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Jus wonderin how some people do not like to promote themselves as far as their achievements and rely on others who understand their importance and relevance to the growth and progress of the island.

Jus wonderin about the coldness or the urgency to do something about electoral reform before the next general election.

Jus wonderin if becars me expect dem tap civil servants fu be loyal to the progress to dis country and do dem work loyally and propuly dat dem jus cut eye so bad dat e cud cut all four me car tyres.

Jus wonderin bout dis wan if a lek Solomon say.

Jus wonderin why so much corruption have to be around.

Jus wonderin it get so bad dat de corruption look so good can’t tell de difference wey the bad actually accepted as good.

Jus wonderin if this is not enough to warrant Impeachment in the USA — CNN’s Amanda Carpenter: “Pelosi is wrong. There was not ‘a cover up.’ There were MANY cover ups. Coverups of Russian talks. Coverups of seedy, extramarital affairs. Cover ups of Trump’s accounting. And, cover ups to hide Trump’s attempts to kill queries about any of it.”

Jus wonderin if there is any coverup in Montserrat in this decade why no one want to admit that government is continuous, be it DFID, FCO or GoM.

Jus wonderin if a tief dem mek awe we run out of goat meat dat awe use to import a Antigua even aftu awe import goats to increase dem population.

Jus wonderin who dat one choice leader going forward.

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Jus Wonderin...

Jus Wonderin…

Jus wonderin why de magistrate charge $2500 forthwith for some individual and why de Custum Officers jus search out the gel dem panties who come here for St. Patricks festival.

Jus wonderin if these things should no stap and wonder what the Premier goin do bout it and if dey not going decriminalise de marijuana and free up the people  dem.

Jus wonderin when de people in Davy Hill for de spanikin house dem a go get dem key.

Jus wonderin if Gregory is a follower or a leader.

Jus wonderin if dem nar do discipline de honourable doc.

Jus wonderin if de honorable opposition was there when dey outsource the cleaning services and now a pretend he don’t know nothing. I callin on him to stap fool de people dem and buy vote carze Montserrat people dem no foolish.

 Jus wonderin why de hon minista o agriculture and he acting PS demolish de nursery at Brades and move it to where Sankofa was above Public Works.

Jus why de premier and de FS late wid de budget for three years in a row, if dem no need fu come to d people and explain why three years in a row de budget late.

Jus wonderin why de PDM govment so incompetent and also de opposition members also so incompetent.

Jus wonderin if disunity carze dat fu de P D M and de others dem jus ignorunt o stupid.

Jus wonderin why Montserrat people dem no come together and save this country f deterioration.

Jus wonderin if nobady a go say anything bout de Customs offica dem behavia tumbling out de gei dem underwear and brazier dem and spreading dem out in front o everybady.

Jus really wonder if dat a true and why we hear bout marijuana and no bady hear bout de people dem rites and de marginalisation. 

Jus wonderin if dat will continue when Kristmus come.

Jus wonderin wha a happen bout de new hospital if awe a go get wan u not.

Jus wonderin if a new Attorney General appointed yet.

Jus wonderin if now awe get a PMO if the rest of the Premier’s important office is staffed.

Jus wonderin if Saga Gregory mi a fire shots at de FS who really ha the responsibility fu de budget preparation.

Jus wonderin whu much trouble de siam FS carse Montserrat and if he an de Career Govna who appoint him an give him big bonus.

Jus wonderin if dem shudn’t do im de same lek de PMO but definitely fu carse.

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Jus Wonderin

Jus Wonderin

Jus wonderin column is compiled from contributions by readers and from de community. Please send by email or letter, or by calling.

Jus wonderin if it is true that the former Health Minister is creating a lot of enemies in America.

Jus wonderin how many people he owes money to.

Jus wonderin if the minister eat as much as they say.

Jus wonderin who was defending who in the court case.

Jus wonderin if it was two blind mice in court.

Jus wonderin Mr Editor if they were partners in crime.

Jus wonderin if common sense did not dictate that, that was a damn foolish move.

Jus wonderin what they expected the out come would have been.

Jus wonderin if, you are accused, it is being alleged against me, however, I will defend to clear me was the plan.

Jus wonderin if the lady remember that her father was once Chief leader for years.

Jus wonderin if she also know that he was a member of parliament for 40 years or more

Jus wonderin how pure and sincere are her talk for women.

Jus wonderin if she discussed Women Rights with her parliamentarian brother.

Jus wonderin if all this is about a political agenda

Jus wonderin if she is not conflicted in her moves.

Jus wonderin if most people agree with her.

Jus wonderin if we are going to get an investigation into the corruption in the police force.

Jus wonderin if the legal department need an investigation too.

Jus wonderin who of the legal minds allegedly abuse dem wife.

Jus wonderin if it is true one o dem took up the gas bottle from his wife house wey de children lived.

Jus wonderin how many complaints was reported to the police.

Jus wonderin if the police boss volunteered his mediation service.

Jus wonderin if it was better for him to press charges.

Jus wonderin if it is another, I help you and you protect me.

Jus wonderin wha me happen when de female police officers made abusive complaints against a fellow hierarchy.

Jus wonderin if the governor paying attention.

Jus wonderin if that’s why we are getting a new security chief for governor.

Jus wonderin if we are fast becoming a nanny state managed by the police and social workers.

Jus wonderin if domestic violence is going to be a campaign issue.

Jus wonderin if she is aware of the complaints.

Jus wonderin when we are going to have some love, kindness and peace.

Jus wonderin what’s going to be on the jumbie table.

Jus wonderin if there’s anything for us to put on the jumbie table this year.

Jus wonderin who is stopping us from setting up our jumbie table.

Jus wonderin who are selfish parasites with no conception of duty of care to others.

Jus wonderin if a bambie or is it bumbie on the table.

Jus wonderin what else would be on the table for 2018 except for domestic violence.

Jus wonderin really who are the perpetrators.

Jus wonderin if the law makers know the difference between sex and gender.

Jus wonderin why a lawmaker thinks cyber violence is not violence when emotional violence is there.

Jus wonderin what I am getting for Christmas.

Jus wonderin if we’re going to get our barrels for Christmas.

Jus wonderin what we are going to tell the ancestors if there’s no flour for black cake and tart.

Jus what we have to tell our ancestors about what’s going on in this country that they slaved so hard for.

Jus wonderin how many school girls going to get an iphone x.

Jus wonderin what their parents say or do about it.

Jus wonderin why the Queen’s representative always has the soldier and the police on every side.

Jus wonderin why the Governor is always in charge of all the forces.

Jus wonderin whose safety these forces are securing.

Jus wonderin why HM Treasury can always find funds to build prisons.

Jus wonderin how why they spend money to prosecute some Montserrat people and if the funds come out of the budget.

Jus wonderin when the honourable Premier is going to get himself an entourage.

Jus wonderin the honourable minister is going to stop wearing polka dot dresses.

Jus wonderin who’s following this new trend.

Jus wonderin how many more privileges the entitled legislator is going to demand.

Jus wonderin when she will leave the don alone since she bambied herself.

Jus wonderin when the champion of women’s rights is going to understand ‘good will to all men’.

Jus wonderin how many women wished they had a girly man who treats them good.

Jus wonderin when we are going to appreciate each other.

Jus wonderin if all of us going to get some kindness and loving this season.

Jus wonderin if Lizzie’s love party is the way to go.

Jus wonderin if cutting the prisoner’s pay in half is an example of good will.

Jus wonderin if Lizzie’s legacy will be lasting.

Jus wonderin if my God blessed merry Christmas greetings will be enjoyed my wonderin friends.

Jus wonderin now everything on the jumbie table gone, if I should wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.


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Jus wonderin

Jus wonderin


Jus wonderin which STDs can affect brain function.

Jus wonderin if the Clerk of Council (or is it now Clerk of Assembly) should read all bills out loud in their entirety to ensure that every legislator at least knows what is contained therein, assuming they listen since apparently, some don’t read, retain or comprehend.

Just wonderin if Clause 6 of the 2017 Appropriation Act (extracted below) is still in effect:

  1. Restrictions

Notwithstanding the provisions of the Public Finance (Management and Accountability) Act (Cap.17.07) or any other law in force in Montserrat, the following acts, whether by the Government or by any statutory authority as appropriate, shall require the prior approval of a Secretary of State

(a)   the incurring of any expenditure additional to that provided for under this Act other than expenditure financed wholly by grant;

(b)   borrowing from any source except by means of the fluctuating overdraft referred to in section 5; or

(c)   the giving of any loan guarantee.

Jus wonderin how many Secretaries of State Montserrat have, which one gave the Montserrat government permission to borrow money and when this historic event occurred.

Jus wonderin how many of us act against our own best interests due to lack of knowledge, lack of time, laziness, despair, fear or gullibility.

Jus wonderin if institutionalised colonialism is driving away all our best minds.

Jus wonderin if this is self-hate.

Jus wonderin if Montserrat will ever be able to stand on its feet if we don’t address these issues of bad-mindedness, selfishness and greed.

Jus wonderin what Culture and College have in common.

Jus wonderin if the colonial masters are not fed up with the institutional colonialism themselves.

Jus wonderin if institutional colonialism is the biggest thing that is holding Montserrat back.

Jus wonderin if some of DfID money shouldn’t go into studying institutionalized colonialism, understanding it, explaining it and doing something to stop it.

Jus wonderin if there’s a difference between reparations and development aid.

Jus wonderin if reparations are okay when there is a disaster.

Jus wonderin if finally, we will get reparation and if it takes the entire region to be mashed by hurricanes to cause it to be considered.

Jus wonderin if it takes half of the Caribbean to be mashed flat for people to think that reparation is okay.

Jus wonderin if Montserrat people are interested in reparations and if Montserrat will ever get any.

Jus wonderin if only another natural disaster is going to cause us to get it.

Jus wonderin if there is a link between the ideas of resilient projects and reparations.

Jus wonderin if our Premier is thinking at the cutting edge of political economy and if any Montserratians (and non-Montserratians) are sabotaging his efforts.

Jus wonderin if the Premier and the UWI Vice Chancellor are saying something similar about this.

Jus wonderin what the UK means when it says that its responsibility to aided Overseas Territories is to “accelerate the territory towards economic self-sufficiency, where this is possible.”

Jus wonderin given Montserrat’s historical and present circumstances, if the UK believes that it is impossible for Montserrat to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Jus wonderin if the 2012 Overseas White Paper is still operational.

Jus wonderin where I can find the UK’s new policy paper on its Overseas Territories beyond: “The UK has specific constitutional and legal responsibilities for its 14 Overseas Territories and a responsibility to ensure their security and good governance. We’ve set out a partnership approach based on shared values and a right to self-determination. ”

Jus wonderin who briefs the Governor.

Jus wonderin why the Governor casually dismissed the question concerning the rumour about the UK establishing a military base on Montserrat.

Jus wonderin if the idea of having a standby force/facility similar to the French and Dutch is a laughing matter or a reasonable expectation for the timely protection of thousands of British citizens “potentially in peril” from dangerous hurricanes despite clear warnings in a hurricane prone region during hurricane season.

Jus wonderin why she did not see this as a legitimate question when it was reported in the UK press that in response to criticism about HMG’s inadequate preparation for the impending storms, “Government minister Lord Compton insisted the British had been in a different position to the French and Dutch since it had no troops stationed on the islands.”

Jus wonderin what it means to be a British citizen…for Montserratians and all other OTs.

Jus wonderin why UK MPs seemingly always need to be reminded that UK OT citizens are also British citizens and if this is another case of institutionalized colonialism.

Jus wonderin about the seeming inconsistencies concerning the relationship between the UK and its Overseas Territories.  For example:  How can we be considered to be British citizens and foreigners at the same time?; Why is the UK willing to support the request by former Premier RT Meade for the removal of Montserrat from the UNs’ list of non-self-governing territories while refusing to consider integration of its territories all populated by British citizens?; How Montserrat can be described as internally self-governing yet the UK retains the power to make laws for the peace, order and good government of Montserrat (direct rule)…..

Jus wonderin if any of these Jus Wonderins caused you to laugh out loud.

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Jus Wonderin - October 6, 2017

Jus Wonderin – October 6, 2017

October 6, 2017

Jus wonderin if Montserrat’s state of affairs epitomizes Christian doctrine gone bad, sheer madness or both where good meets punishment and evil meets rewards.

Jus wonderin what “data and other confidential information” a transparency – honest – and integrity-centered government have to hide from their partners (like DfID), colleagues and the stakeholders people they supposedly represent.

Jus wonderin if dem person(s) responsible for the termination of the Head of GoM’s Programme Management Office (PMO) considered the ramifications of having no one to manage the delivery of the transformational capital programme.

Jus wonderin if the intent was to further retard the island’s development or just mere corruption intent.

Jus wonderin if we will ever learn the truth about Gomersall’s dismissal–without cause; if the actual reason was made public, would it trigger a huge scandal; and if any of the transformational projects the PMO Head was responsible for delivering will materialize during our lifetime.

Jus wonderin what it means that Montserratians are British citizens other than we have the right of abode in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Jus wonderin if persons lose their human rights once they immigrate to Montserrat as some Montserratians seem to think they ought to and should this extend to the thousands of Montserratians, families and friends who have immigrated to other countries.

Jus wonderin if the UK’s definition of meeting Montserratians’ reasonable needs is limited to the five basic human survival needs:  oxygen, water, food, shelter and sleep.  Well, maybe not shelter.

Jus wonderin if Glendon Hospital—described in the business case presented to DfID for funding as being unfit for purpose—meets our reasonable needs, as defined by the UK.

Jus wonderin when all parties concerned, DfID, aid donors, GoM and the people of Montserrat, will ever agree a definition of “reasonable needs” or when, at least, we can have a common understanding of what the UK means by the phrase.

Jus wonderin if we can trust the UK government not to renege on any commitment it makes.

Jus wonderin what happened to the DfID-funded £4.94 million fiber optic broadband grant for Montserrat that was reported via various media in early January 2017 when a DfID spokesperson said:  Following the devastating eruption in the UK overseas territory, we’ve met our legal obligations to Montserrat by investing in the vital infrastructure needed for the island to stand on its own two feet again.”

Jus wonderin if the UK now believes Montserrat can stand on its own two feet, no longer considers the fiber optic project to be vital infrastructure, or they have fully met their legal obligations to Montserrat.

Jus wonderin if conditions at DfID are so chaotic, the new Deputy Director failed to do his homework, or he was improperly briefed before arriving in Montserrat that when asked about funding for vital infrastructure projects, (including some already approved by his government) Mr Chakrabarti stated that DfID would take the approach they have always taken:  taking everything on a case-by-case basis, looking at value for money, impact, purpose, etc. and would be keen on leveraging joint public-private-IFI (International Financial Institutions) ventures.

Jus wonderin if outgoing British officials don’t prepare handover notes for their replacements and that’s why a new business case has to be prepared for projects that have been in the pipeline for years, in some cases, decades every time a new DfID official comes on the scene.  Or like many politicians and officials, they believe there is nothing worth learning from their predecessors or history and must restart everything from scratch.

Jus wonderin if the new Deputy DFID Director is really unaware that as a UK Overseas Territory (colony), Montserrat cannot borrow money from international financial institutions (per UK restrictions) and that the already approved £4.94 million fiber optic project involved investments from local internet service providers of around £51,000 plus £150,000 from the European Union.

Jus wonderin if the sole purpose of the Governor’s October 2017 press conference was to make us understand once and for all that she is in charge because as she has said, the majority of our enlightened elected leaders approved a constitution that made it so.

Jus wonderin if it is now crystal clear that Montserrat is still a colony and we are responsible for our predicament.

Jus wonderin when Montserrat was last represented at the annual UN Decolonization Committee Seminars and if it is because the Governor didn’t pass on the invitation to the Premier or the invitation got lost in the mail.

Jus wonderin why the Premier met with the Deputy DFID Head immediately after the Governor’s October 2017 press conference.

Jus wonderin why the Premier was not invited to the today October 2017 press conference since neither the Governor nor the Deputy DfID head could tell us anything about what was agreed between Montserrat and the UK because according to the Deputy DfID Head, only GoM could do that.

Jus wonderin if the Governor doesn’t realize that she forms part of Montserrat’s government, de jure. And DfID too for that matter, de facto.

Jus wonderin if the Governor understands the difference between ‘de jure’ and ‘de facto’ (convention) and why the latter may be important in maintaining good intergovernmental relations, especially in 21st century colonial environments.

Jus wonderin if the Governor should seriously consider hiring our esteemed resident constitutional expert, Dr Fergus, to explain the Montserrat Constitution Order 2010 to her, the legislature and all other government officials.

Jus wonderin if de Guvna really tink a-we believe she when she deny dat she tell a room full u people who are not deaf or dumb: “I am declaring a state of emergency,” dat she already sign.

Jus wonderin if a true wa people a say bout de two national pappy shows.

Jus wonderin all who a conspire against who fu dem job in an out u govment and if any u dem a go succeed.

Jus wonderin if a true de Govna and she Deputy a join de udder conspirators a mek trouble fu de Premier.

Jus wonderin who me fu tell when me witness wrongdoing.

Jus wonderin if me expose misconduct wa a go happen to me, protection or retribution and wa de law say bout um.

Jus wonderin if the Governor thinks that I’m harassing her just like she accused the editor of TMR of doing at her recent press conference or if she recognizes that I’m expressing my constitutional right to free expression, without malice.

Jus wonderin what our leaders’ spiritual and technical advisers are telling them and if dat mek dem no tek or ever follow advice proffered.

Jus wonderin if a guilt a talk when we hear on Radio ZJB that we ha fu integrate the elderly into society or me jus misunderstand.

Jus wonderin what percentage of Montserrat’s population is over the age of 55.

Jus wonderin if Minister Lady Macbeth only has confidence in herself and where her ambition will lead her ultimately.

Jus wonderin why some Ministers don’t replace their technical advisers since they clearly have no confidence in them and why some of these advisers remain in such a hostile environment when they would be welcomed with open arms, respect and suitable compensation by many other countries and international organizations that recognize the value of their expertise.

Jus wonderin if I’ll die before Premier finally reveals (as he continually promises) the whole story about everything ‘gone bad’ such as corruption, treachery, why approved projects are delayed, what really happened at MDC, PIU, PMO, Procurement Unit, etc.

Jus wonderin how many of us can admit when we don’t know, know when we don’t know or just pretend we don’t know.

Jus wonderin why anyone would advocate hiring an unqualified Montserratian over a qualified non-Montserratian just so that a few more Montserratians would have money in their pockets, and how Montserrat would benefit, in the short or long term.

Jus wonderin if some government officials, including the governor and most new DfID personnel ever bother to read relevant documents or have basic common sense judging from some of recent comments uttered publicly about documenting lessons learned from the recent hurricane strikes such as the need for backup generators, maintaining equipment, building resilient structures, putting utility cables underground, proper shelters, a radio station that doesn’t go off air at the beginning of every disaster, etc., etc.

Jus wonderin what productive work some of our elected and non-elected officials do with their time during working hours. 

Jus wonderin why some people work so much harder at not doing their job rather than actually performing the functions for which they were hired get paid and yet expect to get performance increments.

Jus wonderin if Montserrat doesn’t have a suitable building code designed for our region’s geography; business cases for a proper hospital that doesn’t require relocation before an imminent natural disaster and a road refurbishment project that includes ducting work includes underground ducts for electricity, water, telephone (fiber optic) and cable TV; inadequate budgets for proper maintenance and replacement of critical equipment and infrastructure like Radio Montserrat.

Jus wonderin if ignorance in hurricane prone Montserrat is an acceptable excuse when it comes to dealing with the preparation for and after-effects of a severe hurricane rather than accepting accountability for things that could reasonably have been prevented via “robust infrastructure.”

Jus wonderin if we are going to wait for mass casualties before appropriate corrective action is taken for things we know gone bad.

Jus wonderin wa we a go do when the Carrs Bay culvert collapses or the one at Soldier Ghaut, pretend we didn’t know about the structural problems for at least six years?

Jus wonderin since people won’t read documents that ought to be readily available, if it wouldn’t be prudent to rehire or at least consult those with institutional memory before it is too late to clue in the clueless and prevent calamity or are we just too paranoid to trust anyone or just plain wicked.

Jus wonderin if anyone is maintaining the library at the Development Unit or if government departments still send copies of important studies, reports and papers to the public library.

Jus wonderin if all of our elected and non-elected governments have acknowledged that Montserrat is in crisis and will do what reasonable people do in such situations:  work together to save ourselves and our island for future generations plus preserve their pay checks for at least two more years and gain a pension if the new ones can last six full years.

Just wonderin if the maxim that we learn from our mistakes is true.

Jus wonderin if we’d be bored without the wickedness, desperation, ignorance and stupidity.

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Mum poses as own daughter to catch paedophile luring her on Facebook

Stranger asks who he believes is a schoolgirl to sit on her bed and say ‘I’ve been a very bad girl’ 


The Independent Online


A mother posed as her own 13-year-old daughter to catch out a man trying to lure the teenager into playing “sex and slave” games. 

Kelly Carberry became worried when she spotted a message on her daughter’s Facebook account saying “do you promise to keep your mouth closed about what is said on here”.

The mother, who said she had decided to check her daughter Chloe-Marie’s account for the first time, went along with the conversation to find out what the stranger wanted from the schoolgirl.

Believing he was chatting to the 13-year-old, the man said she could not tell anyone about the conversation. 

“What is said on here stays in here only and you cannot tell anyone else ok. Do you understand?” he wrote. 

Playing her part, Ms Carberry replied that she did understand. 

Then the man asked her if she was in her bedroom on her own and added “so we can play a game do you like games?”.

“Love them,” the mum replied.

The man then asked her to lock the door, sit on her bed and “say hi master”. 

“Say I’ve been a very bad girl,” he added. 


(Mercury Press and Media Ltd)
(Mercury Press and Media Ltd)

At that point, Ms Carberry, from Preston, Lancashire, revealed her identity asking the man “what do you think you are doing with all these young girls on your Facebook”. 

The mother said the Facebook user reportedly deleted two of his accounts following the conversation but she believed he had at least three.

The incident was reported to Lancashire Police and a spokesman confirmed an investigation was ongoing. 

Ms Carberry decided to go online to warn other parents about the man, who was trying to lure her daughter.  She said she received a number of messages from concerned parents, which led her to believe the man had been trying to contact young girls across the North West of England. 

Ms Carberry said the account used to lure her daughter had a description which read: “I am Jess, a 31-year-old transgender female and I only speaks to girls”. 

She said she would now check her daughter’s social media accounts.

“It’s just what I have got to do as a parent to make sure they’re safe but it’s a difficult thing when she’s 13,” she said. 

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Jus wonderin

Jus wonderin

Jus wonderin when tolerance is a virtue.

Jus wonderin if we really appreciate diversity.

Jus wonderin if a only me happy Reuben retire.

Jus wonderin how come nobody beg Reuben fu reconsider.

Jus wonderin if de community college serious biznez.

Jus wonderin who a try fu mash up MCC.

Jus wonderin if a de people wey a manage de college a mash um up.

Jus wonderin if dem understand their duties.

Jus wonderin why dem  a allow wan man weh jus cum fu do wa e like.

Jus wonderin why we always try fu mash up hu a do good.

Jus wonderin if a we know de differunce between good and bad.

Jus wonderin why de speaker no spend more time travelling, if we cud see the difference.

Jus wonderin wa de speaker’s point be in her speech at the last sitting of parliament.

Jus wonderin if members of parliament ever listen to each other or themselves and are impressed; so that more o dem  might fallow de ringleader.

Jus wonderin if MPs no need lessons in the basics of effective communication.

Jus wonderin if politics in my little island is getting like the American elections.

Jus wonderin if some of our polititians are worse than bumpy (sexist) Trump.

Jus wonderin if some of the ladies are like Clinton.

Jus wonderin if our political leaders are down right continuing embarasment to our little rock.

Jus wonderin if the editor will allow me to be political.

Jus wonderin, if it is true that one of our leaders beat up his black girl friend years ago. Then one is accused of sex offences, one was taken to jail by Scotland Yard and now another one is defending himself about his activities while he was in office.

Jus wonderin how the x chief did not mention the alleged gambling partner in his resignation speech.

Jus wonderin if he wasn’t his henchman throughout the years but cannot get a mention.

Jus wonderin if there were a few drinks in when he was shredding crocodile tears during his croaking. 

Jus wonderin if it is true that Scotland Yard is planning to arrest the x chief again.

Jus wonderin if local prosecutors dem a join forces with Scotland Yard to embarrass the X.

Jus wonderin if they should also arrest other persons in the legal ‘fraternity’ for reportedly and allegedly beating dem wifes.

Jus wonderin if no investigation was carried out before they were appointed. 

Jus wonderin what happen to reports that was made to the police in so many related matters.

Jus wonderin if it is not too late to be crying over his emancipated children.

Jus wonderin why politicians no present proof when dem a say they spend dem own money.

Jus wonderin why the crying polititians is comparisons to when we were financial dependent to now we totally depend on the UK.

Jus wonderin why some people say he was probably drunk.

Jus wonderin who if some blind could now see that leadership dat leave chaos not leadership to begin with.

Jus wonderin if some who so mixed up about leadership don’t realise the lack thereof in themselves.

Jus wonderin if worse is not rising just there on the horizon.

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Jus Wonderin

Jus Wonderin

Jus wonderin if there is a plan to overthrow the PreM.

Jus wonderin if a member of members of his government is one of the ring leader.

Jus wonderin if any member of the MDC was involved in fraudulent activities.

Jus wonderin if any politician/s was also involved in any of the alleged MDC corruption.

Jus wonderin why people are calling for action against them.

Jus wonderin if the so call investigation or inquiry was a white wash.

Jus wonderin if we will ever get an investigation or inquiry into the alleged illegal activities.

Jus wonderin where is the politician that everyone thought was going to take over from him.

Jus wonderin if he is in hiding.

Jus wonderin if it is the usual political thing, ‘Let by gones be by gones.’

Jus wonderin if it is true that some civil servants who are supporters of the last government dem on a go slow because they do not like this government.

Jus wonderin if some of them are also trying to undermine the Dan.

Jus wonderin if the lady from the East in England think that her former leader cannot do or did not do anything wrong.

Jus wonderin if it true she is still campaigning for the X Chief.

Jus wonderin if she is getting pay for all the campaigning she is doing up in England.

Jus wonderin if the ‘Big’ case will be called up among the November High Court cases.

Jus wonderin if we are going to get a ferry for Christmas and St Patrick’s activities.

Jus wonderin if a ferry is the number one solution to the economic problems on island.

Jus wonderin how many other woman this particular married man have.

Jus wonderin how his wife put up with him.

Jus wonderin why so many married men are spending so much money on teenage boys and girls.

Jus wonderin why the parents are turning a blind eye to their children activities.

Jus wonderin if it is the children who are now bringing in the money in the house.

Jus wonderin if that is why they can do what they like.

Jus wonderin what interest or study Montserrat give to the ECLAC internet study report in this issue.

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Jus wonderin

Jus wonderin

Jus wonderin if the radio man who have Montserrat drivers p/s off was demonstrating what not to do when you get in a traffic accident.

Jus wonderin if he left the accident scene to seek medical help.

Jus wonderin if people dislike him so much that they say he ran away from the  scene of the accident.

Jus wondering if he will clear up the matter on his next radio programme

Jus wonderin Mr Editor if the x PM is really serious with things he said in the House.

Jus wonderin if that is the way he celebrate his freedom.

Jus wonderin if he was to be prosecuted for the alleged crimes he committed how many years the head would give him.

Jus wonderin if he had in a few or was it an alleged over hang.

Jus wonderin what the old folks would call him, maybe a, ” BOLD FACE LOUSE”.

Jus wonderin where can I get some hush for some politicians.

Jus wonderin if the civil servants read your article about their fellow me in the seventies and eighties.

Jus wonderin if the government have them tied around it’s neck like a boat anchor.

Jus wonderin if this homo thing gone viral here.

Jus wonderin if it is true that more men are now enjoying the British imposed law.

Jus wonderin if the women here are not good enough or anymore.

Jus wonderin if the young boys or men are cheaper.

Jus wonderin why the radio gone quiet on the accident.

Jus wonderin where the school girls are getting the money to buy $1000.00 plus phones.

Jus wonderin what are the parents doing about the gifts they bring home.

Jus wonderin if the parent do not ask the big question, ‘Where you get it from?’

Jus wonderin what Parliament know about Britxit.

Jus wonderin if some politicians is a Britxit experts but have no idea how get things moving here

Jus wonderin when will I get a job so I can feed my family.


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Jus wonderin

Jus wonderin

Jus wonderin what about the ferry for Montserrat.

Jus wonderin wha a happen with tourism on Montserrat.

Jus wonderin if the present government know that tourism was 50% of the GDP in the early 90s.

Jus wonderin when we going to get good reliable legal people to work on Montserrat.

Jus wonderin wha a gwarn at the the Royal Bank of Canada.

Jus wonderin when dem a go get dem act together.

Jus wonderin when the police force is going to get their act together to.

Jus wonderin what is going on with the government.

Jus wondering if it is true that there is a plan to overthrow the premier.

Jus wonderin if the X is part of the plan.

Jus wonderin what happen to the £400.000.000 them  say the British spend on Montserrat.

Jus wonderin if you divide £400.000.000 by 10.000 people how much each person would get.

Jus wonderin if people here are really living from hand to mouth.

Jus wonderin how often drugs or goods are being dropped off at Blackburn Airport vicinity fu dat matta all round the island.

Jus wonderin if any o dem police are involved.

Jus wonderin why the civil servants are angry because people are complaining about the passport issue.

Jus wonderin if they only get the post because of long service.

Jus wonderin how many of them are really “qualified” to do the job.

Jus wonderin if they do not care because they know the government cannot just fire them.

Jus wonderin when will the premier be able to implement the changes in government he is proposing.

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