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Jus wonderin – August 29, 2014

Jus wonderin if the malignant narcissist will ever get a chance to resurrect this line from his first budget speech:  “I know that there is a God because I am the one presenting this budget here today and not one of the members on the opposite side who’d be presenting a backward budget.”

Jus wonderin, does anyone know what un-parliamentary behaviour means.
Jus wonderin how many tenants stopped paying their house rent following discussions with the Minister of Housing.

Jus wonderin if he min tell some o dem no fu pay de rent.

Jus wonderin if a dat mek he go be wan star witness in a dat appeal case.

Jus wonderin, why are the mainstream media houses ignoring the independent candidates.

Jus wonderin if the Premier Minister will allow the governor to announce the new date when he accommodates my request to move up Election Day so we all can get some peace and quiet and respite from his wicked and deceptive divisiveness.

Jus wonderin if de Minista use he political clout to refuse a bill for equipment his construction company rented from an agency within his ministry.

Jus wonderin jus how many people know first-hand why the Premier is called Twisty.

Jus wonderin why some political candidates old and new suddenly love non-nationals and stop blame them for everything wrong in Montserrat.

Jus wonderin how many people resist politicians’ attempts to insult and corrupt them, especially when they are disguised as sincere concern.

Jus wonderin if a true Montserrat a go be de next TCI.

Jus wonderin why MCAP’s #1 pledge in its 2009 Manifesto is:  “We pledge a new approach to leadership, with a team of strong, competent and compassionate leaders who reject ‘one-manism’ and embrace the concept of team spirit and shared responsibilities.”

Jus wonderin if there is a slight chance ‘one-manism’ could be construed as ‘shared responsibility’.

Jus wonderin if all dem oder minister demand some de MCAPlegislators love de one-manism so dat dem stap dey an a praise de king of one-manism.

Jus wonderin if a de one-manism a de same as dictata.

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Jus wonderin – August 15, 2014

Jus wonderin if it is true they did a scan of the Premier’s heart and found an icebox instead.

Jus wonderin who rememba five years ago one week before elections TMR publish wan stoary pon Samuel Joseph, fus Muntserratian fu obtain PhD in a physics.

Jus wonderin if e a go be now de fus wan fu contest a seat wey two o dem plan fu tek over a member’s ministry in de same party.

Jus wonderin who all dem dead people wey name pan de voters list a go vote fa.


Jus wonderin if domestic violence stops at the physical and whether the drunkards need a representative.

Jus wonderin if telling the truth is considered to be in bad taste, eh!

Premier utters

Jus wonderin if the following recent statements by the Premier are meaningful:

* “We are at a point where we should be in a position to move beyond where we are, still looking at the three-year time frame.”
* “The PIU is governed by the relevant and applicable laws of Montserrat.”
* “We are a welcoming people; so, don’t see our Montserratians who had to go overseas for a range of reasons-one of which is volcanic-that in fact, when they come back, we can’t appreciate them.”
* “The budgetary aid mission is done twice a year, basically to review the performance of government of Montserrat in relation to its budgetary performance and to be monitored on the basis of some monitoring indicators. It is not one where you are negotiating for money.

… The capital program, for the first time, was included in detail in this meeting.

..  Normally we negotiate the capital program separately.. We are hoping that

.. by the mid-March that we will have an aid memoire from them basically indicating, from their side, what they have agreed to do and indicating as well what they are expecting of us to take forward the finalization of the negotiations.”

The poor and disabled

Jus wonderin, is the recently announced $120 increase to $720 in monthly social welfare payment for 160 disabled recipients the fulfilment of MCAP’s promise to the elderly, the physically and mentally challenged “to ensure coverage of the cost of a basic food basket”?

Jus wonderin, is $720 per month today not equivalent to less than $600 eight years ago?

Jus wonderin, what does a basic food basket cost today, if a DFID study did not say it is over $1500.00.

Jus wonderin what that means to the ordinary resident in Montserrat.

Jus wonderin if those who who wrote these Jus Wonderins obsessed with exposing the perversity of MCAP or just doesn’t understand words read or heard.

Jus wonderin if the Speaker of LegAss only hears considered infractions from her left.

Jus wonderin if MCAP never asked questions or criticized government when they sat on the opposition bench.

Jus wonderin why the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee just lay their report for 2004-2009 on the table of the Legislative Assembly without explanation or comment.

Jus wonderin why when I check the Gazette for details of SR&Os, as advised by the premier, all I find are their number and name.

Jus wonderin why de 2014 Gazette full of appointment notices going back to 2009.


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Jus Wonderin – August 1, 2014

Jus Wonderin if it is true that QC also among other things stands for Quiet Children.

Jus wonderin if de premier worthy of his nickname, Twisty.

Jus wonderin, should I vote for a violent drunk and bully to represent me because people say he’s (some kind of) an eloquent speaker?

Jus wonderin, is slapping children part of MCAP’s education strategy to improve students’ oral reading skills?

Jus wonderin if the Premier understands what he reads and how government works.

Jus wonderin why Reuben insists that he can just go out and borrow money when every Appropriation Act passed under his administration restricts borrowing unless approved by a UK Secretary of State and the Montserrat Legislative Assembly.

Jus wonderin whether Kato and Reuben both telling the truth about MDC tendering of the four Little Bay Marine Village bars when Reuben says: “No, in the case of Little Bay, that is a direct labour; it’s not a tender process; direct labour” while Kato says MDC issued tenders for labour only contracts which all came in over budget.

Jus wonderin whether telling the public that when the Premier was chief minister the first time, he admitted he received travel allowance while driving a government vehicle is character assassination or an indication of his integrity.

Jus wonderin, is it okay to steal if I say I give away the proceeds to people in need.

Jus wonderin if knowingly buying stolen property is unlawful.

Jus wonderin, is it criminal intent or bad judgement when an economist buys a car for $44,000 that he knows is worth at least $145,000 and goes to court to try to defend it?

Jus wonderin if MCAP is soft on crime and setting a good example when its leader tells the public:  “there was also a member of parliament who illegally went in and took out metal from government buildings in Plymouth and used his parliamentary privilege to ship two, at least one container load of metal out of Montserrat without appropriate permissions.  In some jurisdictions that would be called theft.  We left it alone.”

Jus wonderin, how diligent is the MCAP administration about following legal processes and being truthful?

Jus wonderin, is a cash bonus the same as a pay increase?

Jus wonderin if civil servants will fire the MCAP leader for derailing the budget proposal for a consolidated civil service pay increase from 1 April 2014.

Jus wonderin, what is a consolidated civil service pay increase?

Jus wonderin, why is DFID punishing civil servants for the premier’s actions?

Jus wonderin who feel DFID still have confidence in the MCAP administration?

Jus wonderin if guvment a lie when dem tell DFID dey a go reduce the public service headcount to 955 full-time equivalents, o dem a lie to a-we when dem say dey no send nobody home.

Jus wonderin if GoM’s outsourcing exercise didn’t “result in the removal of 31 staff or 13.5 FTE (Full-time equivalent) from the public service payroll, reducing GoM FTE posts from 972 in 2012 to 959” and that “a further 7 FTE posts would be deleted, reducing the number of FTE posts to 952.”

The Public Service

Jus wonderin if GoM also assured DFID that “Further reductions through the planned GoM organisational review and outsourcing [Elderly Care, Cleaning Services (Phase 2), Security, Ministry of Agriculture Nursery Operations, and Laundry Services] initiatives should provide opportunities to reduce this [staff] further.”

Jus wonderin, how much money did Treasury collect for the disposal of the yellow school buses sporting “H” license plates?

Jus wonderin if the premier’s edicts are acts of law.

Jus wonderin if any SR&Os and resolutions from 2009 to 2014 missing from the Attorney General Chambers’ website.

Jus wonderin when the Legislative Assembly authorised the Premier to give away public property to Caribbean Metal Pro Ltd and other scrap metal scavengers.

Jus wonderin when LegAss approved the write-off of public property in the unsafe zone.

Jus wonderin, is a letter or agreement signed by the Premier a cabinet paper, like the one giving Caribbean Metal Pro Ltd permission to take away scrap metal from government buildings in Plymouth.
Jus Wonderin, isn’t it the governor who signs and assents to cabinet decisions.

Jus wonderin, has anybody found where in the Public Administration Act it says that “when hiring, Montserratians must be given priority in all forms of employment”.

Jus wonderin if the credit MCAP taking for reducing the employment rate from 13.7% in 2006 to 6.5% in 2011 is because they streamlined the economy through a 10% reduction in the labour force from 3,006 persons in 2006 to 2,718 in 2011 though the total population was the same.

Jus wonderin what happened to the 288 persons who disappeared from the labour force between March 2006 and May 2011 – wey dem gone?

Jus wonderin if the 53 employed persons who disappeared from the work force between 2006 and 2011 all retired, died or relocated overseas and what happened to the other 235 people.

Jus wonderin wha de unemployment rate in 2011 hafu do wid today’s unemployment rate.

Jus wonderin, does anybody know what the unemployment rate was in 2012, 2013 or last month?

Government Housing

Jus wonderin if a true GoM handed back all the temporary wooden family units to the owners of the properties and if any ting go so, wha difference e mek  to de people who still a live in a dem.

Jus wonderin, who own the temporary family units at Drummonds and Davy Hill.

Jus wonderin, a no guvment who tell DFID that dem ha 400 persons on the housing waiting list and a no DFID who publish it in dem Aid Memoire?

Jus wonderin, why does government maintain a housing waiting list if they don’t intend to help people in need of decent affordable housing.

Just wonderin, why is housing benefit only for those 18 years and older who relocated from south of Belham.

Jus wonderin, is it only the Lookout Force 10 houses that have safety issues requiring urgent repair and rehabilitation.

Jus wonderin, did GoM and DFID turn a blind eye to all the previous housing stock condition surveys, especially the ones about the warden supported apartments?

Jus wonderin what caused the sudden deterioration of government’s housing stock since the not-too-long-ago pronouncement that there were no dilapidated houses owned by government.
Jus wonderin what are the other “potential liabilities for housing stock that is clearly below par whether currently in the public domain or divested.”

Premier utters

Jus wonderin if the following recent statements by the Premier are meaningful: * “We are at a point where we should be in a position to move beyond where we are, still looking at the three-year time frame.”
* “The PIU is governed by the relevant and applicable laws of Montserrat.”

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Jus Wonderin

March 21, 2014

Jus wonderin if govment a gee wid one hand and a tek back more wid de udda one wid dem scampish tax structure.

Jus wonderin if a true dat people who a get ‘help’ under dee guvment mortgage programs hafu pay guvment’s Project

Implementation Unit (PIU) fu manage de construction o’ dem house.

Jus wonderin how much money PIU a get from people’s mortgages fu do guvment building inspector wuk.

Jus wonderin why people who a get social welfare hafu use some u dee money fu pay rent to guvment when guvment a suppose topay dem rent.

Jus wonderin how many able-bodied persons receive social welfare payments.

Jus wonderin how many of the 258 persons on welfare are ‘in a position to do some form of work’ given that 156 are elderly, 83 are disabled, 6 are children and 13 are in the care of others.

Jus wonderin how much it’s going to cost government to monitor and supervise the ‘substantial number’ of persons on welfare who are in a position to provide ‘a few hours of voluntary work for which they’ll be compensated.’

Jus wonderin if the 2014/15 budget provides for an increase in the monthly social welfare payment to 80% of the cost of the Nutritional Food Basket’ as recommended in the DFID-funded May-June 2013 Social Welfare report.

Jus wonderin if the incidence of diabetes and high blood pressure will decrease when people get enough money to buy nutritious food.

Jus wonderin if dem jus cant reduce the duty and de tax pan de goods dem.

Jus wonderin if Government Savings Bank really has enough cash to meet its obligations by March 31st or some of us will have to wait for the official (non-temporary) budget to pass so government can meet ‘any gap left.’

Jus wonderin why no Cabinet business has been published since March 2013. If it’s because they have not conducted any business or all their business is secret.

Jus wonderin if the Premier changed his mind about allowing public servants to contest elections ’cause  none of them want to join his party.

Jus wonderin when PIU going to comply with the Public Finance (Management & Accountability) Act or if they are exempt from any accountability to the public.

Jus wonderin if the 2012 Procurement Regulations were repealed and that’s why they’re being ignored or the new regulations are secret.

Jus wonderin if our elected representatives are in need of tutelage in good governance and need a more prescriptive Act similar to the most recent version of the Public Administration Bill so there is no doubt about what’s expected of them and they can be held accountable more easily.

Jus wonderin if our elected representatives’ and the Speaker’s remuneration should include a performance-related portion established in accordance with regulations, the payment of which is to be based on [his/her] performance at the yearly or other relevant period of his performance assessment.

Jus wonderin how many elected representatives and other public officials would have to pay back part of their salary and allowances if their remuneration was based on their performance.

Jus wonderin if the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly will ever realize that she’ll gain universal respect if she does her job as an unbiased adjudicator and not function solely as the Premier’s flunky.

Jus wonderin dat since no public, nobady jus go a de Assembly meeting hall if people jus even listen to de radio anyway.

Jus wonderin if the Minister of Ecclesiastic Affairs believes putting money into voters’ hands before the pending general election is a Christian act of charity and how many of us believe it too.

Jus wonderin which candidates considering contesting upcoming elections have already attempted to buy votes through ‘acts of charity.’

Jus wonderin if dat call bribery.

Jus wonderin if de commishun member a go carry out de intention of vigilance on bribery weh mention at de debate discussion.

Jus wonderin how many of our legislators learned anything about debating from the keynote speaker and debaters at the 2014 Leeward Islands Debating Competition.

Jus wonderin if the quality of debate in parliament will improve soon so we can be proud of our legislators rather than be embarrassed by and for them.

Jus wonderin if the Minister of Agriculture, et al knows he needs elocution and logic lessons.

Jus wonderin which public servant(s) is(are) receiving at least two salaries from their single employer.

Jus wonderin if Basil is correct when he tells us almost daily that God doesn’t give us more than we can bear.

Jus wonderin how many people God has relieved since one-man-ism became the status quo and how many more to come that don’t involve the ultimate relief.

Jus wonderin if de Govna goin have a hearin of de wrong move dem by de man he say dat Montserrat a go miss.

Jus wonderin if a true a becarse de inspector a do e wuk fu send case file to dpp no matter who de culprit is.

Jus wonderin if de govna so easy fu hoodwink.

Jus wonderin who is de boss of vindictiveness up high and who will win if dear is a contest.

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Jus wonderin

Jus Wonderin – February 21, 2014

Jus wonderin how many maids, cleaners and public works workers were made permanent and pensionable.

Jus wonderin why the Premier dissembles so much.

Jus wonderin how many cleaners employed by government work fulltime and can qualify to become permanent and pensionable especially when these services are being outsourced and public works workshop crews going next?

Jus wonderin if hospital catering, cleaning and laundry services weren’t outsourced and that public works is next on the list to be outsourced.

Jus wonderin if the Premier simply misspoke when he said that since 2011 or 2012 public servants at the lower level earning less than $135,000 a year
were given a salary increase of $120 per month while senior officials (including the Attorney General and government ministers) who in his words,
sacrificed over $600 in the form of a monthly decrease, were not given a cut in salary.

Jus wonderin if the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly no need a refresher course in proper parliamentary procedure.

Jus wonderin if the Minister of Housing gone crazy and a tell government tenants at Davy Hill dem ha fu move soon to make way for an apartment
building government want to build.

Jus wonderin if a true de Minister of Agriculture ordered the destruction of the big neem tree so ministry employees can no longer congregate there.
Jus wonderin in the Director of Environment planning to take action against the Minister of Agriculture for his most recent wanton action.

Jus wonderin if PIU made legal yet.


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Jus Wonderin

February 14, 2014

Jus wonderin if the Gov. know or understand anything about what the AG say about God. “He will now step in and finish it decisively, justly and on His terms.

Jus wonderin if he know when they tell him about people doing witchcraft, it is usually God’s way of settling things – have nothing to do with man’s actions, but rather their own misdeeds.

Jus wonderin how many cleaners employed by government work full-time and can qualify to become permanent and pensionable especially when these positions are being outsourced and public works workshop crews going next.

Jus wonderin the DFID rep mentions the geothermal “Business Case” on at least 4 occasions, why in that case did he and his “TECHNICAL EXPERT” not do what was specified in that document.

Jus wonderin that we have also been told by Comms and Works that the conduits from Belham to Brades are complete, if the section from Cassava ghaut to Fogarty has been completed.

Jus wonderin if fear is just False evidence appearing real and that God’s word negates fear.

Jus wonderin if the lightweight pipes 4 inches internal diameter will cause a slim hole drilling from 6000 feet onwards in Well #2 will account for reduced output.

Jus wonderin since they sure there is geothermal how many more wells they will have to dig to get it right and if they will use the right equipment then.

Jus wonderin if dem MDC people completely out of control and if dem know dat wha dem a do suppose to be as de HMG DFID say for the benefit of the people of Montserrat and not just some o dem and demself.

Jus wonderin wha de Premier mean when him say “I’m the Minister to whom MDC reports.  And whatever meetings are held, whatever discussions, I don’t have to know about.”

Jus wonderin if him know that it is deception that always mek him contradict himself every next sentence, or him now work from de other thing dat he say jus influence him.

Jus wonderin wha he mean e.g. “and I don’t believe in micro-management.  I give you a mandate, go and deal with your mandate.  When there are certain issues, we’ll call them to heel and we will resolve them as we have done fairly recently on one or two of the properties down there.

Jus wonderin wha dat really is.

Jus wonderin if de Charrette was supposed to be for 3 days and one of its purposes was to develop ideas for rebranding Montserrat as an exclusive tourist destination.

Jus wonderin if government disrespects its top legal adviser so much dat she ha fu sue dem fu get justice and more people nar go follow suit.

Jus wonderin why the Premier doesn’t change his ways when he admits he’s an awful person.

Jus wonderin if a true he tell him ministers he nar change anyway.

Jus wonderin if is everybody he can insult like that.

Jus wonderin if I’m the only one who rushed down to Little Bay to see if Potato Hill had been taken down as the Premier claimed a few weeks ago.

Jus wonderin when the UK government gave the Montserrat government permission to go out and borrow money when and from whom it chooses and put the country in debt.

Jus wonderin when civil servants from DFID and other aid donors changed their practice and started to negotiate with the Premier or other government minister instead of their counterparts in the Montserrat public service.

Jus wonderin what happened to “Give Youth a Chance” and if Reuben T. Meade was never a rookie, and what he has to show that he is not worse than rookie today.

Jus wonderin if MCAP has paid Radio ZJB for its leader’s brazen, contrived electioneering when he hijacked the Warren Cassell Show for over an hour on Friday, February 7, 2014.

Jus wonderin now that Premier Meade no longer has a shack mentality, he is going to replace all the shacks in Montserrat forthwith especially all the ones he was directly responsible for building.

Jus wonderin if the young, successful entrepreneur plans to sue the Premier for the defamatory remark he made on the Warren Cassell Show about the youth’s father when he said:  “I know his father had to pocket some capital to assist him in getting there.”

Jus wonderin how much sacrifice people who get $600 a month or less to live on have to suffer if the Premier is complaining about the over $600 he and his ministerial colleagues have to sacrifice when they get about $18,000 a month compared to the $7200 a year people on social welfare get.



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Jus wonderin

Jus wonderin if the national bird and the national flower are legislated.

Jus wonderin if Radio ZJB News staff fraid o Reuben too why dem nar report on the Premier’s most recent attempt at misleading and fibbing the public.

Jus wonderin wha kind of example de Premier a set fu de res u a-we when even faced with irrefutable evidence he a go remain wrong and strong no know how fu say he wrong.

Jus wonderin if the Premier’s smartness a go kill a-we.

Jus wonderin if de Premier know what accountability means.

Jus wonderin if the Premier no claim he a de bes mendicant eva in a Montsrat bringin in more aid funds than anybody else and ambulance too.

Jus wonderin how much more rum talk we’re going to have to endure from the House of Assembly.

Jus wonderin if FCO and DfID pandering to the Premier or setting him up to fall like the ones in Cayman, TCI, etc.

Jus wonderin if the Premier suffers from acute insecurity and pathological liar disorders.

Jus wonderin when the Legislature’s Standing Orders changed to allow the Premier to give directions to the Speaker, and if it is de Speaker fraid him.

Jus wonderin why de Speaker makes suggestions to the Leader of Government Business to behave in a parliamentary manner but orders and demands apologies from the Leader of the Opposition.

Jus wonderin if Cabinet conducted no business since March 2013 or just business they usual regard as none of the public’s business.

Jus wonderin which member of the Public Procurement Board has five years’ legal experience, which one has five years’ experience in finance, and which one, not in active practice, possesses relevant technical expertise?

Jus wonderin why government ministers and senior public servants treat the people they are supposed to serve as inconvenient problems to be managed for and at their own (the officials’) convenience.

Jus wonderin if Radio ZJB News staff fraid o Reuben too why dem nar report on the Premier’s most recent blatant misrepresentation of the facts when he denied ever bringing a motion of no confidence against any government.

Jus wonderin why de editor no want me to use the word “lie” when it’s true.

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Jus Wonderin – July 26, 2013

Jus wonderin – July 26, 2013 :

Jus wonderin if people a behave demself now, dat awe no see no more maldow in dis column.

Jus wonderin If you shouldn’t decide to stay at home during a storm, for safety, move to the room opposite to where the wind is coming.

Jus wonderin what if a disaster strikes at your work? Do you know the emergency preparedness plan for your work place? If you don’t know yours, make a point of knowing today.

Jus wonderin if you know that an Emergency Family Plan will only work if everyone in the family knows their role.

Jus wonderin if you shouldn’t always keep enough food and water supplies in your home to meet the needs of your family for at least three (3) days.

Jus wonderin if you know it makes good sense to organize with your community how you will work together if an emergency strikes.  Sharing plans and strategies in advance can pay off.

Jus wonderin if it is not true that when TV and computer games no longer operate, board games or a deck of cards come in handy! Arts and crafts, crayons and downloadable colouring pages are always a great distractions for the kids – so make sure you’ve stored some of these supplies in your emergency packs.

Jus wonderin if you know a guy is gay when he goes to school, beach and shopping with different bags and different occasions, such as these.

Jus wonderin if he is also gay when he notices and only comments on the fashion a woman wears.

Jus wonderin if when one woman says, “I’m sorry,” she really saying, “You’ll be sorry,” or when she says, “Do wha you want,” she means, “You goin pay for it.”

Jus wonderin if we place a critical eye on the details, on quality, on excellence, on being better than any other, then there is no doubt that we will see growth.

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Jus Wonderin – July 19, 2013

Jus Wonderin – July 19, 2013 :

Jus wonderin why after so many years we are still “JUST WONDERING”. Change is the child of action not of just wondering.

Jus wonderin if any o dem travelin minista ha anything fu do wid dem missin papas fan St. Martin and de increase in de costs.

Jus wonderin if the A G’s Chambers is in any way compromising its honourable head.

Jus wonderin if the DfID Montserrat Representative could just acknowledge the mistakes and continue his brilliant here-to-fore  efforts to help on the path to sustainability – progress

Jus wonderin why HMG DfID punish the people it claims it wants to help.

Jus wonderin why people who want help get help when people who need help don’t get help.

Jus wonderin if GoM, DfiD and FCO ain’t working ass backwards.

Jus wonderin if I ain’t a hypocrite too.

Jus wonderin who dem old golf farts be and wha dem in a de restaurant a talk bout getting it strait and up now.

Jus wonderin if a CEDEMA and DMCA A hurricane is a severe tropical storm consisting of dangerous high winds and storm surges that form in the warm, humid ocean climates of the southern Atlantic, the eastern Pacific, the Caribbean Sea or the Gulf of Mexico.   Be prepared.

Jus wonderin I should not think ahead if a disaster is pending, and take videos or photos of your property.  These will later help with any insurance claims.

Jus wonderin if Cedema and DMCA say we should organize and secure important papers and special photos waterproof bags. That a person’s identification is difficult and time-consuming to replace.  That every list of important papers may include social security cards, birth certificates, education certificates, titles or deeds to property, as well as your insurance policy.   Photos of special occasions or loved ones cannot be replaced, so including these is important as well.

Jus wonderin if when a hurricane is pending, and staying with relatives is not an option, if hurricane shelters are available I should remember to take into consideration that pets are not allowed in shelters.

Jus wonderin if it is not wise since my pets will not have a place in a hurricane shelter, to keep this in mind, and arrange shelter for pets before a storm.

Jus wonderin say, be prepared – designate an appropriate spot or space in your home to store a packed bag of clothing for each person in your household; make sure to include    sleepwear if you plan on going to a shelter.

Jus wonderin if DFID  stand fa  Don’t Fiddle, Its Dollars.

Jus wonderin if PIU really stan fu Premier’s Implementation Unit.

Jus wonderin if de Premier and e DFID partna no decide since June las year dat dem a go gee PIU dee Education Infrastructure project.

Jus wonderin why they don’t have armed aviation security.

JW what is protocol already established.

Jus wonderin how the bar and the bench is less 500 times the size of John public and dem uccupy more than half of the court dem in Montserrat.

Jus wonderin how we paying so much attention to a calf that can’t even stand up yet and ignore the cow to death that’s giving us milk.

Jus wonderin if is not long time ago the British say they gon build port for Montserrat.

Jus wonderin where in the world private sector build port and government run it.

Jus wonderin wha mek dem me really stap the road project if a because of ‘boyishness’.

Jus wonderin if a true the premier throw the minister them under the bus and cause all kind of rumour.



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Jus wonderin – June 14, 2013

Jus Wonderin

Jus Wonderin If we have a “MOSSIE£ problem why has there been no “FOGGING”?
Jus Wonderin how a small building Contractor with limited experience can be given a MAJOR road contract.
Jus Wonderin if the Min of AG ” Sleep Dart” medicine is no good.

Jus Wonderin if they Don’t know its kept in the fridge.
Jus Wonderin when our leaders will realise that the laws of the land apply to them as well.
Jus wonderin if MDC is not a private company and is funded using government monies.
Jus wonderin If Mr Editor has lost his marbles regarding the new taxes, if not he better send the
31/5 tax list to Nice Mr Cameron and see how many of these “NEW” taxes would be enacted in
THE U.K. answer NIL if he is hoping to get re-elected.
Jus wonderin if our Premier did take the list with him.

Jus wonderin who grows tomatoes in Nixons under drip irrigation, has access to hospital cooler facilities, to sell to the same facility when the other tomato growers have to throw away theirs that rot without the facility.

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