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Suicidal – (a poem)

Dear Sir:

I’m submitting this poem in hopes that it touches the life of someone who maybe thinking of taking their own life. Suicide is an issue which is not often spoken about though it exists and I think it should be tackled/spoken about more to assist persons who may go through this phase.

By Dillon Ollivierre

You tear apart your mind trying to find a moment of happiness to hold on to
But all you find is negativity which tries to conquer you
You search for that moment of happiness
But all you find is more reasons to dwell in the darkness
You’re slipping
You’re sinking
In that pit of darkness you are
Fallen like an angel cast out of heaven and into hell
As the pain increases you scream, you shout
You want out
Life you no longer wish to live
Your life you want to take
Hope is gone
Faith is gone
The will power to survive is no more
Hold on, the great book says knock and it shall be opened
Ask and it shall be given
Seek and ye shall findThe ideas are flowingHow best to end the suffering
You’re contemplating
Suicidal thoughts are developing
You’re ready to end it
No! Don’t, you’ll regret it
How will you when you’ll be dead
Death solves no problem
Hang on, hold my hand, let’s rise together
I’ll give you an ear
I’ll provide inspiration
I’ll do all that is needed to help you
Trust me you can pull through
Everyone have their moments of suicidal contemplation
But trust me with God you can overcome this painful infestation

Hold my hand, let’s rise together

Hold my hand as we approach our heavenly father
Lord we are weak but you are strong
Please hold our hands…

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Why is it that any time you sit alone

Curious mind will ask “what you doing”

Knee jerk reaction straight up lie… ‘nothing”

Obviously you are sitting

You are-standing in deep meditation

Same question answer is ‘ nothing”

Nothing settles an argument like ‘nothing”

It’s the other word for leave me alone

Or the mind your own business

My silence is my euphoric utopia


And then there is the leave me out phrase

Innocently ‘I didn’t do nothing”

Sometimes you really didn’t do anything

But no one believes you did nothing

Nothing is hard to prove

Because you have to do something

To prove you did nothing

Nothing is a void

It’s an inconceivable state

The way to get there is beyond meditation

The trick to get there is to believe it exist


The universe is nothing and we exist within

A grand old nothingness

Even though we succumb ourselves

Trying to earn and gain so much

Eventually Its all for nothing

In time it will stay behind

All the caring is for nothing

Passive or aggressive

Nothing starts or end a war like doing nothing

Don’t ever underestimate

The power of nothing

That’s why I want nothing

So what am I doing……nutten

William Bubblicous Galloway

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Fire in a tung

A Poem – Remembering the past

William Bubblicous Galloway

A you who a tung a burn down
Hey You yes you
I need a word with you
I know you proud of you homeland
But you remember town before the fire
What fire? The big fire
Back in the sixties
No not Osborne fire, after that
The one that burn a big portion of the town
Yes, there was a fire in Plymouth don’t just gaze
No not Massachusetts, Montserrat
The one that had George street ablaze
Don’t stand in disbelief that night tung nearly burn flat
Listen the fire burn out Hamsay grocery store
And blackened cans blessed my door
My oh my canned sardines and corned beef galore

From the Carty house down pass Lindy
Take out teacher Toody, smoke, fire massive catastrophe
“who smelled it dealt it” school all gone
Reggie Osborne sweet drinks factory burn down
Up jones alley smoke out down Hayden alley
As a young man everything seem bigger
But this fire left you in wonder
What would this island be by morning
If this fire keep on burning
Luckily a ship was in port and lend a hand
But tell you what from me there was not much grief
Because I was blessed with canned sardine and corned beef

Couldn’t go walking down the street that morning
Soot everywhere on the street like black snow
When authorities allow you to walk through tho
Smoke down to Jemotte and Hopras
Cross the street to Cassel rum shop
Hulda and Mannix alley, burn
Fire and smoke take over town
Nuff barefoot Looters had to cease and settle
Plundering, a few get slice from broken sweet drink bottle
Frozen chicken and pig mouth had to go
Quick sale light profit was the word
Man from fort ghaut nah eat roast red herring
Its canned ham and canned peas they eating
Lunch it’s sardines and canned corned beef they having

The cans were blackened, labels removed
Open one looking for peas and get mackerel
The price was right looters unite and share
The buildings were charred and mangled
It’s going to be trash anyway so agree
Morality recedes as necessity exceeds
One less hungry belly
Oh yes we versatile and resistant
So we bounce back as usual from anything
Construction, renovation, new direction, almost gentrification
Except wealthy just got richer
Demonstrate what is less clutter
Turned around the country on the go
that was long before the volcano
Oh no I’m not looney trust me man
At one time in life tung did burn down

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My Moat (A Poem)

My Moat

You are out of your mind he utter
A long walk would’ve been better
That’s not a rational thought
Then explain why we fought
If you look deep inside you’ll see
The positive side for any calamity

If you are on this side of earth you win
Or at least you have a place to begin
Rationality is not in your area code
When anger and hate enters your abode
It takes inner strength and moral conviction
To avert and defuse an aggressive confrontation
We all know we’ve been there and did not run
Had the embryonic digestive tube to say done

It’s not been weak or been a coward
It’s been strong and moving forward
One battle does not settle or end a war
Through guile the remnants leaves a scar
Say and do things with rue being upset
Only after its done with everlasting regret
The moat around your fortress is in you
The will to avoid penetration comes through

William Bubblicous Galloway

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Funny, for real

Our phones  –  wireless!
Cooking  –  fireless!
Cars  –  keyless!
Food  –  fatless!
Dress  –  sleeveless!
Youth  –  jobless!
Leaders  –  shameless!
Relationships  – meaningless!
Attitude  –  careless!
Wives  –  fearless!
Feelings  –  heartless!
Education  –  valueless!
Children  –  mannerless!
Everything is becoming LESS But still, Our
Hopes are  –  Endless.
In fact, I am speechless!

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In this bantam island we are fond of first:

first date first marriage first festival and

funeral are all red letter days. We turned on our first

traffic light by accident in Cassava Ghaut

complete with amber. Coupled with our first

tunnel, we have miles to boast of on the ground;

our Nobel prize  had better not be far away.


We had our first test cricketer the other day

and in the running now for a Usain Bolt.

With a slate of runs and a slew of goals,

we will no longer be third world, but first.


Howard A. Fergus

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