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Kids Korner March 8 2013


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Children Society (11)

The Montserrat Children Society, Inc. launched

Children Society (11)On February 8, 2013 a group of 15 volunteers, launched a new non-profit organization called the Montserrat Children’s Society under Mission Statement, “Children who have urgent needs may be assisted regardless of race, nationality, or disability.”

The launch too place at the Hill Top Coffee Shop, St. Peters, which saw presentations live and by video from the UK on children’s issues in Montserrat, and the Caribbean. The presentations centred around securing the well-being of children is often outside the scope of government. According to a release announcing the launch, it explains, “This means there are still many children whose needs are neglected and they, and their parents, often have no place to seek help. The society hopes to fill this gap and be their voice to raise awareness on the issues they face.”

The project officer is Trevor Howe who chaired the proceedings of the launch, while Mrs. Janice Panton who resides in London, England and who gave the feature address by live video using the skype technology.

Mrs. Panton is the president of the Society and in her address spoke about the need to help children who are sexually abused.

“Today, we have reached a point where as a community we want to provide to all vulnerably children, the support that would enable them to have equal opportunity and access in all areas where they can develop to their full potential,” she said as she began the main part of her presentation.

She revealed the birth of the organisation when she announced that the initiative to establish the Society, “came from professionals working with vulnerable children in Montserrat,”

While speaking to the UK’s Special Educational Needs  (SEN) for children who are assessed as needing additional support, she then spoke on the issue Child sex abuse, which she said, “happens in every society, and Montserrat is no exception.”

“Where this occurs these vulnerable children need safe havens and support from within the community in addition to the professional support given,” she said

The president noted that It is no coincidence that the majority of founding members of the Montserrat Children’s Society Inc. work within the caring profession, social workers, doctor, Minister of religion or are professionals from the justice system and environmental health.

Several of the these founding members on the ground spoke at the launch which ended with a brief cocktail reception.

The other members of the Executive of Montserrat Children Society are Vice president Dr. Asher Gopal, Secretary Tricia Francis, treasurer inspector Courtney Rodney, communications officer Delis Daley and project officer Trevor Howe.

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Kids Korner January 11, 2013


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Kids Korner October 26, 2012

Hello everyone – It is kid’s time with Auntie Lyka “In Your Korner”. You are now back in school and it is now time for the home stretch to end of term. Hope you are revising your school work in preparations for your End of term test. Remember he who fail to prepare, prepare to fail… Read a book as you go along.

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Rotary donates baby warmers to Glendon Hospital

The Montserrat Rotary Club with assistance from Rotary International on Friday last, October 19, made a donation of two open incubators or radiant warmers to the Obstetrics Unit at the Glendon hospital.

At the brief handover ceremony, Rotary Club president Dr. Braimah Kassim (Glendon Hospital surgeon) says the donation is part of Rotary’s mandate to give back to the community.

In the presence of hospital nursing officials, including Chief Medical Officer Dr. Michael Owen, and several Rotarians, Kassim said at the handover: “We are gathered here, because the Rotary Club of Montserrat is here to do what it does best, give back to the community in which we live and work,” adding that “our motto as it is well known to all is, ‘service above self’.”

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Michael Owen and Rotary Club president Dr. Braimah Kassim (Glendon Hospital surgeon)

The president said they were presenting the two open incubators or infant radiant warmers to the Glendon hospital to fulfill its mandate in caring for the newborn.

Principal Nursing Officer Desreen Silcott chaired the brief ceremony, while Dr. Michael Owner in accepting on behalf of the hospital, thanked the Rotary Club and said: “Small babies tend to lose heat when their born and… we have radiant warmers to prevent loss of heat in small children.”

The CMO said that this a big part of the care of newborn babies, so having a couple of pieces of kit like this is actually invaluable and will be an enormous asset to the equipment which, “we currently have and it will be extremely valuable.”

Principal Nursing Officer Desreen Silcott

He said they really are genuinely very grateful to Rotary Montserrat and to Rotary International”. “Thank you all in Rotary on behalf of the Ministry of Health for what will be a very useful and valuable addition to our equipment,” he concluded.

Rotary and Polio eradication

On Wednesday last Montserrat Rotary club joined the rest of the world and observe World Polio Day. Polio is a highly infectious disease which causes paralysis and is sometimes fatal, to date there is no cure for the disease. Rotary international notes that world Polio day follows a succession of significant development that have made 2012 one of the most important years in the history of the polio eradication initiative.

The Rotary Club of Montserrat has made contributions to the Polio eradication initiative with the last contribution being US$500.00 in 2011. However, this year the club of Montserrat will host  ‘give a dollar’ to the Polio project throughout December 2012. Club members will ask the public to contribute a minimum of $1.00 each time to aid in the eradication of Polio in world.

Polio remains Endemic in three countries Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan.

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Kids Korner October 19, 2012

Hello everyone – It is kid’s time with Auntie Lyka “In Your Korner”. We are now at half term. I hope you take your week of holiday and revise the work you have done for the term so far. Go to the library and borrow books of interest and read. Do enjoy half term break.

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Kids Korner September 28, 2012

Hello everyone – It is kid’s time with Auntie Lyka “In Your Korner”. By now you would have settled in your new school, or
new class. I wish you every success during this new school year. Do your revision, do your home work. Read a book. Books
enlarge your world. The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.

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rep 21-Sep07_12 pg 08--reduced

Kids Korner September 7, 2012

Hello everyone – It is kid’s time with Auntie Lyka “In Your Korner”. Hope hope you had a good first week at school. This
week we are going to see how much we know about our volcano. Answer the puzzles below and the first several ccorrect entries posted back to MVO will win a prize. Remember to send your answers to MVO.

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Kids Corner pages

Kids Korner July 6, 2012

Hello everyone – It is kid’s time with Auntie Lyka “In Your Korner”. Its that time of year when we celebrate our success in school with graduations and awards ceremonies. Congratulation to all of you. Do enjoy and celebrate your hard work.

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Lavabits donate to MSS  (16)

Lavabits donate science equipment to MSS

On Wednesday, May 2, 2012 Lavabits, Montserrat’s first official software company, made a donation of science equipment to the Montserrat Secondary School( MSS). According to Dr. Samuel Joseph one of the company’s director who presented the equipment, their hope is that “at least three other businesses in the community will match this same donation and the government needs to also match it.”

In brief remarks Dr. Joseph introduced his company  and said that having worked in the school system, he realized, “one of the problems we have is  that there is a lack of equipment in terms of the sciences and it’s very frustrating to teach and it’s also very frustrating to learn…”

Joseph said that after he quit teaching, following a conversation with the principal, Mrs. Cherlyn  Hogan  expressed that they have now switched the physics program from Cambridge to the CXC, which requires a set of equipment to do the SBAs. They did not have this set of equipment. “…how the children were supposed to do their tests was going to be a mystery…,” he continued.

The main objection for the donation, is their beliefs in the idea that Montserrat’s way forward is through human capital and through the investment in its own people and its own intellectual property. “So, in order to do that, we have to invest in our schools etc.,” he said.

Principal Hogan in the presence of the Director of Education and some of the students accepted the donation  on behalf of the school. She thanked the donors of the equipment. Meanwhile, she confirmed the need for the equipment, saying there is a great need of equipment for Science as well as for other subjects. She said that issue, “…became particularly pronounced with the switch from Cambridge to CSEC and the requirements for SBA for students…it would virtually be impossible for them to complete that program without this donation.”

On the students own behalf one student acknowledged the equipment adding the students perspective of the usefulness and need for the equipment. “Much of the work that students do is theoretical with class work. Students tend to forget what was taught, but with practical experience what they observe, of and for themselves would most likely be understood…equipment such as this will definitely assist in students work…,”confirming also his principals remarks about the change from Cambridge to CXC. “…and this also allows for our advance in our SBAs,” he said. .

The equipment included beakers, electricity set, magnetism set, a laser set, calipers, micro meters, “and some other stuff, basically stuff for Physics,” as noted by Dr. Joseph.

Rawle Wilson is the physics master at the MSS and he expressed to TMR his pleasure with the donation. “Yes truly I’m very excited about this donation from Lavabits,”he said, noting also, “physics with the use of equipment, students are able to appreciate the subject more, when they actually do things they are able to remember them more. It is easy for a child to forget what he is told in class… when one actually participates, exercising hands on,  feel and touch, one understands and remembers and better appreciates the subject.”

Lavabits on their website tells of their mission: “To provide effective information solutions to local, regional, and international problems via targeted mobile application software development. To foster an intellectual, knowledge-sharing internal environment to enable academic excellence, creativity, and effective decision-making.”

It was initiated to provide software in the mobile space. This includes smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone, RIM BlackBerry, and Android based phones.a local software development company

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