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Mum poses as own daughter to catch paedophile luring her on Facebook

Stranger asks who he believes is a schoolgirl to sit on her bed and say ‘I’ve been a very bad girl’ 


The Independent Online


A mother posed as her own 13-year-old daughter to catch out a man trying to lure the teenager into playing “sex and slave” games. 

Kelly Carberry became worried when she spotted a message on her daughter’s Facebook account saying “do you promise to keep your mouth closed about what is said on here”.

The mother, who said she had decided to check her daughter Chloe-Marie’s account for the first time, went along with the conversation to find out what the stranger wanted from the schoolgirl.

Believing he was chatting to the 13-year-old, the man said she could not tell anyone about the conversation. 

“What is said on here stays in here only and you cannot tell anyone else ok. Do you understand?” he wrote. 

Playing her part, Ms Carberry replied that she did understand. 

Then the man asked her if she was in her bedroom on her own and added “so we can play a game do you like games?”.

“Love them,” the mum replied.

The man then asked her to lock the door, sit on her bed and “say hi master”. 

“Say I’ve been a very bad girl,” he added. 


(Mercury Press and Media Ltd)
(Mercury Press and Media Ltd)

At that point, Ms Carberry, from Preston, Lancashire, revealed her identity asking the man “what do you think you are doing with all these young girls on your Facebook”. 

The mother said the Facebook user reportedly deleted two of his accounts following the conversation but she believed he had at least three.

The incident was reported to Lancashire Police and a spokesman confirmed an investigation was ongoing. 

Ms Carberry decided to go online to warn other parents about the man, who was trying to lure her daughter.  She said she received a number of messages from concerned parents, which led her to believe the man had been trying to contact young girls across the North West of England. 

Ms Carberry said the account used to lure her daughter had a description which read: “I am Jess, a 31-year-old transgender female and I only speaks to girls”. 

She said she would now check her daughter’s social media accounts.

“It’s just what I have got to do as a parent to make sure they’re safe but it’s a difficult thing when she’s 13,” she said. 

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Jus wonderin

Jus wonderin

Jus wonderin when tolerance is a virtue.

Jus wonderin if we really appreciate diversity.

Jus wonderin if a only me happy Reuben retire.

Jus wonderin how come nobody beg Reuben fu reconsider.

Jus wonderin if de community college serious biznez.

Jus wonderin who a try fu mash up MCC.

Jus wonderin if a de people wey a manage de college a mash um up.

Jus wonderin if dem understand their duties.

Jus wonderin why dem  a allow wan man weh jus cum fu do wa e like.

Jus wonderin why we always try fu mash up hu a do good.

Jus wonderin if a we know de differunce between good and bad.

Jus wonderin why de speaker no spend more time travelling, if we cud see the difference.

Jus wonderin wa de speaker’s point be in her speech at the last sitting of parliament.

Jus wonderin if members of parliament ever listen to each other or themselves and are impressed; so that more o dem  might fallow de ringleader.

Jus wonderin if MPs no need lessons in the basics of effective communication.

Jus wonderin if politics in my little island is getting like the American elections.

Jus wonderin if some of our polititians are worse than bumpy (sexist) Trump.

Jus wonderin if some of the ladies are like Clinton.

Jus wonderin if our political leaders are down right continuing embarasment to our little rock.

Jus wonderin if the editor will allow me to be political.

Jus wonderin, if it is true that one of our leaders beat up his black girl friend years ago. Then one is accused of sex offences, one was taken to jail by Scotland Yard and now another one is defending himself about his activities while he was in office.

Jus wonderin how the x chief did not mention the alleged gambling partner in his resignation speech.

Jus wonderin if he wasn’t his henchman throughout the years but cannot get a mention.

Jus wonderin if there were a few drinks in when he was shredding crocodile tears during his croaking. 

Jus wonderin if it is true that Scotland Yard is planning to arrest the x chief again.

Jus wonderin if local prosecutors dem a join forces with Scotland Yard to embarrass the X.

Jus wonderin if they should also arrest other persons in the legal ‘fraternity’ for reportedly and allegedly beating dem wifes.

Jus wonderin if no investigation was carried out before they were appointed. 

Jus wonderin what happen to reports that was made to the police in so many related matters.

Jus wonderin if it is not too late to be crying over his emancipated children.

Jus wonderin why politicians no present proof when dem a say they spend dem own money.

Jus wonderin why the crying polititians is comparisons to when we were financial dependent to now we totally depend on the UK.

Jus wonderin why some people say he was probably drunk.

Jus wonderin who if some blind could now see that leadership dat leave chaos not leadership to begin with.

Jus wonderin if some who so mixed up about leadership don’t realise the lack thereof in themselves.

Jus wonderin if worse is not rising just there on the horizon.

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Jus Wonderin

Jus Wonderin

Jus wonderin if there is a plan to overthrow the PreM.

Jus wonderin if a member of members of his government is one of the ring leader.

Jus wonderin if any member of the MDC was involved in fraudulent activities.

Jus wonderin if any politician/s was also involved in any of the alleged MDC corruption.

Jus wonderin why people are calling for action against them.

Jus wonderin if the so call investigation or inquiry was a white wash.

Jus wonderin if we will ever get an investigation or inquiry into the alleged illegal activities.

Jus wonderin where is the politician that everyone thought was going to take over from him.

Jus wonderin if he is in hiding.

Jus wonderin if it is the usual political thing, ‘Let by gones be by gones.’

Jus wonderin if it is true that some civil servants who are supporters of the last government dem on a go slow because they do not like this government.

Jus wonderin if some of them are also trying to undermine the Dan.

Jus wonderin if the lady from the East in England think that her former leader cannot do or did not do anything wrong.

Jus wonderin if it true she is still campaigning for the X Chief.

Jus wonderin if she is getting pay for all the campaigning she is doing up in England.

Jus wonderin if the ‘Big’ case will be called up among the November High Court cases.

Jus wonderin if we are going to get a ferry for Christmas and St Patrick’s activities.

Jus wonderin if a ferry is the number one solution to the economic problems on island.

Jus wonderin how many other woman this particular married man have.

Jus wonderin how his wife put up with him.

Jus wonderin why so many married men are spending so much money on teenage boys and girls.

Jus wonderin why the parents are turning a blind eye to their children activities.

Jus wonderin if it is the children who are now bringing in the money in the house.

Jus wonderin if that is why they can do what they like.

Jus wonderin what interest or study Montserrat give to the ECLAC internet study report in this issue.

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Jus wonderin

Jus wonderin

Jus wonderin if the radio man who have Montserrat drivers p/s off was demonstrating what not to do when you get in a traffic accident.

Jus wonderin if he left the accident scene to seek medical help.

Jus wonderin if people dislike him so much that they say he ran away from the  scene of the accident.

Jus wondering if he will clear up the matter on his next radio programme

Jus wonderin Mr Editor if the x PM is really serious with things he said in the House.

Jus wonderin if that is the way he celebrate his freedom.

Jus wonderin if he was to be prosecuted for the alleged crimes he committed how many years the head would give him.

Jus wonderin if he had in a few or was it an alleged over hang.

Jus wonderin what the old folks would call him, maybe a, ” BOLD FACE LOUSE”.

Jus wonderin where can I get some hush for some politicians.

Jus wonderin if the civil servants read your article about their fellow me in the seventies and eighties.

Jus wonderin if the government have them tied around it’s neck like a boat anchor.

Jus wonderin if this homo thing gone viral here.

Jus wonderin if it is true that more men are now enjoying the British imposed law.

Jus wonderin if the women here are not good enough or anymore.

Jus wonderin if the young boys or men are cheaper.

Jus wonderin why the radio gone quiet on the accident.

Jus wonderin where the school girls are getting the money to buy $1000.00 plus phones.

Jus wonderin what are the parents doing about the gifts they bring home.

Jus wonderin if the parent do not ask the big question, ‘Where you get it from?’

Jus wonderin what Parliament know about Britxit.

Jus wonderin if some politicians is a Britxit experts but have no idea how get things moving here

Jus wonderin when will I get a job so I can feed my family.


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Jus wonderin

Jus wonderin

Jus wonderin what about the ferry for Montserrat.

Jus wonderin wha a happen with tourism on Montserrat.

Jus wonderin if the present government know that tourism was 50% of the GDP in the early 90s.

Jus wonderin when we going to get good reliable legal people to work on Montserrat.

Jus wonderin wha a gwarn at the the Royal Bank of Canada.

Jus wonderin when dem a go get dem act together.

Jus wonderin when the police force is going to get their act together to.

Jus wonderin what is going on with the government.

Jus wondering if it is true that there is a plan to overthrow the premier.

Jus wonderin if the X is part of the plan.

Jus wonderin what happen to the £400.000.000 them  say the British spend on Montserrat.

Jus wonderin if you divide £400.000.000 by 10.000 people how much each person would get.

Jus wonderin if people here are really living from hand to mouth.

Jus wonderin how often drugs or goods are being dropped off at Blackburn Airport vicinity fu dat matta all round the island.

Jus wonderin if any o dem police are involved.

Jus wonderin why the civil servants are angry because people are complaining about the passport issue.

Jus wonderin if they only get the post because of long service.

Jus wonderin how many of them are really “qualified” to do the job.

Jus wonderin if they do not care because they know the government cannot just fire them.

Jus wonderin when will the premier be able to implement the changes in government he is proposing.

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Jus Wonderin

Jus Wonderin

Jus wonderin if it true the girl who was in the accident police friend went to the hospital to tell the accident victim  to confest that she walked out in front the car.

Jus wonderin if Montserrat policemen and women commit more crimes than the general public.

Jus wonderin if the Arrow a turn in his home grave.

Jus wonderin if the harder you work for your children the quicker they mash up you money you work hard for.

Jus wondering why the rapist confest to the police.

Jus wondering if the lady in England will be the next acting governer.

Jus wondering if the Permanent Secretaries are part of the big problem in Montserrat.

Just wondering why some of them hate to see their fellow man make a bit of money.

Jus wondering if it is grudge they grudge.

Jus wondering when last any one of them came up with any plan or proposal to help their minister or ministry.

Jus wonderin if they need help from the guys of the 70s and early 80s.

Jus wonderin why they are taking so long to to give foreigners who qualify their Montserrat passport.

Jus wonderin if it is true that some people are waiting for over 8 years now even though they qualify for a passport.

Jus wonderin if money for the sex case already change hands.

Jus wonderin if Montserrat stands to loose anything now that England is going to leave the EU.

Jus wonderin if no Montserratian or regional person really qualified for the FS job.

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Jus Wonderin

Jus Wonderin

Jus wonderin if the police know who the rapist is.

Jus wonderin when will he stike again.

Jus wondin if the big child case will ever reach court.

jus wonderin what else is happening in the unsafe zone if men could come and film in Plymouth for days and authorities don’t know.

Jus wonderin if the OUT referandom vote could have a direct negative impact on Montserrat.

Jus wonderin why the government is so silent on the matter.

Jus wonderin if the X chief will ever be prosecuted for the crimes he is alleged to comit while in office.

Jus wonderin when every new government love to say let by gones be by gone.

Jus wonderin why Montserratians blame the foriegners for the problems on the island.

Jus wonderin if Montserrat is now the big trans-shipment hob for drugs in the region.

Jus wonderin why the police is so helpless with the amount of crimes on island.

Jus wonderin if the alleged sex crime is going to be rolled out of court.

Jus wonderin if money talk and BS walk.

Jus wonderin if the man on the radio make up his mind yet if he is Jamaican or Montserratian.

Jus wonderin if the Hero can help him make up his mind.


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A Re-run – Jus Wonderin – June 25 in 2010

Jus wonderin if the edita no me say so who would a notice this is not current jus wondern

Jus wonderin where the CM was when GIS said only 250 people could hear Radio Montserrat at any given time.

Jus wonderin who he fooling or who fool him in the diaspora to tell him they buying computer just to listen to ZJB,

Jus wonderin about the shortage of expertise in Montserrat to serve on boards.

Jus wonderin why he don’t reach out to people who don’t claim MCAP subservience to serve the country.

Jus wonderin if the Government ministers going to diaspora don’t see that all them doing is instead of begging the outside haves they begging just de same in diaspora rather than telling them to organize to help the needy and jobseekers right where they are.

Jus wonderin really all the things he saying he discuss with the diaspora, how that really will impact the economy growth in Montserrat.

Jus wonderin who no see that all the begging people to come and serve/work in Montserrat is just not a trick to bring close family and friends to work above those who qualify to work in the job.


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Jus Wonderin May 22, 2015

Jus wonderin if the UK government believes Montserrat can ever be viable based on the outcomes of our “historic connections” with the “mother country”.

Jus wonderin if the UKG’s policies on Montserrat, as reflected by their actions and timing, are only designed to enable us to barely survive and that’s what they mean when they say “the Government remains committed to meeting the reasonable assistance needs of Territories where financial self-sufficiency is not possible, as a first call on the aid budget.”

Just wonderin whether Montserratians’ British citizenship status and that of other OT British citizens regarded as closer “kith and kin” is equally beneficial.

Jus wonderin how the stoppage, interminable reviews/second guessing, and other delays of essential projects (we thought were already approved) contributes to the recovery of our ailing economy or fulfils the White Paper’s “pledge of UK help when needed.”

Jus wonderin who bears ultimate responsibility, and why nearly 20 years after the onset of volcanic activity, Montserratians remain at significant risk from the hospital, secondary school, homes, government offices and public roads declared as unfit for purpose along with inadequate ports (air
and sea), et al.

Jus wonderin if the UK’s meaning of the phrase ‘help when needed’ is very different from most reasonable people’s interpretation.
Jus wonderin if and when the long-awaited 2015/16 Budget Aid Memoire stating the UKG’s financial commitments to GoM will be made public.
Jus wonderin (poor me) why it took me so long to realize that when PDM talked about “Putting People First – A Fresh Start” on the campaign trail, ‘people’ didn’t mean everybody and they literally meant starting from scratch and to hell with the immediate consequences.

Jus wonderin…Are we are putting psychopaths in positions of power where they can cause irreparable harm to the rest of us?

Jus wonderin if every politician, public officer, and directors and staff of government agencies (including commissions) ought to be assessed periodically and certified as to whether they are of sound mind and competent to fulfill their terms of employment.

Jus wonderin if all public service job candidates should be subjected to lie-detector tests.

Jus wonderin if we have any say in the selection or appointment of DFID or FCO personnel who influence what happens in Montserrat.

Jus wonderin how we know that the people DFID recruits are competent.

Jus wonderin if wondering is worthwhile.

Jus wonderin bout de mul employee with children who spend all she Time Out from till past midnight nearly every day.


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Jus wonderin

Jus wonderin


Jus Wonderin – April 17, 2015

Jus wonderin if D-Fid wud tell a gospel truth, specially bout MDC and dem involvement.
Jus wonderin how com D-fid all o a sudden change dem tune bout duh performance u duh MDC from good to bad.
Jus wonderin how de govna ku say dat the MDC bring evry ting dem ha fu to Cabnet an den de new DFID resident rep say dat MDC mek dem own policy.
Jus wonderin if a no D-fid who conclude in a dem 2007-2012 Review of MDC dat: “The analysis from the Upper Quartile TIPA Study (2011) was that the institutional design and scope of responsibilities of the MDC were not wrong, but that, in particular, the adoption of a more rigorous recruitment process and a clearer arms-length from Government mandate for the Board were required. It recommended the re-launching of MDC on the conditions of there being a concerted effort to recruit a CEO and senior staff, reconstitute the Board and improve governance. This, and other lessons learnt will inform any follow-on support to the MDC or similar institutional arrangements to ensure an integrated approach to developing Little Bay, improving the access infrastructure, promoting trade and FDI and providing advice and support to local businesses.”
Jus wonderin if a no true wa Di-fid say in a dem July 2014 Review of MDC dat:  “The reasons for slow uptake of FDI are two-fold. First, without upfront public commitment to port development it will be difficult to obtain private sector commitments. Second, MDC is hampered in its efforts to attract private sector investment due to the lack of an Economic Citizenship Programme (with resultant loss of potential investment estimated by MDC at $US 62.5 mln).”
Jus wonderin if D-fid no trus dem previous resident representative an dat dem a review evry ting de doc try fu do to help a we so a we a move backward.
Jus wonderin wa Di-fid ha fu hide ’bout dem involvement in a dee MDC.
Jus wonderin why de MDC board and management no get fu see de internal audit report an if dat an example of openness and transparency.
Jus wonderin if Difid nar use a-we as scapegoat fu failure of dem SGP and if dem doom pon purpose.
Jus wonderin if a no HMG dat prevent investment from duh Dubai people dem by not letting dem get economic citizenship lek dem ha in a England.
Jus wonderin if a we an D-fid no know wen a we no know or cud admit um if a we really know.
Jus wonderin if D-fid really kay bout a we since dem suspend all duh project dem so a we no mek no money and wreck a we economy.
Jus wonderin if Monstrat really a full member of CARICOM dat a we Premier no get fu meet US president, Barack Obama in a Jamaica.
Jus wonderin if a we ha reason fu hope.

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