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Photo of drug field at Dick Hill

RMPS with Mounts Bay aid destroy drug fields

RMPS with Mounts Bay discovery, but premature revelation destroy marijuana fields

Photo of drug field at Dick Hill

RFA Mounts Bay

There have been at least two occasions as recent as May this year the Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) reported hauls of, and convictions for possession of cannabis sativa (marijuana) in different locations of Montserrat.


Prior to that and since they RMPS has been involved in the destruction of fields of marijuana plants also in various locations on the Island. Often these fields have been sought out by helicopter from visiting UK RFA navy ships.

Often reports of these activities come after the police have carried out surveillance in an attempt at discovering who the owners are of the productions, even after the ships’ captain had revealed their find to the relevant officials and the press on island.

Mounts Bay helicopter

But over the past weekend following the visit of the RFA Mounts Bay between August 7-10, a reconnaissance mission by a Wildcat (helicopter) crew during the visit of the Naval support ship, carried out over the tiny island, found nine suspected illegal drugs plantations on the island. Such reconnaissance have taken place before with finds in other areas such as duck pond and other areas on the unoccupied eastern side of the island.

C O, Captain Chris Clarke

The Watch British Forces News reported this news on the Forces Network on August 8.

This particular plantation was situated near Dick Hill in the still-inhabited part of the island, and will now be destroyed by the authorities.

However the news of this wildcat went virtually viral to the ire of the RMPS whose acting commissioner, Deputy Charles Thompson said, “mind I was rather surprised that this information was released.”

Thompson said the untimely publication of the discovery by the RFA Mounts Bay seriously compromised their efforts.

“…it meant that as a police service we would have had to change some of our previous plans that we would have to deal with these cultivations,” he said, commenting that this is in terms of what would have transpired since that.

He reported today, that “a number of our officers were able to go into some of the areas and they were able to uproot a total of 971 plants, many of which were several feet tall,” adding specifically that, “from the posting of RFA Mounts Bay story, there was a picture of a cultivation,” which he said, “was one of the cultivations that we would have uprooted today.”

Deputy Commissioner of Police Charles Thompson

The Ag. Commissioner said: “I think the fact that information was released into the public domain rather prematurely, placed a significant amount of risks not only to the police officers who are going out there to address these illegal activities…” But he added that the RMPS will take measures to avoid a recurrence, considering that communication is, “mainly done through the Governor’s Office with the RFA Mounts.”

“Clearly there has to be some discussions with the Office of the Governor because it is through that channel,” Thomson said, noting, “information would have already been communicated to the appropriate persons so that they see that we are seeking that no further reoccurrence of this takes place.”

On Labour Day, May 1, 2017 during the annual clean up exercise a total of 52 marijuana plants were discovered in the Davy Hill district. The plants were approximately 7’’ inches tall. No one was arrested in connection of the findings.

This caused Acting Commissioner Charles Thompson to encourage other members of the public to step forward and continue to provide officers with information, “as together we can make a difference.” The said plants recovered were to be destroyed in the presence of a Magistrate at a later date.

Following that, on May 10, 2017Acting Commissioner Charles Thompson has confirmed that RMPS officers recorded another successful drug eradication mountain patrol in the Barzeys area. Officers uprooted two fields – first consisting of 1125 Marijuana plants ranging from a few inches to as tall as seven feet; while the second field produced 314 plants.

The RMPS commended the effort because the Community and the Police by identifying criminal activities and seeking the assistance of the Police Department in addressing criminal activities. This time the said plants were destroyed on site due to the terrain.

During the previous visit of an RFA navy ship, the captain had made a similar reporting of sites of cultivated fields in Centre Hills which the police had eventually destroyed.

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Government will to give second chance to young people if they move away from crime

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts, Aug 4, CMC – Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris says his administration is willing to provide a second opportunity to young people to move away from a life of crime and was guaranteeing them a job should they do so.

Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris

“If there is any young person out there involved now in illegal activity, particularly in relation to guns, and they want to make a turn, I would guarantee them, I repeat, I am guaranteeing them a job if they are seriously committed to turn away from the life of crime,” Harris told reporters.

He said “that is the solemn guarantee I make” adding “I would guarantee you a job that you could at least earn a weekly wage if you are serious about making the turn for the better.

“The country deserves fewer criminals than we have on the streets and the cost of maintenance of the peace and security requires us to be open-minded and to even think outside the box if we are to nip this situation in the bud.”

Harris, who is also National Security Minister, said there are career opportunities available in St. Kitts and Nevis for young people, particularly school leavers, in the area of law enforcement.

 “Being in the Police Force is not just about carrying a baton, it’s not just about standing at some beat; it is also about learning a diversified array of life skills that could put you in good stead for life.

“The career paths in terms of policing now are so diverse. So for example, as we are building out our [Closed-Circuit Television] CCTV programme we need young men with knowledge in ICT to be part of that particular programme.

“As we are developing our forensic department, we need young people with expertise and experience in forensics, so there is a wide range. As we are talking about building and reorganizing our Traffic Department, there is room even in administration,” Prime Minister Harris said.

The twin-island Federation has been rocked by brazen criminal activities including murder in recent months and Harris said that as his administration moves to implement policies aimed at curbing these activities, job opportunities were also being made available to the unemployed.

“The Customs Department has a regular training programme for recruits and we want to build on that cadre of persons and so we are welcoming and encouraging people to get involved. We want our parents not to have their children at home being idle doing nothing when work is going a-begging in the country,” he told reporters.

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Guyana fire M

Guyana prison on fire, one prison officer dies

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Jul 9, CMC – The Guyana government Sunday night sought to assure citizens that the situation at the country’s main prison in the capital was under control and that inmates from the burnt facility were being transferred to other institutions across the country.

Prison officials confirmed that six prison officers were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC) where prison warden, Odinga Wickham, succumbed to gunshot wounds, two are in critical condition and three are stable.

Guyana fire M“As we speak a joint and entire search of the facility was being conducted to ensure that all persons have been removed from the prison,” said the Director of Prisons, Gladwin Samuels, adding that he had not received any reports of any prisoners dying.

Samuels said that of Sunday, the prison accommodated 1,018 prisoners.  Sixteen months ago, 17 prisoners died at the same facility following a fire there.

The police have issued wanted bulletins for two prisoners who escaped following the fire at the Camp Street facility saying they are wanted for murder and escaping from lawful custody.

They hve named the two as Uree Varswyke aka Malcolm Gordon and Mark Royden Durant aka Royden Williams C/D “Smallie”.

President David Granger urged citizens to practice safety and precautionary measures and that law enforcement officers are working along with members of the joint services to recapture those who have escaped custody.

 “Well the government is acting quickly to ensure that the prisoners are caught but more important, that those prisoners who were previously accommodated at the Georgetown prison are kept in a secure place and this is our task overnight on this Sunday night and by Monday morning they will be in secure accommodation so Guyanese will be assured that there are not going to be prisoners roaming all about the city or the countryside.

 “Troops were deployed from the Guyana Defense Force, special police were deployed from the Guyana Police Force, the fire service was deployed and of course the prison service responded immediately so there was immediate response from all four of those services.” President Granger explained.

The President said that it is hoped that within the next 24-36 hours all prisoners formerly held at the Georgetown Prison will be relocated. These prisons include The Lusignan Prison, Timehri Prison and the Mazaruni Prison.

Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan, told a late night news conference that the prisoners will be secured for the next 48 hours at the Lusignan prison, while efforts intensify to locate those prisoners on the run.

“We are in the process of providing the necessary things to make them comfortable and make arrangements for them to be placed in other prisons around Georgetown. We are getting some tents and extra lighting in Lusignan, it’s a closed off area.”

He said that simple measures were also implemented such as installing more closed circuit television security systems which led to prisoner officers being caught colluding with prisoners on previous occasions.

 “A lot of them for possession for narcotics and they have served some time. There is an early and a late release date, but if you have good behaviour you can have remissions from me….We have to ask the Chancellor to start the process of going to prisons to do situational analysts to see how many remands are there and if their (prisoners) families can pay their bails.”

The Minister assured that the Camp Street prison will be rehabilitated as soon as possible with additional staffing and full capacity.

Director of Prisons, Gladwin Samuels said that the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were activated at the prisons as the events unfolded.

He said he had received two phone calls on Sunday afternoon informing him of the fire and that a prison officer was taken hostage and there were reports of gun shots being fired.

The sections which are referred to as the ‘wooden prison’ at the corner of the Durban and John Street, and Prison Chapel at the corner of Bent and John Street, were on fire. The incident started at the two locations simultaneously.

Samuels said that from “his perspective the two wooden buildings were completely gutted and prison sports club that was been used as a holding area was set on fire and destroyed.

“The Fire Service was there but the fire quickly spread to other buildings, which the assistance of other agencies, we immediately activated the Evacuation Procedure whereby the brought prisoners to a safe area outside, all of the prisoners that they have access to and that were readily available”.

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Knights disappearing from Montserrat, extradited from the US to serve jail time

On  June 27, 2017 Sean Knights a Guyanese national who had been living in Montserrat appeared before High Court charged on two counts count rape, and unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, the offenses having occurred in 2013.

High Court Judge, Justice QC Ian Morley sentenced Knights to a total of five and a half years in prison, two days later in presence of a selected nine-member jury. Knights was represented by Attorney Lawrence Daniel while the prosecution team comprised Acting Director of Public Prosecution Kenroy Hyman and the Kristen Taylor-Hilton.

Knight’s who had pleaded not guilty to both counts, during cross-examination of the prosecution’s first witness, deliberated his attorney and Mr. Daniel who then made an application to the court where the second indictment was read over to Knights who then pleaded guilty to the charge.

AS a result of acting Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Hyman offered no evidence in relation to the first count.

But, before passing sentence Justice Morley was advised that there was another pending matter involving Mr. Knights where he was given a suspended sentence on a wounding charge in 2013 by Justice Gilford. Acting DPP Hyman revealed that the sentence was breached as Knights did not adhere to the directives given by Justice Gilford and during the period September to October 2013 Knights left the territory without permission as such he had to be resentenced.

Knights was subsequently located in the United States where he was held in prison for a period of seven months before being extradited to Montserrat on January 11 this year, he was remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison since. In passing sentence Justice Morley, having listened to the facts of the wounding matter and the mitigation presented by Mr Daniel passed the following judgment; For outstanding wounding charge – three years imprisonment, unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor – three years imprisonment, both to run concurrently.

Justice Morley in sentencing said he took into account the time spent in custody in the United States into consideration, and awarded a reduction in the sentence from six years to five and a half years.

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Mum poses as own daughter to catch paedophile luring her on Facebook

Stranger asks who he believes is a schoolgirl to sit on her bed and say ‘I’ve been a very bad girl’ 


The Independent Online


A mother posed as her own 13-year-old daughter to catch out a man trying to lure the teenager into playing “sex and slave” games. 

Kelly Carberry became worried when she spotted a message on her daughter’s Facebook account saying “do you promise to keep your mouth closed about what is said on here”.

The mother, who said she had decided to check her daughter Chloe-Marie’s account for the first time, went along with the conversation to find out what the stranger wanted from the schoolgirl.

Believing he was chatting to the 13-year-old, the man said she could not tell anyone about the conversation. 

“What is said on here stays in here only and you cannot tell anyone else ok. Do you understand?” he wrote. 

Playing her part, Ms Carberry replied that she did understand. 

Then the man asked her if she was in her bedroom on her own and added “so we can play a game do you like games?”.

“Love them,” the mum replied.

The man then asked her to lock the door, sit on her bed and “say hi master”. 

“Say I’ve been a very bad girl,” he added. 


(Mercury Press and Media Ltd)
(Mercury Press and Media Ltd)

At that point, Ms Carberry, from Preston, Lancashire, revealed her identity asking the man “what do you think you are doing with all these young girls on your Facebook”. 

The mother said the Facebook user reportedly deleted two of his accounts following the conversation but she believed he had at least three.

The incident was reported to Lancashire Police and a spokesman confirmed an investigation was ongoing. 

Ms Carberry decided to go online to warn other parents about the man, who was trying to lure her daughter.  She said she received a number of messages from concerned parents, which led her to believe the man had been trying to contact young girls across the North West of England. 

Ms Carberry said the account used to lure her daughter had a description which read: “I am Jess, a 31-year-old transgender female and I only speaks to girls”. 

She said she would now check her daughter’s social media accounts.

“It’s just what I have got to do as a parent to make sure they’re safe but it’s a difficult thing when she’s 13,” she said. 

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Man beaten to death for refusing to stop watching sex act by three people

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Jun 27, CMC – Guyana police have detained three people, including a woman, who are accused of beating a man to death on Monday after he refused to stop gazing at their three-some sex act.

crimmeeA police statement said that the three were engaged in a sex act at a beach in Bartica during the early hours of Monday when they realised they were being watched by the man.

The man, whose name was given only as “Radika”, reportedly refused to leave the area resulting in the three people allegedly assaulting him.

An eyewitness called the police who arrested the three lovers and also rushed the man to hospital.

But he died while undergoing treatment.

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court rul

Teenager among four to stand trial for murder

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Jun 28, CMC – A 13-year-old girl and her sister who claimed that they were verbally, physically and sexually abused by their 64-year-old father, have been committed to stand trial for his murder.

court rulThe two girls were among four persons who have been committed to stand trial in the death of Roger Manikram, a pensioner, on April 3, 2016 at Coldingen Railway Embankment.

Magistrate Alisha George Tuesday committed the 13-year-old, her 19-year-old sister Nalini Manikram, as well as 22-year-old Veeran Dias Lall, and 24-year-old taxi driver, Devon Browne following the end of the preliminary Inquiry, which was conducted in camera.

In 2016, that the media here had reported that the body of the 64-year-old man had been wrapped in construction plastic and dumped it on the Railway Embankment at Coldingen after he had been killed in the kitchen at his home.

The girls had initially claimed that they were verbally and physically abused by the man and also later claimed that they were also sexually assaulted by him.

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Police expect arrest soon in the importation of illegal arms and ammunition

ROSEAU, Dominica, Jun 28, CMC – The Dominica police say United States investigators are making “tremendous progress” in the investigation into the illegal export of firearms and ammunition to the island in 2016.

Police Commissioner Daniel Carbon is quoted by the Dominica-based on line publication, Dominica NewsONLINE as saying that the investigations into the firearms and ammunition found in a barrel at Wood Bridge Bay on September 30, 2016, were far advanced.

Commissioner Daniel Carbon (File Photo)

“Investigation is in the US. I have provided them with all the necessary cooperation that I could. They visited me, I had dialogue with them in my office and the investigation is well in the hands of the US and they are making tremendous progress,” Carbon is quoted in the online publication.

He said he has also given the US investigators the assurance that those involved in the matter will soon be brought to justice.

“I can guarantee very shortly, based on my dialogue with the US and communication with the US, that the US is well on their way to ensure that the people who shipped the barrel and those who it was intended for in Dominica face justice.

“The US will take a particular course of action in that, they have already instituted a course of action in that.”

The illegal arms and ammunition originated from the United States and National Security Minister Rayburn Blackmoore had described the discovery as a major security threat.

Police said they had seized five Taurus pistols, one Teltec Pistol, five Taurus Revolvers and one Rossi Revolver as well as a nine million volt stun gun was also seized.

They also found 180 rounds of 7.62 ammunition, 250 rounds of 9-mm ammunition, 300 rounds of .38 ammunition and 100 rounds of .357 ammunition were seized. Additionally, three magazines of sub-machine gun rounds – one seven round, one 12 round, and one 29 round were discovered in the barrel.

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JDF Coast Guard

Dominican Republic nationals nabbed with cocaine in Caribbean Sea

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, Jun. 29, CMC – The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency says its Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) special agents, working jointly with officers of the Caribbean Corridor Strike Force (CCSF) have arrested three nationals of the Dominican Republic while attempting to smuggle 151 kilograms of cocaine into the United States.

JDF Coast GuardIn its report on Wednesday, the ICE said the contraband has an estimated street value of US$3.7 million.

It’s reported that on Monday, a US Coast Guard maritime patrol aircraft detected a 25-foot boat traveling southbound without navigation lights about 22 nautical miles north of Loiza, Puerto Rico.

On approach by the Coast Guard, ICE said the crew of the vessel “jettisoned five large bales and continued south at high speed until it stopped approximately six nautical miles north of Loiza.”

“The Coast Guard and PRPD seized and salvaged the vessel, took custody of the crew and recovered the jettisoned bales consisting of 128 bricks of cocaine and two roll-shaped objects, which tested positive for heroin,” ICE said.

US Magistrate Bruce McGiverin authorized a complaint charging the three Dominican nationals with “possession and importation of a controlled substance and failure to heave.”

The Dominicans had their initial hearing before the magistrate on Tuesday and were transferred to the Guaynabo Metropolitan Detention Center awaiting the outcome of their case.

They face a term of 10 years to life in prison for the narcotics violations.

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court rul

Former prosecutor jailed for 17 years

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Jun 28, CMC – A former police prosecutor has been jailed for 17 years with hard labour after he was found guilty of raping a then 17-year-old girl who had gone to the police station to make a report 16 years ago.

Justice Althea Alexis-Windsor, sitting in the San Fernando Second Criminal Court, south of here, Wednesday, said aggravating factors in the case against Harry Ramlochan were that the accused was a person of trust being a police prosecutor and acting sergeant and there was a level of vulnerability as the girl and her mother had gone to make a report about domestic violence.

court rulThe judge said she considered the convict’s age and child’s age at the time of the attack, and the fact that it was her first sexual encounter.

Prosecutor Sabrina Dougdeen-Jaglal  had told the court  attack had severely scarred the victim for the rest of her life, saying she hoped that through her resilience, the victim will be able to overcome the effects of the incident.

Jurors took 90 minutes to find Ramlochan, who was 50 years old at the time of the crime, guilty of the offence after a month long trial.

The woman told the court that on Saturday May 5, 2001 she went with her mother to the San Fernando police station to make a report that her mother had been beaten by a relative.

Ramlochan took the mother inside to make the report and then said he wanted to take a statement from her daughter. Her mother advised her to go with him.

In her evidence the victim said that Ramlochan took her to a dormitory where he asked her if she had ever had sex. She told him she was waiting until marriage.

She said Ramlochan then tried to hug and kiss her and left the station, and on his return offered her a drink of rum but she also refused. She also refused the money Ramlochan offered her when he took her to the Courts and Process Office.

The court heard the police officer became upset and closed the door and pushed her against a cabinet and forcefully kissed her and bit her lips. He then pushed her against a wall and pulled down her pants and underwear. He pushed her on a sponge on the ground where he raped her.

But in his defence, Ramlochan denied having sex with the then 17-year-old. He said that on the day she came to the police station she insisted that he arrest her father.

He said when she arrived at the station, her lip was already swollen and she held a towel over her mouth. He said she told him that while her father was beating her mother, he slapped her on her mouth. He said he changed the money to give to the then teen because he felt sorry for her after she told him her father never gave them money.

In his plea for mitigation attorney Chris Ramlal urged the judge to consider his client’s age, that he had an unblemished disciplinary record since he joined the police service in 1972.

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The Montserrat Reporter - August 18, 2017