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Endurance- photo by spirit of Montserrat

MSS girls – Easter Monday Road Relay champs again, Endurance grabs male prize

The MSS school road relay teams stole the show one more time in the 2016 Easter Monday Road relay.

The school girls’ teams placed 1st and 3rd with MSS 1 winning in a time of 50mins 39secs taking the Prize money of $1500.

Endurance Girls copped 2nd with a time of 51mins 31secs and Prize money of $1250, while MSS 2 Girls got 3rd place with a time of 55mins 18secs and Prize money of $1000.

MSS Cadets Girls had entered a team but were unable to finish the race, whihle the Cadet boys team took the cellar position of 5th place in 1hr 50 mins 17 secs 

The Endurance Men team took 1st  in a time 1hr 34mins 16secs beating the previous best time 1h 35mins 9secs and earning themselves prize money of $1650.

There was a visiting hurricane Power Club girls team from Antigua which participated but did not compete. The team however set outperformed the local girls beating the previous 2015 records of 48mins 29secs set by MSS Girls by clocking 47mins 16secs.

Meanwhile the hurricane Power Club male team from Antigua came in a time of 1hr 42mins 45secs landing them in 4th position.

Final positions men teams:

5th MSS Cadets Boys – 1hr 50mins 17secs

4th Police & Community United 2 – 1h 48mins 20secs

3rd Police & Community United 1 – 1h 38mins 55secs (Prize money $1250)

2nd Fire Men – 1h 36mins 29secs (Prize money $1350)

1st Endurance in a time 1hr 34mins 16secs

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Orange House repeats as MSS Sports Champion

The Montserrat Secondary School sports was forced to be concluded over two Wednesdays in successive weeks because of unusual downpour of rain on the first Wednesday.

At the end of April 19, 2017, Orange House with secret, but intuitive leadership and the Victor Ludorum who in strong competition gathered 37 points, Orange House was the winner with 624 points. Blue House followed with, 601, with Green House and Red House tailing with 592 and 505 respectively.

A family of athletes over the years, Anisha Turner shone for blue House capturing the Victrix Ludorum title.

Blue house tugged away with winning the tug-o-war, sweeping March past and the house rally.

In netball, Orange house won the Tournament while Green House won the Basketball tournament.

Blue and Green vs Orange and Red. Each house gained 10 point after the final score was tied at 2-2.

Below is a tabulation of champions in the different classes

Class Names Points House
5 Dvaughny Browne 15 Blue
4 Sidney Mendes 19 Green
3 Jose Reynolds 20 Blue
2 De’shawn Wilkins  15 Orange
1 Kenneth Walcott 37 Orange
Class Names Points House
5 Anisha Turner 45 Blue
4 Shaina Abrigo 16 Green
3 Annakay Turner 25 Blue
2 Oriana Johnson 20 Red
1 Theonna Johnson 11 Orange

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Beauty Plus Salon now opens in full-service expansion

By Bennette Roach
Miss Dagriee Wilson of Brades, Montserrat, realised a dream come true when she cut the ribbon to her new home of Beauty Plus Salon on Brades main road, in Cudjoe Head, only yards away from where she operated for several years past. A dream that Bishop Melroy Meade who was the master of ceremonies at a brief dedication of the Salon, described from his “own experience”, “it’s been hard work and many sleepless nights…”
The opening event took place at 5.30p.m. on Monday, April 17, 2017 at Brades, where a small gathering witnessed Dagriee cut the ribbon to her building following a brief ceremony with family, colleagues, patrons, well-wishers and friends, who heard Bishop Meade say, “…welcome all of you and trust that this short ceremony would be one which would make some sense,” followed by prayers where he thanked God, “for your goodness, we thank you for your mercy, we thank you God for your blessings … we pray God for what will convene here this evening…”
Former Government Minister of Communications & Works, Charles Kirnon is a close neighbor of Dagriee, spoke next and said: “Dagriee Wilson, my next-door neighbor, my friend, while most people go into the Diaspora, there’s a saying that they go for self-betterment; I think Dagriee has proven just that.”
He too spoke of her hard work he has seen, “the hours she has worked night and day, for hard work kills no one, but it gains success. And what we have here today is product of that hard work,” he said, recalling when she started and how small it was and what she has grown it.
The former Minister concluded with a toast before which he shared: “She was a woman on a mission and I believe this is part of the accomplishment of that mission which does not end here I’m sure. The writer that says, “the heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight but they while their companions slept were toiling upward in the night,” he said is quite applicable to Dagriee Wilson. “I pray God that your continue to grow from strength to strength God Bless you.”
Before Fr Vyphius offered prayers of dedication, a longtime patron as she describes herself. Mrs. Cynthia Dyett offered congratulations to Dagriee “on the opening of this new establishment.” Suggesting, “Dagriee has been experiencing some different kinds of stress as a woman dealing with construction, but she has endured and we are now here to enjoy with her, her new environment.”

She continued: “Dagriee normally tries to give us the best customer care that she can and we should be proud as customers that she wants better for herself and for her customers. I know God would continue to bless her, bless you Dagriee,” adding, “…as you go forward with new progress will come new challenges – but I know with her dedication and her attitude for work, a hard worker… we’re looking forward to your service and we’re all looking forward to this new environment like you and I know we’ll enjoy it.”
Before Dagriee said thanks, Fr. Vyphius offered prayers of dedication. “…If we do our work well whatever it may be and offer it to God we purify ourselves and through the labor of our own hands and minds we build up Gods creation. Our work enables us to practice charity and to help the less fortunate… Let us bless the Lord and pray that he will shower his blessings on all those who work in this place,” he prayed.
Following his blessing and sprinkling of the building, Fr. Vyphius declared the building open, upon which the Salon owner cut the ribbon circling the front doors.
Originally from Guyana, Miss Wilson who told TMR she first arrived in Montserrat in 1999 and immediately began providing hair care styling and products, recalls while giving thanks to Mrs. Nadine Tuitt a long standing and still operating hairdresser in Manjack, for her encouragement and support.
The Salon operative owner upon cutting the ribbon said thanks to those who joined with her at the ceremony. She was brief, undoubtedly anxious to show off the inside of her full-service salon said, “I would like to say thank you to everybody that is here, thank you to all my loyal customers over the years, new customers, well wishers, persons who give me kind words encouragement. Thank you to everybody for being here thank you,” as she led the way to what you can see a sample of in the photos here.

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social media

Government warns of fake social media pages of Prime Minister and other officials

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti, Apr 10, CMC – The Haitian government has called for an “appropriate investigations” after fake social media websites naming Prime Minister Dr. Jack Guy Lafontant and the President of the Superior Council of the National Police (CSPN) have gone into circulation here.

social media“The creation of false accounts on social networks, using names and photos of people to circulate malicious messages, is a transnational crime,” according to a statement issued by the Office of the Prime Minister.

It said that the posts on social media contain the “full name, as well as photographs of the archives of the Prime Minister, Dr. Jack Guy Lafontant, also President of the Superior Council of the National Police (CSPN)”.

Prime Minister Lafontant has called on the technical and competent authorities “to carry out appropriate investigations to identify counterfeiters and to deal with them with the utmost rigor”.

He reminded users that his official account on the social media, including Facebook, “is doubly authenticated by the username “@jglafontant”, as well as by his name Jack Guy Lafontant checked-by a “V” of blue colour”.

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Think now about St. Patrick’s Day week of activities, to make it count

Think now about St. Patrick’s Day week of activities, to make it count

We did not publish a newspaper on March 17, 2017, which date would not have been used, the day being the St. Patrick’s Day holiday, declared some 32 years ago in 1985. But it is a wonder how many would know the reason for the non-publication. And the truth perhaps, who cares!

However, if we did publish, the news would have certainly concentrated on the events of the week; the events of festivities and celebrations, the events staged for entertainment, most of which were cause of annoyance for a few who continue to ponder and question, some even including the Catholics who remember the real reason the day is remembered or commemorated, it being the feast day of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of the church parish in Montserrat.

And yes, the questions and ponderings that made up the failed UWI local campus St. Patrick’s Day Lecture, now a fixture on the week of activities calendar, and easily, outside a couple rerouted events, the only disappointment perhaps, for the week.

From here that failure should have served as instructive to existence in Montserrat, instead of being so very badly misrepresented as far as the early and continued willingness to blame conveniently the wrong people for a sequence of events that should probably not have begun as far the nonperformance of the Lecture. (See the facts in the front-page story in this issue from the eventual main players) The topic of that Lecture: “St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations in Montserrat: Cultural Development or Cultural Irresponsibility.”

Thus we remember, but can the question be understood, asked 17 years ago by C. Kirnon in an article: “Have we joined forces and fought for the common good of all? Or do we just portray St. Patrick’s Day Heroism by delivering speeches, writing books and poems, and perhaps staging skits and plays?”

There were several other thoughts expressed and questions asked in the article, and we highlight once again, the beginning of the article, for the time being.

This was in 2000. “It is now 232 years since the 1768 planned slave revolt in Montserrat. As background let me remind you the readers that on the 17th of March 1768, the slaves on Montserrat decided to overthrow their masters and thus gain their freedom. Remember they were not treated as equals but rather like beasts of burden. They were forced to work for long hours and were beaten if they tried to rest.”

There were all kinds of expressions, yes freedom of expression at work, but it is our suggestion, that when that is exercised we should seek always to do so on a sound foundation and with good purpose.

A sentiment expressed somewhere: “Members of the public who were in attendance and others who were waiting to view via live stream said the cancellation of the lecture based on government interference was blatant censorship and felt like a modern day 1768 betrayal.” Opinion? Maybe, expressed too early, to be kind.

Here is someone’s description which may just be a part of or maybe just an expression of an incomplete take on what is a commemoration rather than celebration. “Montserrat celebrates St. Patrick’s Day not primarily to honour its Irish heritage but to remember the nine slaves killed after a failed uprising on March 17, 1768. It is believed that a fellow slave chose to sell out the group who planned to fight for their freedom while the slave owners were celebrating.”

For the coming 250th year of the slaves uprising, beginning with the topic of the lecture that was never delivered, its contents may serve a good spring board to operate from to put all the facts and opinions together, to truly once and for all get an understanding of what it is that is commemorated and/or celebrated.

Whatever is done must take on board what was said in that article in 2000. “I am not for one minute saying that we have not had our heroic moments, for we have. Over the years we have had marches, demonstrations, strikes, enacting of Legislation to protect our basic human rights and freedoms. For instance, the right to rote, freedom of speech, freedom of association, the right to own land and other property.

The sad thing is that this cowardly, undermining and, betrayal attitude, that was evidenced back in 1768, has transcended time and generations. Today it permeates our society like a cancer…”


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St. Patrick’s Festival gets on the way tonight at the Heritage Village

St. Patrick’s Festival gets on the way tonight at the Heritage Village

By Bennette Roach

The St. Patrick’s week of activities will kick off tonight, after Market Day, with the continued promise of the Festival Committee, that it will continue to celebrate and preserve the islands unique cultural heritage.

There will be National Service at the Lookout Roman Catholic Church remembering St. Patrick its patron Saint after whom the church is named.

It is a packed week of events to include, such as the calypso soca monarch competition will form part of the festivities, so too will be the Junior calypso competition as well beauty pageants show.

National Awareness Day, Business Development Expo Day. Then on St. Patrick’s Day, 17th – in one day – Jump Up at 5:00 a.m. (Kaution Band), Freedom Run & Walk from Cudjoe Head to MSS; Breakfast at Salem Centre; the Heritage Feast from 12:00 noon; Salem Village Parade; a Cultural Show at Heritage Village, Salem; String Band, Onyan & 3-Cylinder; GRAND RAFFLE – “BMW”; St. Patrick’s Day Lecture and more. (See the Calendar in this issue and widely circulated. (Dress in National Colours)

Justin Hero Cassell who has worked with this Festival for many years gone to now said, “It’s a sort of Irish Montserrat Afro Caribbean culture; I think that we have not lost that, we still maintain some of the traditional things.”

He was speaking in face of criticisms over the years, that the Festival is without meaning, or has lost its reason for the celebrities. “We can’t live in the past! The world evolves and we have to move with it. St. Patrick’s is now a mammoth festival. So to kill that criticism it has grown from a ‘handful’ of persons to way over three, four thousand people in Salem…”

Much is said of the beginnings of the Festival and the holiday; how it evolved and grew to what it has become today; how perhaps it is misused and marketed for economic benefit to the island. Some of the arguments deserve discussion, but some attempt should also be made to get the facts first into perspective.

Have they even got close as to how the day got noticed, as it began out of the Roman Catholic annual celebration of the church on Montserrat’s patron saint St. Patrick? Even when they quote Sir Howard’s historical account, there is little mention of that important fact.

The controversy is usually centered around the ‘Irish connection/Irish heritage) and the African/slave heritage and the March 17, 1768 slave uprising.

But, why the celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day? It is gradually losing its origin – the feast day of St. Patrick; and we hear less and less of: “the Irish people exiled by Cromwell, and African slaves who arrived on Montserrat…… the failed slave uprising on March 171768,” which led to the celebration of St Patrick’s Day.

All of these happenings from nearly three centuries ago were from corruptible minds and acts to those who ratted on those seeking freedom, stolen from them. The history of what went on then does not make good reading, but should be taught and discussed.

All can learn the root of the sufferings. Remember those behind it all are today at the head of it all. Even when it appears that action is being taken to repair the damage, those actions are just as corrupt.

When the celebrations take place it should be noted who St. Patrick was and what he stood for. Montserrat was colonised by the British and Irish in 1632. France later held it briefly, but from 1783 it remained British. Its colonial economy was based on cotton and sugar plantations that used African slave labour, and the story goes on.

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Guyana flags

Guyana celebrating Mashramani


GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Feb 23, CMC – Guyana is marking the 47th anniversary of republican status with President David Granger saying it provides an opportunity to “celebrate the uniqueness of our nationhood”.

Addressing the flag raising ceremony at D’urban Park, Granger paid tribute to early inhabitants of the country whom he said “have welded our country, irreversibly, into a plural society.

“The Republic guaranteed greater cultural freedom, encouraged diverse beliefs, respected differences of creed, culture, race or religion and entrenched constitutional protection to proscribe discrimination.

Guyana flags“The Republic started the task of shaping a society that was culturally plural by promoting the unhindered celebration of the Christian, Islamic and the Hindu festivals. The Republic aspired to ensure that we would live together in harmony free from racial and religious conflict,” he added.

Granger said Guyana is committed to eliminating extreme poverty, eradicating inequalities; expanding the space for cultural diversity and enhancing the sense of national belonging.

He said the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country is becoming a more socially cohesive country, working “towards the well-being of all its members, fights exclusion and marginalisation, creates a sense of belonging [and] promotes trust.

“Guyana’s various cultural threads have been interwoven into the tapestry of nationhood. We celebrate, today, our republicanism and our pluralism. We have achieved unity by our diversity.”

In his address, President Granger highlighted the contributions of East Indians to the country’s development as they also celebrate the 100th anniversary of their arrival here as indentured servants.

He said said 2017 is an opportunity for Guyana to celebrate the contributions of the Indian community and credited the almost 240,000 Indians, who were transported to then British Guiana from 1838 to work mainly on sugar plantations, with contributing to the cultural and economic development of Guyana.

“Most of the indentured immigrants remained to make our country their home at the end of their contracts of service. They invigorated our cultural life with devotional festivals, colourful dress, tasty foods, vivacious dance, vibrant music, two great world religions – Hinduism and Islam – and other cultural retentions.

“Indian indentured immigration reshaped our economic landscape by making an indelible mark on the cattle, coconut, fishing, rice and sugar industries. The Indian impact is visible on every aspect of national life – the arts, business, diplomacy, education, engineering, industry, jewellery, law, media, medicine, politics, the public service and trade unionism,” he said.

President Granger said Guyana’s 47th anniversary as a republic “is a happy occasion to celebrate the uniqueness of our nationhood” intensified efforts to unite the descendants of fore-parents who were brought to these shores, either as enslaved workers or indentured labourers, to toil on the plantations.

“Independence reminded us, also, that it was their struggles – their resistance, revolts and riots on the plantations – which helped to make their descendants a free people and to make this country a free state.

“The establishment of the Cooperative Republic on 23rd February 1970 intensified our efforts to unite our peoples into a plural nation under the inspirational motto – ‘One people, One nation, One destiny’,” he said.

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St. Vincent singer dropped from finals of Calypso Monarch finals

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Feb 22, CMC – The Trinidad and Tobago Unified ­Calypso Association (TUCO), apparently bowing to a threat of legal action by a disgruntled calypsonian has removed the St. Vincent-born singer Lornette “Fya Empress” Nedd Reid from the Calypso Monarch finals scheduled for the Queen’s Park Oval on Sunday night.

Attorney Gerald Ramdeen said that his client, Lynette “Lady Gypsy” Steele will now participate in the finals as Trinidad and Tobago celebrates the annual Carnival celebrations.

Carnival2017Ramdeen had earlier sent a pre-­action protocol letter to TUCO, giving it 24 hours to respond and which could have led to an injunction being sought in the High Court preventing Nedd Reid from performing in the finals.

In the pre-action protocol letter, Ramdeen had called for the immediate disqualification of Nedd Reid, who he argued did not fit the nationality criteria to perform at the competition.

“The nationality criteria for a competition such as the National Calypso Monarch Competition is a requirement that is grounded in logic and reasonableness having regard to the status and nationalistic persona of the person holding that title,” Ramdeen said, adding the “rules of the competition could not have been made to be honoured in breach”.

Steele, who contested the semi-finals last Saturday, placed 16th with a total of 389 points and Ramdeen, in his letter to TUCO, said Steele secured the same score as Anthony “All Rounder” Hendrickson who placed 15th.

Ramdeen said there was no explanation from TUCO as to how All Rounder – with the same score – ranked above Lady Gypsy who placed 16th.

This is not the first time that Nedd Reid has competed here, reaching as far as the semi-finals in previous TUCO administered competitions.

Media reports said that she had also won a calypso queen competition.

Steele, the sister of former culture minister, Winston “Gypsy” Peters, who is also a finalist in the competition, will face six former calypso monarchs in the Dimanche Gras finals.

According to the line-up, the six former monarchs are Winston “Cro Cro” Rawling, former culture minister, Winton ’Gypsy’ Peters, Dr. Hollis Liverpool (Chalkdust), Kurt Allen, Karene Asche and Chucky.

Allen’s tune “Forking Up Meh Corn Tree” is a double-entendre political ­commentary, while Chalkdust’s tune “Learn From Arithmetic” addressed the issue of child marriage.
Cro Cro in his tune, “Final Send-Off,” paid tribute to the late former prime minister Patrick Manning who died last year.

The other finalists are Queen Victoria, Terri Lyons, Sasha Ann Moses, Rondell Donowa, Miguella Simon , Lady Adanna,  Heather McIntosh and All Rounder.

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Six former monarchs in finals of Calypso Monarch competition

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Feb 20, CMC – Six former calypso monarchs are included in 15 finalists named for the Dimanche Gras finals following the semi-finals held at the Skinner Park in Arima, east of here over the weekend.

The finals will be held at the Queen’s Park Savannah in the capital on Sunday.

Carnival2017According to the line-up, the six former monarchs are Winston “Cro Cro” Rawling, former culture minister, Winton ’Gypsy’ Peters, Dr. Hollis Liverpool (Chalkdust), Kurt Allen, Karene Asche and Chucky.

Allen’s tune “Forking Up Meh Corn Tree” is a double-entendre political ­commentary, while Chalkdust’s tune “Learn From Arithmetic” addressed the issue of child marriage.
Cro Cro in his tune, “Final Send-Off,” paid tribute to the late former prime minister Patrick Manning who died last year.

The other finalists are Queen Victoria, Terri Lyons, Sasha Ann Moses, Rondell Donowa, Miguella Simon , Lady Adanna, Fya Empress, Heather McIntosh and All Rounder.

Unlike previous years, when the Monarch received a first prize of one million TT dollars (One TT dollar =US$0.16 cents) the prizes this year have been cut by at least 50 per cent and singers willnot have to perform one song rather than two songs as in the past.

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Wow cover

Shamracq with a new one ‘WOW’

Montserrat based Jamaican born artist Shamracq told us on Tuesday this week, January 31, 2017, “Hard work brings rewards. I have no intention to complain about the many challenges I face being an artist. I am passionate about my music, very optimistic about my new single called “WOW” which was released in Antigua last week”. 

Shamracq says, Sun FM DJ CJ in Antigua, says ‘it’s a must play for him’ after premiering it and his show last Friday with over eight pull ups to show how much he loved this new track. ABS radio radio hosts Lady Alley and Ibis, also lovers of the WOW track and encourage him to return with the music video which he said will premiere on Hype TV in Jamaica in February, next month.

The single is the official song for WOW dance which was created by Jamaican award winning dance group Smooth Skankaz. This song featured an intro from Boom Boom sceneries from dancers in Europe, Jamaica and Antigua and BMX stunt from Glo Rider.

This project was a collaborated effort between Shamo Production and Oh So Good Promotion (OSG). “I have signed a management deal with Oh So Good Promotions in Antigua. I am now confident that I will be doing some more shows in the near future.”

Shamracq will continue to work with producer DJ Tula, but he already started to record with producers affiliated with OSG.

Shamracq is known for hits like Got this feeling, Come Wine Up Pon Me and Whats The Issue is a single which gave him ‘video of the week’ in 2016 on the Caribbean International Network (CIN)TV which broadcasts in the Tri-State area in North America.

You can find him on youtube, facebook, IG, Twitter, Soundcloud @Shamracq

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