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MVO book launch 2

MVO Launches “Volcano Stories” – Book

Working in partnership with the UWI Seismic Research Centre (UWI-SRC), as well as support from the Ministry of Education, the Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO), launched a children’s book entitled “Volcano Stories”.

On the evening of Thursday, January 26,  Her Excellency the Governor, Elizabeth Carriere hosted the launch at her residence at Government House in Woodlands, with attendance and the participation of MVO and government officials, along with a small cross section of the public, parents and winning children writers of the volcano stories which are featured in the book.

As a MVO communique informs, “The one-of-a-kind storybook features the 26 winning entries out of a Creative Writing Competition hosted by the MVO in 2013, where teenagers and children were invited to submit stories under the theme “A Volcano’s Touch”.

In a brief ceremony, MVO Director Roderick Stewart introduced the host of the launch, Her Excellency the Governor, opening by very briefly describing that the “new book of children stories that were written as entrants to our creative writing competition. The prize winners some of them have been collected in this book…”

The Governor after welcoming all guests to Government House and the book launch congratulated the students for their work and the MVO for bringing it all together in a stunning hard cover book. She said the book Volcano Stories, “which is an amazing production, not just because it represents the quality of young people’s excellent writing, imaginative writing, creative writing, but also some photographs and drawings from local artists.”

She added that “it’s beautifully produced, it’s a lovely book.” and that everyone should be proud of it. She congratulations the M.V.O. and the SRC hoping that it “it will be distributed in the schools,” while   confirming that support for the book also came from the Ministry of Education. Promised and pledged to support the islands youth in their future educational endeavours.

Hon Osborne said: “This is a great achievement for not only children but for us here as Montserratians because when you think about the age of these children… I must say I want to encourage the youths in Montserrat to keep this up; and I’m going to support them in anything that they want to do as long as I think it makes sense.”

‘Volcano Stories’ described as a ‘one-of-a-kind storybook, features the 26 winning entries out of a Creative Writing Competition hosted by the MVO in 2013. Teenagers and younger children were invited to submit stories under the theme “A Volcano’s Touch”. It was illustrated and brought to life with colourful artwork by various Caribbean artists.

The book, suitable for both children and adults, takes the reader to fantastical worlds on volcanic adventures of all kinds, and also to explore Montserrat, the beautiful Caribbean island where so many lives have been touched and forever changed by a volcano.’

At the end Governor Carriere distributed signature books a few of the young authors of the stories.

The book commemorates in some sense, Montserrat’s Soufrière Hills Volcano which has been erupting since 1995, rendering more than half of the island uninhabitable, including the capital city Plymouth. Montserrat has managed to rebuild itself and adapt to living with an erupting volcano. “Volcano Stories” is the only book of its kind as it highlights living with the volcano and the process of adaptation from the unique and imaginative perspective of Montserratian children.

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Wade Markks

Senate passes legislation increasing the age of people getting married


PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Jan 18, CMC – The Senate late Tuesday night approved the amendment to the Marriage Bill, raising the legal age of marriage to 18, but without the support of opposition legislators and at least one Independent Senator.

Leader of the Opposition Business in the Senate, Wade Mark, had earlier during the debate supported the raising of the age of marriage to 18 years.
However, he said, the main opposition United National Congress (UNC) was also suggesting there be an exception for children between 16 and 18 years, in circumstances where there is parental and judicial consent, where legal aid is provided and where the child is involved in the decision.

Wade Markks

Wade Mark

Mark had also suggested that the Miscellaneous Provisions (Marriage) Bill 2016 be sent to a joint select committee of Parliament so as to allow civil society groups and religious bodies a further opportunity to express their views on amendments to the legislation.

Mark said the opposition party also had concerns with the TT$50,000 (One TT dollar =US$0.16 cents) fine and seven year imprisonment proposed in the bill to be “draconian, oppressive and excessive.”

Clause 27 (b) of the bill states that a person who wilfully and knowingly solemnise the marriage of a person who is under the age 18, commits an offence and is liable on conviction and indictment to a fine of TT$50,000 and imprisonment of seven years.

Mark, a former speaker of the parliament, called on the Keith Rowley government to provide the Children’s Authority with resources to protect children from statutory rape.

“So let me make it clear that the UNC, as it relates to contract marriage, is committed to what the Attorney General put in the legislation as 18 years and over…but we have an exception. With the consent of the parents, judge, the involvement of the child and with the provision of legal aid if they do not have the means.”

But in her contribution to th4e debate Labour Minister Jennifer Baptiste-Primus said she would not wish for her grandchildren to be married at the age of 12.

“I want them to have a future and getting married at such a young age cuts their future, brings it to an abrupt end,” she said, questioning the calls made by religious leaders for the laws to remain the same.

“I have observed that most of the people who are requesting that the law not be amended and that legal rape remain in place, they have all been men. Where are the women from these organisations? Or is it that these organisations do not have women? It is only the men that are the talking point. That must be of concern to all of us,” she said.

“Hardback men in this society, Madam President, with 12-year-old girls. One shudders,” she said.

She criticised Mark for being influenced by “public pressure” and making it seem that the UNC had always supported the increased marriage age when they are using temporary senators to provide an opposing view.

She said child marriage is an imposition which affects more girls than boys and the records show that child marriages are organised in many instances as a result of wanting to emerge from poverty by selling the child for a price.

“Madam President, this is serious business, how long can we continue to tolerate our very young children being lost and never found?” she asked.

Prior to the vote, Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi said that a simple majority was now needed to pass the legislation. Mark and other opposition legislators abstained, so too, Dr. Dhanayshar Mahabir, an Independent Senator and a lecturer at the University of the West Indies (UWI).

The bill was passed with 23 in favour and five abstentions.

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The Charity PPP premieres of the short film ‘ALONE’

Sunrise Productions this week announced that “Number 15 is proud to announce the national debut of ‘ALONE’, a short film which brings into focus the issue of child abuse.”

‘ALONE’ will screen at the Montserrat Cultural Centre (MCC) on Sunday January 22, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.

The premiere of the short film is presented under the auspices of Dr. Samuel Joseph, founder of the Prevent, Protect, and Pursue (PPP) Charity. It will be preceded by a red-carpet pre-show, allowing print and broadcast journalists, photographers and videographers the opportunity to interview and capture images of the director/producer, cast and crew.

The film, produced by local videographer Jerely Brown, features around two girls with different lives who suffer from the effects of child abuse. Both thought they were alone, until becoming friends gave them the strength they needed to overcome their adversities. The buzz worthy film involves local up and coming actors/actresses, Amuelle Kirnon, Darion Darroux, Eurlanzo Jeffers, Jahnelle Francis, Jerely Browne, Jhovan Daniel, Mikila Gittens, Sandrae Thomas, Theonna Johnson and Zenoushka Meade.

Following will be a reception and then the presentation of ‘ALONE’, rounding off with entertainment by Pulse.

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Minister says radical approach needed to deal with sex offenders


ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada, Dec 6, CMC – Social Development Minister, Delma Thomas, Tuesday called for a more radical approach to dealing with matters of sexual abuse and urged religious organisations various church to speak out against  this social scourge which can have long term implications on children.

“We have to take a radical approach to deal with issues that confronts our children, we have to go out more to the schools, more to the communities, and I want to call once more again to the church, I said before as Christians as church we cannot sit down and worship…we also in our church must speak against child abuse,” Thomas told reporters at the weekly news conference following the Cabinet meeting here.

sexual-harassmentShe said the Cabinet has started the process of appointing a broad-based committee that will guide Government’s policy as it relates to how to handle matters of child abuse in all its forms.

“How we look at the laws, what about a sex offender’s registry, it is something that I have raise at the level of the OECS (Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States) and I know they are looking into it. Anything that can deter offenders from getting involved with children,” she said.

“We cannot sit idly by and accept our children to be abused. Everyone who have children should be concerned,” said Thomas, who explained that the committee will be reviewing all the laws as it relates to sexually related offenses.

In 2010, the then Tillman Thomas administration amended the Criminal Code to increase the age of rape and other sexually related offenses. A rape conviction carried a maximum 33 year jail term but to date there is no court records of any perpetrator receiving that sentence.

Data from the courts here show that more than one third of all cases listed for the Assizes are sexually related offenses. Recently, a police officer was among several men found guilty of sexually abusing his daughter. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Wednesday.

The Committee is expected to have representation from the Ministry of Legal Affairs and child rights advocates and experts.

Among the names of persons already mention for inclusion on the committee are Jacqueline Sealy-Burke, the director at the Legal Aid and Counselling Clinic and human rights advocate Lady Anande Trotman-Joseph.

The two are well known regionally and international for the work they have done with UNICEF and other UN agencies.

“The committee will be using the Ministry of Legal Affairs a lot because we want them to come up with policy, legislation and programmes for reducing and eliminating instances of child abuse, sexually and otherwise,” Thomas said.

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Montserrat GB in #iamgb video features global Girls’ Brigade transformation stories

iamgb__still02The Girls’ Brigade (GB) International has released a video on International Day of the Girl demonstrating girls feel confident, courageous, loved and accepted as a result of being a member of Girls’ Brigade.

Celebrating its 123rd birthday, Girls’ Brigade is a worldwide faith-based movement focused on working amongst girls and women in around 50 countries. Girls’ Brigade is a fun, confidence building, safe environment that provides opportunities for personal growth and faith explorationdsc_6966

In Montserrat some of our activities have been:

Bible Studies, Drills, Crafts, Grooming and Deportment, Dancing, Hiking, Singing, Parade – Queen’s Birthday Parade & Remembrance Day Parade, Methodist Aldersgate Rally, Movies – moral values, educational and Christian, Annual Camp – God can use me for great things –Book of Esther, Banquet, Games, Drama, Devotions, Church Service, Teenage Sexuality, Disaster preparedness, Bible quizzes and so much more.wp_20161011_15_21_53_pro

Girls’ Brigade International President Vivienne Aitchison from England shares: ‘Because of being part of the Girls’ Brigade family, girls in Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Europe and Pacific have shared that they feel confident, courageous, loved and accepted.

‘Girls around the world say that, because of GB, they experience opportunities to discover what it means to live life to the full! In a world where it can be difficult to be a girl, this is a positive and hope-filled message for GB to share on International Day of the Girl. We are thankful for all of our leaders who are investing in girls and impacting their lives and for God’s faithfulness to us.’

wp_20161011_15_27_23_proThe #iamgb initiative gathered incredible stories of transformation from girls across the world – too many to include in one video. It aims to inspire girls, encourage GB leaders and demonstrate the value of Girls’ Brigade’s ministry.

Sharyn White- Senior says Because of brigade I have participated in more outer activities like singing, dancing and singing.

While senior girl Chamique Corbette said Because of brigade I have discovered, learned new things and now I see the world differently.

“Because of brigade I have become matured, which enables me to explore the world, be more adventurous and see what God has created” say Serina Laird who is also a seniorwp_20161011_16_08_17_pro

Brigadier Jahvine Henry while jumping from a tree said “Because of brigade I am fearless”.

Because of brigade I have a very high self-esteem. Shania Bryan – Senior

Because of brigade I am more willing. Brianna Benjamin – Junior

dsc_6955Because of brigade I am more confident due to the activities we have done. Keyanna Bryan – Junior

Because of brigade I have shown better and great attitude and have self-control. Dieudeline Dubreus – Junior

Because of brigade I am brave in all that I do. Karina Beni- Junior

Because of brigade I am able to speak out, get rid of my fears that help me with my attitude. Melvaleena Tuitt – Senior

Because of brigade I am more mature, I take care of the younger ones, I help to start brigade and I mark the register.  Mikila Gittens – Brigadier


Because of Girls’ brigade I have been more expose to God, and because of the many social activities that we have done my interactive skills with people have improve. Jameina St. Hill – Brigadier

Because of girls’ brigade it has helped me to improve my social skills and speaking and I am more outgoing. So far we have done activities which have helped me to interact with other girls and to learn new things. Tereese Weekes – Senior

Bailey (16) from GB New Zealand shares: ‘Because of GB, I feel both accepted and loved. I have been going to GB since I was 7 and grown up with most of the girls and leaders. Words can’t explain the feeling I get when the girls want to see me and hug me and share their week stories.’

GB is a safe place for girls to feel a sense of belonging and have fun as Wong Nok Ching (7) from GB Hong Kong explains: ‘Because of GB, I am happy.’ Leila-May (8) from Girls’ Brigade England & Wales also shares: ‘Because of GB, I have made lots of new friends.’

Girls are also encountering Jesus in new ways through local GB groups. ‘GB has made me into a new person and taught me more about God. I feel confident to tell people about God and what He, through the Girls’ Brigade, has done for me’ says Samantha from GB Jamaica.

In a world where girls are facing increasing levels of low self-esteem, Girls’ Brigade is helping girls discover confidence to overcome obstacles in cultures where being born a girl can be difficult.

Lisah from GB Papua New Guinea shares: ‘Before joining GB, I was a shy girl. Through GB, I’ve learned a lot of things and one of them is how to be confident.’ Chioma, a younger GB leader from Nigeria (where the Chibok girls, 6 of whom are GB members, remain missing), adds: ‘Because of GB, I am empowered, courageous and transformed.’

Here is a video of some of the local GB members:

The #iamgb video website is available on the GB International website ( and facebook page ( from 11 October 2016.

If you would like to find more about 1st Montserrat Girls’ Brigade Company, please contact         

Ms Milykhia McKenzie

 1664-493-2030/ 1664-393-3254

And Like our Facebook page

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Governor Carriere and Premier Romeo

… ‘Can’t stop de CARNIVAL’

by Man from Baker Hill

Governor Carriere and Premier Romeo

Governor Carriere and Premier Romeo

Until St. Patrick’s Day, the year 2016 for many Montserratians had been like a ‘Garden Party’, politically. The first part of the year was welcoming with greetings of all sorts and laughter. Yes, for the first months of 2016 Montserrat was like a rhythm, a mere political cadence. But since then dear ole Montserrat, my old fashioned isle, has erupted into a carnival of sorts. It is now a politician’s carnival, a bacchanal, a jump -up, a dance and ‘prance-up’ with pitch forks and brooms. It is now becoming a frenzied politician’s carnival.

And you really can’t stop their carnival Your Excellency. No! So do not try to stop it; because we Montserratians love it so. Although it is carnival come out of season, we dearly love a jump-up festival or political. Your Excellency, just observe the show from your windows on the street side; be aware though that you can’t dance our dance, you can’t prance our prance, and you can’t jump-up ‘as yet’. So see the show for what it is; and it is just a politician’s festival whose time has come. But note this, so far neither the masquerade drum nor the woo-woo drum has been sounded; however, they might be on full display before this festival of political positioning is over.

Your Excellency, you are working here because Montserrat is one of the many stations in your life’s journey. But Montserrat is just a mere blip on the journey of a reincarnated soul. Do not be distracted; stay focused on your mission. If you are here to reform the civil service and to improve governance, please carry out your mission to the best of your ability. Be consistent, the Montserrat Reporter will support you.

The Montserrat Reporter has been the recorder and reporter of events like this one over the years. The entire prance-up and dance-up events have petered out into nothingness, just a minister dismissed or resigned. And so too, this episode will pass; they all do. Every one of your predecessors has tried to improve the Montserrat situation; and no doubt you too will try to assist and alleviate the situation.  If you review the writings in The Montserrat Reporter since the onset of the volcano you will see that Montserrat was offered all the help, advice and encouragement necessary to be on the high road to recovery. Yea, take a little time out and read some of the past newspapers.

You will see that as early as November 3rd 1995 the Montserrat Reporter in an article ‘Self- preservation with an active volcano’ offered solutions and begged the politicians not to cause Montserratians to be scattered around the world. Again in 1996, The Montserrat Reporter offered further solutions to the volcano situation in two articles. One published on June 14th, titled ‘Lands in the North, What now?’ and the other on July 19th titled ‘Now is the Time’.  Similarly, the expatriate community offered help and advice. And of course Her Majesty’s government support cannot be measured or discounted. But we love being in a disaster; although we cannot manage disasters.

And now in the year 2016, still struggling with same problems of 1997, we have become frenzied in a politicians bacchanal over ‘financial, air and sea secretary, accesses. Oh Montserrat, my ole fashioned isle, now is the time for intelligent Montserrations to come together as one to find workable solutions.

Your Excellency, stay focused.  Our politicians are in heat; they are in frenzy and …even I love it. I truly love them when they are like this.  And I trust that The Montserrat Reporter will record this moment in our history. A bacchanal … a bacchanal, a politician’s carnival, you really can’t stop it Lizzie Girl.

And Beth, The Montserrat Reporter looks to you for good leadership all the time. And with great expectations we say thank you.

Bettie, Your Excellency, in the mean time and between jump-up time I beg of you, please ask somebody  to allow me to get at least one ripe banana to purchase and to eat a day …on this island paradise called Montserrat. I really cannot understand how I can purchase at Ashok a kiwi fruit grown in New Zealand but I cannot purchase a ripe banana grown down the Isle in St. Vincent.

 And again, about the air and sea financial access secretary thing…  Liz’beth, don’t stop their damn carnival; ley dem jump-up; let dem prance-up. This bacchanal will only stop when de prm- mea fire wan e min is ta dem. This is how it happens on Montserrat. It is our political thing and Don too must do his thing. He must fire one! This culture started in the seventies. Austin fired John. John fired Johnny. Reuben fired David, or so he said. Bertrand fired Reuben. David fired Austin…and now Donald must fire Wan; or else Bull frog smoke his pipe. He must fire one!


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Cheverlyn Williams presents on LEAD last Aug

ECCB hosts via videoconference ‘Youth LEAD Conference

By Bennette Roach

Speaking to a group in Tdad “We Are Better Youths” (WABY). On Saturday October 11, 2014,

Warren Cassell Jr. Speaking to a group in T’dad “We Are Better Youths” (WABY). On Saturday October 11, 2014,

As part of the ECCB’s LEAD Conference now to become a yearly financial and business education campaign for Financial Information Month (FIM), the ECCB will host its 2016 Youth LEAD conference on Tuesday, January 19, 2016 and its Maltin Moving Conference Centre, ECCB Headquarters, Bird Rock with videoconference transmission to the other seven ECCB member countries. In Montserrat it will be held at the ECCB Agency Office in Brades.

Cheverlyn Williams presents on LEAD last Aug

Cheverlyn Williams presents on LEAD last Aug

The Conference the ECCB says is, “…in keeping with the thrust towards closer OECS integration…” and to “assist in strengthening youth entrepreneurship and leadership initiatives in the region.  The conference will provide young people with an opportunity to share experiences and network with peers with the thrust towards closer OECS integration as a key component of regional development.”

Several persons from throughout the region will make presentations at the ECCB’S Learn, Empower, Achieve, Development ‘LEAD conference’ to include young Montserratian Warren Cassell Jr., the Executive Chairman of the Abella Group, who will address on the topic Calculated Risk taking.

The ECCB’s LEAD Conference is a yearly financial and business education campaign for financial information month FIM.

In an ‘overview’ of the Conference the ECCB states: “Youth populations account for over 60% of the Region’s population and represent critical regional and national regenerative development capacities.”

ECCB Mentorship Prog 2014

ECCB Mentorship Prog 2014

“The aforementioned statistics make a strong case for youth leadership development to be addressed in a transformative manner in order to ensure that tomorrow’s adults have the requisite skills and opportunities to contribute effectively to the wider economic growth and social development of the OECS.

“The Youth LEAD conference is designed to assist in strengthening youth development and leadership initiatives in the region and provide an excellent opportunity for outstanding experiences that will nurture our youth to LEAD.  It will also afford them the opportunity to network with peers from across the ECCU in keeping with the thrust towards closer OECS integration as one key component of the region’s development.

FIM is a collaborative effort among the East Caribbean Currency Union Member Governments, Financial and Academic Institutions, the Media, Private and Public Sector Institutions and Community Based Groups.

The month forms part of an ECCU Financial Education Program coordinated by the ECCB.

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Full house watch on stage speeches and performances

MSS impresses Commonwealth Day Celebrations


Monday, March 9, 2015, music, dancing and bright colors in a march from the Brades Primary School to the Montserrat Cultural Centre, the staff and students of the Montserrat Secondary School (MSS) began celebrating 2015 Commonwealth Day.

Full house watch on stage speeches and performances

Full house watch on stage speeches and performances

Commonwealth Day is observed and or celebrated yearly in 53 Commonwealth Nations across the globe. The MSS day’s event was one of the 730 individual events, taking place to celebrate Commonwealth Day, and from comments and observations, The performances beginning with the March from Brades to the Cultural Centre were outstanding and memorable.

MSS students representing the nations of their origin with their national flags, national colors, dresses and things symbolic to their culture with Principal Mrs. Cherilyn Hogan leading the march, while the students danced to music, beat drums and chanted as they moved along the streets.

A flag raising ceremony at the Montserrat Culture Center, marked the beginning of the activities in the presence of H. E. the Governor Adrian Davis and Premier the Hon. Donaldson Romeo, followed by the raising of flags representing the nationalities of students attending the school. The flag ceremony was conducted by members of the MSS Cadet corps.

The MSS student population is made up of nationalities including, The United Kingdom, Australia, India, Malaysia, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Grenada, St. Vincent and Grenadines, Guyana, the Dominican Republic, Antigua and Barbuda, and Haiti.

The MSS students showcased their different cultures in dance and singed in a cultural extravaganza witnessed by the Governor and his wife Sujue Davis, the Ministers of Government, parents and guests.

  1. E Governor read the Commonwealth Day message, of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II during the morning’s event. In her address, Her Majesty stressed the need for more partnership and cooperation and highlighted the need for more involvement of what she termed, “a Young Commonwealth,” as the agent for change. “

“Indeed, it seems to me that now, in the second decade of the twenty first century, what we share through being members of the Commonwealth is more important and worthy of protection than perhaps at any other time in the Commonwealth’s existence. We are guardians of a precious flame, and it is our duty not only to keep it burning brightly but to keep it replenished for the decades ahead.

“With this in mind, I think it apt that on this day we celebrate ‘A Young Commonwealth’ and all that it has to offer. As a concept that is unique in human history, the Commonwealth can only flourish if its ideas and ideals continue to be young and fresh and relevant to all generations.”

The cultural show also included entertainment from The Emerald Singers, the National Youth Choir, MSS Band and students.

The day’s celebration climaxed with food and drinks from the various countries represented with the school band providing musical entertainment.

Visit our facebook page here for more pics:

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MONTSERRAT YOUTH: “You have the answer”

Untitled-3By Helena Dorsette

A one-week workshop dubbed Creativity for Employment and Business Opportunity (CEBO) began on the right footing as some 30 of Montserrat’s youth ages 15-29 answered the call to find solutions not only for the unemployment question on Montserrat but the region and further afield.

Recognizing and acknowledging the propensity for problem-solving which the youth possess, the Honourable Minister for Youth Affairs Mrs. Delmaude Ryan dared the youth to put their skills to the test: “The world needs more business solutions”, she challenged, “and you have the answer”.

Using the illustration of the seemingly physical appendage which smartphones have become to the youth, Mrs. Ryan threw out yet another challenge: “If Apple had stopped at the iPhone, there wouldn’t have been an iPhone 6; If Samsung had stopped at the S2, we would not have had an S5. To be competitive and keep solving problems, you have to be ingenious and have the courage to break the rules, take risks and grow”.

How much can the youth on Montserrat grow is an answer only they can answer. It does however, seem pretty clear that the sky is the limit in regards to how far they can take their creations to the world with its billions of consumers. But are they willing to do this? Will they receivethat much-needed support they crave? Or will this workshop be yet another expense without returns? Do the youth really believe that they are capable to orchestrate positive, sustainable change on Montserrat? Will the people of Montserrat support and encourage them?

Many young people simply want to belong. At this developmental stage of their lifespan, psychologists like Erik Erikson and Jean Paiget posit that they need to carve out an identity for themselves, be their own person. Thus, the CEBO workshop appears to be well-placed to provide the catalyst needed to push the youth to explore their God-given potential, find their niche and be their own men and women.

Montserrat is the twelfth Member State on which CEBO has been implemented. According to Dr. Hilary Brown of the visiting CEBO Team, the 6-day training program is geared at engaging, motivating and inspiring entrepreneurial interest and action among the youth. The practical business experience which the workshop is set to facilitate include, but is not limited to the creation of simulated companies, development of a basic business plan, marketing and sale of products and or services using seed money supplied by the Bank of CEBO. At the conclusion of the workshop, the companies will prepare profit and loss statements, analyse their mistakes and successes. Developed to counter youth unemployment and to mitigate social ills such as drug abuse, crime and violence, the CEBO workshop is expected to foster economic resilience among the youth.

Mrs. Ryan pointed out to participants that an opportunity to make a difference was before them and reminded them that every great achievement “and every great successful business started with a step, a move to address a need, a move to fill an economic gap”, a move triggered by something deep within which would not settle for mediocrity. “You know you have a better solution”, she prompted after acknowledging some of the Montserratians who had taken steps to become household names in varying industries on the Island.

“Whose will be the next household name in Montserrat, the region and the World”? She questioned forcefully, encouraging the youth to “anticipate the needs of [your] customers/clients and end users and translate today’s new trends into tomorrow’s successful products”.



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A Returning Diaspora’s Feedback

by Juliet Ceesay

I was invited to the Legislative Assembly for the first time to witness my friend Shirley sworn in as Speaker. I became the observer observing the display of HUGE EGO/MINDS competing with one another with campaign rhetoric.

As a Diaspora spending time in Montserrat, I wonder if the egos of these men/women will be put aside in order to rebuild the nation and move forward. Will these leaders come together for the common good of Montserrat? Is election over, or are we going to continue listening to leaders of this country continue to insult one another over ZJB radio and the rest of the world? People are listening.

Transparency — Reuben used it, Claude used it, but the words that followed the word “transparency” leaves a lot to be desired. Election is over ladies and gentlemen. It is time for the healing of the people on the island to take place and stop the intellectual talking and competition with one another. It starts at the top with you the leaders.

People are waiting to see how this new party is going to move the country forward, and the insults and rude behavior need to stop on both sides. Reuben and Romeo, can you two find a way to come together, put aside your differences, and help make the transition from one government to another. Just the two of you! It makes no sense to cancel everything that Reuben has built in 20 years and start all over again because you don’t like the way he ran the country. Use his experience to build upon what is already in place and then make any adjust you deem necessary along the way. Why replace everything? From an old woman’s perspective and wisdom, that makes absolutely no sense to me.

I am not choosing sides, but to be fair, Reuben thank you for your 20 years of service given to the island. I might not like your leadership style, but you helped to rebuild the nation. I would have loved to hear that in the Assembly yesterday. Thank you Reuben. It is better to praise than to criticize.



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