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Jus Wonderin

Jus Wonderin

Jus wonderin if the police know who the rapist is.

Jus wonderin when will he stike again.

Jus wondin if the big child case will ever reach court.

jus wonderin what else is happening in the unsafe zone if men could come and film in Plymouth for days and authorities don’t know.

Jus wonderin if the OUT referandom vote could have a direct negative impact on Montserrat.

Jus wonderin why the government is so silent on the matter.

Jus wonderin if the X chief will ever be prosecuted for the crimes he is alleged to comit while in office.

Jus wonderin when every new government love to say let by gones be by gone.

Jus wonderin why Montserratians blame the foriegners for the problems on the island.

Jus wonderin if Montserrat is now the big trans-shipment hob for drugs in the region.

Jus wonderin why the police is so helpless with the amount of crimes on island.

Jus wonderin if the alleged sex crime is going to be rolled out of court.

Jus wonderin if money talk and BS walk.

Jus wonderin if the man on the radio make up his mind yet if he is Jamaican or Montserratian.

Jus wonderin if the Hero can help him make up his mind.


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A Re-run – Jus Wonderin – June 25 in 2010

Jus wonderin if the edita no me say so who would a notice this is not current jus wondern

Jus wonderin where the CM was when GIS said only 250 people could hear Radio Montserrat at any given time.

Jus wonderin who he fooling or who fool him in the diaspora to tell him they buying computer just to listen to ZJB,

Jus wonderin about the shortage of expertise in Montserrat to serve on boards.

Jus wonderin why he don’t reach out to people who don’t claim MCAP subservience to serve the country.

Jus wonderin if the Government ministers going to diaspora don’t see that all them doing is instead of begging the outside haves they begging just de same in diaspora rather than telling them to organize to help the needy and jobseekers right where they are.

Jus wonderin really all the things he saying he discuss with the diaspora, how that really will impact the economy growth in Montserrat.

Jus wonderin who no see that all the begging people to come and serve/work in Montserrat is just not a trick to bring close family and friends to work above those who qualify to work in the job.


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Jus Wonderin May 22, 2015

Jus wonderin if the UK government believes Montserrat can ever be viable based on the outcomes of our “historic connections” with the “mother country”.

Jus wonderin if the UKG’s policies on Montserrat, as reflected by their actions and timing, are only designed to enable us to barely survive and that’s what they mean when they say “the Government remains committed to meeting the reasonable assistance needs of Territories where financial self-sufficiency is not possible, as a first call on the aid budget.”

Just wonderin whether Montserratians’ British citizenship status and that of other OT British citizens regarded as closer “kith and kin” is equally beneficial.

Jus wonderin how the stoppage, interminable reviews/second guessing, and other delays of essential projects (we thought were already approved) contributes to the recovery of our ailing economy or fulfils the White Paper’s “pledge of UK help when needed.”

Jus wonderin who bears ultimate responsibility, and why nearly 20 years after the onset of volcanic activity, Montserratians remain at significant risk from the hospital, secondary school, homes, government offices and public roads declared as unfit for purpose along with inadequate ports (air
and sea), et al.

Jus wonderin if the UK’s meaning of the phrase ‘help when needed’ is very different from most reasonable people’s interpretation.
Jus wonderin if and when the long-awaited 2015/16 Budget Aid Memoire stating the UKG’s financial commitments to GoM will be made public.
Jus wonderin (poor me) why it took me so long to realize that when PDM talked about “Putting People First – A Fresh Start” on the campaign trail, ‘people’ didn’t mean everybody and they literally meant starting from scratch and to hell with the immediate consequences.

Jus wonderin…Are we are putting psychopaths in positions of power where they can cause irreparable harm to the rest of us?

Jus wonderin if every politician, public officer, and directors and staff of government agencies (including commissions) ought to be assessed periodically and certified as to whether they are of sound mind and competent to fulfill their terms of employment.

Jus wonderin if all public service job candidates should be subjected to lie-detector tests.

Jus wonderin if we have any say in the selection or appointment of DFID or FCO personnel who influence what happens in Montserrat.

Jus wonderin how we know that the people DFID recruits are competent.

Jus wonderin if wondering is worthwhile.

Jus wonderin bout de mul employee with children who spend all she Time Out from till past midnight nearly every day.


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Jus wonderin

Jus wonderin


Jus Wonderin – April 17, 2015

Jus wonderin if D-Fid wud tell a gospel truth, specially bout MDC and dem involvement.
Jus wonderin how com D-fid all o a sudden change dem tune bout duh performance u duh MDC from good to bad.
Jus wonderin how de govna ku say dat the MDC bring evry ting dem ha fu to Cabnet an den de new DFID resident rep say dat MDC mek dem own policy.
Jus wonderin if a no D-fid who conclude in a dem 2007-2012 Review of MDC dat: “The analysis from the Upper Quartile TIPA Study (2011) was that the institutional design and scope of responsibilities of the MDC were not wrong, but that, in particular, the adoption of a more rigorous recruitment process and a clearer arms-length from Government mandate for the Board were required. It recommended the re-launching of MDC on the conditions of there being a concerted effort to recruit a CEO and senior staff, reconstitute the Board and improve governance. This, and other lessons learnt will inform any follow-on support to the MDC or similar institutional arrangements to ensure an integrated approach to developing Little Bay, improving the access infrastructure, promoting trade and FDI and providing advice and support to local businesses.”
Jus wonderin if a no true wa Di-fid say in a dem July 2014 Review of MDC dat:  “The reasons for slow uptake of FDI are two-fold. First, without upfront public commitment to port development it will be difficult to obtain private sector commitments. Second, MDC is hampered in its efforts to attract private sector investment due to the lack of an Economic Citizenship Programme (with resultant loss of potential investment estimated by MDC at $US 62.5 mln).”
Jus wonderin if D-fid no trus dem previous resident representative an dat dem a review evry ting de doc try fu do to help a we so a we a move backward.
Jus wonderin wa Di-fid ha fu hide ’bout dem involvement in a dee MDC.
Jus wonderin why de MDC board and management no get fu see de internal audit report an if dat an example of openness and transparency.
Jus wonderin if Difid nar use a-we as scapegoat fu failure of dem SGP and if dem doom pon purpose.
Jus wonderin if a no HMG dat prevent investment from duh Dubai people dem by not letting dem get economic citizenship lek dem ha in a England.
Jus wonderin if a we an D-fid no know wen a we no know or cud admit um if a we really know.
Jus wonderin if D-fid really kay bout a we since dem suspend all duh project dem so a we no mek no money and wreck a we economy.
Jus wonderin if Monstrat really a full member of CARICOM dat a we Premier no get fu meet US president, Barack Obama in a Jamaica.
Jus wonderin if a we ha reason fu hope.

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Jus Wonderin

Jus Wonderin – April 24, 2015

Jus wonderin if the leader of the opposition is mentally ill.

Jus wonderin if the Leader should be made to vacate should be made to vacate his seat on account of mental incapacity and the going-ons in the assembly.

Jus wonderin that there were desires to declare the Leader mentally incompetent to contest the recent elections.

Jus wonderin if we going to have a by-election soon.

Jus wonderin if the aspersions he has been casting on his legislative colleagues is a sign of the alcohol effects he boast about.

JUs wonderin how many alcholoics are on the mental health list.

Jus wonderin if a DFID run Montserrat.

Jus wonderin if any Montserrat contracta a go win any bid.

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Jus Wonderin

March 20, 2015 :

Jus wonderin when the PDM administration going realize dem win win de election and now dem accountable.

Jus wonderin when the PDM government a go start to practice what dem preached.

Jus wonderin when the 2015-16 Budget Aid Memoire a go be published.

Jus wonderin when the PDM administration a go to let us know the state of Montserrat o dem still a sort out the chaos dem inherit.

Jus wonderin if de current administrashun appreciate public servants and that dem a people too.

Jus wonderin hu much public consulteashunss the PDM administrashun tek aan since dem tek office.

Jus wonderin why the Governor (FCO) and the DFID in-country representative are the only ones holding press conferences and responding (but not necessarily answering) to questions the elected government should be answering.

Jus wonderin why the current Premier Minister’s answers in the House echo those of the previous Premier Minister and the current Leader of the Opposition is asking the same questions as the previous one.

Jus wondering why the Premier Minister said he won’t release information to the public because he wishes to protect government officials while insinuating they are guilty of wrong doing.

Jus wonderin if only rumour governs rather than due process and justice.

Jus wonderin if the honeymoon is over, if there ever was one.

Jus wonderin if the Parliamentary Secretary ever thinks before he speaks and if he does, what he hopes to accomplish by revealing his seeming ignorance (and hopefully, not stupidity).

Jus wonderin why the Financial Secretary (Acting) looks so angry all the time.

Jus wonderin why the Deputy Speaker looks so sad sometimes.

Jus wonderin what happened to all those projects in the pipeline that Reuben used to boast about.

Jus wonderin why DfID changing their tune about MDC, the new robust procurement regulations and their SGP and keep throwing spanners in the works to retard progress.

Jus wonderin if Sujue would make a better governor.

Jus wonderin what would happen if we all withdrew our money from banks since it seems that we now have to pay them to use our money and have to agree to whatever they decide unilaterally.

Jus wonderin if dat mouthy Parliamentary Secretary think that the Assembly a wan joke place ir is just a political platform and if he aware what people sayin.

Jus wonderin if the new Speaker don’t know that she has to perform and keep decorum before it runway from her.

Jus wonderin if she don’t know that she don’t have to bend over to satisfy the Opposition, that the only thing she has to do is follow the rules/guidelines set for ages with commonsense.

Jus wonderin if hypocrisy is a basic tenet of Christianity as practiced in Montserrat.

Jus wonderin what would happen if we all treated each other with respect for just one day.


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Jus Wonderin

Jus wonderin if people who buy dem new house in a Davy Hill know dem might a pay at least 20 per cent more than dem should cost.

Jus wonderin, Who a try fu use who and who a out-manoeuvre who?

Jus wonderin, who dem powerbrokers be wa dem a plan fu do now?

Jus wonderin, if governance would improve if everybody (especially MPs, civil servants, and board members) take Civics lessons.

Jus wonderin, who evaluates the governor’s performance and where we can find the results.

Jus wonderin if me send mines to the Edita he will publish um.

Jus wonderin if the new Cabinet’s first decision will be to hurry up and pass the Public Administration Regulations to allow part-time MPs and former public officer contestants resume their government jobs.

Jus wonderin wa happen to all DE PEOPLE FIRST and ALL A’WE HA FU WUK TOGETHER FU DE GREATER GOOD talk.

Jus wonderin if lying has become the norm.

Jus wonderin if leaders can be led.

Jus wonderin, Is success more or less likely if we agree to make it happen?

Jus wonderin if we can work as a team.

Jus wonderin if soon there’ll be a by-election to replace the two disenchanted elected MPs, an de rest who neva do nutten as opposition.

Jus wonderin, if will we see more intelligent voting during the next election.

Jus wonderin how much the most recent gift to Montobacco cost and who benefit.

Jus wonderin a true de first minister no share de latest ill-gotten gain wid de others.

Jus wonderin if the last Speaker will come again.

Jus wonderin if me a go get one of dem new jobs from China.

xxxxxJus wonderin, if is there a shortage of bathrooms at the Secondary School and St Augustine Primary and why they are so nasty?

Jus wonderin if Dr Kimbugwe could be persuaded to take up the Chief Economist position?

Jus wonderin if they will they advertise for Financial Secretary and Cabinet Secretary, and where?

Jus wonderin if Advantage never done will change, why life so unfair dat no matter how hard me wuk fu yum, me can’t get de big-pay job I deserve as compensation fu me superb accomplishments!

Jus wonderin if dem, specially who lose who dragged voters unfit to go to the polling stations feel any shame.


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Jus wonderin

Jus wonderin wha happen and who won the battle, the Pull Down Montserrat party dubbed by the More Crime and Poverty party, Malice Corruption and Pomposity (Psychopathic)and All Idiots Combined

Just wonderin if after all anyone else could fact-check this.

Jus wonderin who de dunce be dat don’t know that de Minister is responsible for setting policy as to what produce should be unda licence, when de voter challenge he for saying that farmers are producing more and more when de statistics show differently.

Jus wonderin de saying bout ‘grabbing at straws’ sayin effigy bout premier at rally holding breadfruit incite violence mong de children.

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Jus Wonderin – Septmber 8, 2014

Jus wonderin…. Should we help spread the wealth by voting in the new scamps in order to get rid of the old ones?

Jus wonderin if all nominated candidates should be professionally certified to ensure they meet all the qualifications required to stand for elections.

Jus wonderin if we have at least a hundred thousand (100,000) reasons to disbelieve certain candidates.

Jus wonderin…. Did Reuben resign as Director of Development to run for elected office or was his resignation due to the accusations arising from his effectiveness and efficiency in disposing of the sea-island cotton as well as his failure to provide a satisfactory explanation for being found in possession of a car he knew was stolen?

Jus wonderin if holding high office enhanced Reuben’s ability to dispose of valuable government metallic assets even more efficiently and effectively, without the consent of the Legislative Assembly.

Jus wonderin why none of the newly created scrap metal firms obtained a license to operate as required under the Old Metals and Marine Stores Ordinance.

Jus wonderin if it’s easier to avoid criminal conviction if you are government minister.

Jus wonderin if HMG wanted to abolish the right to trial by jury in the Montserrat constitution because they observed that jurors have delivered (as they put it) ‘perverse judgements’ in cases involving ministers of government, even when there’s overwhelming evidence of their guilt.

Jus wonder if GoM will try to recruit Reuben for the vital post of Chief Economist or if he should be left to spend his retirement engaging in his favourite hobby, construction work.

Jus wonderin…. Is it true that the most important natural resource for development is what lies between our ears and that it’s foolish to neglect it or take it for granted?

Jus wonderin if it’s true that rhetoric is about making what is worst appear to be the better.

Jus wonderin if a true wha sweet nanny goat hear poison e mind.

Jus wonderin if HMG dispenses aid based on the risk-of-embarrassment model, only rushing to partially fulfil the least-costly one from amongst their raft of strategically delayed promises when faced with shame like when the 19 people died on June 25, 1997 or the fatal and near fatal accidents involving Fly Montserrat, while the rest of their promises wither away slowly into nothingness.

Jus wonderin…. Will HMG will punish only me for making the above comment in spite of my plea to please leave the rest of our population out of it because unlike me, they are most grateful for HMG’s assistance?

Jus wonderin how long a we a go ha fu live wid de temporary evacuation docks at Little Bay and Heritage Quay?

Jus wonderin if Operation Exodus is still in active operation.

Jus wonderin what the status is on the $150,000 MDC invested in Fly Montserrat, the $500,000 MDC and GoM ($250,000 each) invested Twin Islands Ferry Service, and the unknown amount our Social Security Fund invested in the Davy Hill housing project.

Jus wonderin who started the colour thing (yellow, I think).

Jus wonderin how come when MCAP vilifies PDM it is considered to be positive and true but when PDM attacks MCAP’s record it is considered to be negative, divisive and character assassination.

Jus wonderin if we’ll ever receive balanced news reporting from the media so we hear what every political party and independent candidate has to say about whatever subject is being reported on.

Jus wonderin…. Considering all the divisiveness, abysmal performance,

flagrant lies, unrealistic promises, and unsubstantiated slandering being

delivered by most of our current crop of politicians and some want-to-be

politicians, should all those who cast a vote for any of them on September

11th be struck off the electoral roll on the ground of unsound mind!

Jus wondering if some politicians are praying to win their seats and then stamp their authority for leadership.

Jus wondering if they are playing dead to catch cobo.

Jus wondering if it is memory lost, being under the influence, maybe, home problems, job, election pressure or is he just a DAMN liar!

Jus wondering if it is another case of six years then pension why the man did not take over leadership.

Jus wondering if they can take another five years of being trampled on by the man they all complain about.

Jus wondering if some “politicians” study the art of misleading the people.

Jus wondering if it is too late now for prayers which is very close at hand to them.

Just wondering why the heavy roller did not run in the race.

Jus wondering if he was afraid of the truth about him or the lies that his partner in crime is capable of telling.

Jus wondering why are there so much lying and fabrication in the 2014 elections.

Jus wondering who is the main culprit.

Jus wondering who is sleeping with who, not sleeping with who and who beating up who, who putting up with and who leaving who, in that soap-like at the top behavior.

Jus wondering when the book will be published, or re-enactment put on screen.

Jus wondering if the battle lines are drawn for after the election wars.

Jus wondering why some politicians face is always swelling and shining like they took one too many.

Jus wondering Mr. Editor Sir, why they are so lie?

Jus wondering if it is because the Word is so close!

Jus wondering out of the Indians which nine will be really best for Montserrat.

Jus wondering if we will all have a party or a coalition government after elections.

Jus wondering who would like to bet me that we will have many chiefs and very few Indians.

Jus wondering if, the Primier knowing he is a liar, but, pretends he is not a liar, knowing full well that he is a liar, is a damn fool.


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Jus wonderin – September 5, 2014

Jus wonderin about the desperation of the MCAP Premier accusing everyone else for doing and inciting violence and the rest.

Jus wonderin since when de Premier know all these things about God when God jus about fu rid the people o he.

Jus wonderin if he suddenly fine God an if de preacher dem no tell him dat God is merciful and Jus.

Jus wonderin wha he me a do in a Romeo residence vicinity fu see people who he call hooded criminals.

Jus wonderin if he me really see anybody himself or he jus a cover fu he agents who he gat a watch fu see all who a support Romeo.

Jus wonderin if dem public servunts a ge demself a chance to feel wha it like to be free to work honestly and fu de good o de people dem serve.

Jus wonderin de Premier no talk to de premier informed interviewer in a Montserrat

Jus wonderin if now de Premier a talk to de people and if people know what he tell the people in a England about the poor and the vulnerable.

Jus wonderin who dem be dat MCAP a promise NOW to look after dem after elections.

Jus wonderin if dem me dead the last nearly five years to be taking the insult now.

Jus wonderin bout dem poor elderly and vulnerable people who no see premier fu donkey years and now a elecshun time he a tek dem fu ride in the exclusion zone.

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