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Short Courses Offered by The UWI Open Campus

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ECCU Social Security Systems Are Key to National Development

from ECCB Connects…

  • March 21, 2022

The role of Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) Social Security Systems is critical to national

Speaking on the second of a two-part interview, recently Retired Director of the Anguilla Social Security Board, Dr. Timothy Hodge, and Acting Deputy Director Research Department, ECCB, Shernnel Thompson, discuss the roles of social security systems; some of the challenges the systems are facing; and steps that can be taken to protect and preserve these important systems.

Dr Hodge says that over the years, social security systems have provided a much stronger and bigger framework to prevent social chaos by removing the likelihood of persons who may end up as wards of the State. He adds that the social safety net provided by the region’s social security systems allows people to retire with some sense of dignity. In addition, Dr. Hodge says that the fund provides an avenue for investment when loaned to governments in the form of bills and bonds. Hence, he concludes that social security systems are often aligned with the ECCU governments’ development agenda.

Speaking from a central-banking perspective, Thompson notes that social security systems comprise one of the largest depositories of commercial banks. Hence it is important for close monitoring of these systems, given their link to the health and stability of the financial sector.

Dr. Hodge reiterates that, in the face of major challenges like the economic crisis of 2008, Hurricane Irma, and the COVID-19 pandemic, social security systems must remain strong, robust, and sustainable. He calls on the citizens of the ECCU to demand good governance, proper legislation, management, and compliance to ensure these systems continue to function effectively.

For the full discussion on the ECCU Social Security Systems, view ECCB Connects on the ECCB Connects YouTube channel and Facebook page.

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Antigua and Barbuda PM Browne secures third term in general elections

For a third consecutive term, the Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party, headed by Gaston Browne, has been re-elected into office in what was a very competitive general election.

Although the ABLP claimed election victory and a number of its stalwarts held on to their seats, the party suffered several losses too.

Antigua & Barbuda prime minister, Gaston Browne. (GP) – FP

The ABLP claimed nine seats in total, a downward shift down from its former 15.

The Barbuda People’s Movement retained the one seat that it had held for two terms and the independent candidate for St Peter, Asot Michael, won his seat.

Meanwhile, Asot Michael, who was ousted from the ABLP party amid a bitter fallout with leaders, claimed 2,137 votes against ABLP candidate Rawdon Turner who received 899.

The UPP’s Tevaughn Harriette got 541 and the DNA’s Chaneil Imhoff claimed 29.

Incoming Prime Minister Gaston Browne told reporters that he sees the results as a blessing that could create the opportunity for renewal.

“We do not see this as a bad thing per se, we see it as an opportunity at the same time. However, I want to thank my colleagues who have served my country well and we will not leave them out in the cold…”

 Browne also acknowledged that his ministers had become a bit complacent.

Truth be told, after two terms, some ministers become lethargic, they don’t have the will to fight. One of our issues is the fact that some of our colleagues didn’t have the energy to mobilize…in any case, it will be an example for new leadership to ensure that no matter what…if you have been given two terms you have to put in the same energy…”, Browne added.

The new Cabinet is expected to be sworn in on Friday.

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The Montserrat Reporter

October 28, 2022

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The Montserrat Reporter

October 21, 2022

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The Montserrat Reporter – August 22, 2022

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Legal Notice – In the Estate of Edward Benson Fenton

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A shocking percentage of Americans don’t believe Bible is God’s Word – relevant Montserrat?

On the degree of dechristianisation in US:

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British Virgin Islands Premier

British Virgin Islands premier granted bond in US drug case

A federal judge in Miami has ruled that the premier of the British Virgin Islands can be released on a $500,000 bond, following his arrest on drug-smuggling charges in a U.S. government sting in South Florida

Via AP news wire

British Virgin Islands Premier
Former BVI Premier Fahie

Wednesday 04 May 2022 20:45

British Virgin Islands premier granted bond in US drug case

The premier of the British Virgin Islands could be released on a $500,000 bond as he awaits trial on charges tied to a U.S. government narcotics sting, a federal judge in Miami said Wednesday.

In a surprise decision, federal court Judge Alicia Otazo-Reyes rejected prosecutors’ argument that Andrew Fahie would flee the U.S. if released. Instead, she said he could remain in Miami, at the rented home of his two college-age daughters, if he and his family surrender their travel documents and he wears an ankle bracelet monitor and pays the sizable bond.

Prosecutors said they would appeal the decision, meaning it’s unclear when and if Fahie would be released.

Fahie, 51, was arrested last week during a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration sting after accepting what he was told was $700,000 cash from undercover DEA agents and informants who posed as Mexican drug traffickers. Fahie and his ports director, Oleanvine Maynard, met with the group on a private jet in the Miami area, according to the criminal complaint.

The complaint says Maynard referred to Fahie as a “little crook sometimes” who wouldn’t hesitate to profit from a plan cooked up with the help of self-proclaimed Lebanese Hezbollah operatives to move mass quantities of cocaine and drug proceeds through the Caribbean island.

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Legal – Probate Notice

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