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St. Patrick’s Festival gets on the way tonight at the Heritage Village

St. Patrick’s Festival gets on the way tonight at the Heritage Village

By Bennette Roach

The St. Patrick’s week of activities will kick off tonight, after Market Day, with the continued promise of the Festival Committee, that it will continue to celebrate and preserve the islands unique cultural heritage.

There will be National Service at the Lookout Roman Catholic Church remembering St. Patrick its patron Saint after whom the church is named.

It is a packed week of events to include, such as the calypso soca monarch competition will form part of the festivities, so too will be the Junior calypso competition as well beauty pageants show.

National Awareness Day, Business Development Expo Day. Then on St. Patrick’s Day, 17th – in one day – Jump Up at 5:00 a.m. (Kaution Band), Freedom Run & Walk from Cudjoe Head to MSS; Breakfast at Salem Centre; the Heritage Feast from 12:00 noon; Salem Village Parade; a Cultural Show at Heritage Village, Salem; String Band, Onyan & 3-Cylinder; GRAND RAFFLE – “BMW”; St. Patrick’s Day Lecture and more. (See the Calendar in this issue and widely circulated. (Dress in National Colours)

Justin Hero Cassell who has worked with this Festival for many years gone to now said, “It’s a sort of Irish Montserrat Afro Caribbean culture; I think that we have not lost that, we still maintain some of the traditional things.”

He was speaking in face of criticisms over the years, that the Festival is without meaning, or has lost its reason for the celebrities. “We can’t live in the past! The world evolves and we have to move with it. St. Patrick’s is now a mammoth festival. So to kill that criticism it has grown from a ‘handful’ of persons to way over three, four thousand people in Salem…”

Much is said of the beginnings of the Festival and the holiday; how it evolved and grew to what it has become today; how perhaps it is misused and marketed for economic benefit to the island. Some of the arguments deserve discussion, but some attempt should also be made to get the facts first into perspective.

Have they even got close as to how the day got noticed, as it began out of the Roman Catholic annual celebration of the church on Montserrat’s patron saint St. Patrick? Even when they quote Sir Howard’s historical account, there is little mention of that important fact.

The controversy is usually centered around the ‘Irish connection/Irish heritage) and the African/slave heritage and the March 17, 1768 slave uprising.

But, why the celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day? It is gradually losing its origin – the feast day of St. Patrick; and we hear less and less of: “the Irish people exiled by Cromwell, and African slaves who arrived on Montserrat…… the failed slave uprising on March 171768,” which led to the celebration of St Patrick’s Day.

All of these happenings from nearly three centuries ago were from corruptible minds and acts to those who ratted on those seeking freedom, stolen from them. The history of what went on then does not make good reading, but should be taught and discussed.

All can learn the root of the sufferings. Remember those behind it all are today at the head of it all. Even when it appears that action is being taken to repair the damage, those actions are just as corrupt.

When the celebrations take place it should be noted who St. Patrick was and what he stood for. Montserrat was colonised by the British and Irish in 1632. France later held it briefly, but from 1783 it remained British. Its colonial economy was based on cotton and sugar plantations that used African slave labour, and the story goes on.

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Guyana flags

Guyana celebrating Mashramani


GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Feb 23, CMC – Guyana is marking the 47th anniversary of republican status with President David Granger saying it provides an opportunity to “celebrate the uniqueness of our nationhood”.

Addressing the flag raising ceremony at D’urban Park, Granger paid tribute to early inhabitants of the country whom he said “have welded our country, irreversibly, into a plural society.

“The Republic guaranteed greater cultural freedom, encouraged diverse beliefs, respected differences of creed, culture, race or religion and entrenched constitutional protection to proscribe discrimination.

Guyana flags“The Republic started the task of shaping a society that was culturally plural by promoting the unhindered celebration of the Christian, Islamic and the Hindu festivals. The Republic aspired to ensure that we would live together in harmony free from racial and religious conflict,” he added.

Granger said Guyana is committed to eliminating extreme poverty, eradicating inequalities; expanding the space for cultural diversity and enhancing the sense of national belonging.

He said the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country is becoming a more socially cohesive country, working “towards the well-being of all its members, fights exclusion and marginalisation, creates a sense of belonging [and] promotes trust.

“Guyana’s various cultural threads have been interwoven into the tapestry of nationhood. We celebrate, today, our republicanism and our pluralism. We have achieved unity by our diversity.”

In his address, President Granger highlighted the contributions of East Indians to the country’s development as they also celebrate the 100th anniversary of their arrival here as indentured servants.

He said said 2017 is an opportunity for Guyana to celebrate the contributions of the Indian community and credited the almost 240,000 Indians, who were transported to then British Guiana from 1838 to work mainly on sugar plantations, with contributing to the cultural and economic development of Guyana.

“Most of the indentured immigrants remained to make our country their home at the end of their contracts of service. They invigorated our cultural life with devotional festivals, colourful dress, tasty foods, vivacious dance, vibrant music, two great world religions – Hinduism and Islam – and other cultural retentions.

“Indian indentured immigration reshaped our economic landscape by making an indelible mark on the cattle, coconut, fishing, rice and sugar industries. The Indian impact is visible on every aspect of national life – the arts, business, diplomacy, education, engineering, industry, jewellery, law, media, medicine, politics, the public service and trade unionism,” he said.

President Granger said Guyana’s 47th anniversary as a republic “is a happy occasion to celebrate the uniqueness of our nationhood” intensified efforts to unite the descendants of fore-parents who were brought to these shores, either as enslaved workers or indentured labourers, to toil on the plantations.

“Independence reminded us, also, that it was their struggles – their resistance, revolts and riots on the plantations – which helped to make their descendants a free people and to make this country a free state.

“The establishment of the Cooperative Republic on 23rd February 1970 intensified our efforts to unite our peoples into a plural nation under the inspirational motto – ‘One people, One nation, One destiny’,” he said.

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St. Vincent singer dropped from finals of Calypso Monarch finals

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Feb 22, CMC – The Trinidad and Tobago Unified ­Calypso Association (TUCO), apparently bowing to a threat of legal action by a disgruntled calypsonian has removed the St. Vincent-born singer Lornette “Fya Empress” Nedd Reid from the Calypso Monarch finals scheduled for the Queen’s Park Oval on Sunday night.

Attorney Gerald Ramdeen said that his client, Lynette “Lady Gypsy” Steele will now participate in the finals as Trinidad and Tobago celebrates the annual Carnival celebrations.

Carnival2017Ramdeen had earlier sent a pre-­action protocol letter to TUCO, giving it 24 hours to respond and which could have led to an injunction being sought in the High Court preventing Nedd Reid from performing in the finals.

In the pre-action protocol letter, Ramdeen had called for the immediate disqualification of Nedd Reid, who he argued did not fit the nationality criteria to perform at the competition.

“The nationality criteria for a competition such as the National Calypso Monarch Competition is a requirement that is grounded in logic and reasonableness having regard to the status and nationalistic persona of the person holding that title,” Ramdeen said, adding the “rules of the competition could not have been made to be honoured in breach”.

Steele, who contested the semi-finals last Saturday, placed 16th with a total of 389 points and Ramdeen, in his letter to TUCO, said Steele secured the same score as Anthony “All Rounder” Hendrickson who placed 15th.

Ramdeen said there was no explanation from TUCO as to how All Rounder – with the same score – ranked above Lady Gypsy who placed 16th.

This is not the first time that Nedd Reid has competed here, reaching as far as the semi-finals in previous TUCO administered competitions.

Media reports said that she had also won a calypso queen competition.

Steele, the sister of former culture minister, Winston “Gypsy” Peters, who is also a finalist in the competition, will face six former calypso monarchs in the Dimanche Gras finals.

According to the line-up, the six former monarchs are Winston “Cro Cro” Rawling, former culture minister, Winton ’Gypsy’ Peters, Dr. Hollis Liverpool (Chalkdust), Kurt Allen, Karene Asche and Chucky.

Allen’s tune “Forking Up Meh Corn Tree” is a double-entendre political ­commentary, while Chalkdust’s tune “Learn From Arithmetic” addressed the issue of child marriage.
Cro Cro in his tune, “Final Send-Off,” paid tribute to the late former prime minister Patrick Manning who died last year.

The other finalists are Queen Victoria, Terri Lyons, Sasha Ann Moses, Rondell Donowa, Miguella Simon , Lady Adanna,  Heather McIntosh and All Rounder.

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Six former monarchs in finals of Calypso Monarch competition

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Feb 20, CMC – Six former calypso monarchs are included in 15 finalists named for the Dimanche Gras finals following the semi-finals held at the Skinner Park in Arima, east of here over the weekend.

The finals will be held at the Queen’s Park Savannah in the capital on Sunday.

Carnival2017According to the line-up, the six former monarchs are Winston “Cro Cro” Rawling, former culture minister, Winton ’Gypsy’ Peters, Dr. Hollis Liverpool (Chalkdust), Kurt Allen, Karene Asche and Chucky.

Allen’s tune “Forking Up Meh Corn Tree” is a double-entendre political ­commentary, while Chalkdust’s tune “Learn From Arithmetic” addressed the issue of child marriage.
Cro Cro in his tune, “Final Send-Off,” paid tribute to the late former prime minister Patrick Manning who died last year.

The other finalists are Queen Victoria, Terri Lyons, Sasha Ann Moses, Rondell Donowa, Miguella Simon , Lady Adanna, Fya Empress, Heather McIntosh and All Rounder.

Unlike previous years, when the Monarch received a first prize of one million TT dollars (One TT dollar =US$0.16 cents) the prizes this year have been cut by at least 50 per cent and singers willnot have to perform one song rather than two songs as in the past.

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Wow cover

Shamracq with a new one ‘WOW’

Montserrat based Jamaican born artist Shamracq told us on Tuesday this week, January 31, 2017, “Hard work brings rewards. I have no intention to complain about the many challenges I face being an artist. I am passionate about my music, very optimistic about my new single called “WOW” which was released in Antigua last week”. 

Shamracq says, Sun FM DJ CJ in Antigua, says ‘it’s a must play for him’ after premiering it and his show last Friday with over eight pull ups to show how much he loved this new track. ABS radio radio hosts Lady Alley and Ibis, also lovers of the WOW track and encourage him to return with the music video which he said will premiere on Hype TV in Jamaica in February, next month.

The single is the official song for WOW dance which was created by Jamaican award winning dance group Smooth Skankaz. This song featured an intro from Boom Boom sceneries from dancers in Europe, Jamaica and Antigua and BMX stunt from Glo Rider.

This project was a collaborated effort between Shamo Production and Oh So Good Promotion (OSG). “I have signed a management deal with Oh So Good Promotions in Antigua. I am now confident that I will be doing some more shows in the near future.”

Shamracq will continue to work with producer DJ Tula, but he already started to record with producers affiliated with OSG.

Shamracq is known for hits like Got this feeling, Come Wine Up Pon Me and Whats The Issue is a single which gave him ‘video of the week’ in 2016 on the Caribbean International Network (CIN)TV which broadcasts in the Tri-State area in North America.

You can find him on youtube, facebook, IG, Twitter, Soundcloud @Shamracq

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MVO book launch 2

MVO Launches “Volcano Stories” – Book

Working in partnership with the UWI Seismic Research Centre (UWI-SRC), as well as support from the Ministry of Education, the Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO), launched a children’s book entitled “Volcano Stories”.

On the evening of Thursday, January 26,  Her Excellency the Governor, Elizabeth Carriere hosted the launch at her residence at Government House in Woodlands, with attendance and the participation of MVO and government officials, along with a small cross section of the public, parents and winning children writers of the volcano stories which are featured in the book.

As a MVO communique informs, “The one-of-a-kind storybook features the 26 winning entries out of a Creative Writing Competition hosted by the MVO in 2013, where teenagers and children were invited to submit stories under the theme “A Volcano’s Touch”.

In a brief ceremony, MVO Director Roderick Stewart introduced the host of the launch, Her Excellency the Governor, opening by very briefly describing that the “new book of children stories that were written as entrants to our creative writing competition. The prize winners some of them have been collected in this book…”

The Governor after welcoming all guests to Government House and the book launch congratulated the students for their work and the MVO for bringing it all together in a stunning hard cover book. She said the book Volcano Stories, “which is an amazing production, not just because it represents the quality of young people’s excellent writing, imaginative writing, creative writing, but also some photographs and drawings from local artists.”

She added that “it’s beautifully produced, it’s a lovely book.” and that everyone should be proud of it. She congratulations the M.V.O. and the SRC hoping that it “it will be distributed in the schools,” while   confirming that support for the book also came from the Ministry of Education. Promised and pledged to support the islands youth in their future educational endeavours.

Hon Osborne said: “This is a great achievement for not only children but for us here as Montserratians because when you think about the age of these children… I must say I want to encourage the youths in Montserrat to keep this up; and I’m going to support them in anything that they want to do as long as I think it makes sense.”

‘Volcano Stories’ described as a ‘one-of-a-kind storybook, features the 26 winning entries out of a Creative Writing Competition hosted by the MVO in 2013. Teenagers and younger children were invited to submit stories under the theme “A Volcano’s Touch”. It was illustrated and brought to life with colourful artwork by various Caribbean artists.

The book, suitable for both children and adults, takes the reader to fantastical worlds on volcanic adventures of all kinds, and also to explore Montserrat, the beautiful Caribbean island where so many lives have been touched and forever changed by a volcano.’

At the end Governor Carriere distributed signature books a few of the young authors of the stories.

The book commemorates in some sense, Montserrat’s Soufrière Hills Volcano which has been erupting since 1995, rendering more than half of the island uninhabitable, including the capital city Plymouth. Montserrat has managed to rebuild itself and adapt to living with an erupting volcano. “Volcano Stories” is the only book of its kind as it highlights living with the volcano and the process of adaptation from the unique and imaginative perspective of Montserratian children.

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The Charity PPP premieres of the short film ‘ALONE’

Sunrise Productions this week announced that “Number 15 is proud to announce the national debut of ‘ALONE’, a short film which brings into focus the issue of child abuse.”

‘ALONE’ will screen at the Montserrat Cultural Centre (MCC) on Sunday January 22, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.

The premiere of the short film is presented under the auspices of Dr. Samuel Joseph, founder of the Prevent, Protect, and Pursue (PPP) Charity. It will be preceded by a red-carpet pre-show, allowing print and broadcast journalists, photographers and videographers the opportunity to interview and capture images of the director/producer, cast and crew.

The film, produced by local videographer Jerely Brown, features around two girls with different lives who suffer from the effects of child abuse. Both thought they were alone, until becoming friends gave them the strength they needed to overcome their adversities. The buzz worthy film involves local up and coming actors/actresses, Amuelle Kirnon, Darion Darroux, Eurlanzo Jeffers, Jahnelle Francis, Jerely Browne, Jhovan Daniel, Mikila Gittens, Sandrae Thomas, Theonna Johnson and Zenoushka Meade.

Following will be a reception and then the presentation of ‘ALONE’, rounding off with entertainment by Pulse.

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Vue Pointe Hotel, refurbished and ready for business

By Bennette Roach

There are many who waited to hear the news of this day, Tuesday, December 20, 2015, when Cedric Osborne, general manager, Vue Pointe Hotel announced to a small gathering of invited guests; after ‘thanking our Heavenly Father’, “I appreciate your presence at this blessing and viewing of the first phase of the refurbishment of the iconic Vue Pointe Hotel.”

Following very brief chairman opening remarks Roman Catholic priest Fr. Mark Schram prayed, giving thanks to God remembering that we are always in the presence of God, that it is only by God’s grace that we are here, thanks for life, for our life, for island life, for what once was, and for what will be rising from the ashes – for all who have passed through these walls and all who will…;then sprinkling the walls walls with holy water.

‘Mr. Cedric’ as he was and still is, affectionately called by many and staff continued to tell of a history, I heard for the first time. It was in December 1961, Fifty-five years ago, the Vue Pointe Hotel was opened, and Cedric to over in 1967 following his father’s (Michael Symons Osborne, better known as “Mas Gen”) unexpected death, as the general manager. Mas Gen had managed the hotel with the assistance of my mother, Sylvia, from 1961-1967.

He recalls, 1959-1960 was the dawn of the real-estate development in Montserrat encouraged by the then Chief Minister, the late W. H . Bramble. And how, “The Vue Pointe Hotel has had some good times and bad times. We developed a thriving repeat guest business which enabled us to expand and add a much needed conference center in 1986. This conference center was in great demand and became the venue for many local and regional meetings and events.”

In a look back at how the hotel functioned for most of its 55 years, Cedric who at various points reminded that he will not personally be involved with the hotel as, “the spirit is willing, the flesh is a bit weak.”

He told: “…Hurricane Hugo in September 1989 and the Vue Pointe Hotel sustained catastrophic damage. 

In July 1995, the Volcanic Crisis began. The Vue Pointe Hotel played a strategic part in the continuity of life in Montserrat. As the volcanic activity increased and all of the residents south of the Belham River were evacuated, the Vue Pointe became the center for information and administration.

The Montserrat Volcano Observatory was relocated to the Pelican room of the Michael “Gen” Osborne Conference Centre. This room was later used for church services, the legislative assembly, a court house, the Chief Ministers Office, Chamber of Commerce and Rotary meetings, weddings, Theater productions, …etc., etc.

Unfortunately, as the activity became more threatening, we were closed for the first time in 1997. We were allowed to reopen in 1999 and closed again in 2002. We reopened again in 2005 and were closed again in 2007.

Then, “Our recent renovation began in 2014 and as you can see we are continuing to refurbish,” he said.

He informed on the status of the hotel as the event was merely a blessing and viewing of the first phase of the refurbishment of the Hotel.

“Since our repairs have begun in 2014 we have employed more than 20 persons in various fields and expended over $250,000.00 in wages alone. However, the repairs and refitting of four cottages for accommodation is still earmarked for March 2017,” he said.

He thanked various persons and workers who have been involved in the operations so far. These included his wife Carol, for the interior decoration, for conscientiously trying to keep us within budget and for assisting me by taking on most of the supervision…And most especially to our son Michael, who and son Michael, who put his career aside to assist us with two weeks of hard work and final touches.

He acknowledged fianacial support from Government: “Special thanks to the Premier and his government for the financial assistance which enabled us to continue our renovation.”

The Osborne Hotels Ltd have begun seeking interests in various departments of the hotel.

The Premier Hon Don Romeo along with Her Excellency Governor, Elizabeth Carriere, Minister Delmaude Ryan, the Financial Secretary, Hon. Ag. Attorney General were among the several guests at the event.

The Premier was asked to give brief remarks during which he informed, “it was because of Viewpoint Hotel that the tourism growth fund was started. It inspired me to get a tourism growth fund that would enable Vue Pointe Hotel to get going.

“The Vue Pointe means a lot to me,” he said. He told of the prominent role that Viewpoint played, “not just in providing jobs but training people.”

Excellent service The Premier said that as he (Cedric) said he would not manage anymore, “I must beg him, please come around and make sure you transfer those skills you transferred to your son Michael and the others, it’s very important.”

He continued, “We didn’t just invest in a facility being reopened, we invested in people who have the capacity to develop others to the level that we want. I know that Montserrat’s future is bright because of tourism, but the main thing we need to improve is customer service.”

Speaking of his own knowledge of the Vue Pointe and its impact, he contributed, “It was not just a place where people came together, not just a place where people came to have fun and meet people, but it really birth a lot of new development in the area and investment.”

He said he is proud to have invested; “in fact the Osborne’s spent probably more than three times what we invested. It created jobs…” as he noted from a conversation he had with officials from St. Barts which he said is rated by the visitors who come by the tour ship, second to Montserrat.

“Montserrat is number one. Number one already and that is significant so Mr. Osborne, please tell all the investors, all of the Osbornes, to be bold and invest because there’s a bright future for Viewpoint Hotel.”

The guests were invited to stay at the end, as they did, with light refreshments; browsed the surroundings, enjoying the magnificent views on the way.

See more pics on our facebook page click here:



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Another Remembrance Sunday observed in Montserrat

dsc_7472Lt. Glenroy Foster  of The Montserrat Defense Force was the commander of the Remembrance Day parade service, which began at 8 a.m. with a two minutes silence marking the beginning of the ceremony.

The Remembrance Day service and parade on Sunday November 13 was prefaced with activities which had included two minutes of silence and the sound of sirens. The showing of the film Battle of the Somme has significance for the Remembrance Day service, where it is linked to the one hundredth anniversary of the death of the Montserratian Able Seaman Burleigh Hannam. He was killed by a shell in the last offensive of the Battle of the Somme on November 13, 1916 at the age of 17 years while serving in the Hawk Battalion in the Royal Naval Division during World War One.

The service and parade ceremony featuring all uniform bodies was held at the W. H Griffith Drive in Little Bay. The two minute silence was observed for those who lost their lives in World War One and World War Two, in 1914 to 1918, 1939 to 1945 and the Iraq war which started in year 2003, the signing of the last post and the laying of the wreath ceremony also took place at the service.

dsc_7452 dsc_7445 dsc_7455 dsc_7405 dsc_7404 dsc_7410The U.K. defense advisor to the Caribbean Lt. Colonel Patrick Brown was on the island for the occasion, participating in the weekend activities, on this his eighth visit to Montserrat.

dsc_7462 dsc_7456 dsc_7455 dsc_7423So too the British naval ship RFA Wave Knight on a return visit to Montserrat, also participated in the Remembrance Day service and parade among other organized activities. Captain Nigel Bud is the commanding officer of the British Naval Vessel.

dsc_7431 dsc_7432 dsc_7426 dsc_7424Capt. Budd had said earlier, “I am delighted to be invited back to Montserrat again seven weeks after our last visit.”

 They had to depart because of a storm that came through and the ship had to leave port because it was too rough to anchor. He informed that a marching platoon from the ship, of about twenty-five to thirty at the last count would participate at the parade. Explaining the compilation of the platoon, he said, “…it’s quite interesting because it’s a mixture of Royal Engineers, Royal Navy and Royal fleets, Auxiliary personnel, some of whom had not marched for a while and the engineers of course have learned the Army form drill where they start off on the other foot to the Navy…”

The “Last Post” trumpet solo echoed, preceding the laying of the wreaths, led by the Governor and Ag. Chief Minister, followed by representatives of the various bodies on parade. This year’s service was also without a sermon, but the prayers and scripture readings provided all the spiritual inspiration required. “O God our help in ages past” was wonderfully sung. Someone said, “I believe the hills surrounding the Piper’s pond valley responded with the “Amen.”

Her Excellency the Governor Miss Carriere took the salute of the eventual march-past.

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Montserrat GB in #iamgb video features global Girls’ Brigade transformation stories

iamgb__still02The Girls’ Brigade (GB) International has released a video on International Day of the Girl demonstrating girls feel confident, courageous, loved and accepted as a result of being a member of Girls’ Brigade.

Celebrating its 123rd birthday, Girls’ Brigade is a worldwide faith-based movement focused on working amongst girls and women in around 50 countries. Girls’ Brigade is a fun, confidence building, safe environment that provides opportunities for personal growth and faith explorationdsc_6966

In Montserrat some of our activities have been:

Bible Studies, Drills, Crafts, Grooming and Deportment, Dancing, Hiking, Singing, Parade – Queen’s Birthday Parade & Remembrance Day Parade, Methodist Aldersgate Rally, Movies – moral values, educational and Christian, Annual Camp – God can use me for great things –Book of Esther, Banquet, Games, Drama, Devotions, Church Service, Teenage Sexuality, Disaster preparedness, Bible quizzes and so much more.wp_20161011_15_21_53_pro

Girls’ Brigade International President Vivienne Aitchison from England shares: ‘Because of being part of the Girls’ Brigade family, girls in Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Europe and Pacific have shared that they feel confident, courageous, loved and accepted.

‘Girls around the world say that, because of GB, they experience opportunities to discover what it means to live life to the full! In a world where it can be difficult to be a girl, this is a positive and hope-filled message for GB to share on International Day of the Girl. We are thankful for all of our leaders who are investing in girls and impacting their lives and for God’s faithfulness to us.’

wp_20161011_15_27_23_proThe #iamgb initiative gathered incredible stories of transformation from girls across the world – too many to include in one video. It aims to inspire girls, encourage GB leaders and demonstrate the value of Girls’ Brigade’s ministry.

Sharyn White- Senior says Because of brigade I have participated in more outer activities like singing, dancing and singing.

While senior girl Chamique Corbette said Because of brigade I have discovered, learned new things and now I see the world differently.

“Because of brigade I have become matured, which enables me to explore the world, be more adventurous and see what God has created” say Serina Laird who is also a seniorwp_20161011_16_08_17_pro

Brigadier Jahvine Henry while jumping from a tree said “Because of brigade I am fearless”.

Because of brigade I have a very high self-esteem. Shania Bryan – Senior

Because of brigade I am more willing. Brianna Benjamin – Junior

dsc_6955Because of brigade I am more confident due to the activities we have done. Keyanna Bryan – Junior

Because of brigade I have shown better and great attitude and have self-control. Dieudeline Dubreus – Junior

Because of brigade I am brave in all that I do. Karina Beni- Junior

Because of brigade I am able to speak out, get rid of my fears that help me with my attitude. Melvaleena Tuitt – Senior

Because of brigade I am more mature, I take care of the younger ones, I help to start brigade and I mark the register.  Mikila Gittens – Brigadier


Because of Girls’ brigade I have been more expose to God, and because of the many social activities that we have done my interactive skills with people have improve. Jameina St. Hill – Brigadier

Because of girls’ brigade it has helped me to improve my social skills and speaking and I am more outgoing. So far we have done activities which have helped me to interact with other girls and to learn new things. Tereese Weekes – Senior

Bailey (16) from GB New Zealand shares: ‘Because of GB, I feel both accepted and loved. I have been going to GB since I was 7 and grown up with most of the girls and leaders. Words can’t explain the feeling I get when the girls want to see me and hug me and share their week stories.’

GB is a safe place for girls to feel a sense of belonging and have fun as Wong Nok Ching (7) from GB Hong Kong explains: ‘Because of GB, I am happy.’ Leila-May (8) from Girls’ Brigade England & Wales also shares: ‘Because of GB, I have made lots of new friends.’

Girls are also encountering Jesus in new ways through local GB groups. ‘GB has made me into a new person and taught me more about God. I feel confident to tell people about God and what He, through the Girls’ Brigade, has done for me’ says Samantha from GB Jamaica.

In a world where girls are facing increasing levels of low self-esteem, Girls’ Brigade is helping girls discover confidence to overcome obstacles in cultures where being born a girl can be difficult.

Lisah from GB Papua New Guinea shares: ‘Before joining GB, I was a shy girl. Through GB, I’ve learned a lot of things and one of them is how to be confident.’ Chioma, a younger GB leader from Nigeria (where the Chibok girls, 6 of whom are GB members, remain missing), adds: ‘Because of GB, I am empowered, courageous and transformed.’

Here is a video of some of the local GB members:

The #iamgb video website is available on the GB International website ( and facebook page ( from 11 October 2016.

If you would like to find more about 1st Montserrat Girls’ Brigade Company, please contact         

Ms Milykhia McKenzie

 1664-493-2030/ 1664-393-3254

And Like our Facebook page

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