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Jus wonderin

Jus wonderin if the Leader of Government Business has heeded the Auditor General’s recommendations to account for transactions from the 10 bank accounts his ministries operate outside the Consolidated Fund and don’t appear in the Accountant General’s Public Annual Accounts Report.

Jus wonderin if we have an Accountant General.

Jus wonderin if GoM and DFID really understand the meaning of transparency.

Jus wonderin if kith and kin come into play when UK justifies helping St. Helena to become viable but not Montserrat.

Jus wonderin if UK government really interested in we welfare when dem tell a we  dat we hafu prove to dem dat its economically and financially viable to justify them helping a we.

Jus wonderin wat dat mean anyway.

Jus wonderin if DFID has all the right solutions dem don’t just implement them instead of making us suffer.

Jus wonderin if the Speaker of the Assembly realise dat sometimes a shame a fall pan a’we.

Jus wonderin if the Premier has read The Montserrat Constitution Order when he accuse the Opposition Leader for writing to the Governor requesting an investigation of MDC’s procurement practices when section 105(4) of the constitution order says: The Governor may, in writing, direct the Complaints Commission to inquire into, and report to him or her in relation to, a matter that can be complained about in accordance with subsection (2), and the Complaints Commission must comply with any such direction.”

Jus wonderin if Twisty realizes that although he is called the Leader of Government Business, it’s the British Governor who ha de final say.

Jus wonderin if Twisty ever goin realize dat e better off going strate.

Jus wonderin if mental afflictions are contagious and who started the infection amongst our elected political representatives or were they born that way.

Jus wonderin all who notice that it no look lek the Premier ever answers the question put to him but attacks the questioner instead.

Jus wonderin how many more times the Premier going to shift his responsibility pan somebody else.

Jus wonderin if de Premier not confused about whether the MDC Board is responsible for policing themselves by determining whether they broke the procurement regulations but that the Procurement Board (his responsibility) is not acting in accordance with the Public Finance (Management and Accountability) Act and its subsidiary regulations.

Jus wonderin why evrybody no just do wa dem supposed to do so me can finish me wuk.

Jus wonderin if being humble is virtuous, why being arrogant is not wicked.

Jus wonderin why the lay MCAP Minister said he was providing an honest answer after the Premier answrd his questions.

Jus wonderin how DfID can use lack of official notice as an acceptable excuse for not taking remedial action when its own officials have witnessed infractions first-hand.

Jus wonderin if being humble is virtuous, why being arrogant is not wicked.

Jus wonderin why the lay MCAP Minister said he was providing an honest answer after the Premier answrd his questions.

Jus wonderin how DfID can use lack of official notice as an acceptable excuse for not taking remedial action when its own officials have witnessed infractions first-hand.

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Jus Wonderin

May 31, 2013 :

Jus wonderin if expediency is the newest and highest pillar of governance.

Jus Wondering if a tru Twisty tell e twisted ministers dat dey ha fu put up wid e carse e nar change.

Jus wonderin if dictatorship no more efficient and effective dan democracy.

Jus wonderin if the Minister of Religious Affairs and Housing suffering from blindness, amnesia and/or other mental afflictions.

Jus wonderin if the lay Minister no see wa evrybody else a see at Lookout:  corroded galvanize roofs, corroded metal columns, corroded metal doors, rotten hurricane shutters, handrails and doors, and the list goes on.

Jus wonderin why our elected ministers and FfID/public officials disrespect an try fu deceive ar’we so.

Jus wonderin if the Premier a try fu mislead suppliers wen he say dat the Complaints Commission decision final when the Procurement Regulations actually say in section 48(3):  “The decision of the Complaints Commission shall be final and immediately binding upon the procuring entity and Public  Procurement Board.

Jus wonderin if what I see, hear and read on de Reporter site, that DFID and GoM shouldn’t be pleased with their successful investment in educating us about our rights, rather than calling people litigious when we simply seek redress from the acts of public officials that are irrational, disproportionate and procedurally unfair or just downright unlawful.

Jus wonderin how many more government tenants will sue their landlord for breach of contract.

Me a wonderin if DFID support human rights so, why dem so critical when ar’we exercise them o a’we no human too.

Jus wonderin if DfID no guilty too fu nar help awe dee same way dem help dem kith and kin.

Me a wonda if dee “good contractor” DFID a tark bout in dem Review on dee education infastructur project a de seeam wan hu build dee EU house dem a Lookout dat guvment ha fu fix all 60 u dem.

Jus wonderin if dee DFID review a evidence-based or gasbag-based.

Jus wonderin if dis partnaship ting wuk only one way wid one side dictating evryting.

Jus wonderin wat being a British citizen mean fu a’we.

Jus a wonderin hu a revew wa DFID a do wid a’we an sey bout a’we.

Jus wonderin wa de udder partnas a get fu gee a’we dee funs.

Jus wonderin if justice no require transparency and accountability from all partners

Jus wonderin if a’we a review DfID dee same wey dem a review a’we.

Jus wonderin if PIU really stan fu Premier Implementation Unit.

Jus Wonderin if DfID and FCO had a hand in creating and sustaining this PIU ting described in the June 2012 DFID Review of the Education Infrastructure project as “…the parallel ” [to GoM] “put in place to speed up delivery of infrastructure.”

Jus wonderin if de Premier and e DFID partna no decide since June las year dat dem a go gee PIU dee Education Infrastructure project.

Jus wonderin if a no in a March las year dat DFID say in a dem Review of Restructuring the PWD Workshop project that “DFID will not approve any additional procurement“ until the findings of GoM’s investigation into procurement practices are officially shared with them.

Jus wonderin if DFID could len a we de wan dat write de review wey say:  “The budget to date is still based on what is available rather than what is needed.”

Jus wonderin where we can find MDC’s Business and Financial Plan 2012-2015.

Jus wonderin why govment no fix dem houses de way dem promise in de leases a we sign.

Jus wonderin how govment no ha money fu fix dem house but ha money fu lend a we to fix dem.

Jus wonderin why DFID a mek a-we suffer so when dem shut dung the road project a-we depend on fu buy bread.

Jus wonderin why DFID no jus bring dem own people fu spend dem money since dey no trust us an jus lef enuf fu trickle dung to fill a-we belly.

Jus wonderin wey de Procurement Board publish dem decisions so a we cu see.


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Jus Wonderin

Jus wonderin – May 17, 2013 :

Jus wonderin why shoot cattle and leave the carcasses to rot WHEN the meat can be utilised to help the retirement homes, the old age pensioners, the poor and distressed, and jus anyone willing to buy.
Jus wonderin if is true the geothermal “experts” have been told not to talk to CRM.

Jus what is there to hide and what happen to Transparency and Accountability.

Jus wonderin which set of financial rules the M D C is using, if is SRO11/2012.

Jus wonderin when will the ” NO EXIT” sign by the Ferry Departures lounge be removed, since the roadway has been blocked by the MDC partitioning.

Jus wonderin when the “Right Turn Arrow” will be removed from the T- junction outside government headquarters.

Jus wonderin which one of them flags BOM flying for the anniversary celebrations is their logo or represent their logo.

Jus wonderin if is not long time ago the British say they goin build port for Montserrat, so  where in the world private sector build port.

Jus wonderin if is only now they taking survey levels of the road from Salem to St. John’s.

Jus wonderin if is now them stop the road project.

Jus wonderin if the premier throwin the minister them under the bus.

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Jus wonderin – May 3, 2013

Jus wonderin if is true the PIU we hear about means ‘People I Use’ and the great MDC means ‘More Direct Contracts.’

Jus wonderin if when they say In England, The Reporter Is a Home Town Paper they say the same now: “I must say all the way from England my husband and I enjoy reading our home town paper. We are from Montserrat living in England. Thanks for your hard work in publishing The Reporter.”

Jus wonderin if government ministers understand that their analytical capacity needs to be enhanced, at least, according to DFID’s 2013 Montserrat Budgetary Aid Discussions Aide Memoire”.

Jus wonderin how government could forecast budget surplus when it doesn’t take into account liabilities that exceed the surplus claimed and how this accords with the Public Finance (Management and Accountability) Regulations of 2009.

Jus wonderin if the DFiD-procured consultant who said that Montserrat had its own unique accounting was right after all.

Jus wonderin if dem MPs dem read bills before passing them into law, and same ting fu Cabinet members andustand the regulations dem mek and dem respective un and dung.

Jus wonderin if de Speaker don’t know how she unabashedly biased in her rulings against selected members of the Opposition.

Jus wonderin how many of us realize that we are made to suffer and held hostage by the UK’s policy of punishing their overseas territories’ people fu dem own government poor financial management.

Jus wonderin how much more hardship the poor and vulnerable will have to endure to merit at least temporary assistance from DFID or is it that the UK is waiting for us to become “unrestful”, to remove the government immediately, or to die in the interim.

Jus wonderin how GoM could justify cutting the public welfare budget in 2012 with no plans to increase it through 2016 and DFiD could countenance it when DFiD acknowledges that the social welfare payments have remained at $600 per month since 2006 while inflation since then gone up 25%.

Jus wonderin if the basket of goods on which the inflation rate is calculated is not long outdated and how Premier have the nerve to boast surpluses.

Jus wonderin how DFiD justifies approval of inadequate funding for education which is about 10% less than the regional average when it intimates that there’s a direct correlation reflected in the disparity between Montserrat’s results and average regional results across all subjects.

Jus wonderin how DFiD can conclude that “reasonable assistance needs are being covered” in the health sector because indicators are reasonably good in terms of life expectancy, vaccination coverage and low infant and child mortality though the burden of non-communicable diseases is high.

Jus wonderin if DFID’s gifted housing assets which cost more to maintain than the income they can generate qualify as value for money.

Jus wonderin if GoM plans to transfer ownership of its dilapidated housing stock to occupants who can’t afford to maintain them.

Jus wonderin if the Premier will admit to irrational behavior which if so is due to the contamination from a poisonous tongue.

Jus wonderin if the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) has any legal standing thus explaining why it isn’t accounted for anywhere in the Estimates of Revenue & Expenditure.

Jus wonderin how the People I Use (PIU) operations are funded.

Jus wonderin how soon the rest of the Ministry of Works’ Development Vote ($23.9 million) will be transferred to the Premier’s portfolio now that PIU has wrested away the Education Infrastructure project.

Jus wonderin if DFiD will close down all projects once its review of People I Use (PIU) is complete.

Jus wonderin if the Premier going after Agriculture’s measly development vote of $0.5 million next so he can control all development funds other than those allocated to the Deputy Governor.

Jus wonderin if the Office of the Deputy Governor plans to appoint PIU as its project supervisor for its $2.3 million Disaster Preparedness Repairs Development vote.

Jus wonderin if the Minister of Finance has read the Procurement Regulations in its entirety and understands that all references to “Minister” refer to him since he claims that the Minister of Finance has absolutely nothing to do with the procurement process.

Jus wonderin if conflict of interest comes into play when three members of MDC’s Board (a procuring entity) also sit on the Public Procurement Board.

Jus wonderin if the Executive Director of the MDC received written permission from the Public Procurement Board or other appropriate authority to participate in MDC’s procurement process now that MDC is its own contractor for the building presently under construction at Little Bay.

Jus wonderin if the Minister of Finance gave written directions to the More Direct Contracts (MDC)  per Procurement Regulation No. 50, as that’s the only way the MDC could flout the procurement regulations, especially since the DFID Resident Representative is also a member of the MDC Board and DFID’s commercial case to support MDC says: ““The GoM will undertake the procurement of all goods and services under this arrangement and will perform all procurement in accordance with GoM’s procurement rules, guidelines and procedures.”

Jus wonderin if the Minister of Finance read the part of the Procurement Regulations that defines ‘procurement” as the acquisition of goods by any means and construction, consulting and other services.  And that “services” means services of a general nature other than consulting and construction services.

Jus wonderin if “services” includes hiring of labour.

Jus wonderin if DFID accusation of poor management by the MCAP government will serve as an indictment in the face of all the MOU and matrix and strategic development.

Jus wonderin if anyone out there with the smarts to see dem can’t re-elect dem next year with de demonstrated ineptness.

Jus wonderin if dem should not be recalled before the constitution due date.


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Jus wonderin

Jus wonderin wha mek twin otter need two hours notice fu land de John Osborne airport.

Jus wonderin after hearing the Press Briefing last night and the promise of a continuation next week.
Is there likely to be a beach on Montserrat which will be closed to the Roaches and Meades as our potential visitors will demand an unusual degree of exclusivity.

Jus wonderin if we will we need permission to use the designated beach.

Jus wonderin if we permitted to ask about the operation of the “custom built” ferry which claims say has been ordered.
Jus wonderin if it will be operated by GOM or if has it been ordered on the strength of an expression of interest from the private sector.

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Jus wonderin – April 12, 2013

Jus wonderin how an officer in the police or fire service after 14 years, top the interview, top the exams, act in the position for a top post be cast aside for a colleague with only half the years of service.

Jus wonderin if a report of ‘aggressive’ behaviour, unsupported by events, can derail that process of appointment.

Jus wonderin which authority will risk court action on facts such as these.

Jus wonderin wha mek de Premier never did say dat de budget me wan temporary wan becarse DFID no sure dem goin give more money till dem collect de taxes outstanding fan de big wigs an stap plan to gi-way tax and duty money to cigarette factory and sand minas.

Jus wonderin if de country no suffer twice dat way.

Jus wonderin why de Minister for Finance did not reveal that the budget 2013/14 was a temporary budget or incomplete one.

Jus wonderin if DFID me agree the presentation of the budget.

Jus wonderin if is correct that the works going on at the proposed site at Carrs Bay even tho d Premier say say the design plan no done is only so they can tell EU dem a spend de money to get more in July.

Jus wonderin if dat EU money was not for budgetary support rather than port.

Jus wonderin if the Indian supermarkets don’t have any toilets yet.

Jus wonderin whether the police launch ever found the Montserratian who disappeared some long while ago in a small boat at Little Bay because he was not a wanted man.

Jus wonderin wha mek people are still leaving Montserrat.

Jus wonderin if nuf baby a born to replace dem wey a leave.


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Jus Wonderin – January 25, 2013

Jus wonderin why the premier talkin bout “tell the man Romeo of De Bear’s 2012 calypso that me nar get none, but local businesses are at least making money from the resource which not only creates jobs but bolsters the earnings of our own private sector.

Jus wonderin wey the private sector are mek de money.

Jus wonderin if him know he favorite business construction dat he look after so well a de only one makin money, and dem no pay dem workers so dem really benefit.

Jus wonderin how de premier can say, We are blessed every day of our lives we are truly blessed.

Jus wonderin if de premier really nar get which oder ministas a get.

Jus wonderin if a de PS dem mek de rumors so strong bout investigations.

Jus wonderin why there was an outstanding garbage bill, why they did not pay bill and wasn’t money budgeted to pay that bill.

Jus wonderin why the Commissions that were boasted about in 2010 not yet in place.

Jus wonderin how de Edita no talk more bout dat.

Jus wonderin if a he mek dey don’t install any of de commission.

Jus wonderin bout the Integrity bill and when it will begin to take effect.

Jus wonderin wha bout it that dem Legislators and cabinet people don’t like.

Jus wonderin if de governa ha fu face Integrity also, if no why not.

Jus wonderin if a only civil servants pay income tax dat a dem one goin get back pay dis year.

Jus wonderin wha de Governor Newsletter is all about.

Jus wonderin if dem can’t jus tek two page in de newspaper and let dem put it on line wid dem website.

Jus wonderin if dem budget people goin really check on de moneys and if a no dem cause de hard taxes and tariff pon de tired and abused residents on Montserrat.

Jus wonderin if when dem so pick and chose who dem give business or keep business from if dem know dat dem hurt innocent people.

Jus wonderin who a thro water in a who face becarse of de new find in Lookout.

Jus wonderin who min drunken who.



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Jus Wonderin – January 11, 2013

Jus wonderin why we spend so much time praising mediocrity and not strive for excellence.

Jus wonderin if de new Davy Hill houses get physical planning permission lek everybody else required to do under de law.

Jus wonderin if HMG not goin review de legal corruption organization dat carryin out de enrichment o de cronies, de privilege few.

Jus wonderin all who DeBear a talk bout, who a get an nar talk, or who a get a tark say dem nar get, when dem a get, smartly, becarse dem know how and how fu tark.

Jus wonderin if we goin hear in de wash-up all de plans given to de big festival planners since two years ago that would have been a wow in a big way and really bring out de culture that they say it was to be.

Jus wonderin when some high profile people and business goin pay for real PR advice and know how, when and what to diffuse to their advantage.

Jus wonderin if all de wuk dem a do down there at Little Bay Carrs Bay if any bady a go get in a trouble fu de money dem a spend.

Jus wonderin if wa  me hearing bout MDC and Ac unit a really true.




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Jus wonderin

Jus wonderin how many people will not make the effort because they do not have computer or access to computer, or simply do not take the trouble to go to the “Government website” to see who the Festival 50 awardees were.

Jus wonderin if all those people deserve to suffer and be starved of the information because they do not have computers or cannot afford to own a computer and pay for the internet or smart phone access fees to get the information government is obligated to provide to them.

Jus wonderin how many people will admit that even with access to computer they for any number of reasons including health prefer not to use the computer.

Jus wonderin how pure the motive or the ignorance and understanding the technology of communication and dissemination of information.

Jus wonderin if the Governor and his government always need to be reminded of the requirement for EIAs of everything that they would like to see happen or not happen in Montserrat.

Jus wandering if is hard times so hard that even baby nah born.
Jus wonderin if the governor’s office is fronting for DFID
Jus wonderin why governor office say it close wid the door is open and no one in site answerin or present.
Jus wonderIn why de returnin calypso man made it all de way to de calypso finals singing party song.

Jus wonderin why dem no say de disappointing comments and only sayin de good ones and call dem ‘rave reviews’.

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Jus Wonderin – December 31

Jus wonderin wey jus wonderin gan and wha mek no more jus wonderin there.

Jus wonderin why all the advertising for the big jobs and even the small ones dem no advertise in the local website and newspaper as the law require dem to do.

Jus wonderin wha de position position be wid de road works if all de money done and the road no really complete all de way to St. John’s.

Jus wonderin if de fuel increase over the past couple months have anything to do wid price of fuel.

Jus wonderin if any bady notice dis terrible government at Christmas time increase the tariff duty and tax on fuel so that it carry up the cost while every bady think a fuel price gone up.

Jus wonderin what de hold up is wid de new power plant.

Jus wonderin if dem really realizing dat dem no need to borrow money fu de fancy new engine dem which will jus carry up the cost of electricity when we barry de money.

Jus wonderin if de British geothermal speedy support a put wan spoak in a dem wheel of fortune fan de barry money.

Jus wonderin if de energy committee disbanded mek dem have de little hikup wid de drilling.

APRIL 2012

Jus wonderin if DFID get value for $17 million dem pay social secutity.

Jus wonderin how dem plan to retire civil sevants to cut de civil service.

Jus wonderin if de myacts permanent secretarY is de fuss cut.

Jus wonderin legislators (Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries) on the government side really believe that they have to accept everything  their leaders tell them and they say nothing at all when they do not agree.

Jus wonderin if they don’t realise when the going get smelly that they will not be able to jump just like that without a trail.


Jus wonderin if the deputy fan England think arl a we a ass.

Jus wonderin if e believe arwe stupid an no know e as much fu blame fu wha a go arn in a de force as much as anyone else.

Jus wonderin  if a true a in a d subway wid de train line him min  a wok as one officer or someway lek dat before e come yah fram de beginning.

Jus wonderin why the police to seem able to solve nottn.Jus wonderin if dem tink a some fireman do arl dem breaking dey fu true.




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