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MCC begins a new college year

Beginning with the principal, staff and students of the Montserrat Community College processing in through the rear door of the St. James Anglican Church, Salem promptly at 9.00 a.m. on Monday, September 3, 2018, to a hymn played by Miss Anne-Marie Dewar at the organ; followed by the singing of the Territorial Anthem, then by an Invocation led by Pastor Peter Buffonge, the MCC began in its fourth Convocation.

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not to thine own understanding – in all your ways acknowledge him and He will direct your path,” the pastor quoted from Solomon, and then prayed, “…You are still God of Montserrat and you are still in charge, and today we ask that You will guide throughout this physical school term, through Jesus name…” The term runs from September 2018 to June 2019.

Then the singing of a popular hymn ‘Shine Jesus Shine’ preceding the Welcome by new principal Mrs. Geraldine Cabey, appointed, 

beginning August 27, 2018, according to BY DISCOVERMNITEAM · August 10, 2018.


Mrs Cabey in her welcome to the attendees, official and otherwise, addressed the students congratulating them for making the decision to pursue post-secondary education at the Community College.

“I feel as excited as you do today,” she began. “…We are both charting new territory. The only difference is, that my life’s experience would have better prepared me for the challenges ahead, but together and with yours truly as your leader, I will be pulling you along this journey.”

Saying to the students, “We are mindful that you had alternate choices but let me assure you have made the best choice. Why is that so? You get to spend an additional two years with your parents, with Montserrat – You get that time to grow a little more in preparation for the external world. 16 years plus in my estimation is still a bit young to send you abroad.”

She assured further: “In addition, you have today of faculty, administrative staff, to look out hostelry for you. You will not be in an environment where you will you will just merely be a statistic. We will get to know you by name; we will look out for you; we will seek you when we think you are falling behind. It will only happen for you at the MCC.”

Boasting of the Colleges exam achievements – “We boast one of the highest in the region’” amassing a pass rate for the past three years over 90%, “in fact this year 92%.

In closing her welcome remarks Mrs Cabey promises that at the next gathering, “we will welcome our technical and vocational students.” A call that has been made over and over.

Miss Stevikha Foster, 2nd-year student introduced the guest speaker to deliver the feature address. Miss Sonia Smith, Miss Foster announced Miss Smith as having hailed from Cork Hill, receiving a Certificate in Public Administration from the Open Campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI) followed by a Bachelor of Arts degree in Library and Information studies at the Mona campus, Jamaica. She is currently the Librarian the Montserrat Public Library. Stevikha welcomed Miss Smith whose very involved in church and community activities, with a motto = “With God all things are possible.”

Beginning by addressing two questions to the students, thus, with some suggested answers: – First: What is your purpose for being here?

I want to remind you, you are just beginning the journey into lifelong learning because we never stop learning…

“Purpose is the essential element of you.  It is the reason you are on the planet at this particular time in history. Your very existence is wrapped up in the things you are here to fulfil.” So knowing your purpose is important.

My second question is this – what are your core values?  What do you believe in?  Who do you believe in? What drives you to want to achieve your very best?  What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

“ – we may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” Today I am not ashamed to say that my belief in God has helped me to be where I am now. You must have that strong fighting instinct at your core that says no matter what I face I will push forward to accomplish my dreams.

Miss Smith then offered some suggestions as she outlined – The Four C’s of Success – Creativity and Innovation; Critical Thinking; Communication; and Collaboration.

“Remember to develop the 4C’s’” she said – “The possibilities are endless as you use these tools with your core values at your center.

This is your opportunity to write the sentences of your life. Sentences make up paragraphs.  Paragraphs become chapters and chapters eventually become books. What will the book of your life look like when it is written? 

“Remember that life is a journey with many stops and interruptions along the way. Take the opportunity and move forward in spite of the interruptions.” 

The proceedings continued with the hymn ‘I give my hands’ followed with brief remarks by Hon. Delmaude Ryan, Minister of Education, Health, Social Services, Youth affairs and sports.

A presentation of the full-time students 2018-19, the recital of the Students’ Pledge by the CAPE and Nursing Assistants and the Convocation preceded the presentation of gifts to the speakers and the principal before the recessional march of faculty and students to end.

Mrs. Cabey had informed that the school Body contains 17 first-year student and 27 returning students enrolled in the Caribbean Advanced proficiency examination (CAPE) programme. Eight students are enlisted in the Nursing Assistant Training programme.

College to offer technical and vocation programs

In closing her remarks Mrs Cabey pledged. “Am truly committed to the vision and mission of our institution the Montserrat community college.  I hereby confess. That I view the principalship our institution, not as a job. For me it is a lifestyle being part of the teaching profession has always been a lifestyle.

I intend to ensure that it continues to be the cornerstone one of sustainable development in Montserrat. That is why at our next gathering I would love to extend Welcome to our technical and vocational students we are gonna to make it happen this year.

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Search continues for missing American child and Jamaican national

Search continues for missing American child and Jamaican national

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Aug 23, CMC – The search is expected to resume Thursday for a five-year-old American national,  who was due to return home today, but has been missing since Tuesday after going on a raft up the Martha Brae River that winds through Jamaica’s tropical inland rain forests.

Members of the Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard divers and raftmen are searching for Jace Jones of Massachusetts, United States and 65-year-old Llewellyn Reid, also known as “Bagga Jagga” of Zion in Trelawny.

(File Photo)

Media reports said that on Tuesday afternoon, Reid was navigating a raft down the river with the five-year-old boy, three male siblings — ages ranging from five to nine — and their female cousin when the five-year-old fell off the raft. Reid jumped into the water to save the child but got into difficulties and is feared dead.

The children were eventually rescued from the raft after it drifted to a section of the river bank.

Wesley Innis, the grandfather of the American boy, said life jackets had been put on the children before they went on the raft.

The five-year-old and his two older brothers were visiting relatives on the island when they went to the popular attraction.

The operator of Rafter’s Village, Johnny Gourzong, described Reid as a very experienced rafter.

“This raft captain (Reid) is one of the most experienced. He was a good swimmer ,” he told the Observer newspaper.

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Three will leave to pursue Chevening Scholarship

L-R: Miss Jamiel Melissa Greenaway, Miss Tanisha Christopher and Miss Deidre Allen

The Governor’s Office is pleased to announce that Miss Jamiel Melissa Greenaway, Miss Tanisha Christopher and Miss Deidre Allen have been awarded the prestigious Chevening Scholarship for the 2018/19 academic year.

Miss Greenaway of the Attorney General’s Chambers will be studying for a LLM in Banking and Finance Law at Queen Mary University of London.

Miss Christopher of ZJB Radio will be studying for a MA in Global Communication and Development at Loughborough University in London.

Miss Allen who is based at Environmental Health will be completing a MSc in International Development – Envirionment Climate Change and Development at the University of Manchester.

His Excellency the Governor, Andrew Pearce, who met all three scholars at the Governor’s Office earlier today said:

“I’d like to offer warm congratulations to Jamile, Tanisha and Deidre on being awarded the Chevening Scholarship this year. This island has been sending scholars to the UK to study since the 80s and this is the first time we have received three in one year. Montserrat has a lot to offer, including its bright and talented young people and the three of you are evidence of that that legacy. You all do your family, friends and the rest of the country proud. Congrats once again.”

The Chevening Scholarship scheme is the UK Government’s global scholarship programme, funded by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner organisations. They are geared to students with at least first degrees enabling them to study for Masters programmes or equivalent and who show the potential to become future leaders and decision makers in their home countries.

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Caribbean broadcasters meeting in Jamaica

Caribbean broadcasters meeting in Jamaica

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Aug 14, CMC –Caribbean and international broadcasters are meeting here amidst calls for regional governments to adapt to the new media environment of which social media is now a critical part.

Minister in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Ruel Reid, addressing the 49th annual General Assembly of the Barbados-based Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU), Tuesday, said that it was also necessary for Caribbean societies to guard against insularity as well as to take their place in the discourse in the global geo politics.

“I encourage our governments to adapt to our new media environment of which social media is now a critical part – embrace social media as an additional means to engage with our citizenry, encourage youth participation in our democracies and build trust in our systems.

Minister in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Ruel Reid

“We see the power of the media in the #MeToo Movement – and it is from advocacy against gender based injustices in the West to campaigns for girls to access to education in the East that now cannot be muted given the coverage through multiple media platforms.”

But Reid said that the shift to the online world has also brought many new social problems.

“For example, children and young adults are particularly vulnerable to cyber-bullying, revenge porn, internet addiction disorder and other forms of deeply problematic internet use. One of the worst problems is that some gangs now record their criminal acts, including murders and rapes, which they then post on social media and share via WhatsApp in order to exult in their ‘success’, humiliate their victims, devastate their families and intimidate others. These posts/shares encourage imitation and retaliation, resulting in a vicious cycle of reciprocal violence. “

He said that a less-obvious but equally troubling problem is that as traditional news outlets have become less profitable, they are also losing some of their primary news-gathering and fact-checking capacity.

“The loss of authoritative and independent sources of news means that many people now obtain their information from closed loops of like-minded people, which encourages political tribalism and increases vulnerability to fake news and manipulation via social media.”

Reid said that a number of state agencies, criminal and terrorist organizations and mercenary hackers now have the ability to destabilize countries by penetrating their communications, compromising their infrastructure and manipulating elections with fake news.

He said the cost of a cyber-hack/fake news attack has fallen dramatically as the necessary skills have spread through the hacker community, which means that these attacks are likely to be much more common in future.

“So the critical issue for our countries now is that our regulatory framework must focus on protecting vulnerable persons such as children, adolescents and young adults against malign content; our States must take steps to improve national media literacy.

“Media must ensure that it maintains high media quality with particular regard to factual content, support national and citizen security, and protect the integrity of our democratic systems,” he told the delegates.

Reid recalled that while there had been the Ferguson riots in the United States against the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager Mike Brown in 2014, Jamaica was grappling with the Mario Dean tragedy.

Deane was reportedly beaten while in police custody and later died. That matter is still before the courts. Reid said that the ordinary citizen’s perspectives were amplified alongside traditional broadcast journalists and media houses’ coverage ensuring appropriate focus on the issues attendant on both security and justice.

He said tools available to journalists, civil society and the public at large, such as access to information (ATI) legislation must not be underused.

“Just recently, use of our ATI Act exploded the widely held view that women were not allowed to wear sleeveless shirts and or dresses to conduct business in government establishments, effectively proving a barrier to access timely government services.

“Human rights activist and blogger Susan Goffe utilized the Access to Information Act to request from a number of government Ministries, whether this enforced dress code was originated from any policy document. Following the request it was revealed that no policy prohibited women’s access to government buildings in sleeveless shirts or dresses. The national discourse again ignited, and this is where these discussions can influence policy,” he said.

Reid noted the challenges to the survival of indigenous Caribbean media recognising that the global media industry is in the middle of a profound transformation.

“We have left behind the era in which the media industry was organized and regulated by infrastructure -radio, television, telephone, print etc.-. Today, content flows over many different networks and technologies.”

He said that news, information, entertainment, education, directions, home management and shopping, translations and many other services are all now digital streams that can be directed to the nearest screen.

“Many different services can now be handled on the same networks, and different services can be transmitted on a number of competing networks using different and combined technology platforms. This means that the flow of content is no longer controlled by infrastructure.

“In addition, it is now possible to provide media services without the need to have any local presence at all, or ownership of any infrastructure – other than access to the internet- , which makes it increasingly difficult to regulate effectively within a single jurisdiction, let alone by a given technology.”

Reid said that these changes mean that the traditional divisions by region and infrastructure are becoming less and less relevant.

He said in the new era, consolidated content is the heart of the media world, while infrastructure and devices are delivery channels.

“This has implications for how we will regulate, paying particular attention to what flows through an increasingly diverse array of pipes.

“The media and communications sector today is in the business of conveying both specialized and mass information across the rapidly eroding borders of broadcasting. Television and radio, business and market information, education, entertainment, publishing, advertising, telecommunications, motion pictures, home videos, video games, computer databases, and other information products are all now digital streams which run across different networks, including many that flow through some of the currently unregulated spaces”.

Reid said that content, defined broadly, is now a most critical factor and it is where value is generated and added.

“Content is now the critical determinant of the economic dynamism and prosperity of an economy.

We in the Caribbean must take note that media firms are now competing against technology firms that can operate in unregulated and untaxed spaces while accessing advertising revenue. The traditional media organizations therefore are losing both audience and income.”

Reid said between  2012 -2014 the audience for radio fell from 21 per cent to 19.6 per cent; the audience for Free-to-Air TV fell from 25 to 23.2 per cent and newspaper readership fell from 22 to 20.6 per cent as people switched to the internet and international cable.

He quoted from a 2015 document by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) that argued that the creative economy of which Film and Television and Media Arts & Communications are apart, is an important part of global trade.

“The global market for traded creative goods and services totalled US$547 billion in 2012.  Growth rates stood at 8.6 per cent annually from 2003 – 2013, showing the strength and resilience of the sector despite the economic deceleration of the world economy,” the document stated.

But Reid said that there are advantages to some of the profound changes in the media landscape with one of the most significant gains being the shift from traditional to non-traditional platforms and stimulated many new creative and business ideas, as many people are now both consumers and providers of content.

“News, information and entertainment are no longer the sole province of the traditional creators and distributors of content, the broadcast and print media. In an era of citizen journalists, Facebookers, Tweeters, bloggers and vloggers, the average person is both consumer and creator of content. “

The Assembly which is being held under the theme “Building Resilience to Climate Change: Business, Technology & Content Options for Caribbean Media,” ends on Wednesday.



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Montserrat Innovation Days to Open this Week

 By TMR staff

OCTA Innovation Newsletter – Montserrat Innovation Days reveals: The Government of Montserrat is organising Innovation Days in Montserrat on 16th and 17th of August 2018. Innovation Days will be held under patronage of the honourable Donaldson Romeo, Premier of Montserrat, who will personally open the Montserrat Innovation Days. That will be great occasion for local both public and private stakeholders to gather and to exchange relevant knowledge and best available practice in different aspects of sustainable development of the island.

Mrs. Janice Panton MBE

Mrs. Janice Panton MBE, UK and EU Representative for the Government of Montserrat and Chair of the OCTA Innovation will present Association of EU Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTA) and OCTA Innovation, EU funded project for propelling innovation in the OCTs. As an introductory speaker at the Montserrat Innovation Days, Janice Panton will particularly highlight her call upon the heads of the governments of the EU Overseas Countries and Territories to embrace Systemic Innovation for the sustainable development of their territories.

The Premier’s Office on Tuesday this week, provided some more details. The linkages between innovation and sustainable development will be the focus of discussions on Montserrat for the ‘2018 Innovation Days’, being organised by the Government of Montserrat with support from the local Innovation Advisory Board.

The ‘Innovation Days’ are scheduled for Thursday August 16 and Friday August 17 at the Montserrat National Trust starting at 9:00a.m. on both days.  The event will be launched on Thursday morning by Hon. Premiere Donaldson Romeo who will deliver opening remarks. Other speakers scheduled to deliver remarks at the opening ceremony include Government of Montserrat’s UK Representative and Chair of the Overseas Countries and Territories Association (OCTA) Innovation, Mrs. Janice Panton, and Brussels based OCTA Innovation Team Leader, Milan Jezic von Gesseneck.

The Brussels based OCTA Innovation Team Leader and the local Innovation Advisory Board explained that the ‘Innovation Days’ are intended to assist in enhancing sustainable development through innovation solutions for economic diversification.  The event targets both local public and private stakeholders, encouraging exchanges of relevant knowledge and best available practice in different aspects of sustainable development of the island.

During the sessions, Milan Jezic von Gesseneck, will lead a group of EU experts who will provide some lectures and transfer of knowledge on the best EU practices to Montserrat. Milan in particular will share his knowledge and experience in innovation and sustainable development; Innovation, entrepreneurship and green business expert from Trinidad and Tobago, Alan Cooper, will share his knowledge and regional experience in policy support for innovation, entrepreneurship and green business development; while development and tourism expert James McGregor, will bring the best worldwide practice and experience in visitor economy. Some members of the local Innovation Advisory Board will also deliver presentations based on their areas of specialisation.

In addition to the Innovation Days on August 16 and 17, a round-table discussion on the ‘Creative Industry’ is also being planned for Monday, August 20 starting at 9:00a.m. at the Cabinet Secretariat’s Conference Room.

The OCTA Innovation programme assists Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) in propelling innovation and creativity through the organisation of local ‘Innovation Days’. Innovation Days are events held in the OCTs, ranging from one day up to several days, with support from the Brussels based OCTA Innovation Team Leader, and features lectures and trainings from experts.

Creativity in Monserrat has been recognised: handmade craft items specific to Montserrat. Emerald Isle Ceramics won OCTA Innovation BIC Award 2017 in creativity field.

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Montserrat Under14 Shut Out at CFU Tournament

Montserrat Under14 Shut Out at CFU Tournament


MFA Photo of the final day for Montserrat’s Under14 team at the CFU tournament.

Despite their best effort, Montserrat’s Under 14 boys team which recently participated in the Caribbean Football Union Under 14 Tournament, held in St Kitts, were unable to win any of their matches. They made their one and only goal in their final match on Friday.

Over the course of the competition, the boys played four matches. After a frakas during game two by boys on the bench, four team members were suspended for the remainder of the tournament.

However, officials at the Montserrat Football Association (MFA) said the intent was to develop the skills of the players both socially and physically, when queried about why the young players were not sent home.

The final scores were:

Antigua 2 Montserrat 1 (Aug 10)

St. Vincent & the Grenadines 1 Montserrat 0 (Aug 8)

St Kitts & Nevis 4 Montserrat 0 (Aug 6)

Dominica 2 Montserrat 0 (Aug 4)

The team is coached by George Dublin.

MFA Photo of Under14 Boys in St Kitts

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The Hero Caribbean Premier League

The Hero Caribbean Premier League

Vernon A. Springer is the Cricket Operations Manager of the Leeward Island Cricket Board Ltd. He has encouraged The Montserrat Reporter and promised to keep it flooded with information about the only sport in the Caribbean that creates a livelihood for professionals who so desire.

This came after he directed a successful Under19 and Under17 championship tournament in Montserrat from the end of June into July just passed.

First started in 2013, the Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) is a franchise-based T20 format cricket tournament that combines two of the most compelling aspects of Caribbean life – dramatic cricket and a vibrant Carnival atmosphere.

Vernon Springer

Combining broadcast and digital viewership, over 197 million fans watched the 2017 season to make it one of the fastest growing leagues in world cricket. Trinbago Knight Riders are the current Hero CPL champions and the other competing teams are Barbados Tridents, Guyana Amazon Warriors, St. Kitts & Nevis Patriots, St. Lucia Stars and Jamaica Tallawahs. The 2018 tournament will run from 8 August to 16 September.

From Gros Islet, St Lucia. 27 July 2018, Peter Miller, Head of PR and Communications, writes:

The Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) fixtures, venues and start times have been confirmed for the 2018 season which gets underway on the 8 August when defending champions Trinbago Knight Riders take on St Lucia Stars in Trinidad. The tournament will then visit Guyana, St Lucia, Jamaica, St Kitts, Barbados and the USA before returning to Trindiad for the final at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy in Tarouba on 16 September.

The tournament will feature 34 matches between the six franchises with each team playing five home matches. The Jamaica Tallawahs will play three of their home games in Lauderhill, Florida meaning the CPL is returning to the USA for the third successive year.

The Hero CPL have signed a three-year agreement with Trinidad & Tobago to host the finals in the country following the successful final at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy in 2017.

This year’s tournament will once again see a mix of the best global and Caribbean cricketing talent with the likes of Chris Gayle, Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard, David Warner, Steve Smith and Brendon McCullum amongst those taking part.

Damien O’Donohoe, CEO of Hero CPL, said: “We are really excited about the 2018 edition of the tourn ament. We have gone from strength to strength since we first started in 2013 and we know that the sixth Hero CPL is going to be the biggest and best yet. The Biggest Party in Sport is coming and we can’t wait for it all to get started.”

Tickets are available at and from local box offices and they are selling fast.

See: CPL T20 fixtures

Wednesday 8 Aug Trinbago Knight Riders v St Lucia Stars, Queen’s Park Oval, 8pm
Thursday 9 Aug Guyana Amazon Warriors v St Kitts & Nevis Patriots, Providence, 6pm
Friday 10 Aug Trinbago Knight Riders v Jamaica Tallawahs, Queen’s Park Oval, 8pm
Saturday 11 Aug Guyana Amazon Warriors v St Lucia Stars, Providence, 4pm
Saturday 11 Aug Trinbago Knight Riders v St Kitts & Nevis Patriots, Queens Park Oval, 8pm
Sunday 12 Aug Guyana Amazon Warriors v Barbados Tridents, Providence, 6pm
Tuesday 14 Aug Jamaica Tallawahs v St Lucia Stars, Sabina Park, 7pm (6pm local time)
Wednesday 15 Aug Jamaica Tallawahs v St Kitts & Nevis Patriots, Sabina Park, 7pm (6pm local time)
Thursday 16 Aug St Lucia Stars v Trinbago Knight Riders, Daren Sammy Stadium, 8pm
Friday 17 Aug St Lucia Stars v Barbados Tridents, Daren Sammy Stadium, 9pm
Saturday 18 Aug Jamaica Tallawahs v Guyana Amazon Warriors, Central Broward Stadium, 8pm
Sunday 19 Aug Jamaica Tallawahs v Trinbago Knight Riders, Central Broward Stadium, 6pm
Tuesday 21 Aug St Lucia Stars v St Kitts & Nevis Patriots, Daren Sammy Stadium, 6pm
Wednesday 22 Aug Jamaica Tallawahs v Barbados Tridents, Central Broward Stadium, 6pm
Friday 24 Aug St Lucia Stars v Guyana Amazon Warriors, Daren Sammy Stadium, 9pm
Saturday 25 Aug Barbados Tridents v St Kitts & Nevis Patriots, Kensington Oval, 4pm
Saturday 25 Aug St Lucia Stars v Jamaica Tallawahs, Daren Sammy Stadium, 8pm
Sunday 26 Aug Barbados Tridents v Trinbago Knight Riders, Kensington Oval, 6pm
Tuesday 28 Aug St Kitts & Nevis Patriots v Guyana Amazon Warriors, Warner Park, 6pm
Wednesday 29 Aug Barbados Tridents v Jamaica Tallawahs, Kensington Oval, 8pm
Thursday 30 Aug St Kitts & Nevis Patriots v St Lucia Stars, Warner Park, 6pm
Friday 31 Aug Barbados Tridents v Guyana Amazon Warriors, Kensington Oval, 8pm
Saturday 1 Sept St Kitts & Nevis Patriots v Trinbago Knight Riders, Warner Park, 6pm
Sunday 2 Sept Barbados Tridents v St Lucia Stars, Kensington Oval, 2pm
Sunday 2 Sept St Kitts & Nevis Patriots v Jamaica Tallawahs, Warner Park, 6pm
Tuesday 4 Sept St Kitts & Nevis Patriots v Barbados Tridents, Warner Park, 6pm
Wednesday 5 Sept Trinbago Knight Riders v Guyana Amazon Warriors, Queen’s Park Oval, 8pm
Friday 7 Sept Trinbago Knight Riders v Barbados Tridents, Queen’s Park Oval, 8pm
Saturday 8 Sept Guyana Amazon Warriors v Jamaica Tallawahs, Providence, 8pm
Sunday 9 Sept Guyana Amazon Warriors v Trinbago Knight Riders, Providence, 6pm
Tuesday 11 Sept Playoff 1 – 1st v 2nd, Providence, 6pm
Wednesday 12 Sept Playoff 2 – 3rd v 4th, Providence, 6pm
Friday 14 Sept Semi-final -Winner Playoff 2 v Loser Playoff 1, Brian Lara Cricket Academy, Trinidad, 8pm
Sunday16 Sept Final – Winner Playoff 1 v Winner Semi-final, Brian Lara Cricket Academy, Trinidad, 5pm

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Measures being implemented to fast-track full implementation of CSME

Measures being implemented to fast-track full implementation of CSME

KINGSTON, Jamaica, July 10, CMC – Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) have put measures in place to fast-track the full implementation of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME).

Among the strategies is a special meeting of CARICOM Heads to focus solely on the CSME, to be held in Trinidad and Tobago in November.

Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness (right)

CARICOM Chairman, Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness, added that the Prime Ministerial Sub-Committee on the CSME will now have quarterly meetings beginning in September in Barbados, which will be hosted by Prime Minister Mia Mottley “to give urgency to the implementation process”.

He further noted that Government leaders also put greater focus on advancing those areas that would help to create enabling support measures for a competitive Single Market.

These include an investment policy and investment code, an incentive regime, an integrated capital market and securities legislation.

“As leaders, we expect that these matters will be ready for full adoption at the 40th meeting of [CARICOM Heads of Government] in July 2019.These mechanisms will enable strong support measures for a successful CSME,” Holness said.

He also stressed the Heads’ recommitment to making the mechanisms within CARICOM work, by taking decisive action.

“I am resolved as the Chair to ensure that we take action. We must get things done to make a difference. We are resolved to now begin to implement the decisions we take to improve the perceptions, especially amongst our youth,” he said.

The CSME is an integrated development strategy that is intended to benefit the people of the region by providing more and better opportunities to produce and sell goods and services and to attract investments.

It is built on five core regimes – free movement of capital, free movement of goods, free movement of skills, the provision of services, and the right of establishment. In addition, the CSME facilitates hassle-free travel for all CARICOM nationals.

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Cricket is big in Montserrat

Cricket is still popular in the West Indies, Caribbean, and in fact, stressed by Vernon Springer, Director of Cricket Operations in the Leeward Islands, “the only sport that provides a living for participants in the cricketing region”.

Although over several years crowd participation has dwindled particularly for the longer and traditional version of cricket (test cricket, not so much and 3-4 day territorial matches as they were called). So, the result is that what became popular and retained good viewership are the 50-over matches and T-20 games, with smaller attendance for the local settings.


This may now work to good advantage for Montserrat who received great accolades for hosting the just-concluded Under17 and Under19 Leeward Islands competition.

With the effort and support from a growing interest in the promotion of cricket, Springer reports that he is very satisfied and pleased that he did respond to local authorities and brought the Under17 and 19 cricket competitions to Montserrat, which took place at the two cricketing venues (Little Bay playing field and Salem Park) here between June 20 – July 3. The games were immediately followed by the selection and announcement (at a prize giving event) of the Under17 team that went on to play preparation matches at Salem Park – the new team vs the MNI Under19 team.

The team them moved on immediately to compete in the regional tournament in Trinidad, where as of today they were leading the points table after round 3.

A report from DiscoverMNI gives an overview of the competitions ending with the prize giving ceremony at Little Bay –

Montserrat wrapped up two weeks of wonderful cricket on Monday evening with a park full of sports lovers.

The government granted half -day to civil servants to allow them to go out to the Little Bay Park to support the local Under 19 team which had so far been on a winning streak. They were up against Antigua & Barbuda for the coveted LICB trophy.

This was the first time Montserrat hosted the tournament and LICB representative Vernon Springer said the competition for 2018 would not have happened if the government and people had not stepped up.

Springer commended the work of Adrian Edgecombe of Live Island Events who streamed the matches from the Little Bay Park. ZJB and local sports enthusiasts provided commentary, (which reports say provided hundred thousands of views.)

Hon. Premier Donaldson Romeo was on hand for the closing. He said he was proud at the success of the tournament and thanked those who worked in front and behind the scenes to make it happen. He acknowledged the work of the Minister of Sports, the cricket association and the sponsors. He thanked the cricketers who made the historic event happen and lifted the spirits of the people of Montserrat.

Hon. Parliamentary Secretary Gregory Willock said the island hosted two well organised tournaments. He extended greetings on behalf of His Excellency Governor Andrew ‘Andy’ Pearce, who extended his congratulations to all.

Hon. Min of Sports Delmaude Ryan added similar well wishes for the athletes.

The Cricket Operations Director Springer sent in the following:

“Let me on behalf of the Leeward Islands Cricket Board say thanks to the entire Montserrat Media for your support first in the U-17 and also the U-19.”

Before leaving the Island this weekend, Springer hinted that subject to approval – the senior L Is tournament will come to Montserrat in September.

Here are some Results first for the U-19 Closing Ceremony.”

The Omari Banks MVP for Anguila U-19 Demari Benta.

The Ralston Otto MVP for Antigua & Barbuda U-19 Uri Smith.

The Edgar Gilbert/Cyril Puntan Webster MVP for St Kitts U-19 Mikyle Louis.

The Derick Parry MVP for Nevis U-19 Kian Pemberton.

The Lowell Mason MVP for Montserrat U-19 Zawandi White.

The Jim Allen Most Valuable Player of The LICB U-19 2018 Uri Smith (Antigua & Barbuda)

The Alford Corriette Batsman with the Most Runs LICB U-19 Mikyle Louis (St.Kitts)

The Lionel Baker Best Fast Bowler Award LICB U-19 Kian Pemberton (Nevis)

The Austin White Bowler with the Most Wickets LICB U-19 Kian Pemberton (Nevis)

The Kelvin Duberry Bowler with The Best Bowling Figures Jemuel Cabey (Montserrat)

The Auckland Hector Best Wicket-Keeper LICB U-19 Joshua Grant (Montserrat)

The Basil Morgan Best Umpire Award LICB U-19 (Donald Shekels) Antigua & Barbuda.

The Robert Jeffers Most Discipline LICB U-19 (Anguilla U-19)

Players Who Scored Centuries During The Leeward Islands U-19 2018

Mikyle Louis (St.KItts) 157 vs Anguilla.

Paul Miller (Antigua & Barbuda) 118 not out vs Nevis.

Joshua Grant (Montserrat) 110 not out vs Anguilla

Zawandi White (Montserrat) 102 vs Nevis.

Final Placing In The Leeward Islands U-19 2018 Championship 

Champion (Antigua & Barbuda)

LICB 2nd Place (Montserrat)

LICB 3rd Place (Nevis)

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youg footballers at FIFA f4f-media-1

Young Montserratians participated in Football For Friendship

Two young Montserratians returned home and after participating in the Football for Friendship Children’s Forum and Games in Moscow, Russia.  This was the Sixth Season of the Gazprom International Children’s social programme Football for Friendship.

The programme is supported by FIFA, UEFA, the UN, heads of the national football federations, as well as by the representatives of the government institutions. Over 300 journalists of the leading international media will arrive to Moscow for covering the final events of the programme.

Young footballer Vashirn Roach and Hayley-Shai Kassie attended with chaperones and officials from the Montserrat Football Association.

The Sixth Season of the programme was unique in its scale, as this year, 211 countries and regions worldwide participated in the event, representing 6 global continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania, North America and South America.

1,500 children and their caregivers from around the world took part in the Forum. The total number of participants and guests topped 5,000. The Forum was attended by boys and girls including with disabilities as Young Players, Young Journalists and Young Coaches. All of them were united by a single common mission: the promotion of human values, such as friendship, equality, fairness, health, peace, devotion, victory, traditions, honour.

Kassie said being a Young Journalist at the international event “was a very enriching experience. I got to meet people of different cultural backgrounds from all over the world and despite the language barrier for some of them, we were able to become good friends and I still talk to some of them on a daily basis. I’m honoured to represent Montserrat and I am thankful for the company of Vashirn Roach, who looked out for me like a big brother. I just want to say thank you to the Montserrat Football Association for this wonderful opportunity.”

Based on the results of the Open Draw, 32 International Football Teams of Friendship were formed and named after rare and endangered animals, along with the positions of each Young Footballer (goalkeeper, back, halfback and forward) from 211 countries and regions. The teams formed under the «football for friendship» principle helped the children of various nationalities and cultures to find common ground and make compromises in the name of common victory.

Roach was randomly selected to be a Young Coach and ably led Team Lemur although they did not advance in the friendly matches.

All the football events of the Sixth Season of the Football for Friendship programme were also covered by the Young Journalists from the International Children’s Press Center. They had a chance not only to work as correspondents taking part in a live sports broadcasts, but also to learn from the well-known journalists representing the leading Russian sports media outlets as a part of their workshops.
The Young Journalists prepared the news together for the most important international media, published daily issues of the children’s Football for Friendship newspaper, wrote diaries, and posted on social media. The materials were prepared in 62 languages.

All the young participants of the Sixth Season of the Football for Friendship programme visited the Opening ceremony and the first match of 2018 FIFA World Cup 2018.

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