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If You Have These Symptoms, Get Tested for COVID—Even If You’re Vaccinated

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Kali Coleman

Early in the pandemic, we were coached on the telltale symptoms of COVID: cough, fever, shortness of breath, and loss of smell or taste. But with the coronavirus mutating several times over the last year and now causing some cases in fully vaccinated people, those are no longer necessarily the hallmark signs of infection. In fact, the virus is presenting so much differently amid the spread of the Delta variant that virus experts say you should no longer wait to develop a fever or lose one of your senses in order to get tested for COVID.

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Tiffany Mattingly, RN, the vice president of clinical strategies at The Health Collaborative in Cincinnati, Ohio, told ABC-affiliate WCPO that many people are mistaking their coronavirus symptoms for non-urgent health issues because symptoms of the Delta variant vary from other strains. “Many people think they have sinus infections, that it’s allergy season, that it’s ragweed time, and it’s not. It’s COVID,” Mattingly said.

A sore throat is a common sign of a sinus infection and allergies, but doctors say you should now get tested for COVID if you have this symptom or think you have a sinus infection. According to Mattingly, a major problem with breakthrough infections is that these symptoms are typically much less severe in vaccinated individuals, which means they may be even more likely to wait to get tested.

“By the time that it gets severe enough that someone decides to go get a COVID test, they may have spread it to multiple people, because a couple of days have passed,” she warns. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), fully vaccinated people can still spread the virus if they have been infected with the Delta variant, though they are likely to be infectious for a shorter period of time than unvaccinated people.

“Previous variants typically produced less virus in the body of infected fully vaccinated people (breakthrough infections) than in unvaccinated people. In contrast, the Delta variant seems to produce the same high amount of virus in both unvaccinated and fully vaccinated people,” the CDC says.

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In June, researchers from the U.K. released findings from their ongoing ZOE COVID Study, pinpointing what symptoms are more likely from the new, fast-spreading strain of the virus. Sore throat was one of the five most common symptoms among COVID cases in those fully vaccinated. The other common breakthrough infection symptoms now include headache, runny nose, sneezing, and loss of smell.

But sore throat is also now one of the five most frequently reported virus symptoms for those unvaccinated as well. According to the researchers, this shows some clear “changes from when COVID-19 first appeared over a year ago.” The other common symptoms for unvaccinated people during the Delta surge include headache, runny nose, fever, and persistent cough.

“A majority of these [Delta] cases start with sniffles, sore throat,” Gabe Kelen, MD, the director of emergency medicine at Johns Hopkins told WMAR, an ABC-affiliate in Baltimore, Maryland. “If you have symptoms, do not assume that this is a summer cold. Even if your symptoms aren’t very strong, what you want to do is make sure you are not spreading COVID to somebody else who is going to have a very bad outcome.”

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Daily Express

Coronavirus latest: Two risk factors for catching Covid post-vaccination – study finding

Daily Express
Daily Express

Ben Claxton

Whilst approved vaccines have demonstrated their effectiveness in clinical trials and global data, they are not a 100 percent shield when coming into contact with COVID-19. According to, Adeel A. Butt, professor of medicine at Weill Medical College, real-world studies confirm that the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are 95 percent effective in preventing infection after two doses.

The study, published in MedRxiv, identifies risk factors associated with COVID-19 infection at least 14 days after first vaccination and outlines characteristics of post-vaccination disease.

The King’s College London team looked at adults from the UK who had reported post-vaccination coronavirus infection between 8th December 2020 and 1st May 2021 via the COVID Symptom Study app.

By assessing the demographics of age, frailty, lifestyle factors and geographical locations with infection, the researchers revealed that “post-vaccination infection risk was substantially higher in older adults with frailty and in individuals living in most deprived areas.”

Risk was found to be lower in individuals with a healthy diet and without obesity.

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Older people and those in deprived areas most at risk
© Getty Images
Older people and those in deprived areas most at risk

Professor Penny Ward, visiting professor in pharmaceutical medicine at King’s College London, said of the research: “This report is one of the first to provide information on breakthrough cases of COVID detected post-vaccination drawn from the 4.5million respondents that provide daily data using the COVID Symptom Study app.”

Ward alluded to the fact that the app is a self-reporting tool, meaning that the data provided was not always daily, with a relative excess of female participants, so it is not completely representative of the UK.

On this, Ward said this does “not detract from the usefulness of the information provided, and we know from past experience that information provided by this group can be very helpful in providing early insight into public health policies.”

“In this case, the information provided is helpful in understanding the potential need for booster vaccinations in a proportion of the frail elderly as we approach winter,” Ward explained.

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Other findings in the study concluded:

  • Vaccination was associated with reduced odds of hospitalisation and high acute-symptom burden.
  • In the 60+ age group, the risk of more than 28 days illness was lower following vaccination.
  • Most symptoms were reported less in positive-vaccinated vs. positive-unvaccinated individuals, except sneezing, which was more common post-vaccination.

The research team found that their discoveries call attention to the reduced symptom burden and duration in people infected in post-vaccination.

Whilst the research is reassuring, the team said that the paper’s data should also prompt efforts to boost vaccine effectiveness in at-risk populations.

risk factors for catching covid after vaccination
© Getty Images
risk factors for catching covid after vaccination

Furthermore, the team also suggested that targeting infection control measures will still be an appropriate way to minimise COVID-19 infections.

Persistent symptoms lasting more than 28 days were not much affected in cases occurring after a single dose of vaccine, but the incidence was in fact halved (from 11.4 to 5.2 percent) among the double vaccinated.

According to War, this suggests “for the first time that vaccination can protect against Long Covid both by preventing infection and then ameliorating illness experienced following breakthrough infection.”

Regrettably, the study did not contain information on illness associated with different variants, and the duration of the study (Dec 2020 to early July 2021) covered the alpha and early delta variant waves in the UK, Ward explained.

Vaccine effectiveness
© Daily Express
Vaccine effectiveness

Long Covid is assessed in the study by analysing the proportion of cases with symptoms persisting for more than 28 days.

However Long Covid is still poorly understood and the persistence of symptoms post-infection, and their severity, remains to be explored.

However, Ward insists that it is “encouraging that the overall proportion of cases with persistent symptoms is reduced in patients that were previously fully vaccinated, which taken together with the milder overall illness and reduction in the need for hospital care demonstrates the additional worth of vaccination in reducing the severity of illness for individuals and reducing the burden on the NHS by lowering the number of people needing hospital care.”

While the study is unable to draw robust conclusions such as “fully vaccinated people are almost twice as likely to have no symptoms than unvaccinated if they catch COVID-19” as the app is not completely representative of the UK, one can gain insightful results as to who is most at risk of COVID-19 post-vaccination.

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Pregnancy and the Shot

Stop the Shot – Pregnancy and Fertility Risks – Truth for Health Foundation << . . .

There were no data evaluating the long-term impact on pregnancy or fertility submitted to or reviewed by the FDA in the data packages that served as the basis for the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the COVID shots.  No pregnant women were included among the patient groups studied in the clinical trials which supported EUA (FDA, Office of Chief Scientist, 2021).  The VAERS database 1 contains over 16,000 adverse event reports following receipt of the COVID shots with impact on pregnancy 2 as of August 6, 2021. . . . . A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (Shimabukuro, et al., 2021) alleged no “…obvious safety signals among pregnant persons who receive mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.” Critical re-analysis of the data presented in the same article shows the actual spontaneous miscarriage rate to be closer to 82% for women vaccinated in the 1st or 2nd trimester of pregnancy (Blumrick, 2021). >> There’s your over half, I rounded down Zelenko’s testimony before the Rabbinical Court.

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“Losing patience” with the unvaxxed vs playing with the fire of “leaky” vaccines

Contribution 128/21 # 20 – (A special)

Have we put the cart before the horse with this pandemic, as leaky vaxxes can trigger the rapid spread of more dangerous strains? (And so, back to the value of Ivermectin.)

BRADES, Montserrat, September 12, 2021 – It is clear that some health authorities and governments across the Caribbean and wider world are beginning to “lose patience” with the not vaccinated. Such are widely viewed as misinformed, as idiotic,[1] stubborn, led by armchair instigators, as a dangerous source of spreading the pandemic, even as irresponsible and antisocial. Street talk and social media buzz show that some here in Montserrat are catching the impatience fever. We need to cool down the temperature and show why effective treatments such as Ivermectin are a key strategy.

Marek's Disease in Chickens, a model for immunity escape [Cr: Kumawat, Slideshare]
Marek’s Disease in Chickens, a model for immunity escape [Cr: Kumawat, Slideshare]

For, there is a Marek’s Disease Virus[2] shaped reason why Pfizer’s CEO recently touted his bright shiny new pill and finally publicly admitted that “Success against #COVID19 will likely require both vaccines & treatments.”[3] For, here in Montserrat, across the region and the world, we are playing with the fire of “leaky,” “non-sterilising” vaccines.

The case of Marek’s Disease Virus in chickens – yes, chickens – tells us why.

Andrew F Read et al. let the cat out of the bag,  in PLOS Biology, back in July 2015[4]:

“Vaccines that keep hosts alive but still allow transmission could . . .  allow very virulent strains to circulate in a population. Here we show experimentally that immunization of chickens against Marek’s disease virus enhances the fitness of more virulent strains . . . . When vaccines prevent transmission, as is the case for nearly all vaccines used in humans, this type of evolution towards increased virulence is blocked. But when vaccines leak, allowing at least some pathogen transmission, they could create the ecological conditions that would allow hot strains to emerge and persist . . . [W]e report experiments with Marek’s disease virus in poultry that show that modern commercial leaky vaccines can have precisely this effect: they allow the onward transmission of strains otherwise too lethal to persist. Thus, the use of leaky vaccines can facilitate the evolution of pathogen strains that put unvaccinated hosts at greater risk of severe disease.”

The article also notes that:

“Efficacy and mode of action are key. If [a] vaccine is sterilising, so that transmission is stopped, no evolution can occur. But if it is non-sterilising, so that naturally acquired pathogens can transmit from immunized individuals (what we hereafter call a “leaky” vaccine), virulent strains will be able to circulate in situations in which natural selection would have once removed them . . .” 

It is of course obvious that local, regional and international officials recognise that the major Covid-19 vaccines (including the AstraZeneca used in Montserrat) are “non-sterilising.” That’s why the vaccinated have continued to be tested and quarantined. That’s why they must still wear face masks and do social distancing etc. That’s why it is admitted they can catch and infect others with the disease, though it is hoped that the vaccines reduce the intensity of the disease. And, it is why, with Delta strain on the loose, we see significant numbers of cases where the “fully vaccinated” are becoming seriously ill or worse with Covid-19. So, again, as a recent report on Israel (which is now pushing third jabs) noted[5]:

“As of 15 August, 514 Israelis were hospitalized with severe or critical COVID-19 . . . 59% were fully vaccinated. Of the vaccinated, 87% were 60 or older. “There are so many breakthrough infections that they dominate and most of the hospitalized patients are actually vaccinated,”  says Uri Shalit, a bioinformatician at the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) . . . “One of the big stories from Israel [is]: ‘Vaccines work, but not well enough.’” [“A grim warning from Israel: Vaccination blunts but does not defeat Delta” Science Mag dot Org, August 16, 2021.]

In short, those who are “losing patience” with the unvaxxed have put the cart before the horse and are sliding into blaming the victim.

It was obvious from the beginning that the major anti-Covid-19 vaccines were “leaky” or “non-sterilising.” The researchers, regulators, and officials all knew that. We can take it to the bank that they knew about the Marek Virus evidence, that leaky vaxxes can turn the vaxxed into reservoirs for more dangerous, more infectious, fast-spreading strains than would naturally have come about. So, we know one reason they are desperate to get everyone jabbed, they fear a  truly lethal breakout strain, let’s call it Delta-plus. But we are not locked up in such a dilemma. There is the Ivermectin-based treatment option that should have been vigorously pushed as the treatment arm of our pandemic strategy for many months now.

But, someone following the WHO-FDA talking points,[6] may say, there’s no scientific evidence of that.

False, irresponsibly, destructively, inexcusably false, with lives on the line.

For one example, here are Omura et al from Japan, in a review article published in March this year[7] – yes, six months ago:

 “As of the 30th  of January 2021, a total of 91 trials in 27 countries has been recorded at these registration sites. There are 43 trials in phase 3 and 27 trials in phase 2, along with 17 observational studies. This includes 80 trials being conducted for therapeutic purposes and 11 for the purpose of preventing the onset of disease in close contacts and healthcare professionals. Furthermore,  by the  27th   of  February,  the results of  42  clinical trials,  including approximately 15,000 patients (both registered and unregistered studies) have been subjected to a meta-analysis after exclusion of biasing factors. It was found that 83% showed improvements with early treatment,  51%  improved during late-stage treatment, and there was an 89% prevention of onset rate noted. This confirms the usefulness of ivermectin. Since it is a meta-analysis based on 42 test results, it is estimated that the probability of this comprehensive judgment being a mistake is as low  as  1  in  4  trillion.” [The Japanese Journal of Antibiotics 74-1. Ivermectin emerged from research done in Japan.]

Investors and gamblers would salivate over an opportunity to bet with odds of four million, millions to one in favour of success. That is far more than adequate, robust scientific evidence to allow physicians to prescribe Ivermectin as a preventative, as a treatment to stamp out early-stage Covid-19, and even as part of protocols for seriously ill patients.[8] Those who have pretended otherwise have done the world a grave disservice.


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[5] TMR see also 

[6]See FLCCC point by point response

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Pfizer and Merck are testing new Anti-COVID-19 pills

Contribution Part 126/21 # 18 (Special)

But, what does that suggest about the “bird already in the hand,” Ivermectin ?

BRADES, Montserrat, September 6, 2021 – According to a Sept 1, 2021, Reuters news feed,[1] “Pfizer Inc . . . and Merck & Co Inc . . .  announced . . .  new trials of their experimental oral antiviral drugs for COVID-19.” Reuters then continues: “ . . .  as the race to develop an easy-to-administer treatment for the potentially fatal illness heats up.” It seems, that Pfizer is testing effectiveness on 1,140 non-hospitalised patients “who are not at risk of severe illness.” Meanwhile, since July, Pfizer has been running another trial for patients “who are at high risk of becoming severely ill due to underlying health conditions such as diabetes.” Pfizer’s CEO, in a related tweet, stated that “Success against #COVID19 will likely require both vaccines & treatments.”[2]

All of this is indeed progress towards hopefully effective treatment.

However, such an announcement immediately raises the bird in the hand question: Ivermectin.

To see some of its force, let us note how the above fits in with a response to Jamaica’s Health Minister by a signatory of the Jamaican Doctors’ May 20th letter,[3] Charles Royes:

“Merck Pharmaceuticals, the original manufacturer of Ivermectin, no longer has a patent on production. They can no longer compete with low-cost manufacturers and have no financial interest in the drug. Instead, Merck has committed millions of dollars towards the development of another drug, Molnupiravir, which it hopes to market as a treatment for COVID-19. Early in the pandemic, Japan requested Merck to conduct clinical trials with Ivermectin and they declined.”

Plainly, if success against Covid-19 “will likely require both vaccines & treatments,” then, why was credible, adequate evidence of the effectiveness of Ivermectin[4] sidelined? And why is there a push to use disreputable tactics such as pushing the notion that it is horse deworming medicine . . . neatly omitting its Nobel Prize-winning performance against river blindness and evidence of antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects? Where, as that evidence was available in a key part in 2020, doesn’t that suggest that delays have cost us dear?

Of course, it has been convenient for many to dismiss that body of evidence as lacking credibility. The problem with that is, that in fact Ivermectin has been in use in several regions and has shown startling impact, on population-level data.

For just one example, as TMR discussed earlier,[5] here is the case of Slovakia – showing how case rates sharply taper off once Ivermectin was made widely available:

Similar patterns in Indonesia, India, Peru, and Mexico should give us pause before we take convenient dismissals at face value. Peru in particular gave the world a natural experiment across its 25 states, in a population of 33 million, as Dr. John Campbell of the UK summarised.

Dehli India is typical of Indian cases

Dehli, India is typical of Indian cases:

So, it is quite plausible that had Ivermectin been given a more fair hearing, we would have been able to put on the ground, treatments plus vaccine strategy many months ago. Recall, now that he has a competitor to Ivermectin (but one likely to make much bigger profits) Pfizer’s CEO has gone on record, that success against Covid-19 “will likely require both vaccines & treatments.”

We can call that an inadvertently telling admission against interest, so, likely to be true. Here, an admission that can hardly be a brand new realisation, as serious development work for the candidate oral drug has to have been ongoing since the early days of the crisis.  Likewise, for efforts by Merck, which also declined a Japanese request to study Ivermectin.

It is also worth the while to ponder a moment on why both treatments and vaccines are now on the table. For, the vaccines are non sterilising and seem to significantly fade after about six months. This is why there seems to be a push for third jabs, with Israel in the lead. Suggestions point to regular onward boosters. Such in turn points to selection pressure on the virus from the vaccines, leading to the emergence of breakout variants comparable to antibiotic or insecticide resistance. That is, we need effective anti-viral treatments to help stop the progress of infections, also further reducing spreading. And yes, the “fully vaccinated” can catch and spread the disease.

Again, as a report on Israel noted[6]:

“As of 15 August, 514 Israelis were hospitalized with severe or critical COVID-19 . . . 59% were fully vaccinated. Of the vaccinated, 87% were 60 or older. “There are so many breakthrough infections that they dominate and most of the hospitalized patients are actually vaccinated,”  says Uri Shalit, a bioinformatician at the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) . . . “One of the big stories from Israel [is]: ‘Vaccines work, but not well enough.’” [“A grim warning from Israel: Vaccination blunts but does not defeat Delta” Science Mag dot Org, August 16, 2021.]

[1] See

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What then is at play?

New Ivermectin Study By Prof. Eli Schwartz (Awesome Results) – Israeli StudyNew Ivermectin Study By Prof. Eli Schwartz (Awesome Results) – Israeli StudyA new study by Prof. Dr. Eli Schwartz et. al. from Israel has shown favorable out…


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Failing the “horse de-wormer” test

Contribution – 124/21 # 17)

Is Ivermectin simply an anti-parasitic for animals that is being misused due to anti-vax propaganda?

Ivermectin paste, veterinary formulation for de-worming horses. Notice, the other ingredients.

BRADES, Montserrat, September 6, 2021 – Indeed, Ivermectin is often used to de-worm horses, dogs, etc, and as an antiparasitic. That is the germ of truth that has been used to lend credibility to a smear job, [yes], that ignorant people following unscientific anti-vax misinformation are dosing themselves with a useless, toxic medicine intended for animals. It is even true that some desperate people have indeed apparently taken horse-sized doses of veterinary formulations, obviously without a doctor’s supervision. For, a horse might weigh 1,200 lbs, a big person perhaps 250. So, a horse-sized dose would then be maybe four or more times that for a human being and could easily have toxic effects.  But, that’s not even near to being the whole story.

And the push to suggest that it is, is instead a truth test that far too many are failing.

Ivermectin paste, veterinary formulation for de-worming horses. Notice, the other ingredients.
A Cartoon used to promote the notion that Ivermectin is a misused de-wormer for horses (and yes, this is apple flavour here)

First, those who promote or publish the atrocity tale in the media. As, there is the readily accessed ¾ of the story that could easily have been found, starting with its Nobel Prize-winning role in dealing with human river blindness. Yes, Ivermectin has been used successfully and safely with people (under medical supervision) for over thirty years. 

Failure to acknowledge that is without excuse for any significant media house, official, or spokesperson.

Second, if we fail to take a critically aware view of such voices, ironically, we are in danger of swallowing or even spreading misinformation ourselves.

In either case, credibility is broken.

We can also provide facts from relevant scientific literature. For example, as Dr. Pierre Kory and others note in a 2021 American Journal of Therapeutics article[1]:

“Ivermectin [was] introduced as a veterinary drug [in the early 1980s] . . .  it soon made historic impacts in human health, improving the nutrition, general health, and well-being of billions of people worldwide ever since it was first used to treat onchocerciasis (river blindness) in humans in 1988 . . . Ivermectin’s impacts in controlling onchocerciasis and lymphatic filariasis, diseases which blighted the lives of billions of the poor and disadvantaged throughout the tropics, is why its discoverers were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2015 and the reason for its inclusion on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) ‘List of Essential Medicines.’ ”

In a 2020 [Nature] Journal of Antibiotics article,[2] Fatemeh Heidary and Reza Gharebaghi add:

“Studies revealed that ivermectin as a broad-spectrum drug with high lipid [ = fat] solubility possesses numerous effects on parasites, [1, 3] nematodes, arthropods, flavivirus, mycobacteria, and mammals through a variety of mechanisms. In addition to having antiparasitic and antiviral effects, this drug also causes immunomodulation in the host. Studies have shown its effect on inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells, as well as regulating glucose and cholesterol in animals.” [Pardon the technical language.]

That is why Ivermectin was a reasonable drug to test as a possible repurposed treatment for effectiveness against Covid-19. As we have already seen here at TMR, it is credibly effective, which is why leading Doctors in Jamaica publicly advised their Minister of Health[3]:

“[w]hile Ivermectin[‘s] efficacy has been demonstrated in the management of all stages of Covid, we draw particular attention to its use in the early stage of the disease . . . In our carefully considered opinion, the available data on Ivermectin is quite adequate.[4] There is no need to await the outcome of further trials. Any call for local trials prior to approval is unnecessary, as neither time, resources, nor ethical approval would permit. We need not await WHO approval of the use of Ivermectin for the treatment of Covid-19. The WHO, unfortunately, has been slow, and sometimes incorrect, in its assessment and advice on various aspects of the pandemic and specifically so in relation to its current stance on Ivermectin. Several medical jurisdictions in various countries are proceeding to include Ivermectin in their Covid-19 treatment strategies.”

A summary of such evidence has been made by Dr. Kory and others.[5] Reportedly, Ivermectin:

 – inhibits the replication of many viruses, including influenza, Zika, Dengue, and others

 – inhibits SARS-CoV-2 replication and binding to host tissue

 – has potent anti-inflammatory properties

 – significantly diminishes viral load and protects against organ damage in multiple animal models

– prevents transmission and development of COVID-19 disease in those exposed to infected patients

 – hastens recovery and prevents deterioration in patients with mild to moderate disease treated early

 – hastens recovery and avoidance of ICU admission and death in hospitalized patients

– reduces mortality in critically ill patients with COVID-19

– leads to striking reductions in case-fatality rates in regions with widespread use

 safety, availability, and [low] cost . . .  is nearly unparalleled

– near nil drug interactions along with only mild and rare side effects observed in almost 40 years of use and billions of doses administered

There is a fair amount of published evidence for that [see the report], there is a growing body of cases and studies, and there are population-level results. No wonder the Jamaican Doctors make a pointed contrast:

“Emergency Use Approval has been granted from health regulatory authorities, including WHO, and FDA, for the clinical use of other treatment regimes (Remdesivir, Convalescent Plasma, Monoclonal Antibodies, etc.) with far less research and data support compared with Ivermectin.”

A Cartoon used to promote the notion that Ivermectin is a misused de-wormer for horses (and yes, this is apple flavour here)

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[3] TMR cf Gleaner 

[4] TMR note, e.g. see 

[5] See pp. 3 – 4

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On ‘vaxxing’ our children

Contribution – Part 123/21 # 15

What is the reasonable balance of risks and benefits for children, and what is this kind of push or pressure to vaccinate them?

meaning (but ill-advised) attempts to get teenagers to be vaccinated, by offering them a free meal

BRADES, Montserrat, August 30, 2021 –  Over the past few days, Montserrat’s Chief Medical Officer was heard on ZJB News, discussing vaccination of our children (especially teenagers), as the global vaccination push moves on. As we can see from a poster used in Guyana, a similar push is underway across the region. No doubt, this push is by people meaning to do good, but there are some informed consent issues that we need to contemplate, especially given the backdrop of –

  • the Jamaican Doctors’ stout stance in support of Ivermectin as a sound alternative treatment[1]
  • the policy concerns raised by the UK Doctors group we reflected on last time[2]
  • population-level evidence on Ivermectin’s effectiveness,[3] and also
  • what we reasonably know about Covid-19, vaccines, and the young.

For example, in cautioning Israel’s Rabbinical Court about vaccination of the young, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (who championed an early and effective protocol for treating patients before they had to be hospitalised) pointed out[4] that statistics showed that Covid-19 case survival rates for children are perhaps 99.998 percent. Dr. Thomas T. Siler of Washington State, USA, adds[5]:

“Globally, the survival rate for COVID-19 is 99.8%. Under the age of 70, the survival rate for COVID-19 is 99.97%. This is on par with many influenza seasons. Americans younger than 70 [→  so, children, too . . . ] do not have to fear COVID-19 any more than influenza and we know how to protect the elderly.” [He also states, that “[a] study in the UK showed that the survival rate in children is 99.995%,” quite close to Dr. Zelenko’s number.]

That would easily compare to survival rates for ordinary Flu in an era where Tamiflu is an effective antiviral treatment and where though there are annual Flu shots, many view them as hit or miss and may fear the incidence of adverse reactions.

An attempt to suggest that Covid-19 vaccines are in effect the same as long-established “sterilising” vaccines. This highlights the informed consent concerns raised by UK Doctors and others Going forward, clearly, we should not rely overmuch on vaccines but should use a battery of effective treatments and proved public health methods. Especially, for our children.

So, yes, “vaccine hesitancy” is actually a long-established phenomenon, and in key part exists as many people make responsible judgments as to which vaccines are worth the perceived risks, which they trust, and which they will not take. As, is a basic fully informed patient right, complete with the Nuremberg Code right[6] to withdraw from procedures. That, of course, hangs a cloud of medical ethics and communication ethics questions over the CDC-inspired poster below.

A poster, that tries to subtly exploit the reputation of prior, often sterilising vaccinations to create an aura of complete effectiveness for the Covid-19 vaccines; through association. Vaccines that are admitted as not eliminating infections in the early stages, only ameliorate the intensity of the disease.

Which, is why the “fully vaccinated” can still catch Covid-19 and can still spread it, especially as the degree of protection wanes after 6 – 8 months.

That’s why in Israel, already, over a million people have had third jabs, starting with their new Prime Minister. Indeed, that’s why a booster shot train is clearly coming,[7] which obviously increases the cumulative risk of adverse reactions.

That’s why we are being told that the vaccinated must still wear face masks etc, and that’s why such are still quarantined on arrival.

Indeed, we are seeing a considerable number of breakthrough cases all across the world where the “fully vaccinated” are getting infected. That’s why we recently saw how Science Magazine reports how 59% of 514 patients in Israeli hospitals with “severe or critical” Covid-19 disease were “fully vaccinated.” Notice, too, the strong bias of these breakthrough cases to the aged, nearly nine (9) out of every 10.

As the Science Mag article[8] reported:

  • “As of 15 August, 514 Israelis were hospitalized with severe or critical COVID-19 . . . 59% were fully vaccinated. Of the vaccinated, 87% were 60 or older. “There are so many breakthrough infections that they dominate and most of the hospitalized patients are actually vaccinated,”  says Uri Shalit, a bioinformatician at the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) . . . “One of the big stories from Israel [is:] ‘Vaccines work, but not well enough.’” [“A grim warning from Israel: Vaccination blunts, but does not defeat Delta” Science Mag dot Org, August 16, 2021. (NB: Israel mainly uses the Pfizer mRNA vaccine, which is being prematurely pushed into full approval by the US FDA.)]

Notice, “Vaccines work, but not well enough.”

To which, we may freely add, [i] and they are still quite experimental while [ii] raising serious questions on the balance of risks and benefits.  If you doubt the first, consider how it is just now being confirmed that after about six months, the degree of protection (already limited from the beginning) fades significantly. Hence, “not well enough.” And no, we are not locked up to vaccines or a totally out of control pandemic, not when reasonable, proven treatments and protocols are available. If you doubt this, ask the Jamaican Doctors about their experience with Ivermectin over the past year (before you give too much weight to silly sensationalised media stories about horse de-worming medicine and idiots who take horse-sized doses using veterinary formulations, etc).

As for the second, simply note the rush in Israel that has already vaccinated over a million with the third jab. Yes, we are not hearing the whole, frank story from officialdom. Especially, when it comes to children. Let’s look at a bit more from Dr. Siler of Washington State, USA:

  • “The average age of death from COVID is 78. The average life expectancy in America is 78. This is not to say, “Don’t worry, only old people are dying of COVID-19.” However, this fact should direct and inform our policies to protect the elderly especially. Children and those under age 70 are at much lower risk . . . .
  • In the U.S. 335 children have died since the start of the pandemic. A study done by Johns Hopkins and FAIR Health showed that all of the children that died from April 2020 to August 2020 had immune problems or were chronically ill. In that period not one healthy child died. Children have more chance of dying in a car wreck, unintentional drug overdose, or influenza than from COVID-19. Vaccination for healthy children is not needed.”

We don’t have to blanket endorse Siler’s or Zelenko’s numbers to ask our health officials across the region to frankly explain the push to vaccinate our children and young adults, given concerns about the vaccines and the stance being taken by the Jamaican doctors on their experience with Ivermectin over the past year or so. Where, for example, Dr. Zelenko is warning that well over half of expectant mothers in the first six months are miscarrying after being vaccinated. Given the Holocaust of 1942 – 45 and other sensitivities of Jewish history, he understandably raises the G-word: [self-]genocide.

That may be over the top. Nevertheless, if it is true that healthy children are more at risk in a bad flu season, why the big difference in response to this pandemic?

There is also, a linked clutch of technical issues, cases vs infections, and herd immunity, vs new variants. As Dr. Siler puts it:

“Herd immunity for the alpha strain is here. Sixty-seven percent of the American population have had at least one COVID-19 vaccination. The official number of cases is about 10% of the population, but several antibody studies show that the percentage of those with natural immunity is 4-6 times higher. Dr. Marty Makary, a Johns Hopkins professor, estimates that 80-85% of the population is immune from natural immunity and vaccination. Those who deny this must explain how cases and deaths started to decline in January way before there was a significant vaccine effort. COVID-19 will not go away. Instead, we are transitioning now from a pandemic to endemic status and, indeed, some eminent virologists say vaccinating in the middle of a pandemic is making herd immunity more difficult to obtain through the creation of variants.”

In short, cases are infections on record by medical authorities (often as a result of the flawed PCR, etc tests). Infections are what happens when viruses invade our bodies and start the disease process. If we have strong “resistance,” that may get no further, but we will form antibodies to the various bits and pieces of the SARS-COV2 virus. This natural immunity is actually stronger than that triggered by the vaccines, which focus on the infamous spike protein. Where, lastly, non-sterilising vaccines put selection pressure on the virus, pushing the emergence of strains that are resistant to such treatments. Herd immunity happens when enough people are strongly resistant to a disease, so it becomes hard for it to spread.

Going forward, clearly, we should not rely overmuch on vaccines but should use a battery of effective treatments and proved public health methods. Especially, for our children.

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