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King Arrow


A King among men

King Arrow

Yet a Man of the people,
He strode onto the stage,
Each step a clap of thunder
In beat to the thumping drums
Of his ever-faithful musicians.
All before him trembled
In expectation of the best
That music had to offer,
Never failing to please.

Then, in a flash of lightning
His reign on earth ended.
He was gone like an arrow in flight,
Without pause to hear the final hymn
Or to acknowledge those who wept
Beside his mortal body.
He resumed his rightful place
In the celestial universe
And around his regal stance,
A billion stars converged.
Arrow, our dear, dear Arrow
Became the brightest star in the heavens.

He smiles now, looking down on us
As tho’ to say: “Don’t grieve, dear ones
I will always make music
Beyond the end of time.
Hark the songs of the wind in the trees
And the songs of the birds on the bough.
Listen for me in the rooster’s crow
And in the bleat of the grazing sheep.
I’m here, still here with you,
Making music, evermore.”

Shirley Dias-Spycalla
14th Dec 2010

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30-year Expat Resident of Montserrat dies

Friends of Frank Lewis will be saddened to hear that he died peacefully on 18th November at his home in Massachussetts,USA aged 98.

Frank and Sylvia lived in Olveston for 30 years; his daughter Wendy  attended Montserrat Secondary School and she married husband Ray in Montserrat registry office in Plymouth in 1993.

Frank and Sylvia evacuated back to the US in 1997 after the Soufriere Hills volcano erupted.

Frank played an active part in island life during his long residence there.

He and Sylvia recently celebrated 74 years of marriage.

His children are gathering from far afield: Wendy from Wales in the UK, Frank from California, Larry from Oregon, and Elaine from Massachussetts.Frank also has four grandchildren – Ramana, Jim, Tad and Carwyn, and one great grandchild Griffin.

The Montserrat Reporter and Editor, Bennette Roach offer sincerest condolences to Frank’s wife Sylvia and the entire family.

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