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Encourage! – but mandate with refusal turning workers into beggars, to starvation is criminal

Will the perpetrators pay? Don’t wait… they or theirs will pay!

Dr John Campbell

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Covid-19 - seeming fearful, but hope...

Covid-19 – seeming fearful, but hope…

– BA 2 Omicron surge:

Dr. John Campbell – Think the UK trust his analysis? Looks like he gets it right

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Former Ukrainian president: This is the absolute strategy for peace

Today’s Ukraine – invaded by Russia

Follow the links; the misinformation or disinformation, stay abreast. Supposedly the rest of the world will feel its share but not as the severe impact that Russia will endure! Former Ukrainian president: This is the absolute strategy for peace

Resilience for freedom…youtube.comFormer Ukrainian president: This is the absolute strategy for peace

This is how China is already supporting Russia in Ukraine: ExpertAsia expert Gordon Chang joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss how the Biden administration should approach China and possible sanctions targeting Beijin…

Confusing or simply softy…?youtube.comThis is how China is already supporting Russia in Ukraine: ExpertAsia expert Gordon Chang joined ‘Fox &

Ukraine President Zelensky to virtually address Israeli lawmakers amid the ongoing Russian invasion
Former Ukrainian president: This is the absolute strategy for peace[0]=AT20DBUd1vhl5fCaGZpZP98V4M99a2PelBw0n4kcG8aU-URNQr6BwNLixwzcTyPRFF0GXluUxz8Kc6D_DG641mCu_59Yyp2P2FYEYL6iLSBJsjY4K8m52IOjMA8O-SKoV9gNt3vJ2xoEojWou2z3dRIdYRjeZh8GtTUFb_WV1aA0S02o4utVxcEjjZ8siU56eZdN7Zo

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The Ukraine Invasion – updates shambles: Russian forces flattened as footage shows military column wiped outRUSSIAN forces appear to have taken a heavy beating in eastern Ukraine, a newly surfaced video suggests.

Ukraine: Russia demands return of Alaska and Californian fort in fury at US sanctionsRUSSIA has demanded reparations from the US over the economic sanctions placed on the Kremlin by the West.

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Fight with Vitamin D – in Israel with Dr. John Campbell

Vitamin D in Israel!

Dr. John Campbell
Dr. Michael Cohen

This video is for educational purposes only and must not replace advice from your own health care provider. Always consult your own doctor before taking any medication or supplements.
Dr. Michael Cohen discusses the importance of Vitamin D and zinc for the optimisation of the immune system. Vitamin K2 is also used to distribute calcium to the correct tissues.
Thank you Dr. Cohen for this excellent explanation of preventing and minimising infection by enabling the amazing natural immune response.
Dr. Cohan, Surgery details

As the Government and medical authorities only continue to push getting the vaccines, and otherwise do not guide and advise on the lives they pretend to protect; the people who for one reason or another who are able to think beyond, their survival of the ‘pandemic’, here is help to strengthen their resolve.

Preparing to fight COVID-19 (viruses)
Much to learn for you and your responsibilties own lives
The UK makes plans for the possible onslaught of Omicron
Has this problem been resolved?

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Vaccination passport app shares personal data of users with Amazon and Royal Mail

Vaccination passport app shares personal data of users with Amazon and Royal Mail

Vaccination passport app shares personal data of users with Amazon and Royal Mail – Daily Record

The NHS Scotland Covid status app (Image: PA)

There is missing (that we have not shared yet) leading up to this situation; but this is not just happening by chance, all by design; maybe just conveniently accepted by authoritarian controllers and power hungrys…, wait for the challenges! Where are the believers in God? Has money (and the NOW) replaced salvation for His people that is through grace and His Spirit?

Civil liberty campaigners and opposition politicians have reacted furiously to the Sunday Mail revelations.

The Scottish Government ’s controversial vaccination passport shares the personal data of users with a host of private firms, the Sunday Mail can reveal.

Proof of inoculation is now required by law to get into football grounds or nightclubs north of the border, despite plans for a scheme having been scrapped in England.

We have learned the NHS mobile phone app which presents the personal medical information in the form of a QR Code shares data with companies including Amazon, Microsoft, ServiceNow, Royal Mail and an AI facial recognition firm.

Civil liberty campaigners and opposition politicians have reacted furiously to our revelations.

Sam Grant, head of policy and campaigns at Liberty, said: “Vaccine passports create a two-tier society and already many people in Scotland have been coerced into getting a vaccine passport in order to attend events and access certain parts of society.

“It’s extremely concerning that, in doing so, data has been shared with third parties without people having the option to opt-out or without even being made aware that this is happening.

“This only furthers the wide concerns people already have around vaccine passports. (see: )

“We all want to keep each other safe and Liberty has always supported reasonable and proportionate measures to combat Covid but vaccine passports are not a solution.”

Privacy information on the vaccination passport app reveals personal data of users will be shared with NetCompany, Service Now, Jumio, iProov, Albasoft, Amazon Web Services, CFH Docmail, Microsoft Azure, Notify Service, and Royal Mail. It is claimed that not all of the firms can “access” the data, even though it is “shared”.

Scottish Lib Dem leader Alex Cole-Hamilton said: “Scottish Liberal Democrats have repeatedly warned the Government that data protection is virtually non-existent – a simple screenshot was enough to bypass whatever ‘security measures’ the system had in place.

“The launch was a shambles and the IT system struggled to cope.

“Everyone has the right to medical privacy, nobody should ever have to provide part of their medical history to a bouncer or a series of private companies. That is just simply absurd.”

Scottish Conservatives’ Murdo Fraser said: “There have been serious data privacy concerns with the SNP’s vaccine passport app since the word go.

“The news that users’ personal data will be shared with so many private companies is extremely worrying.

“This will only serve to further erode public trust in the SNP’s shambolic vaccine passport scheme.”

A comment on the above story:
EDed_macd24 OCTOBER 2021: The plan all along; track and trace, trace and manipulate. Vitamin C is far superior to their weak vaccine, and totally proven by science too.

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H. E. presents…

Good Night Montserrat

Enjoy a Hybrid AFW LitFest This Week 

BRADES, Montserrat (November 14, 2021) – Whether you live in Montserrat or thousands of miles away you will have the opportunity to experience the 13th Alliouagana Festival of the Word. 

The official dates are November 18 to 20, however, activities begin from Monday the 15th under the theme Our Future, Our Stories. 

Festival Coordinator, Nerissa Golden of Goldenmedia said she was delighted to be facilitating another exciting programme to celebrate our love for books and the people who create them. 

Starting Monday at 10 a.m. the Public Library in Brades will host a week-long exhibition called Write Montserrat: A Literary Retrospective of Our Island’s Authors. The collection will showcase the works of local authors in a variety of genres. 

On Monday at 7 a.m, the Good Night Montserrat series sponsored by the Governor’s Office will begin on Facebook. 

“We invited book lovers to submit a video of themselves reading their favourite children’s stories. We have received submissions from around the world and are excited to share them with our fans,” Golden revealed. 

Residents are encouraged to gather along the Carr’s Bay main road on Thursday, November 18, at 10 a.m. for the Book Parade. This colourful street parade allows primary school children to bring their favourite storybook characters to life. 

The Alphonsus “Arrow” Cassell Memorial Lecture will be aired on Friday evening on the festival’s Facebook page. Two engaging panel discussions make up the programme starting at 7:30 PM. 

The Saturday morning workshops begin online at 10 AM and focus on various aspects of digital publishing from idea to final production and sales. These workshops are brought to you with the support of the Montserrat Public Library. 

Books by eight Montserratian authors will be celebrated at the Saturday evening gala. Starting at 6 PM at the Montserrat Cultural Centre, this elegant evening is a fundraising event and will highlight the new works of authors including Edwin L. Martin, Shirley Osborne, Norman Ryan and Jennifer Joseph. 

The 13th annual Alliouagana Festival of the Word is sponsored by the Montserrat Arts Council, Goldenmedia, Governor’s Office, the Ministry of Education, Digicel, Montserrat Volcano Observatory, and Friends of AFW LitFest.

Follow the 2021 literary festival activities on Facebook at AFWLitFest or via #AFWLitFest. 

Nerissa Golden
CEO/Creative Director
Goldenmedia LLC

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Vaccines protect from severe disease but do not stop all transmission

New research examines the risk of household transmission of the Delta variant, despite vaccination. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

TMR Adapted

  • The COVID-19 vaccine effectively prevents severe illness and death.
  • The Delta (B.1.617.2) variant of SARS-CoV-2 is spreading globally in populations with high vaccination rates.
  • 1 in 4 fully vaccinated people who have exposure to the Delta variant in the home are likely to get the infection.
  • The peak viral load of the Delta virus does not differ between fully vaccinated and nonvaccinated individuals.
  • The elimination of the Delta strain of the virus takes place more quickly in vaccinated individuals.

The SARS-CoV-2 Delta variantTrusted Source is the most widely spread variation of the virus, accounting for about 99.8% of cases in the United Kingdom. The highly transmissible Delta variant is spreading globally, including in populations with high vaccination rates.

Several studies have shown the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines in protecting from severe disease and death. Research has also confirmed that fully vaccinated individuals have a lower risk of infection with both the Alpha (B.1.1.7)Trusted Source and Delta variants compared with unvaccinated people.

However, to date, vaccination has not limited the spread of the Delta variant. A new study, which appears in The Lancet Infectious DiseasesTrusted Source, has found that vaccination alone is not enough to stop the household transmission of the Delta variant.

Researchers from Imperial College London, the UK Health Security Agency, and the Manchester Foundation NHS Trust collaborated to carry out this “real life” study of household transmission in the U.K.

Vaccines are ‘not a silver bullet’

The researchers recruited 621 people over 12 months from Sept 2020. Of these individuals, 163 (26%) had a SARS-CoV-2 infection. The team used genome sequencing to identify the variant:

  • 71 participants had a Delta variant infection
  • 42 had an Alpha variant infection
  • 50 had a pre-Alpha variant infection

The scientists used the secondary attack rate (SAR)Trusted Source to study the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in households. The SAR for exposed household contacts for the Delta variant was 26%, regardless of vaccination status. However, the researchers found that 25% of vaccinated household contacts tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 Delta virus compared with roughly 38% of unvaccinated household contacts.

Dr. Simon Clarke, who is an associate professor in cellular microbiology at the University of Reading and was not involved in the study, says:

“These findings show that the vaccines remain an effective way to drive down [SARS-CoV-2] infection, but they are not a silver bullet. Infection in the wider community can still be amplified by transmission at home.”

The ability of the vaccine to prevent infection with the Delta variant in the household was roughly 34%.

Interestingly, the study found vaccination status to have no effect on the maximum amount of the SARS-CoV-2 Delta virus present, known as the peak viral load. Other studies have found similar viral loads in nasal swabs, irrespective of vaccine status.

“These similar peak viral loads in vaccine breakthrough infections may explain why infected vaccinated people were just as likely to pass on infection as infected unvaccinated people,” says Prof. Peter Openshaw, professor of experimental medicine at Imperial College London.

Despite no difference in viral load, the body reduced the amount of SARS-CoV-2 Delta in the airways more quickly in vaccinated people than in unvaccinated people.

How Delta can spread among vaccinated people

Speaking with Medical News TodayDr. Sarah Pitt, principal lecturer at the School of Applied Sciences, University of Brighton, explained: “What is interesting about this study is because they followed people up for 3 weeks, they could see how much virus they were shedding and for how long […]. This could be a useful finding, as it might provide new information about how long people should self-isolate for once they have tested positive.”

The researchers noted that the time between the completion of vaccination and study recruitment was longer for PCR-positive contacts than for PCR-negative contacts. This is an important finding according to Prof. Penny Ward, an independent pharmaceutical physician, visiting professor in pharmaceutical medicine at King’s College London.

She says that this may indicate that “waning individual protection may occur from 3 months rather than the 6 months currently scheduled for booster doses.”

The researchers note that they only included the contacts of symptomatic individuals in this study. Despite each of these people being the first member of their household to have a PCR-positive test, it is possible that another household member may already have had the infection.

According to Professor Emeritus Keith Neal of the University of Nottingham, this study helps with “understanding why Delta is now the predominant variant worldwide. Delta is able to spread between vaccinated people in a way previous variants did not.”

The research shows that the Delta variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus can transmit from fully vaccinated people, who can have similar amounts of it in their airways as someone who is unvaccinated.

However, the amount of the virus in the airways of a fully vaccinated individual clears more quickly, suggesting that the risk of transmission lasts for less time than it would if they were not vaccinated.

Dr. Clarke says: “[T]he fact that a vaccine reduces someone’s chance of getting [the infection] in the first place means that while the vaccines don’t provide complete protection against transmission, they are not completely ineffective.”

For live updates on the latest developments regarding the novel coronavirus and COVID-19, click here.

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Sir David Amess speaks on stage during the Conference In Support Of Freedom and Democracy In Iran on June 30, 2018 in Paris, France

A brutal knife attack kills a UK lawmaker…

It doesn’t matter as it never makes sense when this happens, but at that level in the circumstance? While this in our view just adds to the evil deaths that surround us.


British Conservative lawmaker dies after being stabbed multiple times while meeting constituents

Sir David Amess speaks on stage during the Conference In Support Of Freedom and Democracy In Iran on June 30, 2018 in Paris, France
UK MP David Amess – Anthony Devlin / Getty Images

British Conservative lawmaker dies after being stabbed multiple times while meeting constituents

MP Andrew Rosindell with David

MP Andrew Rosindell who is an OT’s promoter was among those quickly commenting on the sad occasion, said on Twitter: “I am utterly devastated. David was my oldest friend in the House and a close friend for four decades. I feel sick inside at what has happened. We’ve all lost a very special person in our lives. My thoughts and prayers are with Julia and the family on this tragic day.”

One person responding to Rosindell’s tweet noted what is sure to be an immediate reaction to what is difficult to understand took place: “Sir David Amess death: Priti Patel orders immediate police review of MPs’ security arrangements. Maybe Priti Patel should do an immediate review on illegal immigrants breaking into the country and security arrangements Along the coast…”

(1) Andrew Rosindell MP on Twitter: “I am utterly devastated. David was my oldest friend in the House and a close friend for four decades. I feel sick inside at what has happened. We’ve all lost a very special person in our lives. My thoughts and prayers are with Julia and the family on this tragic day. ✝️” / Twitter

See tweet here

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Vaccine passports, travel to Montserrat and pressuring the unvaxxed

Contribution 129/21 # 20

Is there an alternative to a quarrel of the vaxxed vs the unvaxxed, with the latter being blamed for the onward spreading of the epidemic?  (Can we travel to Montserrat without being forced to take vaccines?)

BRADES, Montserrat, September 17, 2021 – The breaking news on Friday, September 17 was that “the recently announced policy by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda requiring all arriving passengers to be COVID-19 vaccinated (at least partially), also applies to persons in transit to and from Montserrat.”[1] It further seems that the acceptable vaccines for this are those used in Antigua, i.e. [1] AstraZeneca Vaccine, [2] Sputnik V from Russia, [3] Pfizer (though that obviously may be adjusted, e.g. Moderna, etc.).  This goes with the linked issuing of “vaccine passports” by Antigua, complete with QR codes that tie in with files on each vaxxed person. The only relief is the assurance that “the current arrangement for the acceptance of medical emergencies from Montserrat will remain unchanged.” Premier Farrell of Montserrat, has suggested the need for another gateway for travel to Montserrat. This cluster of developments, therefore, poses significant challenges for Montserratians wishing to travel who have concerns about vaccination, and about our onward relationship with Antigua.

A first concern is that here at TMR, we have already seen from the mainstream, official and credible sources, that both the vaxxed and unvaxxed can catch Covid-19 and can spread it, also both may suffer serious hospitalisation and adverse events.

Where, while for the moment the unvaxxed dominate in hospitalisation in our region including Antigua, in places like Israel – one of the most widely vaxxed countries in the world, some 80% – by August 15th, 59% of those with serious or critical cases were “fully vaccinated,” and there are suggestions that a month later, the proportion is even higher.  This is the main reason why Israel has pushed for a third jab, and millions of Israelis have already taken it.[3] The UK and USA are now beginning to follow that lead.

Similarly, the vaxxed are tested on arrival here and are quarantines, precisely because we know they can catch and transmit the disease. This reflects the “leaky,” “non-sterilising” nature of these vaccines, which do not reliably stop a new infection cold. There is also a challenge that the degree of protection rapidly fades after perhaps six months. Hence, talk of not only the third jab but of an onward train of jabs every year or even every six months.

So, plainly, there is only a questionable basis for discrimination based on the idea that vaccine protection makes such a difference that the travel bans and other coercive measures are justified. For instance, an eighteen-member FDA advisory panel in the USA just voted not to go for the third jab across the board,[4] because of a lack of data and apparently also in part influenced by the known issue of heart damage for young men. As AP reported:

“. . . the advisory panel rejected 16-2, boosters for almost everyone. Members cited a lack of safety data on extra doses and also raised doubts about the value of mass boosters, rather than ones targeted to specific groups. Then, in an 18-0 vote, it endorsed extra shots for people 65 and older and those at risk of serious disease. Panel members also agreed that health workers and others who run a high risk of being exposed to the virus on the job should get boosters, too.”

Antigua’s authorities should be politely asked to explain the travel ban given the facts of breakthrough infection and concerns about known risks and long-term potential side effects.

A second concern is hardly less serious, and can be seen from the Antigua Vaccine Passport:

For, the use of a QR code means that camera-using scanners with network access can immediately connect to detailed stores of information called databases and can then draw out details on one’s health history, other personal information, financial facts, where one has gone, what one has done, etc. Of course, this can then be used to block entry or block one’s ability to buy or sell and more. That is, this feature is therefore a dangerous move towards what we can call the spy-and-control state.  Or, in terms of a well-known Bible text that warns of the dangers of such centralised control and discriminatory action against dissenters:

“Rev 13:16 [The second beast, from the Land] also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the [first] beast [from the Sea] or the number of its name. 18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666 [= Nero Caesar, first Roman Emperor to attack and persecute the church].” [NIV]

The Rev 13:16 – 17 concerns are obviously highly relevant: we are here seeing a rise of centralised, government control that can all too easily be exerted on where one may go, whether s/he can make a living, even what one may or may not buy. That is too much power for anyone to safely handle.

But, is there an alternative to pushing or even mandating vaccines to prevent a disaster that overwhelms our health services and wrecks our economy?

Yes, to see it, let’s compare Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, India, with their sister state, Kerala. Then, onward, with the USA:

The impact of widespread preventative and early treatment with Ivermectin in Uttar Pradesh (pop. 241 million) and Delhi, vs Kerala which did not do so, in India

By making aggressive, widespread early use of Ivermectin, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi were able to control and suppress the Delta strain surge and have now reduced new cases and deaths to very low numbers, despite having perhaps 6% of people there vaccinated. This included, for example, giving every family member of a house where a case occurred, preventative doses. Kerala instead, refused to make early use of Ivermectin then stopped it altogether. So, just as in the USA, case numbers did not dramatically fall there.

Let us look at trends with Uttar Pradesh (241 million) vs the USA (333 million), similarly:

This effect of widespread, early Ivermectin use has also occurred elsewhere, but that is being marginalised or even dismissed. But, it is clear from such data that there are low-cost, effective, credible treatments that should be used alongside targeted vaccinations and other measures.

Covid-19 is a solvable problem, solvable without resorting to drastic coercion and polarisation against the unvaxxed.  That is going to require that we re-think the heavily promoted conventional wisdom and shift to a balanced approach, involving preventative dosing of those at risk, early treatments, and vaccines. Such re-thinking is obviously a challenge but it is one we should face.

[1] See GoM

[2] TMR

[3] TMR

[4] See

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