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My Moat (A Poem)

My Moat

You are out of your mind he utter
A long walk would’ve been better
That’s not a rational thought
Then explain why we fought
If you look deep inside you’ll see
The positive side for any calamity

If you are on this side of earth you win
Or at least you have a place to begin
Rationality is not in your area code
When anger and hate enters your abode
It takes inner strength and moral conviction
To avert and defuse an aggressive confrontation
We all know we’ve been there and did not run
Had the embryonic digestive tube to say done

It’s not been weak or been a coward
It’s been strong and moving forward
One battle does not settle or end a war
Through guile the remnants leaves a scar
Say and do things with rue being upset
Only after its done with everlasting regret
The moat around your fortress is in you
The will to avoid penetration comes through

William Bubblicous Galloway

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Funny, for real

Our phones  –  wireless!
Cooking  –  fireless!
Cars  –  keyless!
Food  –  fatless!
Dress  –  sleeveless!
Youth  –  jobless!
Leaders  –  shameless!
Relationships  – meaningless!
Attitude  –  careless!
Wives  –  fearless!
Feelings  –  heartless!
Education  –  valueless!
Children  –  mannerless!
Everything is becoming LESS But still, Our
Hopes are  –  Endless.
In fact, I am speechless!

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In this bantam island we are fond of first:

first date first marriage first festival and

funeral are all red letter days. We turned on our first

traffic light by accident in Cassava Ghaut

complete with amber. Coupled with our first

tunnel, we have miles to boast of on the ground;

our Nobel prize  had better not be far away.


We had our first test cricketer the other day

and in the running now for a Usain Bolt.

With a slate of runs and a slew of goals,

we will no longer be third world, but first.


Howard A. Fergus

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