daughters
Peter Freeth, here with his daughters, says “It’s too late to take phones off kids so get them using them for something valuable”

“Schools expect children to do their homework on computers. They need to use apps in the classroom as part of the process, to watch videos, stream content, log attendance and participate in study groups. Basically, all the things that smart businesses do.”

“Banning phones is based on an old idea that students should sit quietly in front of the teachers. There shouldn’t be a disconnect. In the work place we’re adapting the learning process to the learner. The idea of getting rid of smartphones is about conformity.”

A fantastic power in their hands

Astrid Natley

Astrid Natley says there’s a hypocritical divide where adults “choose to reject the reality of the 2019 world and how so many people function and communicate”

Astrid Natley, an English teacher at a secondary girls grammar school in Lincolnshire, incorporates phones into her classroom.

“My school does not have money for classroom tablets and technology.”

“When students use their phones for research, they learn that they have a fantastic power in their hands. We can give the student the ability to see how education can be accessed at home without it feeling like a despised departure from their own world.”

“For reading difficulties, font size can be increased on their phones; for recording their work, photos can be taken, and I also use group quizzes to engage the students.”

“If we stop children using phones, then we’re rejecting something they care about. Phones are important for them and that’s not going to change.”

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‘No place in a child’s life’

Meanwhile, Yvonne Lockhart, a registered nurse who has worked for community education supports a complete ban.

“I am banned from mobile phone usage at work, and my phone must be ‘removed’ from my person or handed in. If I am caught with it in my pocket, I will be subject to a disciplinary procedure which will impact on my career.”

“We need to teach children how to behave like the professionals they are striving to become. Ban the phones, they have no place in a child’s life.”

Kids are socialising

On Facebook, Tara Blount reveals her children’s school has implemented a ban and are seeing the benefits. Image copyright .

Richard, a secondary school English teacher in the independent sector, thinks there should be a clear separation between school and home.

“We wouldn’t expect children, left to their own devices all day with no formal schooling, to voluntarily pick up text books at home and learn, so it is inherent in the system that they do things differently in the two environments.”

“Children are getting more than enough screen time and access to this technology in their lives without the need to bring it into the classroom. The internet is too easy and too unreliable a research tool, so let’s leave phones and laptops at home, and show them a different world in their lessons – one of books and pens.”

Stop bullying

Assistant head teacher Alison Gill, from Shropshire, agrees an all-out ban is necessary so staff can “do what they’re trained to do and not take on the role of the police or social services.”

“We have a computer suite, where students can use the internet, under supervision. We’ve no way of tracking what they’re looking at on their phones, iPads or smart watches.”

“We have already had a case of harassment whilst a student was off school. Allowing students mobile technology into school adds another layer of issues for teaching staff to deal with and also leads to further confrontations inside and outside of the classroom.”

Safety is key

Many people accept that mobile phones are a very useful way of keeping in touch with children and making sure they travel safely to and from school. Parents with children who have medical conditions say a smartphone is vital to keep tabs on their health.

Insulin pen being administered
Kay Bellwood’s son’s mobile phone monitors his glucose levels

Kay Bellwood’s 11-year-old son has Type 1 diabetes and relies on his phone to to tell him his blood glucose levels.

“His phone has tracking, so if his blood glucose level is too low he can be found if he’s unable to walk or talk. He can send an SOS.”

“It is literally life saving medical technology. A ban would be direct discrimination under the equality act.”

Written by Sherie Ryder, UGC and Social News

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Caribbeean News Service logo

Forces in Trinidad and Tobago linked to downfall of Guyana government

Dec 28, 2018 – Caribbean News Service – A senior official of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) Friday said “forces in Trinidad and Tobago” had colluded with the main opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) to bring about the demise of the coalition government.

“It should be noted that Charrandass Persaud himself acknowledges the bribe by asking ‘what is wrong if I get paid?’ In his own words, he has admitted his embrace to the treacherous PPP culture of getting rich through corruption and lawlessness,” said PNC executive member Aubrey Norton.

Persaud voted with the PPP last Friday after Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo successfully tabled a motion of no confidence that brought about the downfall of the David Granger-led, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) government.

The APNU had enjoyed a slender one seat majority in the 65-member National Assembly and Persaud later told reporters he had voted with the opposition in a bid to clear his conscience.

Norton told a news conference that the party is in possession of the information regarding the role played by the Trinidad and Tobago forces and knows of the meetings at hotels in Trinidad, but it will not provide the details of its information to the public at this time. He told reporters that a senior PPP official is obsessed with wanting to control the wealth of Guyana that will emanate from the oil sector and as a result was willing to do anything to achieve his objectives.

Norton said that it was for this reason, the senior PPP official “colluded with forces in Trinidad and mobilised resources to bribe a sitting member of parliament in pursuance of his hunger for wealth and power.”

Norton said that the APNU, whose other significant member includes the Alliance for Change (AFC), to which Persaud was a sitting member when he voted to bring about the downfall of the government, is prepared to contest any general and presidential election. But he said the government as well as the PNCR were keeping “all options” open and dismissed calls by Jagdeo for the present administration to resign.

Jagdeo has also said that the PPP has no plans to attend Parliament next Thursday and is open to meeting with the government before then to discuss elections matters.

On Friday, Jagdeo held talks with representatives of the major western missions here to brief them on the recent passage of the no confidence motion and to outline the PPP’s concerns.

The one-hour meeting was attended by officials of the United States, Canadian and British missions as well as the European Union.

Neither Jagdeo nor the officials would comment following the meeting.

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MCC Graduates 20

In 2018 Graduation and Awards Ceremony

By Bennette Roach

The Montserrat Community College in its usual business-like style, conducted its 2018 Graduation and Awards Ceremony, its 13th on Wednesday, December 19 at the Cultural Centre in Little Bay.

Principal Geraldine Cabey hailed by a student for her sternness, “a woman whose presence is like no other, a woman with voice is enough to send chills running you’re your spine…” she had some serious caution for the graduating and other college attendees. In her remarks and report, she informed that the Graduating class has created a new beginning for themselves, whether as a step-up on the next wrung of the academic ladder or as new entrants into the workforce…providing the distinct opportunity especially for our graduants, as well as the institution, to consciously reflect on the academic journey that would have culminated in this event.

Principal Geraldine Cabey

She reported 56 full time students pursuing 26 subject areas, in pursuit of the Caribbean Advance Proficiency Examination qualification at the Certificate, Diploma or associate degree level. In addition, 25 part time students who pursued a combination of both advanced CAPE subjects and secondary level CSEC courses.

She reported an overall 92% subject pass rate for the June 2018 CAPE examinations, achieved by the graduating class together with the current second year students.

The most outstanding performer, the Valedictorian of the class of 2018, Miss JenAlyn Weekes, gained passes in twelve (12) CAPE Units over the two years she spent at the College. Miss Weekes, the principal said: “epitomizes the College’s Motto which is ‘Aspire, Apply, Achieve’”.

Miss JenAlyn Weekes

A notable feature of the ceremony was that every participant was connected with the College, either past or present staff or student, to include Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Lee for their ‘outstanding’ generosity to the college, in one instance, for painting buildings on the school compound.

The master of ceremonies was Mr. Glenroy Foster who was a one of the first persons to graduate from the college before he moved on to pursue a master’s degree in civil engineering, and who now serves at the Ministry of Communication and Works.

Mr. Glenroy Foster

In his opening and welcoming remarks he said: “Graduation is a time where many reminisce on the years spent at the particular institution.

“I would want to believe that the graduating class could remember times of happiness and sadness, the joyful times and the stressful times and more importantly the friends that they spent all of these times with.

“This institution is a precursor to the traditional 3-year and 4-year university experience.  It gives persons a taste of what to expect in their transition from the secondary school way of education where they are taught to the university situation where they are lectured.”

“There is no spoon feeding,” he told the students.

He shared.  “I believe it is the hope of the MCC, that the two years persons spend at the college would provide them with the necessary tools to aid them in their next step along life’s journey.” Then to the students: “Whether that step be higher learning or that step is becoming a member of the work force,” he reminded… ”this graduation ceremony marks a milestone in your lives and a point where you can look back on what you have achieved as well as look forward to what the future may bring.”

Some entertainment was provided by one student, Miss Okessa Halley giving her rendition of the song ‘One Moment in Time’, accompanied at the piano by the accomplished (staff member) Miss Anne-Marie Dewar.

Miss Okessa Halley

The keynote address, delivered by a graduate of the college of very recent years, Miss Nadia Browne. She was smooth in her admonishments, advice and encouragement.

Straight off, she began with the observation: “I noticed that most of you have left the confines of school life and joined the workforce, while others have opted to further their studies.”

“Regardless of your choice,” she continued, “my message to you this evening centers around your personality. As we hear of the turmoil in other parts of the world and look at the state of our nation, it is evident that society needs its youth to exhibit such qualities as integrity, vision, selflessness, dedication, cooperation and a host of others to function properly.

Miss Nadia Browne

Having noted that it wasn’t long since she had to miss her graduating exercise, because of an exam, she being very much a youth, including herself in her next comment: “The task is ours to set a good example for those who are even younger than us and future generations.”

“Take a moment to think about the person you want to be,” Nadia offered. “Who is that person in society? What will it take for you to become that person? Eventually, you will all be a part of the workforce. In spite of the accolades or lack thereof you gained from your scholastics, you will have to prove yourself to be a competent worker, quick learner and cooperative team-member. What do you want your co-workers to say of you?

“Would you rather be known as the worker who does not shy away from a challenge or the person who is only at work because he or she needs to be paid?

She recommends her personal choices: “I strive to maintain a reputation in my workplace for being an individual who espouses such tenets as responsibility, trustworthiness, dependability, supportiveness, cleverness, fairness, honesty and friendliness, who my coworkers are comfortable interacting with. – and when required in my office – I also try to be loving, demonstrate good listening skills, provide sound advice and exhibit confidentiality.”

There was plenty beyond this. “Who do you think Montserrat needs you to be? An innovator? A peacemaker? An activist? A negotiator? How can the talents you have been blessed with be used to make your nation better?” leaving an audience and college students, impossible not taking something away. Nadia closed: “I hope that at least something that I said tonight will resonate with you… Congratulations once again. I look forward to working alongside you to improve our nation and world.” (See her address here online at with the story.

The prizes, certificates and awards for all students were delivered with the able assistance of Mrs. Oslyn Jemmotte a past Registrar and bursar at the college.

The valedictorian, Miss JenAlyn Weekes was humble as she acknowledged her title of achievement. “I see myself as a representative of a group of valedictorian…” At the end she added: “I wish to urge members of this class, to be grateful for the foundation that his been set and to go out there anad soar like an eagle and accomplish great things,” thanking all those including staff etc, parents and all those who contributed to the journey so far.

The vote of thanks delivered by student Doron Cassel should have ended the day’s events but for the surprise event of an award/gift to the principal Mrs. Cabey. This came with the words as she was acclaimed: “… a stern woman whose presence is like no other; whose voice is enough to send chills running down your spine; a woman when she walks, the sound of her heels echo throughout the school…” So it was a privilege, pleasure and honour, the young man said: “to give this award to none other than Miss Geraldine Cabey, whose looks will make you remember every piece of homework, you think you can trick your teacher…”

The recession of the now graduates, no longer graduants, followed.

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Genesys - DSC_0591

Nite of Pan – Festival 2018

Genesys Pan orchestra opens the side show for the 2018 Semi-Final calypso show

The annual ‘Nite of Pan’ stages tonight at Festival Village in Little Bay, Montserrat.

Herman “Cupid” Francis, through once again to another Calypso Final,  organises the Nite of Pan. He can take the credit of keeping pan alive in Montserrat for the many years.

Tonight as for the past several years there will be visiting stars from Antigua, fresh from the Mood of Pan competition just concluded and in which the newish pan group Genesys participated a few days ago.

The Antigua group, Panache, is reportedly led by Zahra Lee, Antigua’s first female steel pan arranger, tied with Hell’s Gate Steel Orchestra to win the 2018 edition of Panorama during the island’s summer festival this past August.

The lineup for the show tonight beginning at 8.00 p.m. will include the steel pan orchestras from the local primary schools, as well as Genesys and the Volpanics.

All are welcome! There is an entrance fee – adults and children.

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NY Post photo

Police Commissioner comments on plan “Sex Island” festival

by staff writer

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Dec 11, CMC –Police Commissioner Gary Griffith says the organisers of a four-day, three-night “sex-travaganza”, called Sex Island, has a “snowball chance in hell” of actually hosting the event in Trinidad and Tobago.

The New York Post website reported that the organisers have named an island off the coast of twin island republic as the location for its next event, which promises its patrons drugs and prostitutes, and costs between US$4,500 and US$6,000 per person, had been given the “go-ahead” by local authorities.

(NY Post Photo)

But Griffith, speaking on a local radio programme here Tuesday, said he wanted to disappoint “those why think it may happen.

“It is definitely not going to happen, there is no such plan whatsoever that can actually ensure that it takes place,” Griffith said, telling his audience “there is no private island of Trinidad and Tobago.

Griffith said he believes the event being promised here started some years ago in Colombia “but it is difficult if not impossible for this to take place.

“Even before the police get involve you need the requisite approval for entry into Trinidad and Tobago waters from the Ministry of National Security (and) you must go through Immigration authorities. And then having said that …I can give the assurance that before the first joint is lighted, before the first lap dance is made that will never happen.

“There is absolutely no way that something as organised and promoted as this can take place in Trinidad and Tobago waters,” Griffith said, while there are certain local places the police have been monitoring  and used for illegal activities.

He said these local activities could give rise to human trafficking and the police have being using intelligence driven information to shut them down.

Griffith insisted that the planned “Sex island” event scheduled for December 14-17 will not happen.

“With social media you have fake news and you have a situation…where you get tip offs for the police service to be able to provide that pre-emptive strike to prevent something from happening.

‘This is definitely not going to take place in Trinidad and Tobago

The event’s website claims there are only three tickets left, and they had catered for 50 guests.

According to the website, included in the cost is “unlimited sex with two girls per day, all meals and snacks, all the alcohol you desire, airport pickup and drop-off, yacht parties, bedrooms with showers, large closets, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and unlimited condoms.”

The NY Post report says that in addition to the women, “guests have easy access to drugs, with Sex Island staff members acting as liaisons between dealers and partygoers. Cocaine is far and away the most popular drug requested by guests.”

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MSS hosts school’s talent in exhibition

The Montserrat Secondary School (MSS) hosted an exhibition which as ZJB reporter put it, “was a hive of activity today. It enabled students to showcase their skills in an eye-opening exhibition to mark the institution’s 80th anniversary.

A more detailed account will appear in the next TMR issue.

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Launching a new Christmas lighting competition

Previously a main feature of the Christmas Festival program aimed at bringing back and giving a colourful attraction to the festivities of years ago the Tourism Division, under the portfolio of the Office of the Premier is hosting a ‘Christmas Lighting Competition’, according to them, “in an effort to boost the Christmas spirit and to give residents the chance to showcase their creativity.”

 A release from the Government Information Unit announced on Thursday: “The ‘Christmas Lighting Competition’ is an added element of the recently introduced ‘Christmas Decoration Exemption’ programme.  The programme waives the customs’ duties and consumption tax on the importation of items such as LED electrical Christmas light; low energy laser decorative spot light; solar powered Christmas light; Christmas tree and Christmas decorations, which arrive on the island between November 1 to December 24, 2018.”

The ‘Christmas Decoration Exemption’ programme encourages energy efficient Christmas decorations which will help to keep electricity prices down for persons wishing to beautify their homes and businesses during the festive season, while at the same time allowing them to be as creative as possible. 

The Tourism Division is therefore encouraging householders and businesses to participate in the ‘Christmas Lighting Competition’ as this will help to beautify the island for the season, while giving participants the opportunity to win exciting prizes. 

The division is expected to publish later, more information on the competition including the rules, judging criteria, prizes and themes.

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Amid Flood Disaster in Trinidad & Tobago, Earthquakes Hit

An aerial view of the flooding in sections of Trinidad (left) and the location
of one of two quakes that struck off the twin-island republic over the weekend.

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Monday October 22, 2018
– Two earthquakes struck off Trinidad and Tobago within 24 hours over the weekend, as the twin-island republic was dealing with massive flooding that caused destruction in some sections of the country and led Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to declare a national disaster.

There were no reports of any injuries as a result of the quakes, however.

According to the University of the West Indies (UWI) Seismic Research Centre, the first, smaller one occurred on Saturday, around 4:41 p.m. That magnitude 4.2 tremor struck 92 km south of Barbados’ capital, Bridgetown; 166 km northeast of Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago; and 191 km southeast of Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Then on Sunday afternoon, at approximately 12:35 p.m., a 5.1 magnitude quake was recorded 78 km northeast of Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago; 161 km northeast of Arima, Trinidad and Tobago; and 181 km northeast of the capital, Port of Spain.


In both instances, there were reports of residents of Trinidad and Tobago feeling the tremor. But the focus there was on the massive flooding that resulted from days of heavy rainfall that started on Friday.

Works Minister Rohan Sinanan said the country had received the equivalent of one month’s rainfall in a three-day period.

Video Player


Several homes were flooded out, and residents were trapped on roofs and on top partially-submerged vehicles as they sought to escape the rising flood waters.

Some of the severe flooring stemmed from the overflowing of the Caroni River.

Both disaster officials and residents used boats and dinghies to get the marooned residents to safety and deliver food and other supplies to areas inundated by flood waters.

“This is a national disaster, the flooding is quite widespread and quite severe and it is going to cost a lot of money to bring relief to people who have been affected,” Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said on Saturday after touring some of the affected areas.

Video Player


“Notwithstanding whatever shortages we are experiencing we will have to find the resources to help,” he added.

He said he would seek Cabinet’s approval to get TT$25 million (US$3.7 million) to assist those affected by the floods.

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Facebook breach put data of 50 million users at risk

The vulnerability had to do with the social network’s “view as” feature.


Facebook on Friday said a breach affected 50 million people on the social network. 

The vulnerability stemmed from Facebook’s “view as” feature, which lets people see what their profiles look like to other people. Attackers exploited code associated with the feature that allowed them to steal “access tokens” that could be used to take over people’s accounts. 

While access tokens aren’t your password, they allow people to log in to accounts without needing it. Facebook also said later Friday that the breach also affected third-party apps that you have linked to your Facebook account, including Instagram. As a precautionary measure, Facebook logged about 90 million people out of their accounts, the company said.

The social network said it discovered the attack earlier this week. The company has informed the FBI and the Irish Data Protection Commission. Facebook said the investigation is in the early stages and it doesn’t yet know who was behind the attacks. 

“This is a really serious security issue,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on a conference call with reporters Friday. “This underscores there are just constant attacks from people who are trying to take over accounts and steal information from our community. This is going to be an ongoing effort.” 

The news comes as Facebook has been under intense scrutiny for its ability to keep the data of its more than 2 billion users safe. The company is still reeling from its Cambridge Analytica scandal in March, in which a UK-based digital consultancy harvested the personal information of 87 million Facebook users.

The vulnerability disclosed on Friday came from a change issued in July 2017, when Facebook pushed a feature that prompted people to upload “Happy Birthday” videos, Facebook vice president of product management said on the call. The company is still investigating the attack, and doesn’t know how much information was stolen or who is behind the hack. Because it was access tokens stolen and not passwords, Facebook said that affected users don’t need to change their security settings, including their passwords.

Access tokens are a set of code granted to a user after logging in for the first time. They’re often used across websites so that you don’t have to log back in every time you go to a page. Facebook uses them for logins, and allows for secure access without needing a password.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “This is a really serious security issue.”

James Martin

Attackers carried out their attack with a series of steps that let them hop, skip and jump their way into generating access tokens for millions of Facebook users. They started by viewing a Facebook profile they had access to as another user. The “view as” feature is meant to allow users to see how their profile looks to the public or specific friends based on their privacy settings. 

But when hackers viewed a Facebook profile as another user, sometimes the tool for posting a birthday video would appear. That shouldn’t have happened, but did at times because of a bug, according to Facebook. Then, because of yet another bug affecting the video tool, hackers were able to generate an access token for the targeted user, giving them access to the user’s account.

With the access token, hackers had control over the user’s account. They could then “pivot,” Rosen said, and view their victim’s account as yet another user. Then they would repeat the process and generate an access token for that user, too.

The hackers were able to dramatically scale up this multi-step attack, so much so that Facebook noticed an unusual spike in user activity in Septermber and began investigating, Rosen said.

Fatemeh Khatibloo, an analyst at Forrester who focuses on consumer privacy, said in an email it appeared Facebook contained the damage from the breach at an early stage. She added that users probably heard about it sooner than they would have since new privacy regulations came into effect in the European Union earlier this year. The General Data Protection Regulation requires companies to tell users about a data breach no more than 72 hours after learning of it themselves.

“GDPR has forced [Facebook]’s hand in reporting the breach much earlier than they perhaps would have liked, and before they understand the full scope,” Khatibloo said.

Debra Farber, senior director of privacy strategy at tech firm BigID, said the increased speed in reporting data breaches will have a positive long-term effect for the company. “It may not be today or tomorrow, but such actions are sure to engender significantly more trust,” she said. BigID helps companies comply with privacy regulations.

The breach has also led to more criticism from lawmakers, who have already discussed introducing regulation to rein in big tech companies.

“A full investigation should be swiftly conducted and made public so that we can understand more about what happened,” Sen. Mark Warner, a Democrat from Virginia, said in a statement. “Today’s disclosure is a reminder about the dangers posed when a small number of companies like Facebook or the credit bureau Equifax are able to accumulate so much personal data about individual Americans without adequate security measures.”

As news spread of the data breach Friday, Facebook’s own platform blocked users from posting two articles about the hacking attack. One article was by the Guardian and the other was by the AP. Facebook confirmed that its system was blocking the articles, saying it was an error. “We fixed the issue as soon as we were made aware of it, and people should be able to share both articles,” the company said in a statement. “We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Facebook has been without a chief security officer since Alex Stamos Facebook security chief departing company for Stanford in August to teach and do research at Stanford University. His departure took place during a larger reorganization of the company’s security team that was ongoing when the cybersecurity attack began. 

The departmental shifts made the cybersecurity team stronger, Rosen said. “If anything, we think this means we were able to find and address this faster,” he said.

First published September 28, 9:52 a.m. PT.
Update, 2:52 p.m. PT: Adds information from a follow-up conference call with Facebook.

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